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Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Ram Truck - Carbide Finish

Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Ram Truck - Carbide Finish

Item # C16427-204
Our Price: $265.89
Fifth Wheel Installation Kit

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Install your fifth-wheel trailer hitch in half the time with this vehicle-specific bracket kit. Requires no drilling and provides a custom fit for your vehicle. Includes everything you need for installation. 1-800-940-8924 to order CURT fifth wheel installation kit part number C16427-204 or order online at Free expert support on all CURT products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Ram Truck - Carbide Finish. Fifth Wheel Installation Kit reviews from real customers.
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CURT Fifth Wheel Installation Kit - C16427-204

  • Above the Bed
  • CURT
  • Custom

Install your fifth-wheel trailer hitch in half the time with this vehicle-specific bracket kit. Requires no drilling and provides a custom fit for your vehicle. Includes everything you need for installation.


  • Custom brackets mount beneath your truck bed to provide attachment points for 5th-wheel rails
  • Base rails sit in truck bed and allow installation of 5th-wheel trailer hitch
  • Custom fit - brackets mount to existing holes in your vehicle's frame
    • No drilling is required
    • Installation time is cut in half when compared with universal bracket systems
  • Kit includes brackets, rails and hardware
  • Visible rails have carbide finish
  • Compatible hitches - Curt, Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, Husky, Reese, and Valley
  • Assembled in the USA

16427 Curt Custom Bracket Kit for Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitches - Dodge Ram

16204 Curt Fifth Wheel Base Rails - Carbide Finish

Installation Details C16427-204 Installation instructions

This Product Fits The Following Vehicles

  • 2014 - 2024 Ram 2500 6-1/2 Foot Bed without OEM Prep Pkg
  • 2014 - 2024 Ram 2500 8 Foot Bed without OEM Prep Pkg
  • 2014 - 2014 Dodge Ram Pickup 2500 - 6-1/2 Foot Bed without OEM Prep Pkg
  • 2014 - 2014 Dodge Ram Pickup 2500 - 8 Foot Bed without OEM Prep Pkg

Video of Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Ram Truck - Carbide Finish

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Curt Fifth Wheel Kit Installation - 2020 Ram 2500

Hey, everybody, how's it going Today we're gonna be going over and showing you how to install the CURT custom fifth wheel installation kit here on our 2020 Ram 2500. So here we have our rails installed. This is what it's gonna look like. We actually have two different finish options here for the rails. We're gonna have the carbide finish that we see here. We're also gonna have a gloss finish.

Now it's really gonna depend on preference. This truck actually has a spray-in bedliner, so the carbide finish actually matches this a little bit better, 'cause it's a little bit duller. So what are our fifth rails gonna do Obviously they're gonna allow us to tow a fifth wheel trailer. We also offer adapters that allow you to tow a gooseneck trailer as well. So no matter what type of trailer you have, you're gonna be able to tow it here with this fifth wheel installation kit.

I'd also like to point out that you can actually use a wide variety of fifth wheel hitches. We don't necessarily have to have a CURT hitch. And the reason for this is the spacing between our rails, front to back, and our pegs here, left to right, is actually gonna be an industry standard measurement. Therefore, we can use fifth wheel hitches such as those from Reese, Draw-Tite, Husky, and so on. So a couple of questions we get asked here about the installation kit is number one, they do not come with the pins and clips which secure the fifth wheel hitch to the rails.

Those are more than likely gonna come with your fifth wheel hitch. And another question we get is in regards to weight capacity. So these particular rails and installation kit here, they don't have a rated weight capacity. They're basically gonna be able to handle whatever the truck is capable of. So in regards to installation, you do want to set a little bit of time aside to be able to complete this.

