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Demco Tabless Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms

Demco Tabless Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms

Item # DM9519210
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This custom-fit base plate kit lets you hook up your tow bar to your vehicle. Tabless design provides a clean, unobtrusive look for your towed car even when not hooked up. Simple bolt-on installation. 1-800-940-8924 to order Demco base plates part number DM9519210 or order online at Free expert support on all Demco products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Demco Tabless Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms. Base Plates reviews from real customers.
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Demco Base Plates - DM9519210

  • Removable Drawbars
  • Demco
  • Twist Lock Attachment

This custom-fit base plate kit lets you hook up your tow bar to your vehicle. Tabless design provides a clean, unobtrusive look for your towed car even when not hooked up. Simple bolt-on installation.


  • Custom-fit base plates provide attachment points for your tow bar
  • Tabless design creates seamless, clean look
    • No obtrusive crossbar or protruding brackets
    • Covers keep dirt and debris out of base plate receivers when you're not towing
  • Included tabs replace the lugs on your tow bar arms
    • Just insert tow bar arms into base plate receivers to hook up
    • No need to remove, and possibly misplace, drawbar arms
  • Sturdy, dependable design
    • Spreads towing force evenly to minimize weight placed on suspension
    • Constructed of durable steel
  • Simple installation - no welding required
    • Bolts securely to your vehicle's chassis
  • Electrical bracket lets you easily mount a round electrical connector plug
  • Instructions and necessary hardware included
  • Compatible with all Demco Victory Series tow bars
    • Adaptable for use with Demco Kwik-Tow and tow bars from other manufacturers (adapters sold separately)
  • Made in the USA


  • Distance between brackets: 23-1/8"
  • Bracket height: 17-1/2"
  • 1-Year limited warranty

Simple, Tabless Design

Setting up these tabless base plates for use with your Demco tow bar is fast and easy. Just remove the attachment lugs from the ends of your tow bar arms and replace them with these tabs. Then you can just insert the tow bar arms into the base plate receivers to hook up. There's no need to remove the tabs from your tow bar, so you won't run the risk of misplacing tabs. And because the tabs remain on your tow bar at all times instead of protruding from your vehicle, your car maintains a clean look when it's not being towed.

Easy Hookup and Disconnect

Demco Base Plate Tabless Hookup

Using the Demco Tabless base plates to attach and remove your tow bar couldn't be easier. With the base plate tabs attached to your tow bar arms, simply insert the tabs into the receivers on your vehicle and twist to lock them in place. Insert the included pull pins to add an extra layer of security, ensuring the tabs stay put. To remove each arm, simply tug the pull pin to disengage the lock, twist the tow bar arm, and pull the tab out of the bracket.

Receiver Covers

Demco Base Plate Tabless Pull Ear Cover

Keep dirt and debris out of the base plate receivers with the included covers. These high-density polyethylene covers easily snap into place over each pull point when your tow bar is not attached. Limiting internal corrosion makes it easier to slide the tabs in and out and helps to prevent seizing so that the tabs don't get stuck.

Tow Bar Adapters

If you have a Demco Kwik-Tow tow bar or a tow bar from a different manufacturer, an adapter may be available. Demco makes adapters for use with other tow bars so that you don't have to go through the added hassle and expense of replacing your tow bar when outfitting your new towed car with base plates.

Demco Tabless Base Plate Adapters

Type of Tow Bar Adapter
Roadmaster Sterling All-Terrain, and Blackhawk 2 All-Terrain e98983
Roadmaster Falcon All-TerrainDM9523036
Roadmaster Nighthawk All-TerrainDM9523062
Roadmaster Falcon 2 and Tracker Use both DM9523128 and DM9523036
Blue Ox (excludes Embassador) DM9523127
Demco Kwik-Tow DM9523128

9519210 Demco RV Tabless Baseplates

Installation Details DM9519210 Installation instructions

This Product Fits The Following Vehicles

  • 2007 - 2010 Ford Edge
  • 2011 - 2014 Ford Edge EcoBoost - without Adaptive Cruise Control
  • 2011 - 2014 Ford Edge non-EcoBoost - without Adaptive Cruise Control

