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Replacement Hardware Kit for Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain and BlackHawk 2 All-Terrain Tow Bars

Replacement Hardware Kit for Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain and BlackHawk 2 All-Terrain Tow Bars

Item # RM910003-85
Our Price: $62.47
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Replace the hardware on your Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain or BlackHawk 2 All-Terrain tow bar. 1-800-940-8924 to order Roadmaster accessories and parts part number RM910003-85 or order online at Free expert support on all Roadmaster products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Replacement Hardware Kit for Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain and BlackHawk 2 All-Terrain Tow Bars. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Roadmaster Accessories and Parts - RM910003-85

  • Tow Bar
  • Hardware
  • Falcon All Terrain
  • Roadmaster

Replace the hardware on your Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain or BlackHawk 2 All-Terrain tow bar.


  • Replaces the hardware on your Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain or BlackHawk 2 All-Terrain tow bar
  • Includes:
    • (2) 2" Collar shoulder bolts
    • (2) 1-1/2" Collar shoulder bolts
    • (2) 3/4" Nuts
    • 2 Nylock nuts
    • 2 Bushings
    • (9) 1-1/2" Diameter acetyl washers
    • (4) 3/4" Diameter acetyl washers
    • 2 End plugs
    • 1 Tube of Loctite

910003-85 Replacement Repair Kit for Road Master Falcon All Terrain and Black Hawk Two All Terrain Towbars

Installation Details RM910003-85 Installation instructions

Video of Replacement Hardware Kit for Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain and BlackHawk 2 All-Terrain Tow Bars

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Roadmaster Tow Bars Repair Kit Review

Hey everyone, Shane here with Today, I have a Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain Tow Bar. I'm going to walk through how to install the Roadmaster tow bar repair kit. The reason why you'd want a repair kit is if we have an older tow bar. Maybe the arms are starting to corrode a little bit. They're a little bit hard to slide in and out, maybe they get stuck.

The repair kit's going to come with all new bushings for not only this end, but everything in between here, and also up here on the end that connects to the vehicle. It's going to give you everything you need to get new bushings put on so everything moves nice and fluent just like you had when you bought it new. The kit is going to come with a new nut here, a new nut for here, all of your nylon bushings, not only for the specs, as I mentioned earlier, but also everything in between here and then at the end here where the end of our brackets are the tie into our vehicle.It's going to come with nylon bushings as well as a new bolt and new nut for these ends. Now that we've gone over some of the features, let's walk with you out to get it installed. Before we start our installation on replacing the internal components on this and cleaning it up, I want to show you why we want to do this.

If you notice this bar's pretty roughed up. The inside of this square tube here, it has a little bracket that slides in and out of there, and if it gets gunked up, that makes it real hard to get that bar in and out. You can see this one is kind of a pain to get it to move. What we want to do is, we're going to replace the bushings on the front here. We're going to replace all the bushings on the backside here, so that it will free it up and move a little bit easier.To start, what we're going to do is, this end here, and take note of how it is attached on there, we're going to take this end off.

If you notice this is the top of our tow bar. Notice how that's facing in. We're just going to spin that as much as we can here. We're going to take a 1/4" Allen wrench for one side and we'll use a 9/16" for the nut. Remove that.