It's not hard per se, but it is gonna take some time. We don't really need to make too many modifications. That's actually gonna use some existing weld nuts in the frame. We do, however, have to drill a couple holes into our truck bed. But aside from that, it's pretty straightforward. Let's go ahead and show you guys how to do that now. So the first step of our installation here, we're actually gonna be lowering and removing our spare tire temporarily. In order to do this, you're gonna need to get a tool out of the cab of your vehicle here. It's gonna go into a slot underneath the tailgate here. There'll be some more detailed instructions in your owner's manual if you're not sure how to do this. We're just gonna be using a specialized tool we have here to make it a little bit easier. But we're basically just gonna be lowering the spare tire so we can temporarily remove it from the vehicle. So now that we have our spare tire out, we're gonna come underneath the vehicle here, we're gonna have a heat shield here. We're gonna need to remove that as well. We're gonna have various fasteners, couple over here, as well as a couple on the backside as well. So we'll use a 10-millimeter socket to go ahead and remove all of those. And now with our heat shield removed, we can go ahead and set it aside. So now we're gonna come underneath our truck here. We're gonna be coming forward of our rear axle here. So directly in front of our coil springs here, about the same location as where our shock mounts inside the frame, we're gonna have a wiring harness on either side which attaches to the frame with one of these little connection clips here. We're gonna take a trim panel tool, we're gonna get up underneath that, and then we're just gonna work it free. And the reason we need to do that is because we can see two connection points here. There's gonna be two weld nuts inside the frame here. We're gonna be using these to attach one of our fifth wheel plates. We're gonna be doing this on both sides. So because our weld nuts are on the underside of the vehicle here, they're gonna be subject to dirt and debris. We want to make sure that we go ahead, take some spray lubricant here, along with a nylon brush. We just want to clean those out so our hardware threads in nice and easy. So now, before we begin installing the bracket on the vehicle, we're just gonna be showing you all the hardware and brackets we're gonna be using for this step. We're gonna grab our bracket here that's got a longer standoff on this end, it's got our two attachment holes here. So this is gonna be the forward most bracket. We're gonna be installing this one first. And then we're gonna get some of our hardware ready. We're gonna be getting one of our two thick spacer blocks in our kit here. We're gonna be getting two bolts, different sizes, both gonna be in 12, but this one's gonna be a little bit longer, as we can see here. We're also gonna have two conical tooth washers. Now, the one that we're installing the spacer block through is definitely gonna be the one that we're gonna be using our longer bolt with, so we have a little bit more material there. So now we can take our bracket here. Now they are gonna be side-specific, we're gonna want the longer standoff to be facing towards the cab of the truck. And we're first gonna start by installing this hole here. This one's actually gonna be flush with the back of our plate here, so we can grab our smaller bolt. You may need to maneuver it around this wiring harness as well. Then we can place it up into position. We're gonna get our holes lined up here. And then we can take the smaller bolt of the two that we have here with our conical tooth washer. We can just do our best to try to thread that on. So now that we have one bolt securing the plate, we're gonna come back to this other side here. We're gonna be taking our spacer block, we're gonna be slipping that between the frame and the bracket. And then we can take our longer bolt here with conical tooth washer and line everything up. So now we'll take our 19-millimeter socket, we'll go ahead and snug down our two fasteners. So before we tighten down our fasteners here, we want to make sure that we take our plates here. We're gonna pull it towards the cab of the truck. We essentially want the backside of our bracket here to sit flush with the channel of our bed support. So I'm gonna hold that there in position and tighten them down. And now we'll just repeat that same process for forward most bracket on the other side. So now with our brackets into position, we're gonna be taking an eighth inch drill bit, we're gonna be drilling a pilot hole as best we can in the center of our holes here. So again, we want to try to line this up with the center of the hole as best as possible, and then drill through. Repeat the same process on the other side of our bracket, and then on the other side as well. So now that we have our four holes drilled, we're gonna take our mounting rail here. This is gonna be the forward most location. We're gonna go ahead and align that with our four pilot holes that we just drilled. Now, now would be