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Wagan Mobile Power Inverter - AC Outlet and USB Port - 1,000 Watts

Wagan Mobile Power Inverter - AC Outlet and USB Port - 1,000 Watts

Item # WC3720
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12V Power Accessories
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Convert DC power to AC power with this 1,000-watt inverter. The inverter connects directly into your vehicle's battery and provides (3) 3-prong, AC outlets and (2) USB ports so you can power and charge devices wherever you travel. 1-800-940-8924 to order Wagan 12v power accessories part number WC3720 or order online at Free expert support on all Wagan products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Wagan Mobile Power Inverter - AC Outlet and USB Port - 1,000 Watts. 12V Power Accessories reviews from real customers.
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Wagan 12V Power Accessories - WC3720

  • Power Inverter
  • 3 AC Outlets
  • 2 USB Outlets
  • Wagan
  • 1000 Watts

Convert DC power to AC power with this 1,000-watt inverter. The inverter connects directly into your vehicle's battery and provides (3) 3-prong, AC outlets and (2) USB ports so you can power and charge devices wherever you travel.


  • Mobile inverter converts DC power to AC power so you can power and charge electronic devices in your car, boat, RV, or motorcycle
    • Includes (3) 115V AC outlets and (2) 5V/3-amp USB ports
    • Rated for continuous 1,000 watt load for 24 hours
  • Integrated safety features protect sensitive electronics
    • Thermal cooling fans and vents prevent overheating
    • Inverter automatically shuts down if it overheats
    • Audible alarm sounds if battery voltage becomes too low
    • Color LEDs indicate power (green) and fault (red)
  • MOSFET transistors support high surging electronics like power tools and microwaves
  • Simple installation
    • 2 color-coded wires screw directly onto your vehicle's battery
  • Compact design for easy handling and storage
  • Includes mounting flanges for permananet installation


  • Maximum continuous power: 1,000 watts
  • DC input voltage: 11V - 15V
  • AC output voltage: 115V
  • Surge power: 2,500 watts
  • Dimensions: 10" long x 5-3/16" wide x 2-1/2" tall
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • 2-Year limited warranty

Easily Power and Charge Electronics From Your Vehicle's Battery

Wagan 1,000 watt power inverter connected to battery

This mobile charging station is perfect for on-the-go families and business people. It connects directly onto your vehicle's battery so that you can charge your smart phone, watch movies on your portable DVD player, or plug in portable office equipment to take your work on the road with you. Following are examples of devices that can be used with the inverter:

  • Some laptops
  • Some TVs
  • Smart phones, tablets, and MP3 players
  • Small refrigerators
  • Coffee makers and blenders
  • Power tools
  • Portable lights

Safety Features

LEDs on the inverter indicate when it is working properly and when it isn't. A green LED lets you know that the inverter is plugged in correctly and receiving power. A red LED indicates fault with the inverter. An audible alarm sounds if the the voltage from your battery becomes too low, then the inverter will shut down. The inverter will also shut down if it overheats.

Wagan power inverter cooling fans

2 Cooling fans and an array of vents help prevent overheating of the inverter. You should only use the inverter in well-ventilated areas to help avoid overheating.

AC Outlets

Wagan power inverter ac outlets

The inverter has (3) U. S. standard 115-volt, 3-prong outlets. It produces a modified sine wave, which is suitable for most appliances and personal electronic devices powered by AC. Some devices - including laser printers, some laptops, and power tools that use solid-state power - may not work with a modified sine wave. Check the owner's manual for a particular device to make sure that device works with a modified sine wave before plugging the device into the inverter.

The inverter's USB ports are rated the same as any standard computer USB (5 volts). That means you can plug in your everyday USB-powered devices, such as MP3 players and tablets.

The USB ports do not support data communication - they can transfer power, not information.

3720 Wagan 1000 Watt AC Inverter - 2,500 Watt Surge Power - 115 Volt AC Output

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Wagan Mobile Power Inverter - AC Outlet and USB Port - 1,000 Watts - WC3720

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (10 Customer Reviews)

Convert DC power to AC power with this 1,000-watt inverter. The inverter connects directly into your vehicle's battery and provides (3) 3-prong, AC outlets and (2) USB ports so you can power and charge devices wherever you travel.


I have always received excellent service and assistance when needed from E-Trailer. Great folks to do business with. Thanks E-Trailer.

Joseph A.


My Wagan power inverter has worked splendly, not even a hickup.


Worked as stated used to power a mini fridge when traveling


This inverter is working fine. Have not put a large load on it, but all else seems to be good.


I think this will be good as soon as I figure out where to put it in my trailer. its serious


Haven't used the product yet , however, the USPS did nice job of practically destroying the package and took it forever to get here. I would prefer ups or fed ex because it seems like they care.


Awesome Product!!


Sharon was very helpful!