Your kit's going to come with new bolts, so we won't need these. We're also going to be replacing the two bushings, so we won't need those. What we're going to do is we're going to take this and we're going to mark where it is on the bar, and then we're going to unscrew it because this rod has to slide out the other end. Let's take a marker, just like that. We'll just thread this off. You can kind of see all the gunk that's coming out of there. We're going to get all that stuff cleaned up.This bolt that runs in between the two arms is going to have to come off. These plates aren't on there correctly. I'll show you how to put them on correctly once we get this arm cleaned out. To get this off, you're going to need a 5/8" Allen head, and you're going to need an 1 1/8" socket for the nuts side. We're going to take this one off first, and then we're going to remove this one. You're going to want to hold on to these and these, because these and these two washers are going to go back on. On the backside, you're going to have a plastic cap. We're going to pry that cap off, and we're going to slide our bar out at the end. You're going to get replacement caps, so if you mess this up, don't worry about it, we're going to be putting new ones on.We'll just take a flat head screwdriver, kind of feed it in along the edge, and pry that cap out all. We're going to slide our bar out of the end. You can see how dirty that is. This is what I was talking about. That slides inside of the square tube. You can see how gunked up it is. That's what keeps it from sliding in there. We need to get all that cleaned out as well as the inside of the square tube itself.We're going to start by cleaning off our rod. It really doesn't matter, you can start with either one, but you want to make sure you use a water-soluble cleaner. Voom RV cleaner works great for getting some of that gunk off. We're going to take it, and we're just going to spray it on there. This stuff kind of smells like a Windex almost. It really doesn't have a hard, strong smell to it. I'm going to let that soak in for a minute before I wipe it off. I'm going to take my square tube, and spray it down inside and get that all over inside of there.Let that soak in for just a second. Then what we're going to do is we're going to take a paper towel, and we're going to wipe them off. We'll take a paper towel and we'll shove it down inside, and we're going to try and get as much of that stuff out of there as we can, until we think it's clean enough. We're going to rinse it out with water, dry it. Make sure it's dry before we put all of our components back together. You can see what a difference it made on that bar, getting all that stuff off of there.What I'm going to do is, I'm taking a single paper towel, and I'm going right here in the small end. Get that shoved in there. We're going to follow it by another one. It's really up to you, how you do this part of it. That's just how I found works. Then you can take a couple of long extensions like this, take the back end, and we're going to push it out of the bottom side. Can you see how much gunk and stuff is in there Just repeat that process until you get it clean. We're going to take it over to a hose. We're going to make sure we rinse all the solvent out of the inside and off of the arm. Then we want to make sure it's completely dry before we put it back together. It's basically dried out. We've run our towels through there again, dried off our bar.We're going to let it sit and completely dry. While we do that, we're going to go ahead and take this bolt off. It's going to make it a lot easier when we go to put these arms back together if this is off of the tube. We're going to start putting our arm back together. Your kit's going to come with a bushing. It's going to look like this. Depending on if you have an older or newer Falcon All-Terrain Tow Bar, there's a bushing right here on the end. This is going to be for an older one. If it looks like this, it is not going to be replaced. We're going to leave that in, and then we won't be using these. We're going to take our bar and insert it into the square tube.We want to make sure the square side is facing up towards the top. Wherever your release lever is, you want that facing up towards that. Slide it in like this. You may have to pick up your tow bar, so that slides through. Come to the end. We'll go ahead and thread the end piece back on there until we hit our mark. You can see that our. What we want, if you look inside of there, the end of our bar has got a moon shape in it. We want that to be lined up with the hole in the side of this end bracket here. We're going to put our bracket on the end. You remember, as I mentioned when we we're taken off, take note of how it was sitting. This is a way it's going to be put on, angle facing in. This is our outside. This is our inside. It's going to come with a new bolt. We're going to start by taking our bolt, we're going to slide it in like this. One of our new bushings, we'll slide it on, and get our bolt down through the hole.Nylon lock nut on the other side. We want to make sure when we tighten this down, we're not over tightening it to where it's squeezing it to where this can not rotate. We just want to tight enough to where there's not a whole bunch of play in it. Once you get one arm done, you're going to repeat the process for the other arm. We'll take our two arms, we're going to take this bracket here, we're going to take one of our bolts, and we're going to put on the metal washer. As I mentioned, hold onto it. We're going to feed it through like this.Notice I'm using the one that has the sticker on the top. It's going to be my top one. If your sticker has worn out, you'll notice that this plate here, the shape of it, this is going to be your top bar or top plate, I should say. Slide it in like that. We're going to put on a nylon washer. We're going to take this plate, slide it on, put another nylon washer on. We're going to take our other arm, and you may want to have two people to help you do this. Once you get your bolt in and this bracket in, you need to get another nylon bushing right down inside of here.Once we get that bushing in, you may take a pair of vice grips and kind of squeeze these together, cause this one here is a little bit hard to get in. Get this plate in here like that, and it's going to fit in the grooves on that. Let's slide our next bushing down on in place like that. Then we'll get one more bushing on this outside. On the bottom, put our metal washer, and then the new nut. I'm going to tighten them down tight, but we don't want it so tight that this does not move. Once you get all that tightened down, go ahead and move everything. Kind of move it around, make sure there's not too much tension on it. If there is tension, you want to loosen up the nut a little bit, cause we don't want to wear out the bushings that we just put in.We'll move this around. You see we got plenty of movement with that. Move our arms. Make sure that these are not real tight again. We're good. Once you've made any adjustments necessary, you're ready to go. That's going to do it for a look at an installation on the Roadmaster repair kit for Falcon and Nighthawk All-Terrain Tow Bars.

