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TorkLift Locking FastGun Turnbuckles for Bed-Mounted and Frame-Mounted Tie-Downs - Polished - Qty 4

TorkLift Locking FastGun Turnbuckles for Bed-Mounted and Frame-Mounted Tie-Downs - Polished - Qty 4

Item # TLS9526-27-LK
Our Price: $992.27
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Shipping Weight: 18 lbs
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Quick-release levers make it fast and easy to secure your camper to your vehicle. Short turnbuckles extend from 14" to 21-1/2" for bed-mounted tie-downs. Long turnbuckles extend from 25" to 43" to fit frame-mounted tie-downs. 1-800-940-8924 to order TorkLift accessories and parts part number TLS9526-27-LK or order online at Free expert support on all TorkLift products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for TorkLift Locking FastGun Turnbuckles for Bed-Mounted and Frame-Mounted Tie-Downs - Polished - Qty 4. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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TorkLift Accessories and Parts - TLS9526-27-LK

  • Camper Tie-Downs
  • Turnbuckles
  • Bed-Mounted
  • Frame-Mounted
  • TorkLift
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Stainless Powder Coated Steel
  • Includes Locks
  • Tension Indicators

Quick-release levers make it fast and easy to secure your camper to your vehicle. Short turnbuckles extend from 14" to 21-1/2" for bed-mounted tie-downs. Long turnbuckles extend from 25" to 43" to fit frame-mounted tie-downs.


  • Turnbuckles secure your camper to the tie-downs (sold separately) mounted on your truck at all 4 corners
    • 2 Short-range turnbuckles secure camper to bed-mounted tie-downs
    • 2 Long-range turnbuckles secure camper to frame-mounted tie-downs
  • Lever-action handles make turnbuckles easy to operate
    • Push down on handle once hooks are in place to tighten
    • Pop handle up to release
  • Spring-loaded design helps to reduce stress on tie-down points
    • Spring-tension indicators on both driver's and passenger's sides for simple setup
  • Easily lockable with sturdy, secure pin locks
    • 4 Keyed-alike locks and 2 keys included
  • High-impact, polished stainless steel construction is durable and rustproof
  • Made in the USA


  • Short-range turnbuckles
    • Application: bed-mounted tie-downs for truck campers
    • Reach: 14" - 21-1/2"
  • Long-range turnbuckles
    • Application: frame-mounted tie-downs for truck campers
    • Reach: 25" - 43"
  • Lifetime warranty

Lever-Action FastGun Handles

Standard turnbuckles have to be manually tightened, which can be a bit of a chore. TorkLift FastGun handles eliminate this difficult step. Just hook one end of each turnbuckle onto your camper and hook the other end onto the camper tie-downs that are mounted to your truck's bed. Then, to tighten the turnbuckles, flip the lever-action handles down - it's that simple. Sturdy pin locks are included to secure the handles in place, ensuring that your tie-down system remains tight and secure.

When you reach your campsite and you're ready to set up, just remove the pins (or locks), and flip the FastGun handles up to release the tension on the turnbuckles. With the tension released, you can quickly and easily remove the turnbuckles, activate your jacks, and set up your camper. This quick-disconnect feature is also great if one of the attached turnbuckles covers your truck's fuel tank door. No need to manually twist an older style turnbuckle and remove chains to disengage the entire system. Just pop the FastGun handle up, unhook the turnbuckle so you can move it out of the way, and fuel up.

S9526 Tork Lift Fast Gun Camper Turn Buckles - Long Range

S9527 Tork Lift Short Range Fast Gun.45 Camper Turn Buckles

S9500 Tork Lift Fast Gun Locks - 4 Pack

Video of TorkLift Locking FastGun Turnbuckles for Bed-Mounted and Frame-Mounted Tie-Downs - Polished - Qty 4

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Review of TorkLift Camper Tie-Downs - Turnbuckles - TLS9526-27-LK

Today we're gonna take a look at the TorkLift Locking FastGun Turnbuckles for the bed-mounted and the frame-mounted tiedowns, quantity of four. Now the standard turnbuckles have to be manually tightened, which can be a bit of a chore. With these TorkLift FastGun handles, this eliminates that difficult step. All you do is hook one end of each turnbuckle onto your camper, hook the other onto the camper tiedown that's mounted on your truck bed, and then to tighten the turnbuckles all you have to do is just flip this lever-action handle down, and it's all tight, so that's simple.Now these turnbuckles secure your camper to the tiedowns that are mounted on the truck at all four corners. The two shorter ones are for the short-range turnbuckles, they secure your camper to the bed-mounted tiedowns. The longer ones, the two long-range turnbuckles, these will secure the camper to the frame-mounted tiedowns.The lever-action handles make the turnbuckles very easy to operate.

