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FITS 2017 Ford Edge
Blue Ox Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms

Blue Ox Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms

Item # BX2657
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2017 Ford Edge

3.5L V6 - without Adaptive Cruise Control

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Call at 1-833-496-1390 for expert service. We are your Ford base plates experts, and offer a great price. carries a complete line of Blue Ox products for your Ford Edge 2017. Blue Ox Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms part BX2657 from Blue Ox can be ordered online at Complete base plates installation instructions and technical support.
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2017 Ford Edge - Blue Ox Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms

  • Removable Drawbars
  • Blue Ox
  • Twist Lock Attachment

Custom designed to fit your Ford Edge so it can be safely towed behind your RV, this base plate has easily removable arms that offer a seamless look when you're not flat towing. Base plate bolts directly to your chassis, so no welding is required.


  • Custom-fit base plate provides attachment points for your tow bar when flat towing
  • Hidden design provides a clean, seamless look
    • Arms remove with a simple twist when not in use
    • Brackets won't protrude past the front of your vehicle
  • Sturdy design spreads towing force evenly to prevent stress on your vehicle's suspension
  • Integrated mounting points let you easily attach an electrical connector plug with bracket (sold separately)
  • Receiver covers keep dirt and debris out of the base plate when arms are removed and provide a finished look
  • Durable steel construction is powder coated to resist rust and corrosion
  • Straightforward installation - no welding required
    • Base plate bolts securely to your vehicle's chassis with included mounting hardware
  • Sturdy lugs pair with Blue Ox tow bars to form a secure and reliable connection
    • Adaptable for use with Roadmaster tow bars - adapter (RM-031 or RM-031-5) sold separately
    • Adaptable for use with Demco tow bars - adapter (BX88310) sold separately
  • Made in the USA


  • Distance between brackets: 24"
  • Bracket height: 17"
  • 3-Year warranty

Simple, Hidden Design

Blue Ox Base Plate With Arms AttachedBlue Ox Base Plate Arms Removed

This base plate's hidden design creates a clean and seamless look. The bracket arms are easily removable, creating a slick appearance when you're not flat towing. Because the arms can be removed, you also won't have to worry about banging your leg into any protruding arms when you walk by.

Blue Ox Base Plate Removable Arms

Attaching and removing the bracket arms is a breeze. To attach the arms to the base plate, simply insert them into the receivers and rotate them until they lock into place. Once you're finished towing and want to remove the arms, pull the pin to disengage the lock, rotate the arms, and remove them from the receivers. Finally, plug up the now empty receivers with the included receiver covers to help keep dirt and debris out of the base plate and provide a finished look.

Guide to Flat Towing

Flat towing your vehicle is much more convenient than using a trailer or a tow dolly. These other options take up much more storage space, leaving you less room both at home and at the campsite. In addition, securing your vehicle to a trailer or tow dolly can be a hassle and more time consuming than hooking up with a tow bar.

There are 5 basic components needed when flat towing a vehicle: a tow bar, a base plate kit, a safety cable set, tow bar wiring, and a supplemental braking system.

Towing Basics

The tow bar links your towed car to your motorhome. It attaches to the custom-fit base plates that install on the frame of your towed car. Safety cables ensure that your towed car does not separate from your motorhome in the event that your tow bar becomes detached. Tow bar wiring allows your towed vehicle's signal lights to sync up with your motorhome's tail lights, which is required by law in most states. Finally, the supplemental braking system - also required in most states - brakes your towed car when the brakes in your motorhome are activated, preventing wear on the motorhome and decreasing braking distance for your entire setup.

BX2657 Blue Ox Baseplate - Removable Tabs

Installation Details BX2657 Installation instructions

Video of Blue Ox Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Blue Ox Base Plate Kit Installation - 2018 Ford Edge

Hi there, Ford owners. Today, we're going to be taking a look and showing you how to install Blue Ox's baseplate, for your 2018 Ford Edge. There's five main components you'll need when flat towing your vehicle behind your motor home. You'll need your tow bar, which is the connection between your motor home and your vehicle. You'll need your baseplate, which is the connection point that you'll put on the vehicle that your tow bar will attach to. Your safety cables, which is a supplemental connection, in addition to your tow bar.

