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Ultra-Fab Stackable Stabilizers for Small Trailers and Campers - 6,000 lbs - Qty 2

Ultra-Fab Stackable Stabilizers for Small Trailers and Campers - 6,000 lbs - Qty 2

Item # UF48-979003
Our Price: $39.80
Camper Jacks
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These unique jacks extend from 11" to 17" and support up to 6,000 lbs each. Stackable design means that they take up less space when stored. For stabilizing only - do not use for lifting. 1-800-940-8924 to order Ultra-Fab Products camper jacks part number UF48-979003 or order online at Free expert support on all Ultra-Fab Products products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Ultra-Fab Stackable Stabilizers for Small Trailers and Campers - 6,000 lbs - Qty 2. Camper Jacks reviews from real customers.
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Ultra-Fab Products Camper Jacks - UF48-979003

  • Pop Up Camper
  • Teardrop Camper
  • Travel Trailer
  • Stabilizer Jacks
  • 5001 - 6000 lbs
  • 2 Jacks
  • 17 Inch Lift
  • Ultra-Fab Products
  • Not Mounted
  • Aluminum

These unique jacks extend from 11" to 17" and support up to 6,000 lbs each. Stackable design means that they take up less space when stored. For stabilizing only - do not use for lifting.


  • Stabilizers help support your small trailer or camper when it is parked
    • Do not use for lifting
  • Stackable design minimizes required storage space
  • Simple setup
    • Place beneath trailer and extend up by turning handle until threaded extension is raised to appropriate height
  • Die-cast aluminum construction is strong, sturdy and rustproof


  • Weight capacity: 6,000 lbs per stabilizer
  • Height adjustment: 11" - 17"
  • Quantity: 2 jacks
  • Lifetime warranty

48-979003 UltraFab Stacker Jacks - 2 Pack

Video of Ultra-Fab Stackable Stabilizers for Small Trailers and Campers - 6,000 lbs - Qty 2

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Ultra-Fab Small Trailers and Campers Stackable Stabilizers Review

What's up everybody It's AJ with Today, we're gonna be checking out these stacking stabilizers from Ultra-Fab. Now these are gonna come in a kit of four or two, depending on what you need, and what you can use them for is we've got them put underneath our enclosed trailer today, and that's just gonna help stabilize it. Now it's not lifting it up off the ground, but they're there and tightened up to the bottom of the trailer so that I can walk around, back and forth inside. And there's not gonna be side to side or front to back movement. It really does work and stabilizes everything.

That way, it's just a little safer while you're in there messing with it. Let's check it out. Just goes all the way up here to the frame and acts as a kind of a stand. So again, it's not lifting this up. This isn't a floor jack or anything like that.

This is a stabilizer. So, you tighten it up to the bottom of the frame, just enough to stabilize everything underneath. So we've got two up front and two on the back, and it's gonna allow me to walk around in there and not have the trailer shift back and forth on me. Now let's test it out. We're gonna remove the stabilizers and we're gonna show you how much the trailer moves back and forth without them.

So we're gonna get an outside shot. And then later on, we're gonna show you the inside. But right now I'm just gonna walk in there and go back and forth, and you're gonna see the trailer move a whole bunch. So I'm just kind of shaking it with my feet right now. You should see it moving side to side.

