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Lippert Patio Upgrade Kit for Toy Hauler Garage Doors - 94" x 94"

Lippert Patio Upgrade Kit for Toy Hauler Garage Doors - 94" x 94"

Item # LC27FR
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Upgrade your toy hauler's garage door into a patio with this conversion kit. 1-636-306-4830 to order Lippert accessories and parts part number LC27FR or order online at Free expert support on all Lippert products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Lippert Patio Upgrade Kit for Toy Hauler Garage Doors - 94" x 94". Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Lippert Accessories and Parts - LC27FR

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Upgrade your toy hauler's garage door into a patio with this conversion kit.


  • Upgrade your toy hauler's garage door into a patio with this conversion kit
  • Anti-skid coating on door surface
  • Black frame
  • Made in the USA


  • Application: 94" wide x 94" tall toy hauler loading doors
  • Rough opening size: 94" wide x 93-7/8" tall
  • Inner door size: 93-1/4" wide x 93-1/4" tall
  • Weight capacity:
    • Ramp capacity: 3,000 lbs
    • Patio capacity: 1,500 lbs

696694 Lippert Components Patio Upgrade Kit for Toy Hauler Loading Doors - 7 FT 10 IN

Video of Lippert Patio Upgrade Kit for Toy Hauler Garage Doors - 94" x 94"

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Lippert Toy Hauler Garage Doors Patio Upgrade Kit Review

Hey everybody! Welcome to! I'm Bobby, and today we're taking a look at the Lippert Toy Hauler Patio Upgrade Kit. It's gonna give us a nice a little patio if we want it. However, we're not gonna sacrifice our ramping capabilities too. So, if we're still want to haul something inside of our toy hauler or if you just wanted that patio set, this can be an excellent option. With 3,000 pounds capacity for it in its ramp position, we should have no trouble getting our ATVs, UTVs, or anything else that fits within those requirements up inside our toy hauler, and with a 1,500 pound capacity for a patio setup, we should have no trouble of getting a lot of people on the back of our toy hauler and being the envy of the camp ground. As you guys can see here, we are having a 94-by-94 door for ourselves to get today.

I'm gonna go ahead and just double check that for ourselves. Let me go ahead. And of course my tape measure won't work with me. Brad, go ahead and hang on there for me, my man. No problem.

Get a handy friend of course. As you can see, it's actually sitting right over that, about 95.25 inches there for that outside opening. So, later on as we drop this guy, we're going to go ahead and take a look on that flush positioning. That's going to put you closer to that 94 inches, and that's going to be what you really want to look for, of course, is that inside opening on your toy hauler to make sure it is going to fit for ourselves. Now, you are getting a nice little fiberglass feel on this guy.

So, you're just going to be knowing it's going to be holding up well for the weather to come. However, of course, it has been reinforced to go ahead and allow us to utilize it as a ramp to get those heavy toys inside of our hauler. At the very end you are seeing those hinges there. Quite a few hinges, so you know it's going to do a good job of supporting that weight and bringing itself down in no time. Of course, it won't take too much time to get those actually installed, just a simple little hinge maneuver to get it set in our toy hauler.