You'll need your diode wiring, which will take all the lighting signals from your motor home and transfer them to the lights at the back of your vehicles. The people behind you will know your intentions when going down the road. And lastly, your supplemental braking system, which will apply the brakes in your vehicle when you hit the brakes in your motor home to help you come to a safe stop.And additional accessories you might want to consider beyond the five main components, is a charge line kit. That's going to take the alternator, our source of power from our motor home and charge our battery here, on our vehicle. So on those long trips where we haven't started our vehicle in a long time, it's going to ensure that battery stays topped up when we reach our destination.

And this is what our base plate looks like when it's installed. We've got it currently in the mode where you would be driving it around normally, as the arms are removable. We've got the caps that come included with it in the arms, that'll help keep out any dirt, debris and moisture. And you can see that they pass through our fascia. There is some minor trimming that had to be done, but the black color on our base plate blends in very nicely with the front here.

And it really doesn't detract from the looks of the vehicle. It almost to me gives it a more aggressive look, like you're really doing something special with this one here.So we're going to take a look at a couple of closer features on it. So we talked about these just a minute ago, how these are removable, the arms are, and there's a cap for it. When you're ready to flat tow, these arms are going to slide in. Click to lock into place.

You'll have one for the other side. I'm going to get it out of the way, just so we can take a closer look here, at some of the other parts. We'll also have safety chain attachments, just to the inside of our tow bar attachment. And then to the left of that, we have our wiring and our breakaway switch for our electrical. Now the wiring does have a mounting location provided for us on our base plate here.But what I would have liked to have seen would have been a mounting location for the breakaway switch. There wasn't one. We do have no drill short brackets available here at etrailer. We we're able to use that to clamp around our base plate, to provide the same mounting location for it. And we're going to take a closer look at the arms here. This is designed to work with any of Blue Ox's tow bars. Their three point design will have an ear on the outside, on each side, and one in the middle, with a pin that connects it. The pin here is what allows you to remove these arms. You pull it out and that'll let you twist it. And you can see the ends here. This will catch. It slides in one way. And once you turn it, then this end is caught in there. So it can't pull out. Which makes putting them in really easy to simply push it in. So it slides all the way. That'll push the pin for you and then twist it until it snaps in.And while this is designed to work with the three lugs set up here that is on all the Blue Ox tow bars, there are adapters available here at etrailer that will allow you to take Roadmaster tow bars and convert them over. And now when you're all finished up at your campsite and you're ready to leave, you no longer have that big setup of trying to get your car up on your tow dolly or up on a trailer. You can now hook directly up to your motor home. And it's extremely easy. Your tow bar here is going to be on the back of your motor home and stored there most likely the entire time.So when you're ready to hook up, just pull your vehicle up behind it, which you can drive right up behind it and then attach your tow bar to it. The arm's going to extend out, line up with the slots on your tow bar and your base plate. We'll slide our pin all the way through to connect them together. And then you'll have another pin, which comes included with your tow bar. Slide down on the other side and make sure that's locked in. We'll then hook up our safety cables, making sure to cross. So the one on the passenger side of the motor home, I'm stretching over here to the driver's side attachment point on our vehicle, and then vice versa. The driver's side on the motor home is going to attach to the passenger side over here. And that'll give us a cradle here in the center in the event that we did have an unfortunate, catastrophic disconnect. This cradle will provide tension as the cables pulled taut, and keep our components here from digging into the pavement.But other than hooking up your base plate and your cables, the only other component you have is your diode wiring, which is a simple plug connection that goes in and your supplemental braking systems, breakaway switch cable. When you saw it only took just a matter of moments to hook this up, it's much easier than trying to line up a trailer, getting everything cinched down and your vehicle is going to track so much better behind your motor home with a flat tow setup than a trailer ever would. Flat towing your vehicle is a big decision. There's a lot of components that go into it, and you can be confident that if you we're to get this Blue Ox base plate, you would have a strong attachment point here at the front of your vehicle that looks nice.We got a good look at it when we weren't connected. And you can see here where we are connected. It still looks good here at the front of our edge. Nothing really detracts too much. All the connections are nice and tucked in close, and it's going to give us a nice, solid way to bring our vehicle with us when we head to our next destination. And now when it comes to the installation, putting a base plate on a vehicle is no easy feat. You do have to remove the fascia at the front here and quite a few components to get the base plate installed. But when it comes to other vehicles and other base plates, this one is not by far anywhere near the worst. It is going to take you, I would set aside a weekend, to get everything set up and going again, so that way on Monday, you can have your vehicle ready to go. And now that we've covered some of our features, I'm going to go ahead and turn you over to Ryan, who's going to take you step-by-step through the installation. Ryan: To begin our installation, we're going to be working here at the front of her edge, and you want to go ahead and pop the hood. And first thing we need to do is remove this plastic radiator cover here. So it's going to be held in place by 12 push-pin style