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Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Motorhomes

Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Motorhomes

Item # RM-156-75
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Roadmaster Tow Bar Wiring - RM-156-75
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This charge line connects to the battery in your RV to allow up to 15 amps to be transferred to your towed vehicle's battery during towing. Requires RM-156-25 be installed in towed car. 1-800-940-8924 to order Roadmaster accessories and parts part number RM-156-75 or order online at Free expert support on all Roadmaster products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Motorhomes. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Roadmaster Accessories and Parts - RM-156-75

  • Tow Bar Wiring
  • Battery Charge Line Kit
  • Roadmaster

This charge line connects to the battery in your RV to allow up to 15 amps to be transferred to your towed vehicle's battery during towing. Requires RM-156-25 be installed in towed car.


  • Allows power from your RV's battery to be used to maintain the charge of your towed vehicle's battery while the car is being towed
    • Transfers just 15 amps to avoid overcharging the car's battery
  • Connects battery to 6-way or 7-way plug at the rear of your RV
    • Requires Roadmaster's vehicle battery line (RM-156-25 - sold separately) if no charge line is present in your towed vehicle
  • Includes 12-gauge wire, split wire loom, circuit breaker, and hardware
  • Made in the USA

156-75 Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Motorhomes

Installation Details RM-156-75 Installation instructions

Video of Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Motorhomes

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Motor Homes Installation - 2022 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Instructor Hi there, Jeep owners. Today, your 2022 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, we're gonna be taking a look at and showing you how to install Road Masters Charge Line Kit. Now, we are using the charge line kit for motor homes on our Jeep here because the connector for our six-way is so far away from our battery and connections here and all the pathways that we have to take to get there. The regular towed vehicle kit is too short to make the run up to the connector. Now, that may vary depending on your base plate. We're using Road Masters Direct Connect, which positions the connector off towards the driver's side, which makes it further away.

If you had a different one or mounted your own connector further towards the passenger side, you might be okay with the regular vehicle kit. The charge line kit will include the wiring you need to connect to your six-way connector at the front, go to the circuit breaker that you see here, and then go to our battery. This way when we plug into our motor home, we're flat towing down the road, the alternator on our motor home it's just the regular charging system on the motor home will also charge the battery here on our vehicle. And it is just gonna be a trickle charge, but that way it'll just ensure that it's maintained 'cause as you're going on long trips and your breaking system's activating things like that it's gonna drain your battery a little bit. This will ensure that it stays topped up, so when you get to your destination your vehicle's able to start and you can enjoy your fun without having to bust out chargers and find jumper cables and anything else like that.

And now we've covered some of the features of our charge line kit, why don't you follow along with me and we'll show you how to get it hooked up. We'll begin our installation here underneath the hood. In your charge line kit, you'll receive a circuit breaker. We're gonna try to find a location near our battery to mount it. And this is a pretty good spot here.

There's just enough room between your fuse box cover here that you can still get the fuse box cover off and mount the circuit breaker in this location. So, we mounted it right here using the two self-tapping screws that come provided in the kit. You'll notice you have two posts on your circuit breaker here. The bronze post is the battery post and the silver post is your auxiliary or load post. We hook this up kind of backwards in a charge line circuit.