It's pretty easy to do. Not to mention walking side to side in the trailer. That just moves it back and forth. And then hopping from side to side, definitely moves it back and forth. Now that we're inside, we went and set up a level just to further show you how much movement there is. Now camera man Aiden's in here with me. So the camera is gonna get a little shaky, but you'll at least be able to see the side to side movement on that level. And how much just walking around and jumping around in the trailer moves that level. Now we've got the stabilizers set back up on our enclosed trailer. I'm gonna go back inside and show you how much it does not move anymore. So we've got two on the front and two on the back. I'm just gonna hop in, kind of walk around like I did before. You probably aren't seeing much out there because I'm definitely not feeling much as I walk around. It feels way more sturdy and I'm just walking around right now. I'm not jumping yet. But then I'll jump back and forth. I'm looking at the level while I'm in here. That bubble is barely even moving, even when I jump around. So that just shows that they are actually working. Back inside, just want to show you the level. So I'm just gonna walk around again, and then I'll start to jump back and forth here in a second. You see, as I'm walking around the trailer, that bubble's barely moving. So now I'll kind of hop back and forth. Might be moving just a little bit, but I just don't feel it at all on the floor as I'm going back and forth. And so that bubble's not moving that much at all. Once again, I'm just gonna kind of walk around all over here, just to show you there might be slight movement, but it feels so much more sturdy. This way I can walk around. There's not any movement. And I'll kind of hop back and forth. You're not seeing much movement at all. This is a great option if you have a work trailer. So we have our enclosed trailer. If you we're to pull this up on your job site and you have people coming in and out of it all day, not to mention hauling heavy equipment out, that's gonna make it shift back and forth, and where it's not gonna fall over or anything, but it's so much better with those stablers on there. So let's say you're pulling out a big old generator. It's not gonna add that more movement back and forth as you're moving that around inside here. You can just get it out of here and it's not gonna shift things around. Now we're at our camper. We went ahead and installed it on here. There's some different things going on with a camper. Most of the time there's people walking around back and forth inside. You might have pets or even kiddos running around. It's gonna be lot of side to side movement. And you want to kind of help stabilize that. Most new campers already have scissor jacks installed on them like this. So then you wouldn't need the stabilizer here. But some older campers don't have them on there. So then you have a choice you can make. You can go with some scissor jacks or stabilizers. I'm gonna kind of just go over some pros and cons real quick of both of them. The scissor jack's nice because it's already gonna be here in place at the bottom of your camper. So all you have to do is get the tool out of the basement door and lower them that way. Now you could get automatic ones too, where you can push a button and it lowers them. Or that's gonna require, that goes into installation. So with installing these, you're gonna have to drill into the frame for some of them. You might have to weld, so you're gonna need a welder. Or if you're doing the automatic ones, you're gonna have to run some wires back and forth to get it to be that push button. That's not something you're comfortable with or not something you want to invest in, you can go this route instead. It's far easier to install this. You just run, turn the screw. And the bolt goes up here and holds or pushes up against the frame, sorry. And that's how it stables that there. And then when you're done, you just mainly go all the way back down with it. And they're also gonna store inside of each other. So it'll only probably take up about that much space with them all collapsed inside each other. So it's not that much more room than the tool that you've used in the basement. I know that one's probably more like a rod, but this one's gonna be a little bigger like this. So that's gonna fit in your basement, but you're gonna have to have the space for it. I get it, but it's not that bad. So between both of them you have to make those choices. Now, it also depends on is your camper a bigger camper Then I probably wouldn't go with the stabilizer here. The bigger the camper, the more stabilization it's gonna need. So I'd probably go with the scissor jack, especially 'cause you can add onto them with different accessories, like crossbars that go across there and really take that side to side out. And a more permanent installation is probably best for something that big. One limiting factor may be height though. Just in case your trailer or your camper sits up a little high. This can only adjust from all the way, being all the way down would be 11 inches, and fully extended would be 17 inches. So that's how much you have to work with here. I just want you to keep that in mind, maybe check out how low your trailer sits to be level before you decide if you're gonna go with this or not. This is what you're gonna get with the kit. So there's gonna be four of these. It's gonna be the stand and this is gonna be the pole. You just put through here. You see it's got a cutout for the nut there, and that's what it's gonna go fit down into. That way it holds the nut in place as you turn this, and it either extends or retracts the bolt. You have the handle here. That just goes in the side. Fits in there. And it's got a little indention there. So that's how it catches. And you can easily turn it to again, raise or lower it. So, that being said, we can loosen this up and slide it underneath the trailer. You want to make sure it pushes up against the frame. Now you don't have to turn it a whole bunch when you're doing it. Just a little bit, because again, it's not lifting the trailer up. It just using it for the trailer to sit down on to stabilize. So let's come back through here. Looks like we're going right about here. A little more towards the inside. Try and match the one on the other side. And I'll start turning it with my hand this way. You really could probably start using a level, sorry, the handle. Once it makes contact and gets a little harder to turn, you're gonna need that. So right about there, you see it got a little harder for me to turn my hand, and we're gonna make sure we just get a couple more turns on there, so it gets tight. But not too much 'cause again, not lifting it up. So that seems about right there. I can give it a nice shake. You see it's not moving or going anywhere. And the stabilizer's set. Now the overall construction of our stabilizers is gonna be aluminum. So it's gonna hold up to the elements just fine. It's not gonna rust or corrode. And it's gonna have a weight rating of 6,000 pounds per stabilizer. So that just means, most likely it'd be fine on most trailers, just because all that weight. You're not gonna have 6,000 pounds just coming down on this side. It's gonna be 6,000 per each one of the stabilizers. And since we have four on here, that's gonna be more than enough just to make sure and keep this thing level. Another good thing about them being aluminum is that they're super lightweight. I was really surprised at how light they are. You can do it one handed, not a big deal. I guess I was lumping them in with the category of those floor jacks, kinda like we talked about earlier. Those are usually heavier, bulkier. You kinda have to lug them around. This is very small. It's more compact with it all fit into each other like we showed you too, all four of them here with the bolts in the middle, and can easily fit in our basement door. No big deal. Just wanted to show you how it does fit in there really nicely, 'cause obviously there's plenty of room in a utility trailer to put them on any of those shelves, but basement door, fits right in there with room to spare. Well, I think that about does it. Thanks for hanging out..