Video of Demco Tabless Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Demco Tabless Base Plate Kit Installation - 2014 Ford Edge

Shane: Hi, I'm Shane with Today we're gonna be taking a look at, and I'm gonna show you how to install, Demco's Tabless and Base Plate Kit on our 2014 Ford Edge.There are five main components to a flat tow setup: your base plate, your wiring, your tow bar, your safety cables, and your braking system.What our base plate is gonna do for us is it's gonna be a solid connection point between our tow bar and our towed vehicle. You can see with our fascia removed, our base plate is going to attach directly to the chasse of the vehicle to give us that solid anchor point for our tow bar.You can see when not in use it maintains a nice, clean look on the front of the vehicle. We're gonna have our safety chain looped here, which they're not gonna stick out too far. Again, maintains that nice, clean look. We don't have a lot of protruding items or anything like that sticking out of the front of the vehicle.

Putting this base plate on is gonna require a little bit of fascia trimming, and it will require you to remove the fascia.It is gonna have a nice, black powder coat finish. It's kind of a dimpled finish, kinda keeps a rugged look but it does look like a very durable finish on it. And this is gonna be a tabless design, and what that means is these tabs on a lot of base plates, this tab will actually slide in like this, and it'll turn. But the other types of tabs will actually, you'll disconnect your tow bar. Then you'll have to find somewhere to store these when you're not using them.With this, these will actually bolt on to your tow bar.

When you're ready to use it, you put it in, you twist them just like that, then you put a pin in it. When not using them, they stay on your tow bar. You don't have to worry about storing them, you don't have to worry about misplacement.Another really nice feature that I like about this base plate is when not in use, we're gonna have caps that will cover our holes to keep any dirt and debris from collecting in there. And they just snap right into place.Now that we've gone over some of the features, let's show you how to get installed. We need to start by removing our fascia.

We're gonna have four classic fasteners and two 10 millimeter head bolts we need to remove. Our plastic pin fasteners are run right across this front plastic piece, and then our two bolts are right here. And these are just plastic, so you don't have to put any pressure on them. Just wanna make sure you get this bottom part out too. Once you have the center out like this, it's easy if you just pull up like this, and it'll come out just like that.In each wheel well, we're gonna have three 5.5 millimeter head bolts we need to remove.

