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SolidStep Lift Assist Kit for 30" to 33" RV Doors

SolidStep Lift Assist Kit for 30" to 33" RV Doors

Item # LC733939
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Stops the SolidStep from dropping completely when disengaged from the door jamb. Allows for minimal effort while lowering your steps. 1-833-496-1390 to order Lippert accessories and parts part number LC733939 or order online at Free expert support on all Lippert products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for SolidStep Lift Assist Kit for 30" to 33" RV Doors. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Lippert Accessories and Parts - LC733939

  • RV and Camper Steps
  • Lift Assist
  • Lippert

Stops the SolidStep from dropping completely when disengaged from the door jamb. Allows for minimal effort while lowering your steps.


  • Stops the SolidStep from dropping completely when disengaged from the door jamb
  • Supports the weight of the steps to take the load for you
  • Allows for minimal effort while lowering your steps
    • Can be done with one finger
  • Application: 30" - 36" RV doors (LC678028, LC678031, LC678036, LC678047)

Note: Will only work with triple or quad SolidStep 3.0 (third generation).

733939 SolidStep Lift Assist Kit for 30" to 36" RV Doors

Installation Details LC733939 Installation instructionsAlternate Instructions LC733939 Installation instructions

Video of SolidStep Lift Assist Kit for 30" to 33" RV Doors

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Lippert SolidStep Lift Assist Kit Installation - 2016 Forest River Salem Hemisphere Lite Travel Trai

Hey guys, Shane here with Today I have a 2016 Forest River Salem Hemisphere Lite Travel Trailer. And I want to walk you through how to install the Lippert Components SolidStep Lift Assist.Now, if you're not familiar with the SolidStep, I'm going to highly recommend these. When you compare them to like your old ones that you have to fold out from underneath the vehicle or underneath the camper, the metal ones, they tend to rust. They don't really hold up as well. These make it very easy.

They simply fold up inside the door and stay inside when you're not using them.Keep in mind. You do have to use a little bit of effort to get them up. They are all aluminum and they are lightweight, but you do have to lift them. Adding a lift assist with a solid step assembly is going to make it to where you are using very little effort, if no effort at all, to get your steps up because the weight of the steps is being supported by the shock assembly mounted on the inside of the trailer. So if you watch, I'm going to lift this with one finger and it's going to lift itself.

Maybe you're older or maybe you have a hard time lifting anything, you can see there, there is not really any lifting that we have to do. The shock itself is going to support the weight of the steps. Once we get up so high, where all you have to do is push it in lock inside the door.When we open it, again, the shock is going to support it. One finger. We can fold our steps out.

Very easy, very simple to not only fold your steps up in the stowed position, but to open your camper up when you're ready to use them. Even if I grab it up here at this top step, I can still lift it with one finger.This is what our assembly is going to look like on the inside. See, it has a nice cover that covers our strut. If we fold it up you can see how our strut is mounted in there. When we fold our step up, the strut is going to fully extend.