Normally, you'd hook the bronze one to your battery, but in this case, our battery's actually the load 'cause we're trying to charge our battery with our source being the motor home. So, the motor homes charge circuit is gonna connect to the bronze. So, the wiring that comes in your kit, we're gonna route from the bronze stud here up and we go down and then we just go across to where our six-way connector that we're gonna mount here at the front is. And you might be wondering, well, hey, this is a a motor home kit that you're installing. And the reason why we're using a motor home kit in our vehicle instead of a vehicle kit, is because of the distance that the battery is from where our six-way connector. The bracket for our six-way connector comes provided with our base plate and it's got its own mounting location and it's pretty far from here, so the regular vehicle kit doesn't reach from the battery all the way up to there. So, we're using a motor home kit, which honestly is gonna be better for the customer anyway. You get extra wire in there or more than you're gonna need to do this install. It's a thicker gauge wire than comes in the regular vehicle kit. So, that can help give you just a slight bit more voltage here at your battery. From your motor home, there'll be a little bit less of a voltage drop. And with that extra wire you can use it for other things in your install. We ended up using part of that wire for our breaking system install. So, it was nice having some extra wire left over. So, we've got our wire routed now to both connections, to both ends. It just stays bare up at our six-way end and we'll hook it up up there. Back here on our circuit breaker end, you're gonna just crimp on just strip it back and crimp on one of these small ring terminals that come into your kit. And I use the entire wiring harness routed from here down there. I pull my slack through and then I cut it up there at the front, leaving myself a little bit, so I can connect to the connector. The rest of the wiring that I bring back up here, I attach a ring terminal the same small one to the other end of my wire here and then I attach it here to the silver post. This one's gonna go to the battery. I haven't hooked it up yet. I recommend that you cut your length that you're gonna need here to connect your battery. I gave myself a little more excess than I'm gonna need, so I'll trim that down more. But don't hook it up to your battery just yet. This is where you wanna stop hooking it up to the battery and go down to your six-way connector and we'll make our connection down there. Alright. And lastly, we've got our center pin here. Slide our charge line into there and then tighten this one down. So, now that we have all of our connections made, we're gonna use a generous amount of dialectic grease to seal this up and prevent any corrosion. Slide your dust boot into place and then we can mount up our connector. Our connector is gonna mount to using the hardware that came provided with our base plate for mounting it into this bracket here. So, we're just gonna use that hardware, slide it through our connector, through our bracket, and then place the nut on the other side. We'll do the same thing with the other side of our connector here. Alright, now that we've got all those started, we can go ahead and zip those down. And we're just gonna use a 10 millimeter wrench to hold the nut on the backside and our Phillips To snug it down. Alright. Now that we've got hooked up to the six-way connector, we can come back up to our battery. The reason we didn't hook it up, so we don't accidentally cause any shorts. If this isn't a hook to a power source there's no chance we can cause any shorts. So, we've completed the rest of the wiring, so we know that there's no way that there's any loose wires hanging down there that are gonna cause shorts. This hooks up the way it's supposed to be. So, now we're gonna come to our battery here. We'll go ahead and route that wire that's coming from the silver post over to the positive here and just pull back on this. I'm just gonna stick my wire just kind of like underneath here, this little open slot. That looks like a pretty good pretty good amount of wire right there. So then, we're gonna trim off excess that we don't need. And we will strip this wire back. This wire is going to get the slightly larger ring terminal that comes in your kit. This one has a bigger opening compared to these smaller ones for up into your circuit breaker. This one's designed to be able to hook to a battery. So, just slide that guy on there, crimp it down, and then we can make our connection at our battery here. So, just pull back on this, so you can choose whichever post you want. We're gonna use the small one here just because these posts- the ring terminal does fit over these posts. So again, you could go over one of those if you wanted to. And actually I think we will. This looks like this particular stud right here does not have any wiring hook to it. So, it's just a free stud for us to use. So, we'll utilize that for our accessories. So, I just went ahead and took the wire and poked it through the opening there that way it'll stay kind of hidden underneath our cover here. Just poked it through the opening. We'll use a 12 millimeter socket to remove the nut from this location, slide our ring terminal in place, and then reinstall our nut. And then you can just slide your cover back into position and that will complete your charge line installation. And that completes our installation of Road Masters Charge Line Kit on our 2022 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited..

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Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Motorhomes - RM-156-75

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (79 Customer Reviews)

This charge line connects to the battery in your RV to allow up to 15 amps to be transferred to your towed vehicle's battery during towing. Requires RM-156-25 be installed in towed car.


While I generally have high praise for Roadmaster and etrailer products, other than their poor instructions from Roadmaster for the DIY customers, this product is a total rip off. The wire to do my 35 foot RV was easily 10 to 15 feet too short to do it. I had to go purchase separate wire to do the job. The 15 amp 12 volt DC circuit breaker sells for $3.53 online by itself. The connectors and zip ties equate to an additional $1.00 max. So I paid $50 for less than $5 worth of usable kit parts. Shame on Roadmaster and e-trailer for gauging customers on this kit. The same applies to the charge line kit for the towed vehicle. Price gauging on the “fast food soda” after spending over $3000 in other parts for flat towing. For this price they could have easily included a full 50 foot spool of wire to work on any RV. Shameful.


I installed this kit along with other kits from ETRAILER for towing my Chevy Equinox with 4 wheels on the ground, using my motorhome. The parts are of good quality. I reviewed the instructions and videos many times prior to working on my own vehicle, along with a phone call to the help desk. I recommend having had prior training with electrical wiring systems. This kit provides 12 volts via the motorhome batteries but at a high amperage rating. Be safe and double check your work.


Simple installation. Very good instructions from Demco.


