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Hopkins Replacement Break-Away Switch, 7" Lead Wires

Hopkins Replacement Break-Away Switch, 7" Lead Wires

Item # HM20010
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Hopkins Accessories and Parts - HM20010

  • Trailer Breakaway Kit
  • Switches
  • Hopkins

Replacement Switch for Break Away Kits

  • 7" lead wires
  • Pin and cable included

NOTE: For replacement pin and cable, use HM20051.

20010 Hopkins Replacement Break-Away Switch, 7" Lead Wires

California residents: click here

Video of Hopkins Replacement Break-Away Switch, 7" Lead Wires

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Hopkins Replacement Break-Away Switch Review

The Hopkins breakaway switch is a great replacement breakaway switch for your trailer. After a few years with the breakaway switch sitting out in the elements, depending on how it's stored, rust and corrosion can potentially occur fairly quickly if it is really exposed. And what will happen is if it is heavily corroded on the inside, when you pull the pin out, the contacts may not make good contact with another. They may not close all the way and touch and then it will not activate your brakes. So it is important that you test your breakaway switch before you go out. I usually just give it a pull and then just hop in the truck and throw it in gear without pressing the gas.

You should be able to usually roll a little bit forward or whatnot, maybe touch the gas a little bit if you're on some sort of an incline. And if it feels like your brakes are applied, then you know that you're good. You can insert your pin again and hit the road. But if you pull that pin, you hop in your truck, and it just pulls off, like you have no brakes, then you probably don't have a functioning breakaway switch or you could have an issue with your brakes. Obviously, if you got a brake controller, you can use that to verify if your brakes are working.

And if it works with the brake controller but not with the pin pulled, then you know that your switch here is no good and it needs to be replaced. Replacing your switch is easy, as it's only two wires, it just has a power wire and a brake output wire that goes to the electric brakes on your vehicle. And when the pin is pulled, it just jumps the contact between those two circuits together to send power directly from the battery back to the brakes. This switch comes in two different wiring length options. You can either get the 44 inch version, which is what we installed today, has 44-inch leads coming off the back, or you can get it in the 7 inch version which just has 7-inch wires coming out of the back.

So we'll begin our installation here by taking our switch. We've got two wires that we'll need to hook up and we'll need to mount it on the trailer with the tab there. To get this switch mounted up, we're gonna be using just a self-tapping screw. And then I did put a fender washer on it to increase the surface area, just to make sure that we've got good force on here. I also like that too 'cause it helps the switch, gives it kind of a chance to pivot a little bit better when it's in there.