a good time to make sure that those pilot holes are in the correct location here. You basically just want to make sure they're in the center of our second set of holes here, so our square holes. You're not gonna be using the outside ones, we're gonna be using this inside set here. We're gonna do that on both sides. So basically, just make sure that our holes are in the center of that square hole. You may need to re-drill the pilot hole if that's not the case. But now we're gonna have one more drill for one more hole we're gonna have to drill, and that's gonna be the center hole here closest to the cab. So again, just make sure we get as center of the hole as best as possible. Then we can go ahead and drill that all the way through. Now, what we're gonna do is we're gonna remove this rail here. We're gonna take a 9/16-inch drill bit, we're gonna enlarge all of our holes to their final size. Now, once we have our holes drilled, we want to make sure that we come back with any sort of paint, if you have a paint marker, a rattle can of paint will work as well. Just make sure we cover that bare metal so we don't have any issues with rust. So now with our holes enlarged, we can go ahead and reinstall our mounting rail here. The hardware we're gonna get ready for our carriage bolts are gonna be the shorter ones here along with our U-shaped spacers. That's gonna go between the corrugations in our bed and beneath the rails here so we don't collapse these corrugations when we tighten down our hardware. So now we can take our U-shaped spacers, place that underneath our rail here, lining them up with our holes, can set our rail back down, and then we're gonna go ahead and insert our carriage bolts. So now that we have all of our carriage bolts into position, we can go underneath the truck and secure the rail to the brackets in our bed. Before we do this, we're gonna go ahead and take a 19-millimeter socket. We want to loosen up our brackets here and how they attach to the frame. Give us a little bit more room to work. In our particular application, on the backside of this bracket here, there was quite a bit of a distance between the top of that and the bottom of our bed. So in order to help us out sort of close that difference, bring the two pieces of metal together, we stuck on one of our flange nuts here. We just sorta zipped it down. That's gonna bring this other side tight so we can install our spacer block. We're gonna be using the one with the center hole and then a flange nut. Once we have that on, I'm gonna take a 19-millimeter socket. We're just gonna go ahead and snug that down. Now, once we have this side snug, we're gonna go ahead and loosen up that other side so we can install our spacer block. So now we'll come back with our offset spacer block insert that, and we'll secure it with our flange nut. And now we'll go ahead and snug up our two bolts, which hold the bracket to the frame. Now we can just repeat the same process on the other side of the vehicle. So the next thing we're gonna do, we're either gonna be taking the base of our fifth wheel hitch, or chances are, you're not gonna be using one of these, but we actually have a gooseneck plate here, which installs inside the fifth wheel rails. That's gonna have the same spacing as your fifth wheel hitch, so we can use this as well. Basically, what we're gonna do is we're gonna drop one side of the pegs into the rail we just installed, and then the other side of the pegs is gonna go into our second rail here, which we haven't secured yet. Once we get everything lined up, we're gonna push our rail, sort of butt it up as close as we can as this other rail, we're gonna be pushing in. And then we want to make sure we center it left, right in the truck bed, so we'll just simply measure from the inside of our wheel well here to the edge of the rail, and make sure that's even on both sides. So now we can go ahead and start drilling our holes here for this rear rail. Now keep in mind, we're not gonna be using the same set of holes we did for our other rail. We're actually gonna be using the closest ones to the inside here, so if we count over one, two, three, four, we're gonna be using our inside most holes here. And we're gonna have one more attachment hole, which is gonna be on the side closest to our tailgate. So we'll take our eighth-inch drill bit. We'll try to get that as centered as we can in our hole. Then wee'll go ahead and drill those all out. So now that we have our eighth-inch holes drilled, we're gonna go ahead and remove the rail. We can come back with our 9/16-inch drill bit and enlarge them to their final size. So as we're drilling our holes, we're gonna notice that we can actually see through to the ground on the one closest to the tailgate, but the one closest to the cab for our rear wheel here, we actually can't see all the way through it, and the reason why is there's actually gonna be a bed support underneath. We actually gonna have to find a smaller drill bit that's a little bit longer than the 9/16-inch one we're using. Chances are your 9/16 isn't gonna be long enough, because we need to go all the