fasteners, just like this. And the way to get those out, you can take a trim tool or a flat head screwdriver, pry underneath the head of it, and then you can kind of get underneath the base of that fastener as well, and pull it out like that. So I'll just repeat that process to get all of the remaining fasteners removed.Once we have all of them out, we can grab our cover and send it off to the side. With the radiator cover out of the way we can now access six, 10 millimeter bolts, that's holding on the front of our grill. We have one here, here, here. And three more in the same positions on the other side. So grab my pan and get all those removed.Now we can remove our headlights. We're going to have two 10 millimeter bolts on here and one back here. So we'll get those removed. And we can grab our headlight. Start to work it out. Then we need to disconnect the electrical connector, which is this right here. It'll push down on the center of it, and separate the two. So I'll set this light off to the side and repeat the same process to get the other one out as well. Now, what we're able to do with the headlight out of the way, is remove these three bolts, that's connecting the quarter panel to our fascia. So I'll grab an eight millimeter socket and pull all of those out.I'll do this on the other side of our vehicles as well. Now, if you move over here to our front wheel wells, we're going to have a total of six, five and a half millimeter screws that we need to pull out along this edge. It helps to turn your tires in one way or the other. It gives you a little bit more room to work. And with that being said, from this point on, anything we do to one side of our vehicle, we're also going to do on the other side, because it'll be set up the same way. On the underside of our vehicle, along this edge, we're going to have a total 10, five and a half millimeter screws just like this that we need to pull out.Now, we can do, is disconnect our fog light connector. Which is located just underneath where our headlight would have been sitting. And that's the connector right there. The way to get it done is if you push down on the center tab. When you're pushing down on it, you can pull it back and that'll separate it. Just like that. So there's kind of a better view of that tab. You're going to push down and pull out on. Now with an extra set of hands, we can actually remove our fascia. So what you're going to want to do is kind of support it with your body, and right here, we're going to have a tab. You kind of pull up on it to release it. And then you can kind of pull down on the fascia and start to kind of pull it away.Looks like that tab might get hung up on this piece of plastic. So kind of be conscious of that. And before you pull it too far back, you want to make sure that we have everything disconnected, which it looks like over here on the driver's side, we are going to have a few electrical connectors we need to remove. That way we can pull it completely free. So it looks like we're going to need to disconnect the horn, which is right here. These work the same as the other, is this push down on the center tab, freed up, and then we're also going to have this connector right here. You can kind of peel it away from the fascia and make it easier to get to. Disconnect it.We're also going to have two more down here. So again, push down on the center tab, and release. So, once we have everything disconnected, we can set our fascia off to the side, somewhere safe. Now what we can do is disconnect our temperature sensor right here. So you'll push down on the center of the tab and pull it apart. And then what we're going to do is, if you follow this wiring, it's going to run all the way up and along this plastic bumper cover. And we're going to separate that. So you can take a trim tool or a flat head screwdriver, kind of just pry underneath those keepers. So you free up the wiring. It's quite a few of them just along this edge. And once we get all of them undone, we can kind of just push the wiring off to the side and just let it hang out for the time being.At this point, we can actually remove this plastic bumper cover as a whole. And this is just more or less kind of snapped onto our bumper beam. So you can kind of grab it and start to work it away. You may need to kind of pry underneath it a little bit to get it released. Kind of the same deal here at the top. You might need to kind of pry it down. Once we have it off, you can set it off to the side. Now we can do, if we move right here, we have this hood latch sensor we can just connect. Again, just push down on the center, pull it apart. We're going to remove the push-in fasteners that's securing it to our grill guard, which is this large plastic piece. Just kind of set the wiring off to the side there. And we're actually going to have to remove this whole grill guard, this whole plastic shield. So, up top, we're going to have four, 10 millimeter bolts, just like those there.And on each side, we're going to have this one 10 millimeter bolt here we need to pull out. The head of the bolt is on the side right here. Get my socket and get it out. Now on the bottom side here, we're going to have a push-pin style fastener on each corner. So we'll pull that out. And in the middle here, we're going to have two seven millimeter fasteners. If you look right here on each side, we're going to have a large plastic push-pin fastener. Take each one of those out. And once we have them out, we should be able to pull our plastic grill guard away.So kind of just drop it down. Work it off in front of our vehicle and set it to the side. Now, all we need to do is drill a couple access holes. And the first one that we're going to do is located right here on this piece of steel on the face plate here. I'm going to do this one, using a holesaw. That way it'll open it up and we would be able to get our hardware and everything else inside. I'm going to go kind of just in the center there and drill it out.What I went ahead and did, was just use some black paint to kind of paint around the area that we cut open, just to help protect any of that bare metal that was exposed. We're also going to need to create an opening right here on this portion of steel. Now, I found in the past that this section is extremely thick and hardened steel, so it can be very challenging to use a holesaw to create that opening. It can be done. However, it just takes a lot of time. And chances are pretty good, you're going to burn up a bit or two in the process. So, what