Now your instructions are gonna tell you three pushpin fasteners you're gonna have to remove from underneath the vehicle, which are gonna be these three here. But actually, you're gonna have one on each side for your mudflap where your front fascia actually hooks into your mudflap. You're gonna have to remove one of those on each side too, so technically you're gonna have five. So technically you're gonna have five.So remove three of these. You just do it with a flathead screwdriver. You can get the center pried out there, take a trim panel tool. Pull out the base just like that, and this one here on the very lower front part of your fender liner, or in front of your tire. Again, you'll have one of these on each side.And we're gonna have a couple of 5.5 millimeter head bolts on each side we need to remove. First, we're gonna remove this one, and this one, just like that. And you're gonna remove those same two on the other side of the vehicle. We need to unhook our fog lights. If you clipped this black plug here, we're just gonna push in on this backside right there. It's gonna push in and pull out. You're gonna do that same thing on the other side.With an extra set of hands we're gonna remove our fascia, and we're gonna start on the very outside of our fender where our fender meets our front fascia, and we're gonna start to pull out, work our way to the center. And remember when pulling this off, don't just pull it off, because if there's any additional wiring or anything in there that needs to be unplugged, you don't wanna mess up the plugs. Once you get it off, you're just gonna set it aside in a safe place for now.And we're gonna remove our bumper core. We're gonna have one bolt here, 10 millimeter bolt, or 10 millimeter head bolt. You're gonna have two 13 millimeter head bolts here, and you're gonna have a 13 millimeter head nut down here on the bottom. We're gonna have that same hardware on each side. Then we're gonna have a 10 millimeter head nut right down here on the bottom. Then we'll remove our bumper core and we'll set it aside.Driver side, you're gonna have a bracket in your kit that looks like this, it's gonna say driver side on it. You're gonna need two inch and a half by 7/16 bolts, lock washer and flat washer. You're gonna get some blue Loctite in your kit, it's a little tube, gonna look like this, and make sure you use this on all of your hardware that you're installing.We're gonna take this bracket, and you see how it's kinda notched out there It's gonna be facing down like this, and you're gonna have a small nut plate, and a long one for each side. We're actually gonna do the backside first. We're gonna go through this hole.On our passenger side, we're gonna have two nuts. We're gonna have one here, and we're gonna have one on our backside of our washer reservoir, washer valve reservoir that we need to remove so we can get our bracket in against our frame rail. 10 millimeter socket will remove those.Now, if you remember on our driver side, we had a hole back here that we needed to get to. I'm not able to get my washer bottle out of the way enough just by loosening these two nuts or taking them off, so up here on top we're gonna have an eight millimeter head bolt that threads through this container into our washer reservoir. I went ahead and removed that. Now I'm gonna take . and I should have a little bit more play with my washer reservoir to give me enough room that I can get back there and get that bolt put in.Then we'll take a 5/8 socket, we're gonna tighten and then torque our bolts for our side brackets or frame brackets on the sides. We're gonna do that on both sides.In your kit, you're gonna have six washers. We're gonna use them as spacers to space out the backside of our washer bottle so it doesn't rub on the bolts. Three on each post, actually its still touching the bolt so I'm gonna add an extra one on each post. It's completely up to you. I just wanna make sure that the bolt doesn't rub a hole in the backside of the reservoir.Next, take your base plate and we're gonna set it up against our frame rail. You're gonna clamp it into place like this on each side. Good idea to have an extra set of hands to do this, 'cause our base plate's kinda heavy. We're gonna be drilling out this hole, and putting a self-tapping bolt in it.Because it's heavy, what I suggest doing is the bolt that we took out on the bottom from our bumper beam, I went ahead and reinstalled that just for now to get my base plate to pull up against the bottom of my frame rail as much as possible. Once I got it tightened up to the bottom of my frame rail, then I clamped it back into place so we're tight this way and this way. Now we can drill this hole out.Using a 5/16 drill bit, we're gonna drill a hole right through our frame rail. Make it a little bit easier for yourself, you take drill bit that'll just fit inside of this hole, and use it to make a mark because your drill bit, your 5/16, is actually smaller than that hole. Use a drill bit just the right size and actually make a little dimple there and that'll keep your drill bit from bouncing around inside that hole.We're gonna take our 3/8 self-tapping screw, you'll know it's a self-tapping screw, it's gonna have a little notch in it like that. 9/16 socket. Tighten that into place. Again, make sure you're using Loctite on all your hardware. Then you're gonna repeat that process on the other side, and then you can remove your clamps.Before reinstalling our bumper core, our lower