way through this hole and drill through the bottom of that channel. So I just grabbed a half-inch drill bit here, which is a little bit longer than the one I was using before, and I'm just gonna puncture the bottom of that bed channel. Then we'll come underneath and enlarge it to the final size. So now we'll come back with our step drill bit here. Here's a hole that we just drilled through the top. We're gonna come back and enlarge this to the final size, which is 7/8 of an inch. We'll come back with a paint marker here and then seal it up. We're also gonna repeat the same process on the other side. So don't forget to take our paint marker here and just make sure we coat the inside of these holes for this rear wheel as well. So we said we need to repeat that process over here on the passenger side, but keep in mind, we're only gonna be drilling from the top down. We're not actually gonna be able to drill and enlarge that hole on the bottom of the channel over here on the passenger side. Because what we're gonna be doing is, if we take a look inside our wheel well here, we're gonna see our channel. What we need to do is we actually need to go ahead and take our spacer tube here. We're gonna have to sneak it up in that channel here. And once we get it stood up in the channel, we're gonna be taking a magnet tool that we have like such, we're gonna be attaching it to our spacer tube, and then we're actually gonna be pushing that forward until we can get the spacer tube to line up with the hole that we drilled earlier. Now, keep in mind, you may need to trim about a quarter inch of our spacer tube off in order to set it inside the channel here of our bedrail. So once we have our spacer tube into position, we have it lined up, we're gonna come back with our hex bolt here. Now we're only gonna have one of these in our kit. It's gonna be about three to four inches long, so you should be able to distinguish this from the rest of the bolts, but we'll simply use a flat washer, and then we'll place the bolt through the hole, aligning it with the spacer tube and then securing it on the bottom side of our bed channel with a flange nut. So now we can begin inserting the rest of the hardware for our rail here. We're gonna be using the smaller carriage bolts on all of our holes, except this far one back here. This one is gonna take our longer carriage bolt. So we're only gonna have one of these in our kit. It's gonna look just like all of our other carriage bolts, except it's gonna be a few inches longer. Just like that. So don't forget, on all the spots where the rail isn't flush to the bed and we have a carriage bolt, we need to come back. I need to lift the rail up a little bit, but we need to come back here, you shake the spacers here, set them down in position. So now we're gonna be installing the frame brackets here for the rear rail. In order to do that, we're gonna be coming on the driver's side here. We need to go ahead and remove this wiring harness from the frame here. So using those same clips that we removed earlier, just take our pry tool and pry them out. Once we get that away, now we're gonna go ahead and clean out our two weld nuts at the top here, which are attachment points for the frame brackets. So now that we have our wiring harness free, we're gonna take our driver's side rear bracket here, along with our hardware. We're gonna be using these smaller fasteners here with a conical tooth washer. Then we're also gonna need our spacer tube here. So the spacer tube will have to go on first. We'll place that over our longer carriage bolt there, just like that. And then we can go ahead and install the frame bracket. So now that we have that pushed up in the place, go ahead and secure the bracket to the frame. We'll leave those loose for now. So now we can take our square hole spacers here, get one of our flange nuts ready as well, just slip that over our carriage bolt here. Then we can take one of our flange nuts and thread that on. Now I will say, if you have a little bit trouble threading on the nut because you're pushing the carriage bolts back up through the rail, you can just use some tape tape down the carriage bolts, or a heavy object. So now we can just repeat the same process and the other side. However, we're only gonna be using this one attachment hole up here. We should already have our flange nut on our other bolt, which is gonna be inside this channel here and above this bracket. So now, before we tighten everything down, we're gonna go ahead and set our fifth wheel hitch, or the gooseneck plate, into our rails here. We also want to make sure we install our pins here. That way, when we're tightening everything down, we don't have to worry about anything binding on us. So now we're ready to torque everything down. Keep in mind, we're gonna be torquing the rails to the frame brackets first, and then the frame brackets to the frame. So with everything torqued down, don't forget to reinstall the heat shield along with your spare tire, but that will do it today for our look-in installation of the CURT custom fifth wheel rail kit here on our 2020 Ram 2500..