So in case it's not perfectly straight, if you have a disconnect it can kind of pivot the switch to be straight with the vehicle and pull the pin out straight. So we're gonna mount it just on the bottom side of the trailer. We're gonna be putting it probably right here next to the switch box. That way it's close to the front. So that way our cable here will be long enough to be able to reach the vehicle and attach. So yeah, we're gonna put it in roughly that location there. And it's easier to just use the screw by itself to make the initial hole, and we can always zip it back out. So it is gonna take some pressure to get it to drill. There we go. And then we can just run it right back out, got our threads and everything made. We'll put our washer back on our bolt, line it up with our switch and then run it in there. That way you don't gotta hold a bunch of stuff together while you're trying to do this. And we've got our switch mounted and you can see it's got some pivot to it. So if it needs it, it can kind of transition to the best pull position for our vehicle there. So now we'll hook our wires up to our junction box here. I've already took the cover off the junction box. We have two wires here, a blue and a black. The black wire will go to power, so that way our switch has power going to it. And the blue wire will go to the electric brake, to the output that's gonna actually go to the brakes at the back. That way, if the pin gets pulled, it'll complete the circuit sending power from our battery down the black wire, through the switch, out the blue wire to our brakes at the back to activate 'em. So we're gonna push it through one of the grommets here on the side of our box. If you don't have a junction box and you don't wanna put one on, you'll just need to find your trailer brake wiring on your 7-way. It is typically the blue wire that's on your 7-way. And the black wire is typically the power from your 7-way. So for example, if you we're looking for trailer brake wires, you didn't have one of these boxes, here's our 7-way wiring. We hooked it into our box, but a lot of times that 7-way wiring, if you don't have a junction box, it'll just kind of go into the frame and my hole like this, or just run down the side of the frame back to your brakes and you can find the wiring there. So blue wires are gonna be brakes on ours. And again, that's usually the standard on most trailers is the blue wire. So we've got our blue here. This etrailer junction box simplifies things and gives you an easy way to hook a bunch of stuff up 'cause all of our 7-way wires have coloring on them and it matches up with the coloring on the end of the studs here. So it makes things just easy to make your connections. You can get this box here at etrailer and I do highly recommend it 'cause it protects all your connections from moisture and just really makes your trailer installation a lot neater and easier to work with, easier to add accessories and stuff like that in the future. So we're gonna take our wiring here. We're gonna trim it down. I usually recommend the 44 inch, people that have junction boxes just 'cause you don't know what kinda length you're gonna need to be able to go around, in, and then up. Sometimes it does exceed the 7 inch. If you're just hooking into like your 7-way here at the front and you're just gonna tap into it, then usually the 7-inch is good enough so you can mount the switch next to that. And then just reach right in here where you can splice into 'em. Both of these wires, we're gonna put ring terminals on. We've got our ring terminals connected. We just crimped it onto the wires. We can make our connections here on our breakaway, or in our box, or junction box here. So I'm just removing the nut for the blue stud here. And then oftentimes in these boxes you'll have a little washer on there. So just slide your little washer off. Then we'll hook up our circuits. Our blue is gonna go over here to this connection point. So we'll just slide that in place. We can then put our washer back on and then our nut. After we hooked up our blue wire we just hooked the black wire to the black post. Again, that's our battery positive. If you are doing this on your box, be careful when hooking it up to the black wire, because that is a live circuit that's hooked to the battery. One way you could make it safer is you could just disconnect the positive or negative side from your battery. I recommend usually the negative side, just disconnect the negative side of your battery. That'll remove power from your whole trailer once that negative side's disconnected and then this wire won't be live so you can make your connections without having to worry about any shorts. After we've got that connected up though, we're just gonna reinstall the cover on our box and then we'll test everything out. There's a couple of ways you can test it. We can verify the breakaway switch. You can do it right here on the junction box that you we're in, with your test light to see that it's getting output. And you can also verify that it's working by actually checking your brakes. That's the best way to do it. So you're verifying that your brakes are also working, but if you know your brake's working, you just need to check your switch, then you could do it with a test light. So we'll do it with a test light right here. And then we'll go back to the brake and show you that it works there as well. So I have a little breakout wire that I've got here to go inside the box to be able to check the brakes. So we're just gonna poke it in there and I'm gonna pull the pin and you can see that it's sending current back to my brakes right now. Put the pin back in and it stops. So what we're gonna do now is I've jacked up the trailer on the side. If I go back here and spin the wheel, you'll see that it's gonna rotate. I'm gonna pull the pin and it should have stopped the wheel from rotating. And then if I try to rotate it now, I'm unable to rotate it, the brakes are applied. When I put the pin back in, you should hear the brakes release. And we heard it release back there. We'll double-check to make sure that it did release and our brakes did release, so our breakaway switch is working properly. Our brakes are working. We're ready to get out and go on adventures again..

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Customer Reviews

Hopkins Replacement Break-Away Switch, 7" Lead Wires - HM20010

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (130 Customer Reviews)


Identical replacement. Quality is the same as the original! Nice experience!


Ordering was quick and easy and the product was just what we needed.


It was the identical replacement…awesome!
turned out that it was the Key along with the cable that I had to replace and not the switch…so no wiring was necessary.



Yes, i rec'd my order of break away switches. Thank you


It’s always nice to have extra cords just in case. Where better to buy them then here.


Seems to be reasonably well-made and is easy to install. When adding brakes to a trailer the constant recommendation is to use 10-gauge wire. Odd, then, to see smaller gauge wire on the brakes themselves and on this switch. Since it, at worst, only has to work once, I suppose it isn't a big deal, and it does make splicing those short little wires easier.

Mike R.


Seems to be fine - havent tested it but no obvious corrosion.


