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Replacement Magnet Kit for Dexter 12-1/4" Electric Brake Assembly

Replacement Magnet Kit for Dexter 12-1/4" Electric Brake Assembly

Item # BP01-301
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Redline Accessories and Parts - BP01-301
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Oval style magnet kit with yellow wire allows you to replace only the worn out magnet on your Dexter trailer brakes, rather than the entire assembly. Oval design increases the efficiency of the magnet while also extending the life of the magnet. 1-833-496-1390 to order Redline accessories and parts part number BP01-301 or order online at Free expert support on all Redline products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Replacement Magnet Kit for Dexter 12-1/4" Electric Brake Assembly. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Redline Accessories and Parts - BP01-301

  • Trailer Brakes
  • Electric Drum Brakes
  • Brake Magnets
  • Redline
  • 12-1/4 x 3-3/8 Inch

Oval style magnet kit with yellow wire allows you to replace only the worn out magnet on your Dexter trailer brakes, rather than the entire assembly. Oval design increases the efficiency of the magnet while also extending the life of the magnet.


  • Oval style magnet kit with yellow wire replaces the worn out magnet on your Dexter trailer brakes
  • Oval design increases the efficiency of the magnet while also extending the life of the magnet
  • Kit includes everything needed to replace just the magnet on your brakes:
    • Magnet
    • Spring
    • Clip
  • Kit works as the replacement for the following Dexter electric brake assemblies:
    • Dexter 12-1/4" x 3-3/8" stamped backing plate
    • Dexter 12-1/4" x 3-3/8" with cast backing plate (23-450, and 23-451)
    • Dexter 12-1/4" x 4" stamped backing plate
    • Dexter 12-1/4" x 4" cast backing plate (23-438 and 23-439)

BP01-301 Replacement Magnet Kit for Dexter 12-1/4" Electric Brake Assembly

Video of Replacement Magnet Kit for Dexter 12-1/4" Electric Brake Assembly

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Redline Replacement Magnet Kit for Dexter Electric Brakes Installation

Today in our trailer we'll be installing the replacement kit for for Dexter 12 1/4 inch electric brake assemblies. It is part number BP01-301. This oval-style magnet kit with yellow wire allows you to replace only the worn out magnet on your Dexter trailer brakes, rather than the higher assembly. The overall design increases the efficiency of the magnet, while also extending the life of the magnet. Now we'll show you how to install it. All right, with our wheel off of our trailer, the first thing we need to do is remove our grease cap here. Make sure we have a drain pan underneath, because this particular trailer uses hub oil versus actually axle grease.

Take our channel locks here and work our cap off. Set the cap aside. Now we bend our cotter pin back, so we can remove it. Just get it started with a pair of dykes. All right, the cotter pin removed, set it aside. I'll spin our nut off here.

All right, with our nut off we can take off our rust washer here, set it aside, and I'll put out our outer bearing, too. Set that aside, as well. Now we can pull our hub and drum assembly off. This point, you're going to get dirty. There's no avoiding it.

Make sure you're wearing some clothes that you don't care about. A little tech tip to make pulling the hub off easier, since the seal will probably be stuck on it: If you take one of your wheels, in this case our trailer has dual wheels on each axle, put it on the hub assembly. With our wheel back on the hub now, I'll just take two lug nuts here. They go across from each other, and we'll temporarily tighten them down, and this will give us some leverage to help pull the hub off, just like so. Now we can remove our wheel from the hub. With our wheel set aside, we can now pull our hub straight off. This point, try to cover up the opening a little bit so you don't dump grease on yourself.