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Customer Reviews

Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Ram Truck - Carbide Finish - C16427-204

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (173 Customer Reviews)

Install your fifth-wheel trailer hitch in half the time with this vehicle-specific bracket kit. Requires no drilling and provides a custom fit for your vehicle. Includes everything you need for installation.

2015 Dodge Ram Pickup

Thank you for such a fine product!! We installed the fifth wheel hitch in my 2015 RAM 2500 Mega Cab without any problems. It took us 5 hours to complete the installation and all the brackets and bolts went in without an difficulties!!


Great people, great service and great products. Installation went as smooth as one could wish for with no mistakes thanks to the helpful advice given in the videos. Etrailer will be my only source for my trailer and hitch needs. A special thank you to Katherina.


These people continue to amaze me! Their knowledge in anything trailer related is astounding!

Thanks, Russ

2021 Ram 2500

the no drill kit was just that,no drilling except the bed and that was not too bad. I would reccomend this kit to any one installing rail for a hitch.....


Everything was heavy duty and well made. The order was shipped and delivered quickly. I had the Camper dealership install the rails in my old truck so I didn't know exactly what to expect. The installation is a little more detailed than what you see in the video but that is always to be expected. it is manageable if you are a DIY'er and it helps a lot to have a second set of hands. The rails mount directly to the frame with the included hardware.


Missing lots of hardware! Previous reviews say the same, you would think they would fix the problem seeings how it appears to be a well known problem!

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


I am sorry that it the kit arrived missing hardware. Customer Service will be in touch.


Before even starting the install I was sure to read the directions a couple of times to make sure this was something I wanted to attempt on my own. I hadn't installed a hitch before but had assumed since it was a custom kit it wouldn't be too difficult. The directions stated that the total install time for the diy'er was 180 mins. I read through and took note of all the tools I was going to need. What I would have REALLY appreciated was a "tools required" list at the top of the instructions. I thought I had all the tools needed but at the very end when you get to the rear rail you need a 7/8" bit for the bottom of the bed support. I advise you have one at the ready. I had to hone it out with my 9/16 which was a giant pain. Everything else went really smooth. On my particular application I had a real hard time torquing the front right bed bolt on the rear rail to spec (110ft-lbs) as the mount for a cross-bar makes it nearly impossible to fit a torque wrench in. (I ended up having to use 3/8" drive extensions to go up inside the bucket and torquing it from the bottom.

Total time:(including a couple of breaks, meltdowns, and a bunch of swearing and a 2yr old hiding dad's parts) 180 mins. Touche' Curt Mfg., touche'...

Experience level of installer: None

This is something that the average person can do. Make sure to watch all the helpful videos here on, read through the directions before starting, and make sure you have all the necessary tools to help ensure your installation goes as smooth as possible.

Joel P.


Rails work flawlessly. Between two hitches and a GN adapter all have fit without any problems.


Product was great, installation instructions were well written and easy to follow.

I think after using it for about 5,000 miles of pulling our fifth wheel there must be a better system out that reduces the expected jarring from the movement of the hitch due to needed clearance to use pins.

I might have the hitch welded to the rails or find one that is not removable.

If you have a solid mount hitch, please let me know.

Etrailer Expert

Tyler M.