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Customer Reviews

Replacement Hardware Kit for Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain and BlackHawk 2 All-Terrain Tow Bars - RM910003-85

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (63 Customer Reviews)

Replace the hardware on your Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain or BlackHawk 2 All-Terrain tow bar.


I have had my Roadmaster tow bar for 16 years. It needed to be rebuilt I found the rebuild kit at etrailer, ordered it. Was exactly what I needed


Thanks again etraier for the quick ship. The videos you provide for install are a tremendous help-


The product was great quality and how to replace bideo very helpful. However, the two 3/4” lock nuts on my towbar were very difficult to remove, requiring heat and a ton of effort. Not as easy as the video shows.


The Road Master Falcon 2 repair kit arrived much sooner than expected. However, the instructional photos are not well displayed (darker and less contrast) clarity. Overall I highly recommend etrailer’s custom service and product.


The kit is very complete. The bushings worked out great. I ran into an issue with the bolts. When I started to tightn the nut on one of them it siezed up on the bolt. I got ill and have not dealt with it yet. Probably a good suggestion would be to apply some anti sieze to the threads before the nut. I will either have to apply moderate heat or even cut the nut.

Brian A.


After a little heat I was able to get the nut off without damaging the bolt. I used the old nut with red loctite and a jam nut for insurance. It appears the nut was over crimped at the lock area. That is what caused the issue.


I haven't done the repair yet, but I have used your repair kit before and it was great. I'll let you know if I have a problem. Thank you. Tony



I installed it its been a year and the product is working fine. Will reorder when I need another rebuild


I rebuilt my Falcon tow bar using the kit from etrailer. Their video online was step by step easy to follow and everything turned perfect. It’s been close to a year now and several thousand miles of towing my mid size SUV and no issues.


I bought a service kit for my Roadmaster falcon after hearing reports that it would make my tow hitch like new. Unfortunately the bushings seem to be too thick so the arms cannot extend without serious pulling. I called tech support and they suggested using very fine sandpaper. Four hours later and still the same problem. What should have been an easy job has now turned into a real headache. I cannot tow my car at all now and my wife is left to drive the car while I drive the home.

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


Over the years, Roadmaster has manufactured three different Falcon towbars. The original 5250, the Falcon 2 and the Falcon All Terrain. The correct repair kit will depend on exactly which towbar you actually have. Original 5250 would use # RM910003-52 The Falcon 2 would use # RM910003-65 The Falcon All-Terrain would use the kit you purcahsed, # RM910003-85


All parts necessary to perform repair on my hitch.


My towbar arms absolutely refused to extend or retract, even after pounding them with a 6 lb. maul. The people at Roadmaster recommended this kit. The repair kit was very well put together, but what really impressed me was the knowledge of the gentleman at etrailer who helped me on the phone and gave me pointers on things to do to make the repairs work. I followed his lead, and the tow bar worked amazingly well and continues to work well one year later. Because of this service, I have become a faithful etrailer customer.


Excellent kit, just what I needed.

always, etrailer came through.


I ordered the rebuild kit for my Roadmaster towbar along with new bushings from Kaylyn on 3/12 and received the parts on 3/18. That’s really fast service, and Kaylyn was very sharp about what I needed and only what I needed. Rebuilt the towbar yesterday and now it’s like new and I can collapse it like it was designed to do, previously I could not telescope the drivers side arm so it was difficult to hook up and unhook car. Couldn’t be happier with the price, delivery and professional advice I got with this order. You rock Kaylyn, oh and you too etrailer.