I found that works a little bit better is simply using a dremel tool, cutoff wheel. So I'm going to use this instead to create this opening here. That way we can get our hardware in.Once we have the big piece cut out, one thing we want to be sure to do is come back and file down any of the rough edges, and round out any of the square corners. Here's how this opening turned out. And once I had rounded off all the edges and kind of filed it down, again put some black paint on there to keep the bare metal protected. And then what we need to do is move to this hole right here. This pre-existing one. Closer to the back of our vehicle. It's a square shape. And what we need to do is take a three inch drill bit, and just ream it out. It's kind of tricky because of the angle, but it can be done.Once you have that done, you want to come back and put some paint on it as well. Now, what I want to do is just kind of give a brief description on how we're going to loosely secure our base plate before we put it up. So what we're going to do is take a handle nut and you can see there's a thread and knot on the back, which a bolt can thread into. That's going to go through the access hole in lineup with the holes in the frame here. So once we are holding our base plate up, what we're going to do is take a bolt and a split lock washer, put it through the base plate and loosely thread it into that handle nut. So pretty straightforward.Now I want to mention all of the hardware that we're going to use to secure the base plate. You're going to want to make sure to put on a drop of red lock tight. This lock tight doesn't come included, but you can pick a tube up here at etrailer. So now with an extra set of hands, you can take our base plate, Put it into position. And actually what I think I'm going to do is this smaller hole in front. Think I'm just going to take our nut and our bolt, and just kind of push it through there to help kind of hold the base plate up.It does help if you have two hands doing the handle nut. So then what we can do, let's get our nut and our bolt through the hole. Line up our handle nut. Get it started. So at this point, what you want to do is take a level, put it on the base plate and make sure that it's sitting as level as possible. So I'm going to hold that in place, and then take a 916 socket and snug up our bar bolts.Now we can take our side brackets and these are going to line up with the two holes here in the base plate. They're going to go on the inside of the base plate. Like so. We're going to take a bolt split-lock washer, put it through each of the holes there. Don't forget your lock tight. And on the other side, where the end of the bolt comes through, we're going to loosely secure a nylon lock nut. Now what we can do is, using the two holes here in the bottom of our bracket there as guides, we're going to drill out some openings here in this portion of our frame.So now we can grab our bolt, split-lock washer, put on a red-lock tight, that hardware combination is going to go through the bracket as well as in through the frame, through the holes that we drilled out. So they're going to get connected to a handle nut. We can slide through our access hole and we're just going to get both of them loosely secured for now. Line up our handle nut and get it going.Now that we have all that hardware in place, and tight. And come back with a 916 socket and snug everything down. Now what we can do is come back and torque down all of our hardware to the amount specified in the instructions.With all that hardware torque down, now I'm going to come back in with a pair of snips and just clip off the remaining portion of the handle nuts. Now, what we can do is move here to this flange where our bumper beam meets the frame, and we need to drill two holes there. That way we can put some extra bolts through there. Now be careful when you're doing this. Behind here, over here on the driver's side, there's some wiring that's relatively close, and that's why I put this thick piece of wood here. That way, if I do puncture too far, the wood will slow it down and stop it.We have our holes drilled out. Now we can take our bolts, some lock tight, flat washer, run them through. Then on the backside, we're going to take another flat washer and a nylon lock nut and get them started. Now we can go ahead tighten and torque the nuts and boltsSo at this point, I went ahead and just took our included safety cables and dealings and put the de-link around the convenience link here on our base plate, and wrap the cable around our frame. Pretty straight forward, just looped it around and connected two links down here. I did this on each side. Now what we can do is trim out our plastic grill guard here, according to the diagram in our instructions.We have it trimmed out. We can simply pre-install it the opposite way that we removed it. I can grab our plastic bumper beam cover and simply just pop this back into position. Now, at this point, it'd be a great time to install any other of your flat towing components like tow bar wiring and a braking system. And that's because while the fascia is off, we're going to have a lot more room to work and it'll make everything a lot easier during that installation process. So that's exactly what I'm going to do is move on and install our other components. However, if you're not installing those or you already have them done, what you'd simply do is trim your fascia out according to the diagram and instructions, and re-install it the opposite way they removed it. Now that the rest of the flat tow components have been installed, we can get our fascia put back on. When you're going to put it back on, you want to hold it up here. And you'll start to see you're going to hit some components on your base plate. So I just used my paint stick to mark where those components were. And then I just use a pair of snips to just snip out around those components. Once you snip out the furthest ones, you can then slide it a little bit further on. You got to get around your breakaway switch. You got to get around your safety chain connections, also your wiring in the middle.And then once we get it up in place here, we'll get closer and we can get it around our connection point on our base plate as well. And once you've got it slid into place and cleared out all of your components there at the front, we can then just reinstall our fascia in reverse order of how we removed it. And that completes our installation of Blue Ox's base plate on our 2018 Ford Edge.