Hi Sam, Thank you for your review! If your truck does not have the OEM gooseneck package, then I would recommend getting the B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch - Dual Jaw - 20,000 lbs Custom Underbed Installation Kit for B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches, part BWRVK3500-5W and Part BWGNRK1384 . This setup will give you a much more solid connection to your truck and should help eliminate the jarring you are talking about.


Haven't had a chance to use the hitch yet but I got it installed without too much trouble. It took about 4 hours to install, the frame mounting brackets and rails, at a leisurely pace. The unit seems to be very sturdy and it is certainly built heavy. I'm looking forward to testing it out soon.


Works great and easy install. The kit had the wrong nuts sent but curt sent me the right ones. It needed castle nuts and they included nuts and lock washers making the bolts to short. They did not know why but it was through Covid supply issues. Had great service through both teams. Thanks.


The issues with the first delivery was handled to my satisfaction


Took about 5 hours to install but fits great using factory holes. Take your time lining up bracket before drilling. Only issue so far paint did flake and rust where hitch locks into bed rails. Will need ocassional sanding and touch up.

Rich R.


Little bit of rust forming around slots where Andersen mounts to rail Other than that, working well.

Dodge Ram Pickup

The installation Kit for the Ram Truck was great. Had it installed within 3 hours and ready to use. picture is attached.

the service from etrailer was just great. Order shipped the same day and I had it on the 2nd day.


Missing hardware. Pretty crappy quality control and now I have to wait 2-3 days for replacement hardware when I am suppose to be using my new hitch tomorrow

2015 Dodge Ram Pickup

Brackets and rails were of high quality and were a perfect fit on my 2015 Dodge Ram 2500 HD, using the factory frame 'jig' holes for attachment
INSTALLATION NOTES: I looked up eTrailer's installation Video on the Dodge-specific custom brackets (in this case on a 2014 Dodge Ram 2500 HD). It was invaluable! It stated the task would take 1 and 1/2 hours for an expert; 3 to 4 hours for a novice. I am NOT an expert but have torn down and rebuilt an engine, replaced clutches and transmissions, and done brake jobs on my vehicles. Being admittedly slow because I want to be thorough (I wanted NO mistakes in drilling the holes needed into my new truck's bed), the task took about 3 days.

THE ISSUE: Though the under-bed brackets were perfectly made, there are two differences between the 2014 Dodge shown in the video (which I suspect was Gas engine equipped) and my 2015 Dodge 2500 (Cummings Diesel).

- CLEARANCE BETWEEN DIESEL FUEL TANK AND FRAME appeared to be MUCH less on my 2015 Dodge than the fuel tank on the 2014 Dodge (Gas?). The front left (in front of rear axle) frame bracket installation was WAY more difficult than in the video due to this clearance issue. A standard Torque wrench head with socket could not be fitted over the forward-most bolt due to this clearance issue between the Diesel fuel tank and the frame. I finally broke down and used a 'breaker' bar/socket combo and a piece of pipe to get that particular bolt tightened within a reasonable range of the proper torque.

- The rear axle suspension in the 2014 Dodge installation in the video was different than my 2015 truck. A significant mounting bracket for the new torsion bar was attached to the right-rear portion of the axle. I was adamantly against temporarily removing it (not even sure if I could have -- I THINK it was welded in place). Again clearance issues made installation of the right rear bracket quite a challenge for me.

Still I applaud eTrailer for making a high-quality kit that fits the bill!

Dodge Ram Pickup

The only reason I am not giving a 5 star is I get a lot of noise out of the unit I bought. I had the Ram dealer install my unit so I would hope it’s installed properly however I get a noise when towing my fifth wheel that sounds like the bed is twisting and moving. I had the dealer lift the truck up and I personally checked to make sure the sleeves that go in the bed supports were properly installed. After everything was checked for tightness and proper installation I still get the noise. This is my first fifth wheel that was not factory installed so perhaps this noise is common. This is my only complaint. This has otherwise been a great product.