Pull the hub off. De-grease everything with some brake parts cleaner. Making sure we use plenty of it to get all the brake dust out. When removing the hub, I noticed our seal here tore in half, which is fine, we we're planning on replacing that anyway, so we need to remove our seal from our spindle of our axle here real quick. Just use a pry bar for that. Work our way around so it pops off, like so. We can set aside. Go ahead and pry out the rest of the seal from our hub using the same pry bar. Being careful not to damage the inner bearing. With our seal out, we'll take out our inner bearing, and we'll clean off our hub and our drum with some brake parts cleaner and wipe it all down. All right, with our hub and our drum here all cleaned up now, we'll drop in our inner wheel bearing, like so, and we'll take our new seal and we will drop it down as well, and we will grab our installer tool to put it in place. All right, our seal installer is not large enough for a seal this size, so we'll just use a block of wood and a hammer, and we'll knock it in until it sounds solid. Right now, it's solid. Perfect. As you can see, when we pulled our hub off our magnet just fell off. It's because it's worn down and the clip that retained it had broken off, so it's not doing it's job anymore, obviously, so that's why we're here replacing it. We're also going to replace the spring because it comes with the magnet kit, so we can just take that off and discard it, and we'll cut our wires here from our magnet. Discard that, as well. Pull back these tabs here, a little bit. Pull our wire out. Pull it out, and then we'll pull it out from the back of our backing plate of our axle. We'll go ahead and remove the wire completely from the wires going across our axles for our brake signal. We'll take our new spring here, install it over the arm, and take our magnet, push it onto the arm. Take our new retaining clip, push it on until it clips into place, and now you can see our magnet will adjust, as needed. Now we'll take our wire, put it back in the clips, may need to pry the clips open a little bit with a screwdriver . Get our wires back behind the arm here. Now we'll out through the grommet that we pulled them out through the back. All right, with our grommet removed, our wires pulled through, we will push the wires on through the grommet and reinstall the grommet. All right, now that we have our wires pulled through, we'll strip back our wires about 1/4 inch or so on either end. We'll take some heat treat bullet connectors here, install them over our wire, and we'll crimp them into place. Now we'll install more under wires down here. It doesn't matter which wire we go to, since this is a magnet, as long as they're both connected. All right, with our wires crimped down now, we can use our heat gun to heat shrink the bullet connectors. All right, with our wires heat shrinked 00:07:43 now, that completes our connections for our magnet. Now before we reinstall our hub, we want to make sure we lubricate any moving parts inside the drum assembly here, including the contact points that the shoes rest on. We just want to make sure we don't get any lubricant on the surface of the shoes themselves, because that will hurt our braking performance. We'll just take some light lithium grease here, and we'll hit our contact points. Now we'll reinstall our hub. Want to clean out any dirt and debris or sluge where our cap go . Take our outer bearing, install it now. We'll grab our rust washer here and our hub nut, and we'll thread that on. Check for a free spin in our bearing here. So far so good, and we'll just snug it up a little bit more. Feels and sounds pretty good, and that's nice and secure. We'll take our cotter pin again, and we'll reinstall it. We'll bend it back, just like the way it was. Flatten it down with a hammer. We'll thread our cap back on, and we'll snug it on down. Now you can use a pry bar here. Wedge that against one of the studs and the floor, and you can use that to hold the hub in place while you tighten the cap down. That's nice and secure now. Move our pry bar, pop off our fill cap here, and we'll refill our hub assembly with some hub oil. Spin our hub a little bit to work it on in, and we'll continue to fill it up as it works it way in. Now that it's starting to run freely out of it, we can reinstall our plug. We'll clean off the front of our hub with some brake parts cleaner again. We can go ahead and put our wheels back on and clean up all of our tools and hook up to our truck and continue to tow our trailer. That completes our installation of the replacement magnet kit for Dexter 12 1/4 inch electric brake assemblies, part number BP01-301 on our trailer.

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Replacement Magnet Kit for Dexter 12-1/4" Electric Brake Assembly - BP01-301

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (17 Customer Reviews)

Oval style magnet kit with yellow wire allows you to replace only the worn out magnet on your Dexter trailer brakes, rather than the entire assembly. Oval design increases the efficiency of the magnet while also extending the life of the magnet.