I had to recently replace a bent arm on my Falcon All-Terrain towbar. Since it was going to be apart I knew it would be a good chance to clean and inspect the complete towbar and replace the wearing parts. While nothing was in horrible shape, it now is "like new". I am thankful parts are still available for a towbar that has served well since 2006!


I received a complete rebuild kit for my Falcon All-Terrain tow bar, which was at a fair price with quick delivery. etrailer appears to be the only one handling this product, which is a vital part for flat towing my jeep


Before rebuilding the tow bar my toad was all over the place, especially on uneven surfaces thru construction projects. Now it tows straight as an arrow. Well worth the time and money. TIP: Don’t lose any of the handle parts on the tow bar, you can only buy an entire kit not just the pin I needed.


The instructions given were not very helpful. The video was very helpful. The tow bar should have been built with stainless steel. It was full of rust but nowhere was that talked about. They just addressed dirt on inside tubes.


Great service. Appreciate the fast response to our problem. Thank you Noah.


Haven’t installed yet, but look to be exactly what I need to rebuild my tow bar.


As advertised. Complete and good quality. Nice to have multiple etrailer install videos for reference. Good product. Good company.


The tow bar repair kit arrived in two days. The instructions was very complete and the installation was not difficult, now the tow bar is like new.
I'm very satisfied.
Every one I dealt with was very helpful in filling my order to my satisfaction.

Thanks for your help..........


I have not gotten my parts yet put my toe bar back together with out them

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


Oh no! I will have our customer service department assist in tracking the order.


Kinda pricey for for nuts and bolts


Great product. Should be updated to include new bushings RM-200029-70.
Arrived quickly and well packaged.

Etrailer Expert

Rachael H.


I confirmed with my technical contacts at Roadmaster and depending on the serial number on the towbar may need other parts, but according to her records no additional bushings should be needed for the Blackhawk towbar.


I've ordered many items from etrailer and made many phone calls due to my inexperience trying to set up a TOAD. Every time I looked you had the part and each phone call connected me to a very helpful and knowledgable person. Thanks for the help. Hope to see you guys on the road sometime.


Exactly what was needed to rebuilt my Falcon towbar. Fast delivery too!