2017 Dodge Ram Pickup

Excellent product, super easy install took about an hour. Parts fit they way they were explained in the directions. Would recommend this product to everyone. Also it was delivered very quickly and arrived when they said it would! It was installed on a 2017 Ram 2500 Mega Cab.

Don B.


Fantastic, would recommend it to everyone. Was an easy install and the quality is great!

Dodge Ram Pickup

Very heavy duty steel with a thick coating of paint/powder coat on brackets. I recommend this kit if you have a ram 2500

2016 Dodge Ram Pickup

Great fit and product easy install did it in the dirt on drive way with no issues on 2016 Ram 2500


Easy to install, great instructions! Highly recommend. Installed in under 1 hour after reading all of th instructions.

2017 Ram 2500

This product worked perfectly on my truck, bolt holes lined up nicely and was easy to install.
I've pulled my fifth wheel travel trailer on it and with the gooseneck adapter I've pulled some serious weight on my 32' gooseneck trailer without issue, very pleased with it.



Product has been great, no issues to report.


Melissa told me she could get it there the next day and she did! She's an asset to E-trailer!


Perfect fit,easy installation I’m happy with the product.


Was very easy to order through you website and I received in a timely fashion. Most importantly, it was delivered damage free and complete. Thank you!

2018 Ram 2500

fast delivery. quality product i have not had a chance to install it yet but i am not to worried it. i use etrailer for everything i can. quick, reliable and quality service!