This bracket is going to sit down here on the floor. It's going to have a plate that comes back here that assists in lifting.As far as the installation, it's pretty simple and straightforward. It's going to come with all the necessary hardware and components to get it installed. It's going to come with the bracket that mounts on the inside of the wall. It's going to come with two different struts, one for three steps and one for four steps, depending on your setup. It's also going to come with a sill plate. It's going to have to replace your existing sill plate on your steps in order for it to work with the lift assist.Now that we've gone over some of the features, I'll show you how to get it installed. To start your installation, if you have solid steps already installed, you need to remove them. If you had purchased solid steps to install the solid steps with the lift assist the installation process for removing everything off of them is going to be the same. You'll need a 3/16th hex key and a half inch socket. We're going to remove this threshold. We're going to have three bolts here. And three bolts here. For one of them on each side, you're going to need a half inch wrench because it's up behind this lip here.You're going to take the new one that comes in your kit. We're going to line it up and your kit is going to come with new hardware to get it installed. And then it should line up with the same holes or your maybe other hardware. Next, we need to remove our transport lock. On the inside of the step, you're going to have a plate that runs down to it. You're going to have four bolts on each side. We're going to use a 3/8ths socket for the nut side and an eighth inch X key for the inside. Now I'll remove our old one and install our new one. We're going to slide it into place.You'll notice these triangular pieces here. If you install it this way and it hits your step, this next step down, you can take it, you can flip it over, install it this way. We're going to line it up with the holes and then install our hardware. Once you have your new lock, tighten it back into place and take your steps. And we're going to set them in place off the left-hand doorframe, you're gonna measure 2 and 5/8ths to this edge.Next, we're going to take a seven 30 seconds drill bit. We're going have two access holes here on the top of this plate. We drill into the floor. If you have laminate flooring, you're going to have bolts that are going to go all the way through it. You want to make sure your drill all the way down to the bottom. If you have wood flooring, it's going to come with wood screws. One thing to keep in mind, it's important to go off the new measurements for installing the Lift Assist. It may not line up with the holes from your SolidSteps that you previously had installed.We're going to take the bolt. We're going to go through the hole all the way down through the bottom. On the bottom side of each one of those, we're going to put a flat washer, lock washer and a nut. We need to make sure we install our backing plate on the bottom. Before we install the flat washer, lock washer and nut on the two bolts. Notice how it kind of has an angle or an extra piece here. You want to make sure that it's facing towards the left door jam or doorframe. This is towards the frame.Now these two brackets here, if you had the old foldout steps from when the camp or was the original steps from the, when the camper was new, this bracket may still be in there. To get this plate installed, you're going to have to take it off of this bolt. I can't get it to come all the way out. So we had to move it over to the side. So we have enough room for this extra lip here. Next we're going to carefully lift our steps up. We're going to take a 7/16ths socket. We're going to loosen this bolt, this one and this one on each side.We're gonna slide the bracket out. When it just inside the door frame there, and then we'll tighten those back down. So one thing we found is even extending this out all the way you can see it's not close to our doorframe. So what we're going to do is we try to slide it over as far as we could to get it close and it's not getting over far enough. So what we're going to do is I'm going to drill a hole right on this edge here on this edge so that we can take this whole plate and slide it over to get this to meet the doorframe.Now we're going to slide it over and get that extended out as far as we can get it.So now that we've adjusted it where it's going to fit inside the door, we want to make sure that this bracket here is not coming out too far. It needs to be as close to the inside of the door frame as possible so that when our new bracket goes in place with our shock on it, that attached to there, that shock run straight up and down. It's not at an angle. So it looks like we're pretty good here. Now we can lift it back up and install our remaining bolts. These are going to install the same way. We're just going to drill down through the floor, install the same hardware that we installed on those two. Once we get all of our screws tightened down, we can go ahead and reinstall our threshold backing plate.Now that we've got everything tightened down to the floor, we can go ahead and move inside the trailer and start installing our components in there. We're going to have to remove any trim pieces because this bracket is going to get mounted to the wall, but it needs to be up close to our door edge. So what we're going to do is I'm going to slide this over. I'm going to mark it right up here at the top, so I can take this off and then cut that bottom part off so we can slide this all the way over. Now that we've got our trim piece cut and take this and test fit it to make sure we cut it high enough.Also this piece down here on the floor, you may have to cut that off. I was able to cut it with a utility knife. It was pretty easy, just so that this back down on the bottom just sits against the wall. So what you want is you want about a quarter inch gap in there just enough, so that as this swings up, it doesn't make contact with it. Once you get it set in place, you're going to take your hardware and use these holes all the way down and mount it right to the wall. We're going to take a five 32nd strobe bit, and we're going to pre drill the holes.Next, we're going to take our number 10 wood screws and nut to the wall. Next we're going to install the strut. You're going to get two struts. One that says 600 in and the other one says 800 in. The 800 in is for four steps. The 600 end is going to be for three steps. With our steps in the stowed position, we're going to take this and we're going to pop it right on the end of that ball like that, and learn, take the other end. And we're going to pop this on that bracket.Once you get your strut on, if it's installed properly, there should be a gap right here. This bracket should never touch the floor. Once you get it on and unlock it. And you fold your steps out, the Strait is actually going to support your steps like that. You're actually going to have to kind of pull on them a little bit to get them down, but when you're putting them up, it's going to be a lot easier. You're not going to really have any lifting to do. That's going to do it for a look at and installation on the Lippert Components, SolidStep Lift Assist.