I accidentally let my Breakaway unit go with a Jeep I sold. Therefore I needed a new one for my new Jeep which I tow behind my motorhome. Brake Buddy wanted close to $80 for a replacement Breakaway unit and this one cost me less than $10 and a little bit of wiring. Works great.

Sally C.




Great quality, much better price than I could get for an original switch and will serve the same purpose. This switch is to replace the one that was missing from a Brake Buddy that I bought used. Fast shipping and would recommend this product.



Still working as good as original equipment. Great quality, would buy again


The part was the right one. Shipping was fast. I will buy etrailer for all my trailer needs
Thank You Shawnee E


This product works excellent and is many times less expensive than the one you can purchase from the supplemental brake system manufacturers.
The service was excellent and I look forward to checking out other etrailer products.


I discovered scrolling for parts for trailers and am very pleased with the very prompt reply that my order is being filled and shipped in a day or two and it was, I received the order sooner than I expected and it is exactly just right to replace my broke Break-Away Switch, I have not installed the new Switch yet since the trailer is not in use at this time. THANK YOU


excellent replacement breakaway switch for my snowmobile trailer. accidentally pulled the original one out with the lawnmower, this on replaced it exactly. Thank you!


Emergency break-away brake switch.....
Lets hope we never have to use it!
Remember to make sure it works before every trip...
A little silicone keeps it working smooth and reliable.


Great addition to my military surplus trailer. Substituted the Hydrastar for the old surge brakes, and works like a champ!


Nice price for this needed item. I do wish that Hopkins would make them with a ring on the end. I always cut the cables and put a ring in them for use with the coiled breakaway cable I have. This is about the 4th vehicle I have installed one of these, always having to cut the cable. Cable is Item # FA80-01-2140 at eTrailer, by the way.


Used this to replace an existing break-away switch on a horse trailer. Was basically a direct one-for-one replacement of the existing unit. Easy to put in, and worked fine once soldered and wrapped.


Didn't want to spend $70 for one of these for my brake buddy. Crimped these onto the correct ends and it works perfectly.


Arrived in good time and installation was easy enough. The 7" lead wire for the brake was too short and I had to add wire to make it reach.


Installed OK - haven't had breakaway occur so cant say that it does or doesn't work when the going gets tough.

Worked OK Manually.


Wet similar to the failed switch on my KZ sportsman. Wires were not the same color, wiring diagram is for Hopkins system. It comes with. I instructions but easily found on line. Just wanted to confirm the blue wire was the same as original orange wire on my old switch.


7 point wiring plug & Safety brakeaway for e-brakeVery pleased with the turn around time and they sent exactly what I ordered. They are also very concerned about the end of the project in the fact it is working right. It really great when you find a caring company like over the internet. will go on my list of favorites.

Thanks again



Price is very good compared to Brake Buddy replacement. Delivery was good, as well. I have not installed or used product, yet.


Does the job with a couple of modifications to be able to use the original Brake Buddy setup.


I'm very pleased with this break away switch. Replaced my old broken one with this, and it appears to work as expected.


Overall product works as advertise. The wires for the switch are only about 8 inches long so I had to use connectors to hook this switch up to my trailer.

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See what our Experts say about this Hopkins Accessories and Parts