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Customer Reviews

Ultra-Fab Stackable Stabilizers for Small Trailers and Campers - 6,000 lbs - Qty 2 - UF48-979003

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (285 Customer Reviews)

These unique jacks extend from 11" to 17" and support up to 6,000 lbs each. Stackable design means that they take up less space when stored. For stabilizing only - do not use for lifting.


Perfect for the four corner supports of our Jayco 175 RD. Much easier to deal with than the scissor jacks installed on the camper. E trailer got them to us quickly as usual!



Still in good condition & doing the job they were purchased for!


The jacks are good solid all metal construction and the adjusting bolt works well. Best to take a quick look and figure out how much extension you need and just twiddle the nut by fingers until you're close, then set the unit in place and tighten up with the levers. These jacks worked when I was a kid fifty years ago and they are still a great solution to keep the camper trailer steady. I'll use these on the back corners of the trailer and block the wheels. . .on a bigger trailer you'd better get four of them though and support all four corner. Take the screw parts out and stack the bases and they store in very little room.

Ken P.


Still fine, use them every trip.


They work just fine! Replaced an old one that got run over...



They work just fine. Doing what they were built to do!


Our camper came with stabilizers only in the back. Once we level it we put these under the front corners and it gets rid of any movement in the camper like you get when front is only on tongue jack.


We got these to supplement our scissor jacks on our pop up camper. These are perfect to help stabilize. Ours is one of the smallest campers made, so this application works wonderfully!

Tammy K.


Perfect stabilization for our pop-up!


I've been looking for awhile, and these seem to be just what I need to stabilize my little camper. Can't wait for the first field test.


Even though these items were out of stock they contacted me when they were back in stock. The items arrived safely and are high quality parts! Can't wait to get back to rebuilding my vintage 69 Fleetwing camper.


just what the doctor ordered....working great for the side of the RV .... the wheels are off the ground so had to use a jack to take the bend out since the door would not close properly.......had a standard without the adjustable lift had to constantly readjust the new ones are doing the job and with both on the same side I can turn the handle where with one I found it very them....


UPS just delivered the jack stands . I put them under my 25 foot travel trailer in the rear of the unit. it solved the rocking motion. The stabilizes that came with the unit did not stop the camper from rocking when somebody walked. These stands improved the problem 99 percent. I am happy with these stands. The people at etrailer are very good at what the do. Thank you again I am sure if I need any thing in the future I will get if from you guys.


I bought these to add additional stability to a smaller travel trailer (23'). I positioned them under the frame in the middle of the trailer to help with side to side motion caused by give in the suspension. They worked well enough for that purpose.

The product seems to be well made and is very light. Being stackable adds to the appeal as space is limited.


Jacks are used to support the drop down door of my utility trailer when being used as a porch instead of a loading ramp. All I needed was a 2 x 4 and these light weight jacks and now I have a 7x 7 porch to sit on when go kayak fishing. Works great and best of all CHEAP and the service was outstanding.


This was my second order within a week. The jacks performed just as stated in the product description.
As important to me was the customer service. I called in my second order and spoke to Jean. She handled my order quickly with a knowledge of the product that helped me make the best decision for my product.
I would highly recommend these jacks as well as etrailer.


Helped stabilize the camper while using the steps.


Worked as expected. However, don't use this as a leveling jack. It is for stabilizing your RV once you have it where you want it.


