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Digital Multimeter with 42" Long Test Leads - XL LCD Display

Digital Multimeter with 42" Long Test Leads - XL LCD Display

Item # PT29ZR
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Electrical Tools
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Performance Tool Electrical Tools - PT29ZR

  • Testers
  • Multimeter
  • Performance Tool
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  • Performs all standard automotive electrical tests on the car or bench troubleshooting
  • Measure and set typical automotive functions with the tach and dwell setting
  • Test electrical components for faulty wiring and voltage
  • Check starting, charging, fuel delivery system voltage, and diode function
  • Extra-large, easy-to-read digital LCD with UL-listed leads and probes
  • Automatic reverse polarity indication with overload protection on all ranges
  • Test lead length: 3-1/2'

W2972 Performance Tool Digital Automotive Multimeter - XL Display

Video of Digital Multimeter with 42" Long Test Leads - XL LCD Display

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Review of Performance Tool Tools for Wiring - Digital Multimeter XL LCD Display - PT29ZR

Hey everybody. I'm Ellen here at we're going to be taking a quick look and talk about some of the features of this multimeter. The nicest thing about this is that it does have a nice large LCD display. So it gives you a really easy readout of any of your metrics so that you can see what's going on, make sure that your wiring is working properly. You can test functions to make sure that you're getting the right connections made and that everything is coming through as it should. So I'm going to test it out on a couple of different things just to show you how well it works.So I've got a battery here and also a tester with some wiring on it, just to give you a couple of different scenarios of things that you can test with this.

Of course, you just always want to follow the directions as far as how to use it.If you're trying to read any kind of amps, you always want to use the fused ports, but most of the time, you're probably going to be using these two ports. It's typically the most common use for these guys, but let's take a closer look and I'll put it through some of those tests.So turning it on, you can see that nice digital display makes it really easy to see what's going on. There's also a hold button here. So if you want to hold it at the.. whatever it's reading out, you just press that.

It's actually kind of a little weird because a lot of other multimeters are set so that whenever you press the hold button, and then you go to test something, it'll just hold at the highest readout. But for this one, it just holds at whatever the metric or the number is when you press that button. I'll just untangled my leads here and put them on this battery but as soon as I do, nothing happens. Just stays right there. So, that's because that hold button is on.As soon as I take it off and then actually get things connected and turn it over to the right setting on DC volts, now you can see we're getting a readout of 12 volts as we should.

Going to hit hold, take my leads away and it stays there. But if I try to go do something else, it's just going to stay static. So it's something to keep in mind. When we we're first playing with this here in the shop, we we're afraid that it wasn't working, but we didn't realize that that hold button was on. The easiest way to figure out if it is, there's a little tiny H that pops up whenever hold is in use.

So if it's not working, you notice that little H is there, press the hold button to make sure that you clear that.Also got some little alligator clamps. So this also makes it pretty nice. If you're wanting to test out a battery or you want to test something and kind of hold onto it, rather than having to hold it with the little prongs or hold it with your hands, you just kind of want to make sure that you get those pushed in all the way. There's a couple of little spots in there. I know it's going to be hard to see, but you just kind of want to make sure that you get it all the way seated in the housing to get a good connection. And then again, can just clamp on to be able to test, so it makes it a little bit easier. But as you can see, these clamps can also come off. So I'm just going to pop that back in there. No big deal.Now the other big function that you'll use a multimeter for is to test out wiring, to make sure that the ports are what you want or that everything is hooked up correctly. So I've got some six pole wiring here and a tester box connected to it. So I can run some functions, turn that on, put my ground in place. And then you can just go around to test whatever's live to make sure that you know where that signal is coming through. And again, this is where that little kickstand is really handy. So you can just set this and you don't have to hold onto it. You can just see what's going on. So you can switch to a different signal, go through my pins again to figure out which one this signals coming through.So, really for any kind of wiring, this is just a handy accessory to have. It's the safest way to test any wiring. The most accurate, instead of just guessing, color coding, you can't always trust because some people go off of a different metrics or sometimes they just don't even color code things at all.So, having a multimeter for redoing any kind of wiring or double checking, anything, it's just a good thing to have for all kinds of automotive uses at home, or again, just any kind of electrical job that you might have. All in all, I think this is a pretty nice one, just because of how big that display is. The little kickstand is also nice. The hold button is maybe my least favorite thing, just because it can end up being a little bit confusing. One other thing I do like is that if you happen to want to use it for some of the different functions, maybe you want to check the amps, it will tell you which ports to use down here at the bottom. So, that's kind of nice that it gives you a little indicator of which ones you need to connect to. You probably won't end up using this side very often, but if you do, it's just nice to have that. kind of as an easy indicator of which ones you should connect it up to. Because it can sometimes be a little bit confusing with these guys.That's pretty much it for our quick look at the digital multimeter. I hope that this has been helpful in deciding if this is the right one for you. We do have a couple other options available here at, as well as a lot of other wiring accessories and parts. So if you need anything else, definitely check us out. Thanks for watching..

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Digital Multimeter with 42" Long Test Leads - XL LCD Display - PT29ZR

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    You are correct that there should not be any power to the running lights/tail lights when your headlights and running lights are off on your 2019 Mazda CX-5. It sounds like you have a short in the wiring. You can use your Multimeter # PT29ZR to test the power going into and out of the Curt T-Connector # C56377. This is the most likely culprit as the only power inputs on the trailer for a 4-way are the running lights, brake lights and turn signals. If Curt is unhelpful for resolving your...
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    There may be a couple of reasons your Furrion RV Tankless Water Heater # FR93FR is heating up hotter than what the set temperature is. More than likely it's something as simple as your thermostat being set too high, or you have a malfunctioning thermostat. You can verify if the temperature is set too high, by checking your thermostat and set it lower if it's necessary and check to see if the issue persists. Alternatively, you can use a multimeter # PT29ZR to monitor the continuity as...
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