Just push down on the handle, once the hooks are place to tighten it, and then to release it, just pop the handle up. They are a spring-loaded design, helps reduce stress on the tiedown points. This rubber O-ring right here, these are spring-tension indicators on both driver's and passenger side turnbuckles that allow for a simple setup.They are a high-impact, polished, stainless steel construction. It's very durable and rust proof. And they are easily lockable with the sturdy, secure pin locks that are included.

It's four key-to-lock locks with four keys. Basically, the turnbuckles themselves normally come with just the snapper pin in there to hold the handle down. But anybody can release the snapper pin, and open it up and release it. With the locks, what's nice .. go ahead and take your key, open up the cover on the lock, and then put your key in there to unlock it.Now remove it, and then just take the pin lock, and once your turnbuckle's down and tight, slide it through both holes.

Then you can take your key out. You don't need to leave the key in there. And then just put your lock on there, and then it's locked into place just like that. Then with it all locked, you can see, nobody can come along and just remove this pin and unlock it. You do have to take the key.

Go ahead and put that in there. Again, just unlock it, remove your lock, and then you're ready to release it just like that. Very simple to do. Again, these locks, four locks and keys, are all included.Now these parts are made in the USA. A few specs on the short-range turnbuckles, the application for those are bed-mounted tiedowns from the truck camper. The reach on those is 14" to 21-1/2". The long-range turnbuckles, the application for those are in the frame-mounted tiedowns on the truck camper. The reach on those is 25" to 43".But that should do it for the review on the TorkLift Locking FastGun Turnbuckles for bed-mounted and the frame-mounted tiedowns, for a quantity of four.

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Customer Reviews

TorkLift Locking FastGun Turnbuckles for Bed-Mounted and Frame-Mounted Tie-Downs - Polished - Qty 4 - TLS9526-27-LK

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (389 Customer Reviews)

Quick-release levers make it fast and easy to secure your camper to your vehicle. Short turnbuckles extend from 14" to 21-1/2" for bed-mounted tie-downs. Long turnbuckles extend from 25" to 43" to fit frame-mounted tie-downs.


I have yet to open the box but knowing my camper will be secure is a good feeling


Outstanding product.



I am totally happy with the design/engineering and the quality of the TorkLift Truck Camper tie-downs. After installation of the frame mounts, the process of tying down the camper is simple and fast. etrailer helped by providing written and video information on the frame mounting and Turn buckles. After the order was received eTrailer did a great job of communicating the status of my order all the way to delivery. One other thing, I like about etrailer is they ask me to write a review one year after my purchase. One year gives me time to use the equipment, I have used it many times, and it has held up and I still see a value of the product.


Great quality product. We keep our camper on the truck 90% of the time but when we do take it off, these are really quick and simple to use. Tightening them properly is less exact than the instructions make it out to be, but the spring-loading gives you a bit of forgiveness, and you get used to it with time.

My one complaint is that the locks don't feel nearly as stable as the pins, and you can actually pull one of the locks apart if you try hard, although they have stayed on fine while driving.

One other thing, which I personally don't care about, is that the stickers on each turnbuckle that let you label the corner the turnbuckle goes to, these stickers do not last after a lot of wear. All but one have fallen off along the way, and the last one is only half intact with the top half having ripped off. But I don't think the stickers are needed.


I haven't used them yet to tie down a camper, but I have no doubt that they will work perfectly. I did my research and they are highly rated.