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  • Instructions for Repair Kit that Fits Roadmaster Falcon and Blackhawk All Terrain Tow Bars
    The Roadmaster Repair Kit # RM910003-85 for the Falcon and Blackhawk All Terrain tow bars does include instructions. I've also linked them to this page for you.
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  • Which Rebuild Kit for Roadmaster Falcon All Terrain Tow Bar
    You are correct, the Roadmaster Falcon All Terrain tow bar repair kit is the part # RM910003-85.
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  • Rebuild Kit for Roadmaster Falcon All Terrain Tow Bar
    For your Falcon All Terrain tow bar you would need the rebuild kit part # RM910003-85.
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  • Repair Kit Needed for Roadmaster BlackHawk 8K Tow Bar
    I spoke with my contact at Roadmaster about determining the correct repair kit for your BlackHawk tow bar. Since you mentioned that the tow bar has an 8,000 pound capacity, this indicates that your tow bar is simply a BlackHawk, not a BlackHawk All Terrain. To be sure which tow bar you have, my contact at Roadmaster confirmed that the BlackHawk tow bars use push button releases for the arms, while the BlackHawk All Terrain and BlackHawk 2 All Terrain use handles. If you determine your...
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  • Replacement Latch Kit for Blackhawk 2 Tow Bar to Fit Arm Not Locking
    For your Blackhawk 2 Tow Bar # RM-422, when you say it will not lock in, are you referring to the latches? If so you replace those latches with the Replacement Latch Kit # 910003-45. We also offer Repair Kit # RM910003-85 for this tow bar which comes with shoulder bolts, bushings, washers and end plugs.
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  • Maintenance of Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain Tow Bar
    If you look at the instructions on page 9 of the install instructions it will show you the care and cleaning section. You will need to clean all the moving parts and I recommend using The Roadmaster Tow Bar Cleaner - 22 ounce Spray Bottle # RM-9932. Using this cleaner you can effortlessly wipe away dirt and grime from your tow bar. It is perfect for exhaust buildup, tar, grease, bug remnants, and other road debris. It has an environmentally friendly formula which is petroleum-and phosphate-free....
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  • Repair Kit for Roadmaster All Terrain Tow Bar
    If you have the Sterling All Terrain Tow Bar # RM-576 the correct repair kit is the part # RM-910003-60 that you were looking at. This works for both the Sterling and Sterling All Terrain models. If you have the Falcon or Blackhawk All Terrain Tow Bar you will use the Repair Kit # RM910003-85.
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  • Can I Replace the Outer Arm Bushing on the Roadmaster Blackhawk 2 Tow Bar
    I reached out to my contact at Roadmaster for clarification on this and he informed me that you can in fact replace the outer arm bushing on both the Roadmaster Blackhawk and Blackhawk 2 tow bars # RM-422, using the Roadmaster Repair Kit for Roadmaster Falcon and Blackhawk All Terrain Tow Bars # RM910003-85. With that said, the outer bushing arm should only be replaced if it is missing or cracked- but as long as this is the case with yours, it can be replaced.
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  • How to Tell if You Have an Older Model Falcon Tow Bar or a Newer One for Repair Kit Recommendation
    The easiest way to tell would be for you to check out the pictures I attached. If your tow bar looks like the one in the black and white picture you have an older model Falcon Tow Bar. If it looks like the one in the color picture you have a newer model. If you have an older model you would want the # RM910003-52 as a repair kit. If you have a newer model you would want the # RM910003-85.
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  • Trouble Moving Arms In and Out on a Roadmaster Falcon Tow Bar SN# 020877
    I spoke to my contact at Roadmaster and they informed me that the issue you are having is more than likely a worn out bushing. The inner arms are made of stainless steel so rust would not be the issue. In order to get the tow bar back up to speed you would need a repair kit. If you have the Roadmaster Falcon 2 Tow Bar part # RM-520 you would want to use part # RM-910003-60 but if you have the Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain Tow Bar part # RM-522 you would want to use part # RM910003-85. I...
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  • Roadmaster Falcon All Terrain Tow Bar Arm Collapses While Braking
    It's hard to say exactly what part is failing without having the tow bar inspected but before you begin to acquire replacements parts you will need to make sure the bolt on the inner arm is tightened all of the way (clockwise). If the problem still persist then odds are you need Replacement Latch Kit part # 910003-45 with possibly a Replacement Inner Arm part # 910021-65. The Repair Kit part # RM910003-85 is also a possibility but again would not be able to confirm without having the tow...
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  • Solution for Roadmaster Falcon 2 Tow Bar with Difficult to Retract Arms
    Have you tried cleaning and lubing the arms yet? Here's how to do that in case not: I contacted Roadmaster about instructions on cleaning their tow bars. Our contact at Roadmaster informed me that you will want to start by soaking the arms with a degreaser. Then, you will want to move the arms in and out and rinse off with water. After rinsing the arms, you will want to dry the arms thoroughly and finally spray a dry silicone spray on the arms. Do NOT to use WD-40. If instead you need...