Customer Reviews

SolidStep Lift Assist Kit for 30" to 33" RV Doors - LC733939

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (13 Customer Reviews)

Stops the SolidStep from dropping completely when disengaged from the door jamb. Allows for minimal effort while lowering your steps.


Easy install, Well built. I would recommend taking the existing steps off the floor hinge plate first, then remove the existing plate from your RV floor. Install the new hinge plate into door opening with the two positioning screws through the holes while the plate is in the open position, then bolt your steps onto new plate. If you do it like the instructions it will be difficult to get the whole assembly into door opening and it's easier to do yourself this way. The lift assist sure makes raising and lowering the Solidsteps super easy.


Easy to install with minimal mechanical ability. Makes lifting or lowering the heavy stairs almost effortless, and much safer. Very happy with it.


Works great. Door is hard to close. Had to grind lip on door sill down to close door without having to slam door. Easy to lift steps one handed.The step assist had nothing to do with the door problem.


Really makes it easy to raise and lower quad solid steps. The install was fairly easy. I was missing the hardware mentioned in the instructions, but was able to reuse the hardware from the existing solid steps. I had some screws that were better for mounting the bracket for air arm. Surprised that both air arms were included in my kit.
This is really a heavy duty kit that is made to last. My back is really happy with this purchase.


Best thing I have for RV


The lift assist is absolutely essential with the stairs. It makes taking the stairs out and putting them away so easy. I can't imagine using the stairs without this.


The SolidStep fold down step are very well made and I am impressed with the quality. Ordering from etrailer was a breeze and delivery was quick. However, UPS did not handle the carton very well, there were parts that poked through the carton, it was barely holding together and the bags of hardware/screws included had broken open and were scattered in the carton. It was a flimsy carton for shipping an items of that weight and there was one part that was slightly bent which didn't matter as the lift assist replaced it anyway. Installation was not hard and I was able to complete the steps, lift assist, and handrail in a couple of hours. There were a couple of things I was disappointed in, several loose bolts and screws, and the left side rail only had half the necessary holes for mounting the handrail on the left side. I had to drill the rest of the holes to complete the handrail install. We are very happy with the new steps and would definitely buy again.


Just finished installing the LCI Solid Step Lift Assist accessory on my 30" Solid Step Quad stair setup. I should have just bought these already installed on my stairs, since I had to replace the top hinged section and the latching assemblies. Installation was not that bad and now my wife can open and close the stairs all by her self. Glad I bought this lift assist setup, but like I said I wish I just bought this way from the start.


Worked perfectly. The instructions are difficult to follow but the product is solid.


I had this installed by a dealer. It is great. The price made it even greater


Helps lighten the weight of lifting the step. Great addition.