tab, which is gonna be this single one, we're gonna . you can either bend it up or you can cut it off. I'm just gonna cut mine off so that I know that it's flush with this edge. That means you're gonna use a cutting wheel, and you're gonna do that same thing on the other side.Once you get your lower tabs cut off your bumper beam, then you can reinstall it. We're gonna use the same two bolts that we took out on the top on each side. One thing to keep in mind: the bolt here, and the bolt down below it, are not gonna line up. What you wanna make sure of is this plate up here with these two bolts is sitting flat on top of the frame rail. If it's not sitting flat, where you cut the tab off on the bottom, you're gonna have to cut that down some more. Because what it's doing is it's sitting on the base plate, and that base plate is pushing it up. You wanna make sure that this is sitting flat when you reinstall the bolts.Once you get those installed, go ahead and tighten them down. If this for some reason is not lining up, this whole section radiator you can lift it, and you can put that bolt back in.Now we've reinstalled our bumper beam. We need to drill through our bumper beam, through our base plate, to this bracket that we mounted on the side of our frame rail. If you remember there's two holes in it. We need to be able to run a bolt through here to hold all this together. We're gonna have to drill from here all the way through.Per our instructions, we need to measure down an inch, in a half inch. From there, down two and 5/8, then again in a half inch. Now, what I suggest doing is looking at your holes on your bracket right here, and see if you can't . make sure they're gonna line up, and make any adjustment necessary, whether up a sixteenth of an inch or down, 'cause what you don't wanna do is when you start going in, you don't want this hole, when you start hitting here, to go down or up. 'Cause then you're gonna have to wall out this hole, and your heavier bolt is actually gonna sit in here and not out there. So, try and get that as straight as possible.Some of these bumpers can be hardened steel. It might take a little bit to get through them. If you don't lubricate it, what happens is your drill bit overheats, and you can end up breaking it or it really strips it off bad where it's not any good anymore. So, just try to keep that lubricated as much as possible. Even if you have to have somebody stand here and spray it every once in awhile, it might be good.So now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna open this outside hole just a little bit, 'cause it looks like I might be just a little bit high on this inside hole. I'm gonna open this up, so that I can get my drill bit and kinda go down a little bit more. If I try to go down now, what's gonna happen is my drill bit's gonna bend, and you can take a chance of breaking it.So, again, this outside hole here we're not gonna be using, we're just using it to get our hole drilled in here. The reason why we don't just cut it out is because inside our bumper there's a flange that's welded right here, and if we cut that out, then you're losing support on the bumper. So alls we need to do is a hole.Now we'll take our 3/8 hex bolt, 3/8 lock washer, and 3/8 nut. I'd suggest cleaning it out, just so you don't get any on your threads. Again, make sure you're using the blue Loctite that comes in the kit. We're gonna go from here through, put on our lock washer, and then our nut, and then we're gonna tighten and torque that to the specifications in the instructions, and then we can drill our next hole.Once you're done putting your two bolts in on each side of our bumper beam, we're gonna have two more on the bottom. Again, it's gonna be a 3/8 hole; I'm gonna start with a pilot hole, and try and get it as centered as possible on there. It will make it go a little bit quicker rather than going straight to the big drill bit. If you use a small one, do a pilot hole first.We're gonna take our 3/8 bolt, we're gonna go up. We're gonna put on a lock washer, and then a nut. And then again, we're gonna tighten and then torque that to the specifications in the instructions. Again, don't forget to use your blue Loctite. Then you're gonna repeat that same thing for this hole here.Then you need to put on your safety cables. With this vehicle it's a little bit difficult to find somewhere to go around. On our driver side we we're able to go around our support beam that runs across right behind our radiator. You can see I went around the faceplate, and went through, and then wrapped around my support beam, and then used my two rings here.Passenger side is gonna be a little bit different. Passenger side, we can't go around our support beam because we have a pulley that sits right there. So what we did is around my base plate, I went through and wrapped around my body mount here. I took one ring, wrapped around both cables, passed the one through it, and tied it to the next one. This ring is tied to loop on the one that comes around this way, and I just zip tied them in place so they don't rattle.Now our last step to installing our base plate is to trim and reinstall our fascia, but before doing that it's a good idea if you're adding any wiring or braking system to do that before installing your fascia. It's gonna make it much easier to run all your wires down to the front of the vehicle.That'll do it for a look at and installation on the Demco Tabless Base Plate Kit on our 2014 Ford Edge.