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    Image 1 for Image 2 for
  • Replacement Nylatron Bushing for Roadmaster All Terrain Tow Bar
    The shank bushing you are looking for is the part # RM-200029-70. This is the bushing that prevents friction and binding between the inner and outer arm on your tow bar.
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  • Troubleshooting BlackHawk 2 All Terrain Tow Bar Arm Sticking
    It sounds like you need to give your BlackHawk 2 All Terrain Tow Bar # RM-422 a good cleaning. I reached out to my contact at Roadmaster who said that you want to extend that inner arm out all the way and then apply a liberal amount of dish soap that fights grease (he specifically mentioned Dawn works really great). After that you want to be sure that the silicone spray you are using is a dry silicone spray (which I'm pretty sure Blaster isn't one) to lubricate the arm. If the problem...
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  • Repair Kit For a Roadmaster Falcon All Terrain Tow Bar
    You will need the Repair Kit # RM910003-85 for your Roadmaster Falcon All Terrain, Non-Binding Tow Bar # RM-522. You should not have any need to replace the Inner Arm # 910021-65 or Latches # 910003-45 unless there is very noticeable wear on these components. We do have the Replacement 3/4" SC Spec Flip Bolt # RM-350199-00 and Replacement 1-3/4" x 1/2" Hex Bolt # RM-350184-50 if you find those are worn.
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  • Replacement Inner Arm & Bushing for Roadmaster BlackHawk 2 All Terrain Tow Bar RM-422
    The part # 910021-65 is the correct item for a replacement inner arm on your Roadmaster BlackHawk 2 All Terrain Tow Bar # RM-422. I suggest also replacing the bushing # RM-200029-70 since this serves to prevent friction and binding between the inner and outer arms. Since you see no other damaged items the bushing is likely to be all you need, but if you prefer to use a complete repair kit we also offer part # RM910003-85, which includes the bushings and other components.
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  • Replacement Parts For Roadmaster Sterling Tow Bars
    We do have the Complete Repair Kit for Roadmaster Sterling Tow Bar # RM-910003-30 as the Kit # RM910003-85 is for Falcon and Blackhawk tow bars. We also have the following parts if they are damaged and need replaced on your tow bars. Inner Arm Bushing Kit for Roadmaster Sterling Tow Bars # RM-910003-40 Replacement Vertical Bolt for Roadmaster Sterling and Sterling All-Terrain Tow Bars # RM-350190-20 Replacement Swivel Ear for Roadmaster Sterling or Nighthawk Tow Bar # RM-910661 Replacement...
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  • Repair of Roadmaster Blackhawk 2 Tow Bar
    For your Roadmaster BlackHawk 2 All Terrain, Non-Binding Tow Bar - Motorhome Mount - 2" Hitch - 10K # RM-422 the fact that they are bound up obviously shows and issue. My recommendation for you is to completely remove the inner bar and replace it with the Replacement Inner Arm for Roadmaster BlackHawk 2 All Terrain and Falcon All-Terrain Tow Bar # 910021-65 on each side. This may require a pipe wrench and some penetrating oil to remove the old bars, but since you are replacing them you...
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  • Replacement Parts Needed for the Roadmaster Falcon All Terrain Tow Bar # RM-522
    We do have some repair/replacement parts for your Roadmaster Falcon All Terrain Tow Bar # RM-522 including the following: Repair Kit - # RM910003-85 Nylatron Bushing - # RM-200029-70 Inner Arm - # 910021-65 Round Nut - # RM650004-80 Attached is a picture of the exploded view of the tow bar. This can be found with the installation instructions which are linked to this answer page. As far as play goes it's hard to say without seeing it. I am also linking a video of our test course with...
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    Image 1 for
  • Troubleshooting Falcon All Terrain Tow Bar Arms Difficult to Slide In and Out
    I'm not sure what process you used to clean and lubricate your # RM-522, but I would soak the arms with degreaser and then move the arms in and out while rinsing them off with water. You can also use the Roadmaster Tow Bar Cleaner # RM-9932. After they are rinsed, dry the arms thoroughly and lubricate them with a dry silicone spray like the # RM-747. Assuming this was done, you need the Repair Kit for Roadmaster Falcon and Blackhawk All Terrain Tow Bars # RM910003-85. This should fix the...
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  • Repair Parts for a Roadmaster Blackhawk 2 All Terrain Tow Bar
    There are a few repair parts for the Blackhawk 2 tow bar, # RM-422, but not all components can be repaired. I have included the replacement parts we have available below. - Roadmaster Square Plug # RM-200140-40 - Replacement Base Pins with Chains and Clips # RM-910029 -Replacement Latch Kit for Roadmaster Blackhawk Tow Bar # 910003-45 - Replacement Inner Arm for Roadmaster Tow Bar # 910021-65 - Repair Kit for Roadmaster Blackhawk Tow Bar # RM910003-85 - Replacement Yoke # RM-480001 - Replacement...
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  • What Steps To Keep Older Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain In Good Shape
    As long as the Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain # RM-522 is still in good shape there would be nothing wrong with using it as is. Since it is a bit older and you have only had it for the last 4 years I recommend giving it a good cleaning and lubricating it. Roadmaster recommends using the Roadmaster Tow Bar Cleaner - 22 oz Spray Bottle # RM-9932 and then lubricating it with dry silicone spray like # RM-747. I would double check that the arms go in and out smoothly, and there is not obvious...
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