Box look like it had gone thru several football games, but the product came thru fine.
This is the second time I have used you guys and I think your great!. Regarding the jacks I wish they came in a slightly taller size. I have to through a 2x beneath them to get them to support my boat trailers aft end.


Good and sturdy, and easy to use. I use them to steady a 16,000 lb 5th wheel as I have it setting on a slab of concrete. no give as in some other stabilizers. Good product.


Product is simple to use and performs exactly as described. I have installed the stand on a small travel trailer to replace a damaged screw jack and am satisfied with it's performance.


The jacks are great. Strong enough for the job but light enough to carry. Ordered on Friday and delivered on Monday. GREAT service!

John S.


They have seen lots of use this year and are still working great.


I just got 'em and they are exactly as I expected. The are light, strong and easily stored. I will use them to stabilize my teardrop trailer when I am out camping. I expect them to work well. They are easily adjustable and will allow me to level my trailer.

Received my shipment early ??????.


Just bought the jack stand set and they are a perfect fit for my smaller trailer. Great price, fast shipping. Looking forward to doing more business with etrailer


Right parts and ontime. Great job!


One year later these jacks are still holding up! Our TT only has rear jacks. These give us added support up front (as needed).


Excellent all around with! Quick shipping, great product that did what I wanted them to do at an awesome price and TOP NOTCH customer service. I will be back for more!


These are just what I need to help stabilize my 5th wheel rv. Light weight but strong.


bought from etrailer before and always were happy with service

James T.