Great service, ordered over the phone and it was a piece of cake. Magnets came with fresh spring and retainer clip. I got the yellow shrink tube butt connectors and should have gotten the blue ones-my mistake, it makes for a nice sealed connection.


Fast Delivery and excellent customer se rvice.


Fits well. Price jumped noticeably in the last couple months but probably due to supplier. Paid $48.54 on 01-09-19 and it increased to $72.35 on 03-21-19.

It seems to be a good quality product and customer service here is excellent! Great company to deal with.


Fast shipping. Product was in new packaging and looked really good. Product was exactly what I was looking for.




Just what my customer needed...


exactly what we ordered


Arrived exactly as described





great service






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  • Dexter 10k Rated Brake Assembly Magnet Recomendation
    Yes, for a 10k rated Dexter brake assembly magnet you would want the part # BP01-301.
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  • Replacing Brake Assemblies on 5th Wheel Trailer
    Are you speaking of brake assemblies? If so, you can certainly replace the brake assemblies on one axle and leave the existing ones in place on the other axle as long as they're working okay. When you replace a brake assembly, be sure to examine the armature surface of the brake drum (the inside surface that the magnet rides against.) If the inside of the brake drum has grooves worn in it, you'll want to replace the drum as well, otherwise the grooves will be worn into the face of the...
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  • How to Determine the Correct Replacement Brake Magnets for Trailer Brakes
    To determine the correct magnet you will need, you need to go by the manufacturer and size of the brakes on the trailer. Sometimes, the year of the brakes is needed as well. The brakes may have information stamped into the metal on the back side (in board side) of the backing plate. Magnet # BP01-301 fits the following: Dexter 12-1/4 x 3-3/8 Stamped Backing Plate Dexter 12-1/4 x 3-3/8 Cast Backing Plate Dexter 12-1/4 x 4 Stamped Backing Plate Dexter 12-1/4 x 4 Cast Backing Plate I have...
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  • Troubleshooting Trailer Brakes that Lock Up when Brakes Are Touched
    Most likely it's a short between a stop/turn circuit and the brake output circuit that is locking up your trailer brakes when the pedal is touched as this is a very common issue. Go over the trailer wiring looking for any obvious shorts like cut or exposed wire and fix/replace as needed. Sometimes the problem is simply corrosion too so you may try cleaning the trailer connector pins as well. Here's how to fully troubleshoot brake controllers/wiring: Testing the brake controller is fairly...
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  • Brakes, Wires, and Grounds Look Good but Trailer Brakes are Weak on 2006 Cedar Creek Trailer
    If you are getting full power when using the manual override on your brake controller and your brakes and wires look like they are in good shape then I would try checking your brake magnet to ensure that they are in good shape. I have attached a helpful article on how to test your brake magnets for you to check out.
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  • Difference Between Dexter Brake Assemblies BP01-301 and BP01-365
    Dexter recommends that you check the wires of the brake assemblies of your trailer to determine which magnet would be what you would need. If the wires are white you would need part # BP01-265 and if they are yellow part # BP01-301. However, aside from that they magnets are physically very similar. The BP01-301 is typically used on higher capacity setups so it is important you go with the right one for you application. Going to a higher rated magnet than what the assemblies are rated...
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  • Replacement Magnets for Dexter 12-1/4 x 4 Electric Trailer Brake Assemblies
    For a 12-1/4 x 4 Dexter cast brake assembly you would need replacement magnet # BP01-301. It comes with one magnet and a spring.
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  • How to Wire Brake Magnets on 8000-lbs Dexter Axle