Well, but just for a second here, we're going to go ahead, drop it down, and start taking a look on the other side. One thing I would like to point out, you guys can see as we are lowering this down, we are a little worried about the front edge of our gate here. So if you ever want to keep that looking nice for the time to come and especially if you find yourself utilizing this in that ramp position a lot and you're driving those toys over it, it can benefit us to get something that can cover that top of the gate. So, something like a rubber bumper can be excellent. There's a few of them available here at, and of course, any other type of application you can to really prevent any damage to this is really going to help in the long run. Now that we got it laid down, we're going to go ahead and just double check our measurements here. As you can see, going straight across is going to be putting us at 93.25 inches for ourself. And that can be really important in your toy hauler 'cause we actually want this to seat properly and seal. Now, talking of seals, we definitely want to make sure our toy hauler actually has a seal for this as we don't want water coming in. So if your toy hauler doesn't have one, that can be another expenditure to pick up. However, we're really going to need it 'cause we don't want that rain comin' in, destroyin' any of our toys, or especially the inside of our toy hauler. So, we can go ahead and also look at our length going across here just to double check that Inside measurement for ourselves. And going straight across here, we are looking right at 93.25 inches as well. So, looks like we are standing right in those dimensions, which is great for ourselves. Talking about the material itself. You are gonna see a nice little rough pad here on the back end. That's going to be great for when everybody is hanging around on the patio. Even if it does get a little wet, maybe a light rain comes through, we're not going to be worried about slipping. It has a really good kind of friction-ized feel to it, so it'll definitely be holding up quite well. Not going to be slippin' or doin' any kind of damage to ourselves which is excellent for us. Right here in the middle, you are going to see an insert already ready to get that in that patio position. So, we will need to pick up a cable, and that is also available here at But all we want to do is measure where we have this level on our toy hauler, so once we get our hinges installed, we bring this down level. A jack or any kind of other thing to make it stand up straight and keep it level for ourself is really going to be important. And then measuring that distance between the top of our toy hauler to this very position here, we can go ahead, make sure we have the right cable, and that's going to allow us to actually get this in that nice patio formation. It doesn't take long to put them in. It's just a simple little pin and clip system. Holds it right there. And that way we have a 1,500 pound capacity to get everybody at the campsite up on top of our rig. And especially when you start getting a nice little gate feature going around here, I know it can be hard to a little imagine, but it can be nice to go ahead and get a Lippert gate as well. And those are really, really easy to use. They just utilize this little guy right here. These pins and clip just pop out very easily, and they slide right into position. And that way, we have a nice little railing around our patio, which is great for the kiddos of course. This will be sitting a little high up, and we don't want them or anybody else falling off the side, getting hurt. So that can be a great little way of making sure everybody stays safe of the camping trip. Well, as you guys can see, this can be a great little way, you know I'm about 220, 6'1". I'm not taking up too much room on this patio, and I'm not moving around too much 'cause we don't want to damage our product here of course. But when you have suspended in the air, it can be a great little hangout place as well. Again, with those gates as well, it can be a great little place for the family to hang out. Not worried about the little ones walking off, causin' any kind of damage. And honestly, this can be a great little way to really maximize your toy hauler capabilities. And one thing with it too, guys, you know you might be worried, "Well, I have this in my toy hauler, and I'm dropping down that gate. Isn't that just going to leave my back end open for any bugs to come in to" Well, Lippert has an amazing amount of options, and there a couple other companies there as well, can give you a great little kind of screen indoor option. That way, we also have a way of actually closing in our trailer when we have our big door folded out. And of course, I'd highly recommend making sure you have the proper seals here on this guy as well whether it be on your toy hauler or picking up one to match this kit. Definitely going to be beneficial for us, not have any water, getting inside our RV of course. Well, guys, I think that that's gonna do it for our look at the Lipper Toy Hauler Patio Door Upgrade Kit here at I'm Bobby. Thank you for watching!.