  • Troubleshooting Melted Trailer Breakaway Wiring
    Melted wires is typically due to a short. It's hard to say exactly what caused your short but you will need to check wiring of your breakaway setup, specifically where the wires connect to the battery, to see if you can find a short and fix as needed. If I had to guess it sounds like the wire that attaches between the switch and the battery has a short to the frame of your trailer and that is what melted it.
    view full answer...
  • How to Replace Pin for Trailer Breakaway System Without Knowing Model of Switch
    Unfortunately, we don't have a way to tell which breakaway system you have. However, the only part that the pin is specific to is the switch. So instead of getting a new pin you can get the replacement switch # HM20010 which isn't much more in cost.
    view full answer...
  • Should Dead Trailer Breakaway Battery Cause Trailer Brakes to Not Work
    You do want to charge the battery of the breakaway kit so that in the event you need it the brakes would activate like they need to. That being said that shouldn't affect trailer brakes performance as long as it was install properly. Your best option would be to go over the wiring of the breakaway kit to see if it somehow is interrupting the brake controller output circuit for the trailer. I attached a chart that shows a diagram of how the kits are supposed to install as well.
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Troubleshooting Break-Away Switch Pin Pulling Out and Not Going Back In
    It should not take an extreme amount of force to reinsert the pin into the switch. Make sure there isn't any debris inside of the switch that could be preventing it from fitting all the way. Most pins are "keyed", which just means that it'll only fit when in a certain orientation, it sounds like you have this covered already but try rotating it a bit as you push it in to make sure it is in the right position. The breakaway pins can sometimes be damaged if they are pulled at an angle. If...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • How to Install an Aftermarket Breakaway Switch on the Demco Stay-IN-Play
    The Hopkins Replacement Break-Away Switch part # HM20010 has a normally open circuit which means there will not be any current that passes through the breakaway switch while the pin is intact. Once the pin is pulled the circuit then becomes closed and power is able to pass through the switch and send power to the trailer brakes. It does not matter if you hook the blue wire on the switch to the blue wire on the Stay-IN-Play or the black wire on the switch to the blue wire on the Stay-IN-Play....
    view full answer...
  • Could an AC Power Surge Cause Trailer Breakaway Switch to Melt
    The DC wiring system and the AC wiring system in a trailer does have protective features between the two; mostly handled by the transfer switch and fuse/breaker panels. But I suppose that it is possible that a power surge could have worked its way through somehow. But I think a more likely scenario is that some how the pin got pulled out some causing the contacts inside to touch which completes the circuit from the breakaway battery to the trailer brakes. The battery will keep apply its...
    view full answer...
  • Once a Trailer Breakaway Switch Pin has Been Pulled is the System Reusable
    Yes. The way that a breakaway switch such as # HM20010 works is that the pin inside holds two pieces of metal apart. Once pulled out it allows the 2 pieces of metal to touch completing the circuit between the breakaway battery and the trailer brakes. All you would have to do to reset the system is put the pin back into the switch. I have included a couple of helpful links on breakaway systems for you.
    view full answer...
  • Easy Solution for Lost Trailer Breakaway Pin and Cable
    Sounds like you are looking for a breakaway switch pin. You can send me a picture of what you have but most likely the easiest solution is going to be to replace the switch with a new one like part # HM20010. Since the new switch will wire in just like you old one it would be able to replace what you have and would save you from trying to track down the exact tether or pin that you would need.
    view full answer...
  • Replacing Break Away Switch Used with Brake Buddy Classic Flat Towing Braking System
    According to my contact at Hopkins Manufacturing, the # HM20010 break away switch you referenced would be a good choice to replace your damaged breakaway switch. Make sure that your connections to the existing wiring are protected from the elements using heat shrink tubing or electrical tape.
    view full answer...
  • Why Would Breakaway Plug of Trailer Cause Trailer Battery to Drain
    If your breakaway system uses the same batteries as the rest of your trailer it wil drain the batteries when the pin is pulled since that will activate the trailer brakes at full voltage. To prevent the drain for the time being you'll want to cut the breakaway switch off of your trailer wiring and tape up the wiring on both sides. This will prevent your batteries from being able to drain from activating the brakes. I attached a diagram that shows how the switch and system normally wires...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Break Away Switch Replacement Recommendation for Brake Buddy
    According to my contact at Hopkins Manufacturing, the # HM20010 break away switch you referenced would be a good choice to replace your damaged breakaway switch. A breakaway switch basically only completes the circuit between two wires so I am not sure why your setup would have three wires.
    view full answer...
  • Why Would Trailer Breakaway Battery Only Charge When Pin Is Pulled