Have to restart car every three hours ? Would go almost that long without any charger at all. Suggest your company locate another supplier with a stronger model as I have seen on other units in campgrounds.


Great service


Excellent customer service I needed some information on my order. I emailed asking for it and got the information within a couple of hours.


Quality of the product seems fine ..

issue is the 30 feet of wire included in the kit… Is this supposed to be a length sufficient to wire most RVs? How many 25’ RVs are capable of pulling a tow vehicle?

My RV is 38’ 10”… Because the wire included is worthless I was forced to purchase a 100’ roll (couldn’t find a 50’ roll) for $35.00…! Almost what I paid for the kit…. Bummer..


These were exactly what I needed. I changed tow vehicles to a Honda HRV (manual) and the only base plate available was the Roadmaster. These adapters took about 10 minutes to change my Blue Ox tow bar to accept the Roadmaster.


This is also a part i ordered for my tow behind car in order to charge the battery while pulling the car with the A class motor home on a long trip. The item is just what was described on the internet site. I haven't installed this item yet but it seems to be easily done with the instructions provided. I have ordered from Etrailer many time before and have always recieved great help from customer service and their whole crew. I will continue to do business with them in the future.

larry Brauer

Larry B.


Working great with no problems great product


This base plate was relatively easy to install (if you're handy and can follow written & video instructions), and is practically invisible when not being used for towing. Everyone at etrailer were helpful and knew exactly which parts were needed, even a year later when I asked about using the same base plate on a newer vehicle. The picture is just after install on my 2017 C-Max.


Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Motorhomes
# RM-156-75
Easy install, but suggest that the 12 gauge wire supplied was longer,or had a description as to the length on your website as it was too short for my 30ft MH. I had to purchase additional to complete the job. Otherwise, works like fine, and good price. Thanks, it should save my battery on my Equinox 2018 when towing.


no problems.great product


The battery charged kit connected on to our motorhome to charge the battery of our jeep has worked excellent and the installation also was an excellent job we are very happy with our installation.


Quick and efficient response and delivery of product ordered!


Ordered 3 parts: RM-156-25; RM-156-75 and DW05745-10. All received very quickly, as is the case when I purchase from etrailer. More importantly, I get a 'live person' when I call for assistance and the service rep. is always knowledgable ( not an answering service that "will have someone call back". Time was spent with me answering all my questions and providing suggestions and opinions when I as for them, related to my project. Great company, great service - keep up the great work!


It was very simple to install





Nice kit as expected, Plenty of hardware and hook-up wire for our 2015 Dodge Dart. Would be nice to include $5 of snap on Red cover in the kit to help protect the hot leads.


Does exactly what it is supposed to.


Works great and allows me to tow with vehicle stability turned on; no more death wobble! Installation instructions were clear and it fit perfectly.


Would highly recommend using etrailer for any trailer accessories that are needed. Very friendly staff and shipping is fast and accurate on delivery.


Works well. Keeps the battery charged in my tow rig.


Installed in my motorhome, works great easy to install following instructions provides. No more dead battery in the toad.


Still waiting to install it, but all the pieces are there and it should work well.


Very easy to install. Everything needed is included.



After a year of using roadmaster nameplates and the electronic components to pull my 2019 jeep Cherokee I have been completely satisfied and have had no problems. I installed everything myself with help from etrailer staff and videos.


Products arrived as advertised, exactly as I expected with no issues. Easy install. I won’t hesitate to shop this site again, always a positive experience.