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Customer Reviews

Blue Ox Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms - BX2657

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (2235 Customer Reviews)

Custom designed to fit your vehicle so it can be safely towed behind your RV, this base plate has easily removable arms that offer a seamless look when you're not flat towing. Base plate bolts directly to your chassis, so no welding is required.


Installed on a 2017 Ford Edge, total time to in stall was 6hr with my 2 boy's helping. Watch the video several times befor the installation and followed the video as we work on the installation work out great. The boy's and I think the stick nuts were the most time consuming part. We worked out of the garage with no lift but we did have air to run a high speed and air ratchets. Great product.




Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit in Base Plates

I watched the video and installed it myself. I had to buy a hole saw, but other than that I had all the tools. It took about 3.5 hours. The only odd thing is the Edge hook up is very high. I had to purchase a 6 inch riser class III hitch.


Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit in Base Plates

I ordered a Blue Ox Base Plate for my Ford Focus. Blue Ox said they were out of stock, and would have to make one, six or more weeks? I Order the Blue Ox Base Plate from etrailer, and it was delivered to my house in three days. Getting ready to install it, directions look very well detailed. Look forward to towing our Ford Focus this summer, with our Motorhome, on our camping trips

It is working fine, have not had any issues. I installed it, fit as described.
Louis - 02/07/2022


Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit in Base Plates

Baseplate was an easy fit,installed it myself with the help of a friend after the easy install I decided to get the wiring harness as well,again simple install neat and tidy hauled my Jetta behind my 1974GMC motorhome from Victoria,BC across the mountains with no problem.

100 happy with the product,fit great when we installed it
Werner - 06/26/2022


Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit in Base Plates

The Blue Ox base plate seemed well-engineered, but it was difficult to install. It appeared to be welded slightly off angle, which required us to drill the edge of the bolt holes to make them fit. The angle bracket for the breakaway switch is upright, but our breakaway switch mounts horizontally, so we had to add a 90-degree bracket to adapt them (seems like the base plate package should have included an adapter). We are pleased with the look and confident that it will tow our Fiat securely.


Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit in Base Plates

The Blue Ox BasePlate has worked out very well. We've traveled over 3,000 miles on 4 separate trips....with multiple hookups and detachments. Great system. The only constructive comment is the electric hookup for lights/turn signals was a little wonky but my mechanic worked it out with the manufacturer.


Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit in Base Plates

Great product and am super happy with the customer service. Steve from emailed me the day my tow bar arrive with additional information on installation and provided a contact number if I needed. Product I received was out standing and the customer service is even better. I will shop here again and recommend anyone to this company.


Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit in Base Plates

Quality product. Solid, well built, perfect installation fitment. I installed this on a 2020 Jeep Wrangler JL and had no problems. Bumper and lower facia removal were easy (check out the online video...great instructions.) Base Plate installation was an easy, one-person job. (FYI I'm 72 and not in great shape, so if I say it was was easy!) Total time invested was about 2 hours.


Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit in Base Plates

My blue ox base plate kit came right on schedule. I met my mechanic at the shop and with a hydraulic lift and air tools we had it installed and secured in about 30 minutes. I could have done it alone at home in about 1.5 hrs. It fits perfect and looks like it was part of original car frame.


Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit in Base Plates

2017 jk unlimited with quadratec qrc full bumper/ winch. BX1134 is the one you need for this install .Install went well only had to make a couple notches in bumper. Photos attached.cables had to be attached to base plate rear rings no room between bumper and base plate to go around.If you don't want rattles just wire tie rings to baseplate once they are secure trough plate holes it'll thighten thinks up. Very well made product.

Working great very happy with this product. Made well holding up in different weather conditions.still looking like the day I installed it , I would recommend this product.
Nicholas - 08/23/2021


Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit in Base Plates

Build quality is excellent. No issues what-so-ever regarding the integrity and the strength of the design.

Installation was not without issues. Some self-inflicted wounds like when I lost lock on all the fasteners for the bumper and frontend. I bet there were over 50 screws and clips each of which had their own location. I wish I would have put them in separate baggies and labeled everything. Also, suggest you use masking or painters’ tape to line everything up before you take the front bumper and cowling off. That would have saved time.

BlueOx recommends using a 1.25in hole saw. NOT for me. No way you can get the hole saw to bite. Much better is a tapered drill. Available for about the same price as a hole saw, far more versatile, and a LOT EASIER to control.

I’ll admit to not being the sharpest spoon in the drawer and I am a bit retentive, but I spent probably 20 hours on the install. The issue I had was not with the baseplate perse, but rather with taking everything apart and then figuring out how to put it back together again with no leftover parts.

There are two criticisms I would levy at BlueOx. ONE: They provide a helper to install an otherwise inaccessible nut. Well that’s fine, but the threads were fouled and need to be cleaned. That should have been prior to shipment. And TWO: They were explicit in their measurements, which I followed, and messed-up. By the time I found the issue, I would have had to take the bumper off – so I improvised a work-around.


Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit in Base Plates

My Blue Ox Tow bar and Break Buddy System perform as advertised. I tow my Buick Enclave behind my 30’ class C with confidence.


Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit in Base Plates

I will give a 5 star for fit. I had to grind the opening on frame even after using a hammer so the nut plate would fit so overall a 4. By the way this was installed by my daughter and myself, her Mom.


Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit in Base Plates

Pretty easy to do my self but the instructions could have been a bit larger with more pictures. I think the hardest part was drilling the holes to attach the two brackets as there was only one hole on each frame. Getting the square nuts with wire attached were difficult to get both aligned because the wire on the first one got in the way each time


Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit in Base Plates

Debated on paying someone to install the plate but settled on doing it myself. Would have been 110% easier and quicker if the can was on a lift. Other than that, I had all the tools needed and bought a couple of jack stands. Wa-la! Still need to get an emergency breakoff switch, which I didn't know when I had it all apart. I got this!


Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit in Base Plates

I am really happy, not only with the product but the customer care I received. Very quick and helpful!!

I would make one suggestion. Take the headlights out when doing this on a Chevy Cobalt. It will make it much easier to get to the 3 bolt holding the fender to the fascia.


Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit in Base Plates

I’ve bought 3 of these 2 for Mini Coopers and one for a GMC Acadia. Cars really aren’t designed to be towed, so that’s why the base plates have such an involved shape and fit. They aren’t easy to install and are somewhat difficult to force into position. If you’re thinking of installing one in your driveway a couple hours before work, you’re gonna be late. All that said the product does what it is supposed to do and is very secure.


Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit in Base Plates

Just what I needed to flat tow my Jeep Wrangler. When I first received the base plate I was thinking about having it installed, but after watching the installation video I decided to do it myself. Couldn't have asked for a smoother install. The permanent base plate safety cables concerned me a little. I came up with a figure-8 over the frame that I think will work ok and I did secure it with some cable ties in a couple of spots.
Thanks to Nick at etrailer for the help and to the folks that made the installation video giving me the confidence to do-it-myself.

The base plate still works great and looks good too. No issues.
Joseph - 03/04/2021


Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit in Base Plates

I ordered all the parts required to safely flat tow out 2017 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk from The only part they didn't have was the Mopar Flat Tow Enhancement kit Jeep requires to flat tow this model.