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  • What Parts are Needed to Install Patio System on a Toy Hauler Door
    I can see why this is confusing, since it's not really explained very well. The Lippert Patio Upgrade Kit for Toy Hauler Garage Doors - 94" x 94" # LC27FR is the bare minimum you can use. This kit makes it so that the toy hauler's door can sit flat and be used as a platform.
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  • Patio Rail Kit For 2015 Forest River Stealth
    The Lippert # LC27FR is currently the only kit we carry that will allow you to use the ramp door of your 2015 Forest River Stealth as a patio. The attachment points for the steel are not located on the top corners, so the rounded corners of your door should not pose a problem. In addition to being secured to the frame of the rear of your toy hauler near the bottom of the door on either side, the anchors for the steel attachments are also attached at four points that surround the top corners,...
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  • About How Long to Install Lippert Patio Upgrade Kit for Toy Hauler Garage Doors - 94" x 94" # LC27FR
    If you are planning on installing the Lippert Patio Upgrade Kit for Toy Hauler Garage Doors - 94" x 94" # LC27FR at home I'd set aside a day to do it. If you were a fast worker and had all the tools ready to go you could probably knock it out in less than a day but it would depend.
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  • Does Lippert Patio Upgrade Kit for Toy Hauler Garage Doors Reinforce Ramp for Patio Use
    Yes the Lippert Patio Upgrade Kit for Toy Hauler Garage Doors - 94inch x 94 Item # LC27FR does come with reinforcements for the rear door/ramp so that it can be used as a patio and have a capacity of 1,500 lbs. It comes with the framing, anti-skid surface for the ramp, steel cables for additional support and bracketry.
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  • Fitment of Lippert Patio Upgrade Kit for Toy Hauler Garage Doors
    The Lippert Patio Upgrade Kit for Toy Hauler Garage Doors, # LC27FR is for a rough opening size of 94" wide x 93-7/8" tall. This option will not fit unless you box in the rear of your toy hauler.
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  • Does Lippert Patio Upgrade Kit for Toy Hauler Garage Doors have Weatherproof Door
    Yes the Lippert Patio Upgrade Kit for Toy Hauler Garage Doors - 94" x 94" # LC27FR is the current updated version of the kit that you mentioned.
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  • Patio Deck Upgrade Kit for Forest River 2012 Shockwave 17 Toy Hauler
    You'd have to measure your toy hauler loading door to verify, but most likely the Lippert Patio Upgrade Kit for Toy Hauler Garage Doors - 94" x 94" # LC27FR does fit as it is designed to fit 94 inch by 94 inch toy hauler doors which is the standard size.
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  • How does the Lippert Components Toy Hauler Patio Railing Attach
    It is a bit confusing the Lippert Components Patio Upgrade Kit for Toy Hauler Garage Doors part # LC27FR is an upgraded opening system for your normal door which allows you to use it in a flat patio manner. The Lippert Components Toy Hauler Patio Railing Assembly part # LC59FR is designed to then attach to that using the hardware that came with the original upgrade kit. We currently do not have a way to attach the patio kit a door that does not have the original or aftermarket Patio Upgrade...
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  • What is Included With The Lippert Patio Upgrade Kit # LC27FR and What Else Will I Need?
    The Lippert Patio Upgrade Kit # LC27FR is a replacement rear ramp door that is capable of supporting itself in a patio orientation. Not all doors that come on toy haulers are capable of acting as a patio due to the structure inside the door. This door will replace an existing 94" wide by 94" tall existing ramp door. It has all the springs and hinges attached. You will need the Lippert Garage Door Cable for Toy Hauler Patio Doors # LC39FR to hold the door in the patio position.
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  • Replacement Cable for Toy Hauler Garage Door Patio
    Sounds like you're looking for the Replacement Lippert Garage Door Cable for Toy Hauler Patio Doors # LC39FR. This measures 121-1/4" long so you'll want to make sure that works for your application. Please note that this cable is meant to basically hold a patio door in place. Not all toy hauler doors are able to be used as patios though so you'll need to make sure your door has a construction like the Lippert Patio Upgrade Kit # LC27FR and it wasn't designed to just be a ramp.
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  • Recommended Patio Upgrade Kit For 2019 Hearland RV Road Warrior 5W Toy Hauler
    It sounds like you are looking for the neccessary components to turn the fold down door on your 2019 Heartland RV Road Warrior 5W Toy Hauler into a patio. If this is the case the only option we have is the Lippert Components Patio Upgrade Kit for Toy Hauler Garage Doors # LC27FR which is designed for doors measuring 94"x94". Regarding steps we offer quite a few different steps to allow you to get onto your side patio, but I will need to know how high your patio is off the ground to recommend...
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  • Does the Lippert Patio Upgrade Kit Need Other Accessories or Hardware?
    The Lippert Patio Upgrade Kit for Toy Hauler Garage Doors # LC27FR is a complete kit. It has all the hardware and struts that you need to convert your garage door into a patio. It may seem confusing because there were optional side rails that you could get along with this kit. While that is no longer offered, we do have other fun accessories people use to decorate their new patio like a folding table # CAM51893 or Goal Zero Lights # 287-44030 or a set of fold-down steps # LC726895.
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