Customer Reviews

Demco Tabless Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms - DM9519210

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (127 Customer Reviews)

This custom-fit base plate kit lets you hook up your tow bar to your vehicle. Tabless design provides a clean, unobtrusive look for your towed car even when not hooked up. Simple bolt-on installation.

- DM9519210

The baseplate and wire kit that I purchased from etrailer was everything that I expected. It was an easy install, thanks to the easy to understand and read instructions and video.

- DM9519336

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

Relatively easy to install, works great, less obtrusive than other brands. Instructions are clear, quality is good. Shown with knuckles removed. As you can see, I had to improvise to mount the coiled cord socket and breakaway switch.

- DM9519336

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

I recently completed a DIY installation of the Demco Tabless Base Plate on my 2021 Jeep Wrangler. Installation is fairly straightforward following the videos. A couple gotchas on the videos. First, one of the videos suggests removing a sheet metal plate to provide easier access. While it does make for easier access during removal of the bumper, you should reinstall it BEFORE installing the base plate. If you install the baseplate first, there is insufficient clearance for the bolts that hold the sheet metal plate. Second, the videos show reinstalling the plastic air dam after reinstalling the bumper. At least on my 2021 Wrangler there is NO way you could do that without seriously bending, and possibly breaking the plastic dam. Reattach the dam to the bumper BEFORE reattaching the bumper. Clearances for rebolting the bumper are sufficient. I did it without a lift (thank goodness for the Wrangler’s high ground clearance). Bottom line is it’s a bit of a project but looks great.

- DM9519207

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

Installation went well! The pictures in instructions are a bit hard to decipher! Using it in a few days. It is a replacement my last CR V 2003 was totalled in an accident had a Blue Ox before seems comparable!

- DM9519319

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

Unfortunately these base plates did not fit up to the front grill near as well as past ones I have purchased from you. A lot more cutting on my vehicle was required that should not have been needed. Also having to convert my towbar to less desirable Demco attachment was disappointing. I purchased Blue Ox for a reason and would have been much happier if Ox style pins were supplied to fit Demco sockets.

As long as the Blue Ox tow bar is a hitch mounted tow bar which means that it connects to the RV via sliding into the hitch receiver then it is compatible with the base plate and does not need an adapter.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 02/16/2022

- DM9519336

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

I was very pleased with the service I received from Karl. The equipment was very well made. It seems the Demco baseplate and wiring kit are superior to the Blue Ox I’ve used in the past. Thanks for your service and products.

- DM9519292

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

etrailer is special. They have all the information you need to have about the products you are looking for. I am a first time RV owner and was looking for a way to flat tow my Jeep Wrangler. etrailer made it so easy for me to understand what I should be doing and the best and safest way to accomplish it. But that was not all. I was having issues trying to find shipping options as I had a time crunch. I phoned them, customer service was awesome. They helped me place the order and get it to my home within my time requirements. I honestly recommend them and can only wish that other companies could treat customers the way they do here. Awesome! The videos on the product pages are the best!

- DM9519318

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

As with all Demco products that I've purchased, this baseplate kit is extremely well engineered, expertly manufactured and work exactly as advertised. The installation instructions are easy to follow and understand. This is one worry free produce that will make our travels much more enjoyable.

- DM9519336

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

The reinstall kit for the SMI stay and play duo braking system was exactly what I needed we removed it out of a 2012 Cadillac SRX and a RV shop will be installing it in a 2020 Jeep Wrangler I will send pics of the final installation later on this month ! Great product was delivered with all parts needed in three days and as usual great customer service !

- DM9519339

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

Installed it myself; no problems just takes I am sure more time than a trained mechanic; mostly being tooled for the job. As far as performance, great.

- DM9519045

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

I received the parts from etrailer much sooner than expected. They ship very fast. Unfortunately some of the hardware was missing. The box arrived a little beat up. The bag the hardware came in was torn open. It seems that a few nuts and bolts were lost in transit. Since my shipment arrived on a Saturday, I did not wait until Monday to call for replacements. I went down to local HW store and bought what I needed. Fitment was excellent and installation went very smooth. I will continue to shop etrailer for all my towing needs.