Ordering from them was great, the website is easy to use and I was able to locate all the pieces compatible with my specific vehicle. The expert recommendations help my decision choosing the right parts. I ordered from ETrailer even though I found some of the parts on other websites a little cheaper. I chose to pay a little more because of all the effort ETrailer has put into installation videos and guides. I was very pleasantly surprised to learn from ETrailer that they have a price match guarantee!

So my equipment consisted of the following

Mopar Flat Tow Enhancement Kit (from Jeep)

Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Towed Vehicles

Mighty Cord 7-Way RV Style Trailer Connector - Trailer End

WesBarg 7-Way, RV-Style Connector w/ 6' Long Coiled Cable Trailer End

Pollak Black Plastic, 7-Pole, RV Blade-Style Trailer Socket - Vehicle End

Hopkins Custom Tail Light Wiring Kit for Towed Vehicles

SMI Stay-IN-Play DUO Supplemental Braking System

Roadmaster Brake-Lite Relay Kit for Towed Vehicles

Blue Ox Alpha Tow Bar - Motor Home Mount - 6,500 lbs

Blue Ox Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms

Blue Ox Tow Bar Cover - Aladdin, Aventa LX, Aventa II

The installation videos are great but not all inclusive. Take the time to read the instructions that come with the parts. This is a major project, I took about 30 hrs over a full week but as you'll see in the pictures I took s few extra steps to make a cleaner look.

Some of those extra steps:

The base plate install requires the bumper be modified cutting off a flange on each side, I spray painted this to prevent corrosion.

In the install video of the baseplate on the drivers side they use an extra quick link (not included) to run the safety cable around the wiper fluid reservoir. I took the time to remove it and run the safety cable behind it.

I didn't want our nice new vehicle to look like it can be towed so I played the brake away switch and 7 way trailer plug behind the license plate, so when not being towed our vehicle looks great!

Some things to be aware of. The Brake air cylinder that mounts to the brake pedal with four bolts may need longer bolts, it did on our Jeep. Spend the money for weather tight heat shrink crimp fittings. The Hopkins wire harness was about 1.5 feet short to get to my plug location. Buy extra zip ties, electrical tape and split loom.

I recommend reading all the various installation manuals and watching all the videos because the various components integrate together and if you install one at a time you'll be doing a bunch of extra work.

The brake light relay is a real pain in the butt, not because of the hardware but because of the location of the brake light switch which is very hard to get to.

Overall I am very happy with the products and how the installation looks. We haven't towed it yet but do not expect any problems.

Still very happy with our purchase. We’ve towed over 10k miles and have had zero issues with our tow setup. I’ve shared my experience with several other RVrs and recommended your company for their needs. Thank you,
Roy - 07/30/2018


Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit in Base Plates

Easy to install — works great

Working great, flat towed my 2001 4X4 4Runner from California to Red Bay Alabama and back with no problem. I just have to put the transmission in park, transfer case in neutral, brake off, key off, but leave key in.
Doyle - 10/23/2022


Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit in Base Plates

This baseplate is very well made and sturdy. I would rate it excellent but for 2 flaws:

1. My vehicle has a power steering cooler which the instructions say to relocate on the supplied brackets. Relocating as instructed puts excessive strain on the connecting hoses. I had to cut the pipes and add about 3 inches of rubber hose to the power steering cooler to make it fit comfortably.
2. Blue Ox do not provide any kind of support outside office hours. This type of product is typically installed by the user over a weekend and BO should provide support to their customers during this time.

Overall, I would rate ease of install at 5 (out of 10) excluding the cooler issue.

Hook up to the completed baseplate is a breeze. We have the Aventa II towbar which takes about 2 minutes to connect.