Putting this together with the stairs t oday



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  • Stuck Gas Struts on Lippert SolidStep Lift Assist
    I have contacted Lippert about stuck gas struts before with their SolidStep Lift Assist Kit for 30" to 36" RV Doors # LC733939 and they have said that there is not a quality issue with their struts. The only thing they have told me is that the majority of the time when the struts are stuck it is because of the installation not being proper, and as such there is some type of interference not allowing the strut to work as it is intended. They have also told me it is possible it could be the...
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    Image 1 for
  • How Far Does Lift Assist Stick Out Inside Door
    I actually just contacted Lippert about this not long ago, and they told me the SolidStep Lift Assist Kit for 30" to 36" RV Doors # LC733939 will extend approximately 4-1/2" to 5" inside the door. So that's not something I would classify as a shin buster, but definitely something you may want to be cognizant of if there is open space leading up to your door. That said, the small risk of potentially contacting the lift assist is well worth it due to how much easier it is to use your steps...
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  • Troubleshooting Struts on Lift Assist Stuck
    I reached out to Lippert concerning the struts being stuck on your SolidStep Lift Assist Kit # LC733939 and they told me that the first thing they recommend doing is simply ensuring it is installed correctly, as per the linked installation instructions, which I recommend taking a look at. The strut could be bad, but they have seen in the past that an incorrect install can lead to the issue you are having.
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  • How Much Wall Space Does Lippert LC733939 Solid Step Lift Assist Take
    According to the installation instructions for the # LC7333939, before the installation, the door trim on that side of the door will need to be removed up to a height of 29-1/2 inches. The lift assist bracket is meant to butt up against the outside of the door jamb, and is 2-3/8 inches wide so you'll need at least 2-3/8 inches of free space between the outside edge of the door jamb and the wall you speak of. I've provided a diagram showing this dimension.
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Does The Door Trim Have to Be Removed To Install SolidStep Lift Assist Kit RV Doors LC733939
    The mounting bracket of the SolidStep Lift Assist Kit for 30" to 36" RV Doors part # LC733939 basically installs 1/4" away from the door jamb on the interior wall. It does need to be flush with the door jamb so if there is a piece of door trim keeping the bracket from being level with the door jamb then it needs to be removed. The 1/4" measurement is from the installation instructions for the lift assist kit itself which I have sent you in a separate email. The 1/4” gap will allow the rotating...
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    Image 1 for
  • SolidStep Lift Assist Door Frame Clearance In Fifth Wheel Trailer
    The lift assist bracket that installs inside the door frame in the SolidStep Lift Assist Kit part # LC733939 for 30" to 36" RV Doors and lift assist kit part # LC733937 for 26" to 29" RV door frames installs 1/4 inch away from the door frame. I contacted SolidStep and the bracket in the LC733939 kit is 20-3/4 inches wide and the bracket in the LC733937 kit is 24 inches wide.
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  • Lift Assist Kit for Lippert Solid Step RV Steps
    We have the SolidStep Lift Assist Kit for 26" to 29" Wide RV Door Frames # LC733937 or the SolidStep Lift Assist Kit for 30" to 36" RV Doors # LC733939. This lift is designed to make it easy to lift and lower these steps. We had a training where they showed us you can lift the stairs with a couple of fingers using this lift, so it is a really nice option to add for ease of use. This is a new product, but there is not a waiting list we can put your name on. When you order either of...
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  • Do SolidStep Manual Fold-Down Steps Have a Lift Assist
    I can see where the confusion might come in, but the SolidStep Manual Fold-Down Steps # LC678031 actually only weigh about 50 lbs, the 400 lbs you were referencing is actually the weight capacity of the steps. They do not come with a lift assist but one can be added to the steps, the SolidStep Lift Assist Kit for 30" to 36" RV Doors # LC733939 so you can easily lift and lower your steps. In regards to your other question, there is a locking mechanism that will keep the steps in place...
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  • What SolidSteps Does the SolidStep Lift Assist Kit Work With