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  • How to Connect Series-Wired Batteries to Power Inverter
    When two batteries are wired in series, such as with your two 6V batteries wired together to give you 12V operation, the negative terminal on one battery and the positive terminal on the other will be what you connect to your inverter. The linked diagram shows a series wiring arrangement (but just for two 12V batteries wired to deliver 24V).
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  • Connecting 2 6-Volt Batteries in Series to Power Inverter 1000 Watts # WC3720
    You'd have to have the 6 volts wired in series to double their voltage so that Power Inverter 1000 Watts with Three AC Receptacles # WC3720 can be connected to it. I attached a diagram that shows how to do this.
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  • What is Difference Between Wiring Batteries in Series or Parallel
    What is the output voltage you are wanting? 12 volts? 18 volts? With battery banks if you wire them up in series the voltage of each battery gets added so you'd have 18 volts with 3 6-volt batteries and in parallel the voltage stays the same but the amperage increases.
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  • Power and Peak Surge Power of Wagan Power Inverter
    The 1,000 Wat Power Inverter with Three AC Receptacles # WC3720 will absolutely be able to run your 700 watt microwave. It has a surge power of 2,500 watts and 1,000 watts of continuous power so there won't be any problems with your microwave. There will not be any issues using this with a larger 12V battery either and you can re-wire this inverter to it - I've added a link to the instruction manual for you to check out as well.
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  • 1,000 Watt Inverter Recommendation for Vehicle
    We have a 1,000 watt inverter part number # WC3720 which could potentially work well for you, but it's not really designed for mounting in a vehicle dash. You may have to come up with an extension cord plus an outlet to accomplish that. I attached an install video that shows this installed in a vehicle though for you to check out.
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  • What is Battery Amp Hour Rating Needed to Power 1,500 Watts for an Hour
    In order to determine the length of time that an automotive battery will last when using an inverter pulling 1,500 watts of power, you will need to know the amp hours of the battery that you plan to use. For that much wattage though I can't imagine very long if it's a standard battery. Since 12 watts = 12 volts that means that you'd need a 125 amp hour rated battery to power the blender for one hour. 1,500/12 = 125
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  • Can the Power Inverter 1000 Watts with Three AC Receptacles Be Used to Power Equipment for 10 Hours
    The Power Inverter 1000 Watts with Three AC Receptacles # WC3720 seems like it would work for your application. But, you will need more battery power to accomplish what you are needing to do. You can only deplete your lead acid batteries 50% before you start to damage your batteries. Since you have 12v batteries you will be using 5 amp hours every hour (60 watts divided by 12v = 5 amp hours). Since you are needing to run this for 10 hours, that equals 50 amp hours, since you can only deplete...
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  • Inverter Recommendation for Powering Outdoor Refrigerator
    What you are asking about is very possible, but you'll want to consider how much amperage the fridge draws to see if your charging system/battery will handle the load. Going with heavier gauge wire is definitely recommended. Especially since you mentioned it's a distance of 20 feet. How heavy does depend on the amperage draw of the fridge as well. The Wagan inverter part # WC3720 would be a great choice for this as it can put out up to 1,000 watts of continuous power. One of it's intended...
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  • Inverter For Powering Fridge While Driving to Campsite
    What you can do is use an inverter like you said, though this won't plug in, you will need to wire it from the 12 volt circuit on your trailer's 7-way. What you can do is use the Power Inverter 1000 Watts with Three AC Receptacles # WC3720. This has a power wire which you'll connect to your 12 volt circuit and a ground wire so you will need to make sure you are able to mount the inverter somewhere you can get a good ground. Otherwise, you would need to connect an inverter directly to your...
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  • How To Power Small AC Household Electronics In A Van Without Using Solar Power Or A Generator
    I recommend using a power inverter like the Power Inverter 1000 Watts with Three AC Receptacles # WC3720. What this will do is allow you to use your vehicle's electricity to use household appliances like the mini fridge, the box fan, and the LED lights you referenced. Realistically, you're going to need a sizeable battery bank to power all your electronics and run them on demand. My suggestion is to calculate how much energy is used in a day. Once calculated, follow the chart linked on...
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  • How Does Power Inverter 1000 Watts with Three AC Receptacles # WC3720 Attach to AC Accessories
    The Power Inverter 1000 Watts with Three AC Receptacles # WC3720 that you referenced has three standard outlets on the back of it for powering accessories like you mentioned. There's no additional wiring needed to plug in a microwave or coffee maker aside from maybe a standard extension cord if needed.
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  • Powering Mini Fridge with 1000 watt Power Inverter
    The 1000-watt Power Inverter, # WC3720 that you linked to is a modified sine wave inverter capable of up to 1000 watts continuous, 2500 surge. You will need to check your appliance for how many watts are required for operation. If the wattage is not listed, you can simply determine this number by multiplying the number of amps by the number of volts (amps x volts = watts). We can then best identify the needed size of a battery bank for operation. However, this type of unit is frequently...