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  • Will Starting Vehicle with Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit # RM-156-75 Connected Damage Anything
    You would not need to worry about damage occurring if you started your vehicle with the Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit # RM-156-75 installed. There would be no need for a diode either. Having an additional 12 volt power source attached to your vehicle while it's running would essentially just be like having a more powerful alternator. Basically it would just be like having more amps present which would not hurt anything.
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  • Length of Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Motorhomes
    The Roadmaster Battery Charge Line for Motorhomes part # RM-156-75 is 30 feet long. It Includes 12-gauge wire, split wire loom, circuit breaker, and hardware
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  • Installation of Roadmaster Charge Line Kit on 2014 Ford Edge and RV For Flat Towing
    Typically when a 7 way is installed initially on a tow vehicle the reverse light circuit is on the center pin. When you're installing the Roadmaster Charge Line Kit for Motorhomes # RM-156-75 you're going to want to install it on the center pin where the reverse light circuit previously was- you'll want to cut that wire completely off and wire in the new wiring directly.
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  • Charge Circuit of 2020 Newmar Bay Star for Flat Towed Vehicle
    Assuming that wire you found is a 12 volt circuit that is fuse protected like you mentioned you certainly could use it to charge the tow vehicle with the # RM-156-75. You should note that the charge circuit of a 7-way is actually the 1:00 pin of the connector as you are facing it.
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  • What Scenario Is the Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit # RM-156-75 Designed to Work In
    The Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit # RM-156-75 and products similar to it are designed to keep the battery of the toad vehicle topped off while being flat towed. Typically supplemental braking system draw power from the battery of the tow vehicle to operate which since it's turned off does not have the alternator keeping it charged. These kits are not designed to work in the scenario you described which is almost in reverse. If your concern is batteries getting drained when parked...
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  • Can the Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Motorhomes Be Hooked Up To Power Distribution Center
    The Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Motorhomes part # RM-156-75 simply requires a power source capable of drawing 15 amps so whether you are hooked up directly to the battery or the power distribution center which is fed from the battery it should not matter. The rule about being six inches from the battery is in reference to the circuit protection but the power distribution center will still follow this standard.
    view full answer...
  • Does Fuse of 2014 Honda CR-V Have to Be Removed When Flat Towing Even With Charge Wire
    Our # RM-156-75 which is used to charge a tow vehicle's battery when being flat towed wouldn't be enough to leave the fuse left in your 2014 Honda CR-V. Some of the depletion of the charge might be offset, but in the end you always have to go by what the manufacturer of the vehicle recommends.
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  • Troubleshooting Trailer Taillight that isn't As Bright as Other Side
    Normally with this type of problem the issue is that the weak light has a weak ground which is why it isn't lighting up all the way. See if you can improve the ground of the weaker light and see if that fixes the problem. Since the brake lights draw more current that would also line up with yours not working at all.
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  • Recommended Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Towed Vehicles Amperage Transfer at 12V
    It is very normal for the 12V charge line on a vehicle to provide only the voltage that is being provided by the alternator that is not being used by the vehicle itself. The 3.5 volts is not normal but just 3.5 amps would be normal when the vehicle is running. If you want the full 12V power, then you will need to run the # RM-156-75 which will give you 12 gauge wire and allow you to transfer 15 amps to avoid overcharging your Jeep battery.
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  • Will the Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit Charge the Battery With the Motorhome Off
    In order to determine if the Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Towed Vehicles part # RM-156-25 will charge your vehicle's battery with the tow vehicle off you simply need to test the 12 volt power pin in the 1 o'clock position on the vehicle side trailer connector. If you get power on this pin with the motorhome off then power will be sent to the vehicle's battery so long as the trailer connector is plugged in. If you get power to this pin only when the motorhome is running then you...
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  • Parts Needed To Prevent Battery Draining A Flat Towed 2021 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk
    To prevent battery drainage on your 2021 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk while it is being flat towed, I recommend installing a charge line kit # RM-156-25. This kit will provide 15 amps from your RV's battery to maintain your car's battery being towed. The charge line will connect to your vehicle's 6 way or 7 way connector. If your RV does not have 12V power to your 7 way connector, then you'll need to add # RM-156-75 which is designed specifically for motorhomes.
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  • Installing Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit on 2018 Jeep Cherokee
    It sounds like you are referring to the Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit # RM-156-25 for your 2018 Jeep Cherokee. This kit allows you to connect your Jeep's battery to the 6-Way or 7-Way plug at the front of the vehicle so that up to 15 amps from the RV's battery can be used to maintain its charge while being towed. If no charge line is present in your RV, you will also need to add the Motor Home Charge Line Kit # RM-156-75. For the charge line kit, you will attach the included length...