    There are SolidStep Lift Assist Kits that can be used to upgrade certain SolidSteps. - SolidStep Lift Assist Kit for 26" to 29" Wide RV Door Frames # LC733937 - SolidStep Lift Assist Kit for 30" to 36" Wide RV Door Frames # LC733939 These kits will only work with the triple and quad SolidStep 3.0. I have added photos from the instructions of these lift assist kits, which includes instructions on how to tell the correct kit if you have a SolidStep 3.0 already installed on your trailer.
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    Image 1 for Image 2 for
  • Correct SolidStep Manual Fold-Down Steps for a 2012 CrossRoads Cruiser
    For your 2012 CrossRoads Cruiser, the correct SolidStep Manual Fold-Down Step is going to be part # LC678044. According to Lippert, once you measure your doorway width you then need to round up to the next even number which in your case is 30. The threshold of this step is then 27" - 36" which is perfect for your 32" doorway height. The SolidStep Manual Fold-Down Steps are a very popular upgrade for the conventional pull out steps so I am sure you will be happy with them. They have adjustable...
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  • Determining Compatibility of the SolidStep Lift Assist Kit
    There are two different SolidStep Lift Assist Kits, part # LC733937 and part # LC733939. In order to confirm either of these will work for you, you will need to go though the purchase verification process outlined by Lippert. See Below: The Lift Assist Upgrade Kit will ONLY work with triple and quad SolidStep 3.0 (Fig.1). The Lift Assist will NOT work with double SolidStep 3.0 or with previous versions of SolidStep - including SolidStep Gen 2 (Fig.2). Lift Assist will not work with any...
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  • Will SolidStep Lift Assist Kit Fit a 2020 Keystone Passport GT Series Trailer
    I believe you are saying that your 2020 Keystone Passport GT Series has a Lippert SolidStep. If this is the case then the Lift Assist Kit # LC733937 will work if your door frame is 26" to 29" wide. If your door frame is 30" to 36" wide then you need part # LC733939 instead.
    view full answer...
  • Does The SolidStep Lift Assist Kit LC733937 Have To Attach To Left Side Of Entry Door?
    I checked with my contact at Lippert and the only two SolidStep Lift Assist Kits currently available both attach to the left hand side of your entry door. If you have a 26" - 29" wide entry door you will need the # LC733937 and for 30" - 36" wide entry doors you will need the # LC733939. I included a video of the # LC733939 being installed for you to take a look at.
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  • Recommended Lippert SolidStep for a 2014 Keystone Montana 3402RL
    I am not sure who you spoke with at Lippert but what they told you about using the 26" wide SolidStep # LC791574 was incorrect. When I spoke with my contact he said that whether you have the 29-3/8" or 28-1/4" wide frame you want to use the 30" SolidStep # LC791575 that we referenced in a previous answer. Reason being that there is no SolidStep for a 29" wide door frame so you simply round up. When the SolidStep first came out there was conflicting information regarding fits but I believe...
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  • Recommended Hand Rail for Lippert SolidStep Fold Down RV Steps
    The Lippert SolidStep # LC791575 you referenced will use the Lippert Entry Assist Handrail for SolidStep Manual RV Steps # LC799640. You may also want to consider the SolidStep Lift Assist Kit for 30" to 36" RV Doors # LC733939 to make raising and lowering easier.
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  • Availability of MORryde Stepabove with 4 Steps that Has Lift Assist
    MORryde has a StepAbove with 4 steps that has the strut assist built into it with the part # MR85RR but they don't offer the strut assist separately like Lippert does with the # LC733939 nor does this fit the MORryde steps.
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  • Installation of SolidStep Lift Assist Kit
    Though the SolidStep Lift Assist Kit # LC733939 does not have individual instructions, it will be the same as installing the strut on SolidSteps that have the Lift Assist. I have attached a cutout of those instructions for you which is the process you will need to follow for this assist kit. I will also copy those directions below as well as send you a link. The SolidStep Lift Assist Kit # LC733939 will work with the SolidStep Manual Fold-Down Steps # LC678028, # LC678031, # LC791573....
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Fold Down Steps For a 2013 Forset River Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8281WS
    From my research and experience installing steps on fifth wheel campers your 2013 Forest River Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite Fifth Wheel the door opening should be 30" to 36". If I am correct I recommend SolidStep Manual Fold-Down Steps for 30" to 36" Wide RV Door Frames - Quad - Aluminum Item # LC791575. Most fifth wheel campers sit a little higher. Having the fourth step ensures the bottom step is not too far from the ground. The steps have adjustable legs for un-level terrain so you...
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