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  • How to Determine Correct DC to AC Inverter Power Rating for 800-Watt Load
    It is never an ideal situation to use a device continually at its absolute maximum capacity. Since you are powering an 800-watt motor with an 800-watt inverter it is definitely being strained and that is the cause for the inverter's alarm. Ideally your inverter will have much more capacity than the connected device requires. It is definitely not a good idea to use an 800-watt inverter with an 800-watt device. All devices will draw more peak power than their continuous rating suggests. The...
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  • Should a Relay be Used With Wagan Power Inverter
    Though I can see why you might think you need a relay, I do not recommend using one with the Wagan Power Inverter with Three AC Receptacles # WC3720. This inverter has a simple On/Off switch; I assume you want to use a relay to conserve power from your battery but the same thing can be accomplished simply by turning the relay off. Just be sure to use the correctly rated fuse and wire gauge for the length of wire you need (which is included in the installation manual I've linked) to get...
    view full answer...
  • Connecting Trailer Battery to Same 12 Volt Wire that Charges Breakaway Battery
    You should have no issue hooking up your trailer battery to the same 12 volt wire that charges your breakaway battery. You will just need to make sure that you do not drain the batteries when they are being used. An isolator or diode is not needed for this application. Then for a power inverter, I recommend looking at the Wagan # WC3720. This will convert 12 volt DC power to 115 volt AC power. A 3 foot DC cable is included to connect directly to the battery. I have attached the installation...
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  • Can the Power Inverter 1000 Watts Part # WC3720 Pull 1000 Watts from Each Plug
    The Power Inverter 1000 Watts with Three AC Receptacles part # WC3720 can only pull 1000W of continuous power at a time between all three plug-ins. Therefore if you have a device that is pulling 1000 continuous watts of power at a time plugged into one of the slots then the other two slots can not be used. I have attached a review video of this product for you.
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  • How Long Could a 130 amp/hour Battery Power a 1,200 Watt Coffee Maker
    So 1,200 watts at 120 volts would pull 10 amps. A 130 amp hour battery would be able to supply 13 hours of power with a 10 amp draw on it.
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  • Can I Use a Carpet Cleaner with a 1000 Watt Power Inverter
    Yes. It is safe, but in order to determine whether or not you'll be able supply enough power to run your Bissell carpet cleaner off of a power inverter like the # WC3720 , you'll need to check the device for it's power requirements- there is usually a sticker on the unit near where the plug goes into the machine that has its electrical specs on it. This sticker will have a required number of watts to power the appliance- If the number of watts required for your electronic device is not...
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  • Which Power Inverter For Running Laster Printer In Car
    The power consumption of a laser printer can vary considerably from unit to unit, but the documentation that came with your printer should list the specific power requirements. From my research, I found that the typical home-use laser printer will use between 300 and 550 watts when printing. Given that, the Wagen # WC3720 1000 watt power inverter would be the perfect choice, as it's never a bad idea to have a little more capacity than you actually need. I've linked you to a product demonstration...
    view full answer...
  • Wire Gauge Needed For Installing The Wagan 1000w Power Inverter
    I've attached a wire gauge chart for running your Power Inverter 1000 Watts with Three AC Receptacles Item # WC3720 to the battery. Roundtrip of that 17' distance to the battery would be 34'. Wagan only has recommendations up to 25' so anything after that would cause a significant power drop. I recommend cutting down that distance to ensure proper voltage. Failure to use the correct gauge wire could result in your inverter not supporting full loads and overheating and could potentially...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Wagan Tech 37201 1000 Watt AC Inverter
    The # WC3720 part number is our warehouses part number, the Wagan Tech Power Inverter, 1000 Watts with Three AC Receptacles, # WC3720 is the same as you are seeing on manufacturer site.
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  • What Deep Cycle Battery is Needed to Run 450 Watt Appliances for 7 Hours with Inverter # WC3720
    You will need a deep cycle battery with a capacity of at least 315 amp hours to run 450 watts of power for 7 hours. If you check on page 7 of the linked instructions for the Power Inverter 1000 Watts with Three AC Receptacles # WC3720 it states to divide the amount of watts you are using by 10 (450/10 = 45) and then multiply that by the amount of hours you need them to last (7) which then gives you the amount of amp hours your battery needs to be (45 x 7 = 315). As noted in the instructions...
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  • AC Output Waveform for Power Inverter 1000 Watts # WC3720
    The AC output wave form for the Power Inverter 1000 Watts # WC3720 that you referenced is a Modified Sine Wave Form.
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  • How to Use an AC Powered Mini Fridge in a DC Powered RV
    In order to convert the AC power your mini fridge uses to the DC power your RV runs on, I recommend the Three AC Receptacle Power Inverter part # WC3720. The power inverter is capable of handling up to 1000 watts of continuous power which should be more than enough for your mini fridge. It comes with 2 3 foot long DC cables with ring terminals already attached. The inverter has an auto reset feature built into the device in addition to cooling fans, and a low battery alarm. I have attached...
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