    I'll start this off by saying that trailer wiring does not have any standard colors; so it's possible that your trailer just has different color wiring on it. The question you're referencing refers to the different colors of the wires on the magnets and is just an easy way to determine the difference between the # BP01-265 (white wires) which fit brake assemblies 12-1/4" x 2-1/2" and 12-1/4" x 3-3/8"-which are typically found 7k or 8k axles. Conversely the # BP01-301 (yellow wires) is designed...
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  • Replacement Magnets for Dexter 12-1/4 Inch x 4 Inch Electric Brake Assemblies
    The magnets you have been using with the yellow wires should be the correct units for your Dexter 12-1/4 x 4 inch shoes. When replacing them I recommend sticking with the same assemblies. The Replacement Magnet Kit (with yellow wires) # BP01-301 that you referenced are designed to work with Dexter electric brake assemblies that have either the 12-1/4 inch x 3-3/8 inch or 12-1/4 inch x 4 inch dimensions, which is why you also saw them recommended for 3-3/8 inch assemblies. Going with a...
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  • Replacement Electric Brake Magnet Retaining Clip for Dexter 8,000 lb Axle
    If you just want the magnet clips, you will use the Replacement Magnet Clips for Electric Brake Assemblies (Qty 4) # BP19005. If you need a replacement magnet, spring, and clip then I recommend the Replacement Magnet Kit for Dexter 12-1/4" Electric Brake Assembly # BP01-301.
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  • Replacement Brake Assembly Magnets for a Dexter 8k Axle
    The brake assemblies that are on your 8k Dexter axles most would be the Dexter Electric Brake Assembly # 23-435, the replacement brake magnets for this assembly would be the Replacement Magnet Kit # BP01-301.
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  • Replacement Brake Magnets for Kauffman Trailer with 10k Lippert Axles
    The size brake assembly you mentioned of 12-1/4 inch by 3-1/8 inch is not a standard size for a 10k Lippert axle but it's pretty close to standard sizes in width. The diameter of 12-1/4 inch is fine but the widths typically are 3-1/2 inch or 3-3/8 inch. What it looks like you have is the AxleTek or assemblies part # AKEBRK-10 based on the picture you submitted. Which for that you could use the magnet part # BP01-301 for.
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    Image 1 for
  • Brake Magnet Recommendation For 10k Axle Brake Hubs
    I did look at your purchase history and Dexter Trailer Brake Drum for 9,000-lb to 10,000-lb Axles - 12-1/4" - 8 on 6-1/2 - Non-ABS # 9-44-1 was purchased here. Thank you! If the magnets are bad and need replacing, the Dexter 10,000 lb trailer axle brake magnet part # BP01-301 will work but just putting new ones on will not really help in the braking performance. You would really want to do a brake adjustment using the Brake Adjustment Spoon for Drum Brakes # W80630 or review the settings...
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  • How to Test Electric Trailer Brake Magnets
    I have included a link to a help article that explains how you can test trailer brake magnets. Basically you will need a multimeter such as # PT89ZR, a car battery, and the magnets. When testing I recommend testing one magnet at a time. On a 12-1/4 inch brake magnet such as # BP01-301 you should be seeing 3.0 amps at 12-13 volts. And the resistance should be 3.2 Ohms.
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  • What is the Maximum Amperage Draw of Trailer Brake Magnets on a Tandem Trailer with Four Brake Drums
    Maximum amperage draw for 4 Brakes that are 10 or 12 inch diameter is 15.0 to 16.3 amps at 12 to 13 volts. The 14 gauge wire may be sufficient but for maximum braking effectiveness at full load capacity. I would opt to run 10 gauge wire. Larger wire will only help the effectiveness of the trailer brake system and 10 gauge is what we use when installing trailer brakes even on single brake axles with 7 inch brake assemblies. We offer Jacketed 2 Wire, 10 Gauge, Brake Wire, item # 10-2-1,...
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  • Replacement Brake Magnet for Dexter # K71-050-00
    Based on my research the K71-050-00 number you mentioned refers to a Dexter service kit for 12-1/4" x 3-3/8" electric brake assemblies (8K to 10K capacity). If this is what you have the Replacement Magnet Kit # AKBRKR-M7 you referenced won't work as it's designed for lower rated 7" brakes. The correct replacement magnet for your larger Dexter brake assemblies is the part # BP01-301. I have attached a short video review that you can check out as well.