Agree about cooler
-- comment by: Wally - 07/24/2022


Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit in Base Plates

This is a really solid base plate. Installation for the Pontiac Vibe was is definitely more involved that installing the alternative (Road Master). The Road Master base plate just bolts through existing bumper holes and an engine mount. This base plate is bolted directly to the frame just behind the bumper, with four 3/8" grade 5 bolts in holes you have to drill after clamping the base plate in place. I found it easy to get the required height (3/4" below bumper) but simply using a 1x3 piece of lumber. You also have drill a 1.25"hole in the frame to gain access to the inside of the frame. Tricky part of this install is getting the nuts, which are welded to a 1" plate and a ~14" steel rods, into place to be line up with the holes. It is a little hard to see. I also recommend making sure the bolts actually thread easily on to the nuts before putting the nuts in the the frame. I had the misfortune of one of the either cross threading or jamming, and I ended up having to cut the bolt head off with a sawsall using a metal blade. The bolt had not gone very far into the nut before it jammed so I was just able to get the sawsall blade behind the head, and cut it off, holding the head with a pair of vice grips. If that hadn't worked I would have had to take the car to a shop with oxy-acetaline torch to have it cut off. I was able to fish the cut of bolt out for the frame with a bent coat hanger. The first photo is of the base plate after I cut off the bolt.
Blue Ox support was GREAT! I sent them and email explaining that I needed new nuts and bolts, and they sent the needed parts (at no charge!). I just had to put my install on hold for several days.

The second problem I had was in attaching the electrical harness recepticle to the tubes on the to bar. One of the self tapping screws twisted off as I was tighting it. I ended up cutting of 1/2" of the tubes (with the sawsall) and then tapping the tubes with 1/4x20 threads, and regaining the length cut off with the bolt. My recommendation to blue ox, is that they tap these tubes with to 1/4x20, and provide regular bolts to attach the recepticle. The second picture showes the result.

When I showed the 3rd and 4th pictures to my mechanic, he was impressed and said, "That looks really solid!" The last picture shows the front of the car after I have started to assemble it (with the styrofoam padding on the bumper, and the draw bars in place.

The solidity of the Blue Ox engineering and the FABULOUS customer support has totally turned my into a Blue Ox fan. I'm glad my RV dealer suggested that I go with Blue Ox instead of the slightly cheaper solution, that would have been much less solid.


Review from a similar Blue Ox Base Plate Kit in Base Plates

I would give it 5 stars, if not for the adjustments i had to make to the top bolt holes so the frame side bolt holes would line up. This took me several hours more to get the base plate mounted. It looked like the base plate drivers side upper flange was off about 3 degrees and this little bit of mis-alignment drove me nuts. So after 4 hrs i have it mounted and cables installed. I still have to run all the electrical, so the car is still blown apart.
I WAS pleasantly surprised at how easy the front fascia came off the car. HATS OFF to the etrailer videos, I watched them a few times and it gave me a great deal of confidence. I also was able to install the side frame bolts without drilling the large holes in the outer frame rail. I simply used a ratchet and inserted it through the front of the frame enlarged cut out

zero problems i do keep them in a canvas bag when not in use
Robert S - 02/22/2020

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    The Air Force One, part # SM99243, is a great braking system for motorhomes with air brakes. Other systems still work but this one prevents false braking when the coach's brake lights are activated with the exhaust brake. I attached an install video for this kit on a similar Ford Edge as yours for you to check out as well. For a base plate kit they'd need the part # BX2657 which is a confirmed fit for the 2018 Edge. For a tow bar the part # BX7380 would be a great option. For lighting...
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    So I did some research on whether or not your 2016 Ford Edge Titanium AWD can be flat towed and it looks like the deciding factor is the engine size. If you have the 4 cylinder 2.0 liter engine you can't flat tow it and it must be towed on a trailer. If you have the V6 engine though you are totally safe to flat tow the vehicle as long as you follow the procedures listed in the owners manual. The Blue Ox base plate kit you'd need is the part # BX2667 if you have adaptive cruise control...
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    For tow bar wiring to activate the tail lights on your 2015 Ford Edge Titanium when flat towing it behind a motor home you have a few options. But since you are using a supplemental braking system I recommend using 6 diodes. First you would need the 4 diode kit, # RM-154, and then 2 additional diodes, # RM-792. You would then wire it up like the picture I have included. This will only work if the motor home also has turn signals that are on a different bulb than the brake lights. If the...
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  • Can Blue Ox Flat Towing Parts from 2013 Ford Edge Fit a 2018 Ford Edge SEL
    You will be able to use your Blue Ox braking system and tow bar but you will need new base plates. The 2013 and 2018 Ford Edge SEL use different base plate designs. Base plates # BX2657 work with SEL models that do not have Active Cruise Control or the 2.0 EcoBoost motor. And they will not fit models with the Driver Assist Package. If your 2018 does have Active Cruise Control but not the EcoBoost 2.0 liter motor then you can use base plates # BX2667. These base plates will be compatible...
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