    Sounds like you might have some of the wires of your breakaway kit reversed. If you check out the picture I attached you'll see how the kit is supposed to be wired. Most likely your issue is between the connections to the blue and red wires of the trailer in the diagram.
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Can Trailer Breakaway Pin Be Reinserted if Pulled
    Yes you can put the breakaway pin back into the switch of your breakaway setup. While they sometimes can end up damaged if they are pulled at an angle they are not considered to be one-time-use switches. In event yours is damaged you could replace the whole setup with the part # HM20010 as well.
    view full answer...
  • Does It Hurt a Trailer To Have the Breakaway Pin Pulled While Sitting
    If the breakaway pin was pulled and the brakes were active for multiple days on the trailer while sitting then there are a few things that could have been damaged, the magnets and or brake controller assuming the vehicle was attached during this time as well. I recommend you insert the pin back into the switch to make sure the brakes release and then do a few tests using the brake controller. If all works well then you are good to go. If the brakes don't release or do not re-engage then...
    view full answer...
  • No Power To Switch Wire On Breakaway Switch When Pin Is Pulled
    if you're not getting power to your breakaway switch when you pull the pin, then that usually indicates that there is a short somewhere in the circuit. I would start by inspecting the wires for damage, pinches, or frays. If there are damaged wires in your circuit then that could be causing the issue. If not, most breakaway switches are interchangeable, so you could just replace the switch with a new unit # HM20010
    view full answer...
  • Trouble Shooting Electric Trailer Brakes Not Engaging with New Brake Controller
    It sounds like your brake controller may be wired incorrectly or more specifically you have an issue with your brake control wire. This is the blue wire that runs from the brake controller to your vehicles connector. I recommend checking the wire to see if its been severed or frayed. Another wire you may want to check is the red wire to the cold side of the brake light switch. A fault or miswiring in either of this would cause your brakes not to engage. You may also want to check your breakaway...
    view full answer...
  • Could Switched 12 Volt Power Run to Brake Assemblies of Trailer
    Your brake controller has that feature built into it with the manual override lever but there isn't a reason why you could run a separate override switch that would put 12 volts on the brake assemblies. You should note that they would lock up immediately which would most likely be dangerous so I wouldn't recommend this as a good idea.
    view full answer...
  • Does the Cable and Pin Come with the Replacement Trailer Break Away Switch # HM20010
    The pin and cable is included with the replacement switch # HM20010. I pulled one from the warehouse just to be sure. I also made a video showing the part and the cable and pin included.
    view full answer...
  • How to Find Breakaway Battery on Fifth Wheel Camper
    I really wish we had a diagram or a way to pull up where it'd be. Most likely under the overhang near the landing gear jacks as that's the most popular place. Check there first and then trace the wiring from the breakaway switch to see where they go as they will lead to the battery.
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Can Pulling Break Away Pin Damage Trailer Brakes
    Because the trailer was stationary when this occurred, there's an excellent chance that nothing was damaged, but you can try some low-speed runs in a nearby empty parking lot. While coasting along at low speed (10-15mph) without using the vehicle's brakes, pull the manual brake switch on your brake controller with the gain turned all the way up. You should be able to feel the trailer brakes actuate and start to slow the vehicle. In the unlikely event that the magnets shorted out, you'd...
    view full answer...
  • Would Pulling Pin of Trailer Breakaway System Burn Up or Melt Wires If Trailer Was Parked
    Having the pin pulled on a breakaway system with the trailer sitting still would not burn up or melt anything. The only thing that would happen that would be worth noting is that the battery would eventually die.
    view full answer...
  • Breakaway System Has Power with Pin in Switch but No Power when Pin is Pulled
    Where are you seeing the voltage at? A breakaway system battery would be connected to the switch on the trailer side and the brake output circuit from the brake controller would be on the vehicle side. It could be seeing voltage from the breakaway battery or from the brake controller or even a charge if equipped. It depends on how everything is wired up. When the pin is pulled out it will complete the circuit and allow power to go from the breakaway battery to the trailer brakes. If you...
    view full answer...
  • Will Camper Breakaway Battery Drain Main Trailer Battery if Connected
    The only time there will be a draw on your breakaway battery is when the pin of the switch is pulled so with it just being connected to your main trailer battery there wouldn't be any drain on it.
    view full answer...
  • What to Do About Missing Breakaway Switch Pin if You Don't Know the Manufacturer
    Not all pins are created equally but all breakaway switches are pretty much the same. Since we can't determine for sure which system you have I recommend replacing the whole switch with # HM20010. The only thing in the switch are 2 metal contacts that are kept separated by the plastic pin. When the pin is pulled the contacts can touch and complete the circuit from the battery to the brakes. That is why you can use a different switch. It is a very basic system!
    view full answer...

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