Sorry about the missing hardware! Customer Service will reach out.
Sierra K - 07/15/2022

- DM9519291

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

Base Plate fit perfectly making an easy installation

- DM9519328

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

It is well built, fit as expected. Easy to install. Warning to future buyers to install on crv, the hole you drill in bumper is difficult because it is high strenght steel regular drill bit do not work well. I managed to drill it with a step bit. The baseplate needs a small decal to say "this side upward"

- DM9519319

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

Received race plates and wiring harness, both seemed exceptional quality. I have not installed yet and install next week, as per video looks like about to our job. Very satisfied thank you

- DM9519332

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

Superb, timely, same-day support from Demco when I ran into installation difficulties. The attach method is also very solid and has internal safety cables as stock, unlike some other baseplate manufacturers. (These are different from the safety cables you hook to your vehicle. These will hold the baseplate to the frame if the baseplate breaks away from the car for any reason so you don't lose the car.)

- DM9519336

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

It’s been a year and about 5,000 miles of our JLU playing follow the leader with our Tiffin motorhome. No issues, great finish, looking forward to another season of roughing it smoothly, Jeep in tow! Great instructions made for a great self-install.

- DM9519291

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

I really like the way this base plate installed. Everything fit perfect and I like the look once it was completed. It's a snap to hook up with room for error. Our Jeep pulls like it's not even there.

- DM9519236

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

Good product however instructions are not very clear as far as cutting the front grill. I had to cut a lot more then instructed. Also, missing are the two plugs to install when not in use.

- DM9519329

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

This is a great product. I installed this myself and was a little easier than expected. the videos helped a lot. Thank you Scott

- DM9519336

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

The baseplate installed easily. It looks great on the Jeep Wrangler. You have to know it has been installed in order to see it. see the photo

- DM9519292

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

Delivery time was outstanding. Watched the installation video several times before beginning. Did a "dry" fit of the base into the bumper and found it would not fit. It required 1/4 inch of excess metal to be ground off of each end. This did not affect the part but certainly increased labor time. Rather than clamp the base to the vehicle for drilling, I suggest bolting it in for a more accurate placement.

Traveled with the TOAD 10k+ miles and had no issues. Everything working very well.
Mark D - 03/21/2020

- DM9519308

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

Great product and arrived quikly

- DM9519336

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

Democrats base plate was the only one available 1 yr ago to fit the 2020 Gladiator. It works great.

- DM9519326

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

Works great, flat tow is the only way to go.

- DM9519336

Review from a similar Tabless in Base Plates

We have been using this product for a year on our 2021 Jeep Wrangle and it has performed well.

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  • Identifying Base Plate Kit Installed On 2014 Ford Edge And Correct Adapter For Falcon 2 Tow Bar
    Since Roadmaster does not offer a direct connect base plate kit for your 2014 Ford Edge that tells me you have either the Demco # DM9519210 or Blue Ox # BX2628. The easiest way to tell the difference between these two is the bracket for the safety cables. On the # DM9519210 the brackets are on the outside edge, and on the # BX2628 the bracket is on the inside. I included a picture for both of these products to show you the difference to identify which kit you have on your vehicle. If...
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  • Recommended System for Flat Towing a 2011 Ford Edge AWD
    As you stated your 2011 Ford Edge AWD is towable as is with a restricted speed recommendation of 65 mph max. You will want to start your vehicle and let it run for 5 minutes at the beginning of each trip and again every 3-6 hours of travel. This will allow the fluids to circulate as needed for safe towing. For your system, I don't know if you already have any of the products so I'll give you my recommendations for a complete system. The Demco Tabless Base Plate Kit # DM9519210 is a...
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow 2009 Ford Edge AWD
    Between all three setups you really only have two components that have to match between brands with the tow bars and base plate kits. So with the Blue Ox base plate kit part # BX2190 that fits your 2009 Ford Edge you'd need a Blue Ox tow bar like # BX7420. With the Roadmaster # 4408-1 you'd need the tow bar # RM-520, and Demco # DM9519210 you'd need the # DM9511012. I really like the Blue Ox setups as they are really well-made and easiest to use. For lighting you can use the diode kit,...
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