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  • Footprint of Ultra-Fab Stackable Stabilizer Jacks
    The base of the Ultra-Fab Stackable Stabilizers, part # UF48-979003, measure 6 by 6 inches. I've linked a video of the jacks for you as well.
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  • Stabilizer Jacks for 24 Foot RV
    They certainly will! Each jack included with the # UF48-979003 has a 6000 lb capacity, and is meant to stabilize a trailer (not lift it). These work really well to prevent the fore/aft and back and forth rocking experienced while walking around in a trailer. Be sure that the pad is in contact with the frame of the trailer when the jacks are deployed.
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  • What is the Jack Screw Size and Thread Pitch on the Ultra-Fab Stackable Stabilizers
    The Ultra-Fab Stackable Stabilizers, # UF48-979003, jack screw measures 3/4 of an inch and has a thread pitch of 12 thread per inch.
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  • Heaviest Duty Trailer Stabilization Jacks For Camper
    Since the Ultra-Fab Stackable Stabilizers for Small Trailers and Campers - 6,000 lbs - Qty 2 # UF48-979003 has a weight capacity of 6000lbs for each stabilizer they are currently the heaviest duty stabilizers offered. These unique jacks are for stabilizing only and are not to be used for lifting your camper. Each jack has a height range of 11"-17" and their stacking design helps to not take up too much space in your trailer. I included a video of the # UF48-979003 for your to take a look at.
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  • What Size Is The Nut For The Ultra-Fab Stackable Stabilizers # UF48-979003?
    The Ultra-Fab Stackable Stabilizers # UF48-979003 uses a 3/4"-12 nut.
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  • Stabilizer Jacks with More than 17 Inches of Height to Stabilize a Trailer
    Stabilizers # UF48-979003 only come in the 11 inch to 17 inch range. For more height range I recommend scissor jacks such as # UF48-979002 which have 24 inches of lift. I have linked a video review for you.
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  • Removing Broken Lippert Electric Stabilizer jacks
    If your Lippert electric stabilizer jacks will not operate via their motors or via the manual crank (which is now broken) I am afraid the only option to let you move the trailer is to remove the damaged rear stabilizer jacks. You will need some method of safely stabilizing the rear of the trailer so that you can unbolt the damaged jack(s) and move the trailer. I understand that your rear jacks are off the ground already but for your safety I urge you to use stands like # UF48-979003 any...
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  • Trailer Stabilizers For Echo UTV Trailer With Frame Height Of 22 Off The Ground
    I recommend the Leveling Scissor Jack Set # JSC-30 for your Echo UTV Trailer. These have a maximum height of 30" and a maximum stabilization weight rating of 10,000lbs per jack. They can also be mounted to your trailer by using bolts or welding them into place. This will make it easier when you are ready to lower the jacks when needed. You can use the manual crank handle, but I recommend using the Ultra-Fab Speed Socket Power Drill Adapter # UF48-979005 to make raising and lowering the...
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  • Recommended Front Stabilizers for A-Frame Camper
    Since you don't want to install scissor jacks I recommend using the Ultra-Fab Stackable Stabilizers for Small Trailers and Campers # UF48-979003. These have a height adjustment of 11-17" and each one has a capacity of 6,000 lbs. They're perfect for an application like yours where you don't want to permanently mount a stabilizer. They also stack up when you store them so they won't take up a lot of space.
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  • Stabilizer Recommendation for Small Camper Trailer
    Scissor jacks like the part # TJSCHD-24-4 are a great option for stabilizers on a smaller trailer like you have. These mount on the trailer permanently wherease a set of stabilizers like the Ultra-Fab Stackable Stabilizers # UF48-979003 are a great option too but these would require you to store them when not in use. I attached a picture of them in use as well.
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    Image 1 for
  • Will Ultra-Fab Stackable Stabilizers # UF48-979003 Work to Steady a Trailer During Unloading
    The Ultra-Fab Stackable Stabilizers for Small Trailers and Campers # UF48-979003 are a perfect item to stabilize the rear of your toy hauler or other trailer while you're unloading your motorcycles. This pair of stabilizers has a total weight capacity of 12,000-lbs and features no-rust die-cast aluminum construction. If your trailer has a tongue jack with a caster wheel you'll want to immobilize it to prevent unexpected movement of the trailer nose while you're moving its contents around....
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  • Types of Jacks Suitable to Stabilize Equipment Trailer During Loading
    We have various jack and stabilizer products that you can consider for addition to the rear of your equipment trailer to support it during loading processes. I linked our main page for such items so you can see all we offer. If you want a low-cost and lightweight option that does not require permanent installation you might look at the Ultra-Fab Stackable Stabilizers # UF48-979003 (a set of 2) or the 4-piece set # UF48-979004. These offer 17-inches of lift and the 4-piece set weighs only...
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  • Stabilizers Needed for 6x10 Cargo Trailer for ATV
    I recommend just using some stabilizer jacks to help keep your trailer from tilting while you're loading your ATV. You can use something as simple as the Ultra-Fab Stackable Stabilizers # UF48-979003 (Qty 2) or # UF48-979004 (Qty 4), OR you can use something a little more permanent like the Stabilizer Jacks # TJ01RT-HD. All of it kind of depends on what kind of ground clearance you have. I have attached some review videos for you to check out.
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  • Stabilizers for 1991 Coleman Shenandoah Pop-up Camper
    If your Coleman Shenandoah pop-up camper trailer still shakes when you walk around inside it you can add more stabilizers to supplement the OEM swing-down jacks. When it comes to keeping a camper steady more points of stabilization are better so I suggest keeping what you have and simply adding more jacks. If you want to permanently mount additional stabilizers you can use scissor jacks like # UF48-979031 (3-inches of lift) or # TJSCHD-24 (18-3/4-inches of lift). If you want to avoid...
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  • Recommended Stabilizer Jack That Uses Tension
    I wasn't able to find any weld-on aluminum jack, but I was able to find the Stabilizer Jack # TJ01RT which sounds like it could be what you're looking for. This jack uses a spring lever to adjust the leg height, and uses the trailer's weight as tension to keep it locked in place. You can see this in the video I've linked, starting at 1:12. All of our Aluminum stabilizers are not going to be what you're looking for, I don't think. They're going to be the old school style Ultra-Fab Stackable...
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  • Recommended Stabilizer Jacks for Off Road Use
    This is difficult to answer without knowing the structure of the camper frame, how it's designed and the extended length you'll need, but I can certainly provide some general advice that will point you in the correct direction. I'm thinking a fold down type stabilizer jack would work well for you. A fold down stabilizing jack like # 288-01892-2 would be a good choice if its 22-1/4 inch extended length would work for you. When folded up, the jack will only extend by 4-3/8 inches below the...
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  • Bottle Jack and Safety Stands for Use During Trailer Maintenance
    A bottle jack like the Powerbuilt # ALL620471 is the right type of jack to use for changing and rotating tires and other trailer maintenance work. But using wood blocks will reduce the stability of the jack and affect the safety of that process. Any trailer work is best done with wheels chocked on both sides. We offer rubber wheel chock products like # 337WC1467A to steady the trailer while you work on it. If you like the Powerbuilt jack for its size you can use it along with wood blocks...
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