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  • Charge Line Kit Recommendation for 2010 Buick Enclave Getting Flat Towed to Keep Battery Topped Off
    Yes, as far as a charge line kit goes for your 2010 Buick Enclave the Roadmaster kit part # RM-156-25 is your best and simplest solution. Basically it connects to the 12 volt accessory circuit of your trailer wiring and gives you a trickle charge to offset the draw of your Brake Buddy system. It will be enough to keep the battery working properly. I attached a couple install videos for this as well. If the trailer wiring accessory circuit on your tow vehicle is not active you'll also need...
    view full answer...
  • Vehicle and Motorhome 12V Charge Line Kits
    You can use Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Towed Vehicles Item # RM-156-25 for your 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. If there is no charge line on your RV then you will also need the motorhome side kit # RM-156-75.
    view full answer...
  • Does Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit Connect Straight to Battery on Motorhome
    The Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Motorhomes # RM-156-75 connects directly to the battery on your motorhome though it is wired through a circuit breaker, which comes with the kit. Please keep in mind you will need Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Towed Vehicles # RM-156-25 if the vehicle you are flat towing does not have a charge line.
    view full answer...
  • Troubleshooting Battery Charge Line Kit on 2018 Jeep Cherokee
    I can assume you are using the recommended Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kits # RM-156-25 for towed vehicles and # RM-156-75 for motor homes. I've added links to installs of these kits for you to refer to so you can ensure your install followed the same process. If by "switched" or "unswitched" you are asking if the 12 volt circuit turns off when you turn off your RV, then it seems as if it is not switched. You will want to disconnect your 2018 Jeep Cherokee from your RV when you are...
    view full answer...
  • When Is Roadmaster Charge Line Kit # RM-156-75 Needed When Using # RM-156-25
    The Roadmaster Charge Kit part # RM-156-25 is designed to tap into the 12 volt power circuit that's carried from the tow vehicle to the towed vehicle through the wiring used for the lighting. If the trailer wiring at the rear of your 2013 Thor Palazzo already has the 12 volt circuit active then you would not need to use the # RM-156-75 but if it does not then you would need this kit as it comes with extra wire to run from the motor to the connector.
    view full answer...
  • Can Roadmaster RM-156-75 Charge Line Kit Be Used to Maintain Battery of Flat Towed 2014 Honda CR-V
    It sure can, that's exactly how it's intended to be used. Just attach the provided wire to the terminal for the pin in the 1:00 position in the 7-way trailer connector, and attach the other end to the positive battery terminal via the included 15A circuit breaker. On the vehicle side, you'll need the # RM-156-25, which includes the necessary wire, connectors and circuit breaker. I've linked to some installation/demonstration videos that you'll find helpful.
    view full answer...
  • Installing Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kits On Motorhome and Towed Vehicle
    The charge lines connect to the 12V pin on both the 7-way of your motorhome (1 o'clock position) and the 6-way (center pin). The wiring pigtail will ensure the connection between these pins so your motorhome will provide a maintenance charge to your towed vehicle battery. You will want both the Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Motorhomes # RM-156-75 and the Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Towed Vehicles # RM-156-25. I've attached an installation video of each kit to assist. If...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for Image 2 for
  • Can Roadmaster Charge Line Kit be Used to Charge Trailer Battery
    The Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit part # RM-156-25 will work to provide a charge line from the trailer wiring connector on your trailer to the trailer battery. If the trailer wiring of your Goldwing does not have a 12 volt accessory circuit active on it you could use the part # RM-156-75 to run from it's battery to the trailer wiring connector at the rear.
    view full answer...
  • Switch 12V Constant Running to Reverse Light Pin on 7-Way to 12V Pin to Charge Towed Vehicle Battery
    The previous owner of your 2008 Leisure Travel Vans Serenity could have wired the 12V wire to the reverse light pin. As such, a possible solution to your problem could in fact be to relocate that circuit to the 12V pin. From there, you can see if the # RM-156-25 is actually supplying power to your battery. If this doesn't solve your problem or causes any other complications, let me know and I will assist you further.
    view full answer...
  • Battery Charge Line Kit Recommendation for Flat Towing with RV Without 12 Volt Circuit Active
    Since the 7-way of your tow vehicle does not have the 12 volt accessory circuit active you'll need the charge line kit from Roadmaster part # RM-156-75 installed on the tow vehicle to complete that and then on the towed vehicle you'd need the part # RM-156-25 and you'd be set. The fuses of your Fit will still need to be disconnected.
    view full answer...
  • How to Keep Battery From Draining While Flat Towing a 2016 Ram 1500
    Since your 2016 Ram 1500 doesn't require the battery to be disconnected while it's being flat towed you can use a charge line to maintain its battery. The Roadmaster # RM-156-25 is what you will install in the Ram and # RM-156-75 will install in the RV.
    view full answer...
  • Which Battery Does Roadmaster Charge Line Kit Install To
    You will connect the Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Motorhomes # RM-156-75 to a cranking battery (starter battery) on your motorhome as opposed to an auxiliary battery. This will ensure the battery is always active when you are towing. Additionally, please keep in mind you will need Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Towed Vehicles # RM-156-25 if the vehicle you are flat towing does not have a charge line. I have added links to a a couple of video installs for you to check...
    view full answer...

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