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  • Replacement Brake Magnets for BigTex Dump Trailer with 5200-lbs Axles
    Your 5200-lbs axles will have 12" brakes on them, so you can use the Replacement Magnet Kit for 12" Electric Trailer Brake Assemblies - 5,200 lbs to 7,000 lbs # AKBRKR-M12. These will replace the factory magnets and are compatible with a Dexter braking assembly. There is also the Replacement Magnet Kit for Dexter 12-1/4" Electric Brake Assembly # BP01-301, which will also work. There is not a Dexter branded part available for these, but the Redline and etrailer branded parts are equivalent...
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  • Does Trailer Breakaway Battery Discharge Quickly When Pin is Pulled
    It sure will. Per DOT regulations, a properly functioning breakaway system should be able to hold the trailer brakes engaged for a minimum of 15 minutes. Past that point, the battery(s) would wear down pretty quickly if you're speaking of a small 5 amp battery like # TK2023. This is why some folks will wire the breakaway system into a larger battery that's also used for a powered trailer winch or jack, which isn't a great idea if you've used your winch or jack quite a bit and the battery...
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  • Replacement Brake Assemblies for Jayco Eagle Designer 35rlts 5th Wheel
    I don't have any reliable way of looking up the exact axle capacity of your Jayco Eagle Designer 35rlts, but given the 15800 GVWR and the 2350 lb pin weight specifications I found in my research, chances are you have tandem 7K axles. A 7K axle would typically use a 25580 inner/14125A outer wheel bearing. You can pull one of your hubs to confirm this. If you indeed have that bearing set, you've confirmed that you have 7K axles. You'll next want to confirm the inside diameter and depth...
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  • Trailer Brake Magnets for Dexter 10k Axles
    Not all trailer brake magnets are the same, but since we know you have a Dexter 10,000 lb trailer axle the correct magnets would be the part # BP01-301 which would be correct for the brake assemblies # 23-438 and # 23-439.
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  • Brake Assembly Option for 7200 lb Rated Axle
    Unfortunately, due to the unique pad size and brake assembly mounting bolt pattern used by a 7200 lb rated axle, the Dexter # 23-429 (right side) and # 23-428 (left side) are the least expensive (and the only) replacement brake assemblies we offer for your particular axle.
    view full answer...
  • Electric Trailer Brakes Are Weak Even with Trailer Unloaded
    There are some common things you can check to determine what is causing the poor braking performance. First, you do not want the trailer brakes to lock up and skid. You want them to be at a point just under that. The resistance of 12-1/4 inch by 3-3/8 inch brakes should be 3.2 Ohms. The amperage draw per magnet should be 3.0 amps. If you look at the magnets and can see the copper windings coming through then the magnets will need to be replaced. If you have Dexter 12-1/4 x 3-3/8 Stamped...
    view full answer...
  • Recommended Electric Brake Magnet And Hub Components For Dexter 9000-Lb Axle
    The Replacement Magnet Kit for your Dexter 12-1/4 inch brake assemblies is part # BP01-301. The kit includes the magnet, the spring, and the clip. For a Dexter 9K system manufactured after October 1989, the unitized seal you need is part # 10-51. If your axle was made before October 1989 the seal you need is part # 10-63. The Oil Cap Kit is part # RG04-270. This kit includes the cap, O-ring, and plug.
    view full answer...
  • Replacement Hub/Drums and Brake Assemblies for Dexter 10k Trailer Axle
    Since your trailer has Dexter 10k axles the correct hub/drum you need is the part # 8-430-5UC3 which comes with bearings, races and seal. Since you need shoes and magnets it would be easiest to go with new assemblies altogether like with the part # 23-438-439. Otherwise for shoes you'd need the part # BP04-325 for the left hand side and # BP04-335 for the right hand side. Then for a replacement magnet # BP01-301.
    view full answer...

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