Great turnbuckles. High quality material. However for nearly $xxxx they should be perfect. one of mine came with chips in the coating and one of the rivets was not fully seated and had come with scratches all of the way though the coating on the inside of the lever. There was not enough clearance for the rivet to clear the lever, they just closed it and called it good??? Quality control measures are coming up short. Unfortunately I don't have the time or desire to get a replacement so now I have to deal with the small defects. For that price it would be fair to say that they should ship in perfect condition. This is my second set of these and the first ones had similar issues.


I love the Forklift tie-downs and Fast Gun turnbuckles. This is my second camper and truck setup, so this is my second set of tie downs but my first set of Fast Guns. The tie downs are great. I love that they are frame mounted instead of bed mounted. The truck and camper move like one unit. It feels very stable and I am completely comfortable taking the 4x4 truck anywhere I want with the camper attached. The Fast Guns are extremely nice and easy to operate. They definitely decrease the time required to attach and detach the camper from the truck. I am very happy with the whole setup.


Easy to use once you have your lengths adjusted. I added a little pipe insulation at the top on the one that goes over my gas tank door. When I stop for gas, all I have to do is unlock it and let it hang from the camper mount then easily reattach when done.


Very durable and efficient product to use. Adjust it with the right measurement at the first use and you will not need to adjust them again when removed. The install process will be very quick and easy on the next trip.

I was able to take long trips and going off-road with my truck camper on the bed of my pick-up truck with only these device holding and keeping everything in place. Very secure and gives good peace of mind. Also, looks good with the pick-up and camper installed. We will purchase one again from Etrailer if needed it in the future.


Seem to be very well made but are quite expensive for what they are. Seemed like one of the safer options to reduce strain on the truck and the camper since they are dampened with internal springs. Looking forward to using these and hitting the open road.


Quality is very evident in the craftsmanship and so much faster than traditional turnbuckles.


This products is well made. The transaction was easy and the product arrived as expected. I've been using this product for a year and I have no complaints. There is no sign of rust. They are easy to remove and install. I also like the spring loaded action insulating the tie down points from excess stress. The only negative.....and it's a small one.....the stickers indicating which corner to install on, fell off after only a few uses. No biggie!


I installed these on my 2022 Ram 3500 SRW over a year ago for use with a Northern Lite 9-6 camper. Excellent instructions, installation was easy with simple tools, fit and finish is very good and they perform exactly as required. Definitely recommend!


Super easy to handle once the easy set up is complete. Great for our truck since the tie down prevents opening the fuel cap cover. They stay snug, unlike turnbuckles that require frequent checking. Wish they were cheaper; I knocked off 1 star for Value.


Not cheap but easy to use and secure.


Excellent product - the complete setup with all 4 turnbuckles and locks. They were easy to assemble and convenient to use. These turnbuckles hold the camper stable. If I need to remove the camper from the truck they are easy to take off, adjust and put back on later. In addition, due to the location of my gas tank one of the turnbuckles blocks it. So far this has not caused any issues because it only takes a moment to remove that one, pump gas, and put it back on.


All great products and I had an issue with my order missing locks. I emailed customer service. They emailed me first so all I had to do is respond. That was super convenient. E trailer has really worked on their customer service and it’s outstanding. Thank you Wes


Outstanding product. Just finished over 8000 miles of traveling. So much easier leveling and re installing tie downs. No problems whatsoever. Quicker than chains and turnbuckles by far. And they look very cool.


Fast shipping.. awesome product ,I have
used them in the past .


TorkLift frame mounted tie downs, Torklift Fast Gun tie downs - AWESOME! Arrived Thursday as promised, picked the new Cirrus camper this morning. Installed the frame mounted tie downs - front and back - 1hour 45 minutes. Thank you etrailer!


I really like the way the truck and camper ride, very stable. The ability to remove the extensions when the camper is off is really a nice feature too.


Installed easily and works great!


Easy to put together great quality very nice piece works well


Excellent Torklift quality. Fast delivery from etrailer.

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  • Which Length Torklift FastGun Turnbuckles are Needed
    What you'll want to do is determine the distance between the front and rear tie down points on the brackets and the anchor points on your pop-up. The # TLS9529-2-LK Torklift Long-Range Turnbuckles you'd looked at extend from 25-43 inches, while the standard length, two of which are included with the # TLS9526-27-LK FastGun kit have a reach of 14 to 21-1/2 inches.
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