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  • Compatibility of Curt C16427 5th Wheel Frame Mounting Bracket with 2017 Ram 2500
    The # C16427 bracket kit is indeed compatible with your 2017 Ram 2500. Which bed rails are you planning on using? It's recommended that the brackets used and the bed rails be from the same manufacturer. Curt bases the weight capacity of their bracket/rail kits on the fact that their rails are used so using rails from a different manufacturer could lead to an unknown capacity. The bracket/rail kit combo is part # C16427-204. I've linked an installation video for you, showing the bracket/rail...
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  • Does Curt 5th Wheel Install Kit for a 2015 Ram 2500 Come with Installation Instructions
    Yes the Curt 5th wheel installation kit # C16427-204 comes with detailed instructions. They are also linked on its page and here below. I have included a link to a video as well showing an example installation for you.
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  • Curt Rail and Bracket Kit Recommendation for 2013 Ram 3500 Crew Cab 6 1/2 bed 4x4
    For your 2013 Ram 3500 with a 6-1/2 foot bed and without the factory hitch prep package you would want the Curt Fifth Wheel Installation kit part # C16430-204. The bracket kit you referenced is for the 2500 model Rams and would not be the right hitch for you. We do not carry Pullrite products, but from the research I did the part number 4409 that you referenced is designed to adapt a Pullrite hitch to industry standard rails like the # C16430-204 so it should work for you so that you could...
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  • 5th Wheel Installation Kit Recommendation for a 2014 Ram 2500 6 ft bed
    The only underbed bracket kit we carry for you 2014 Ram 2500 with a short bed is the part # C16427 and it is only confirmed to fit Curt rail kits. You will need to get the Curt Rail and Install kit part # C16427-204 because of this. Once installed your Reese slider hitch would install and work well in your truck. I attached installation instructions for this rail kit for you to check out.
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  • No Drill Fifth Wheel Rail Kit Recommendation for a 2015 Ram 2500
    The fifth wheel rail kit part # C16427-204 has been confirmed as a fit for your 2015 Ram 2500 short bed and does not require any drilling of the frame of your truck. There will still be drilling through the bed of your truck though as there is no way around that. I attached an install video for you to check out as well.
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  • Does Rear Rail of Curt 5th Wheel Rail Kit for 2014 Ram 2500 Only Bolt Through Truck Bed
    I attached a picture that I took from the install instructions for the Curt fifth wheel rail kit part # C16427-204 and that specific bolt does only attach to the truck bed. I also attached an install video for this as well. It seems odd, but this is how Curt designed the kit and tested it to determine it was safe.
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    Image 1 for
  • Torque Specs for the Curt Custom 5th Wheel Installation Kit for Ram Trucks
    You will want to torque the fasteners in the following sequence for the Curt Custom 5th Wheel Installation Kit for Ram Truck item # C16427-204: a) mounting rails to the frame brackets to 110 lb-ft. b) frame brackets to the truck frame to 96 lb-ft.
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  • How to Mount a Curt Q5 5th Wheel Hitch on a 2016 Ram 2500
    According to my research, the Curt Q5 5th Wheel Hitch part 16525 uses above bed industry standard base rails (ISR). Therefore, in order to use this hitch in the bed of your 2016 Ram 2500 you are going to want to use the Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit part # C16427-204. This kit is a custom fit for your Ram and will not require drilling into the frame rails. I have attached an installation video of this kit on a similar 2016 Ram 2500 for you as well.
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  • How To Get Enough Room Under 2014 Ram 2500 To Install Fifth Wheel Bracket On Passenger Side
    I have attached a link to an installation video for the Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit, part # C16427-204 on a 2014 Ram 2500 you can check out. At about the 1 minute 25 second point in the video the exhaust is removed so make room for installation of the kit. At about the 10-1/2 minute mark the video shows how the installation of the rear bracket on the passenger side looks when being installed. With the exhaust being removed you can see how much easier it is to access the area...
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  • Which Curt Fifth Wheel Rail Kit Fits 2015 Ram 1500
    The Curt fifth wheel rail kit that is recommended for the 2015 Ram 1500 is the part # C16306-204. I apologize for any confusion but the # C16427-204 is for the 2500 models only.
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  • What Curt-Brand Fifth-Wheel Installation Kit will Fit My 2022 Ram 2500?
    Yes! I confirmed with Curt that the Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Ram Truck - Carbide Finish # C16427-204 will fit your 2022 Ram 2500. The kit comes with brackets, rails and all hardware required for installation.
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  • Can a Fifth Wheel Hitch be Used With Weather Guard Toolbox on 2016 Ram 2500?
    According to my research the Weather Guard 126-5-02 is 20-1/4" from the back of your 2016 Ram 2500's cab to the front of the toolbox though please be sure to measure to verify this. Then, to figure out if you will have the clearance, what you can do is use the attached diagram of the Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Ram Truck # C16427-204. You will notice with an 8 foot bed on a Dodge Ram 2500 there will be a dimension of 55-7/8" from the front rail (closest to the cab) to...
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  • Dimensions to Use for Placing Curt Fifth Wheel Rail Kit in Bed of 2021 Ram 2500 64 Bed
    In the instructions for the Curt fifth wheel rail kit part # C16427-204 you'd need to use the 6 foot bed dimensions. They just rounded down when they put that info in the instructions. So from the rear edge of the truck bed to the front of the front rail the dimension will be 54-1/4 inches for your short bed 2021 Ram 2500. You'd then use your hitch to place the rear rail so that it fits perfectly.
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  • Does 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Bracket Kit Fit on 2015 Ram 2500 with Spray in Bed Liner
    First of all, yes part # C16427-204 is the correct bracket kit for your 2015 Ram 2500 and the rails as well as the hardware is all included. It can be installed with a spray in bed liner, I've linked a video of a 2017 Ram we did with a bed liner for you. With that being said we've got some reviews from customers who have said the bolts are sometimes more difficult to fit and properly torqued because of the bed liner so don't be surprised if it's not as easy as your last truck.
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  • Recommendation For Bed Rail Kit For 2017 Ram Truck
    Yes, we do have rail kits for 2017 Ram trucks. Unfortunately, I need more information to make a specific recommendation because rail kits are specific to models and bed sizes. For example, if you have a 2017 Ram 2500 then a custom install kit with above bed rails for a Curt fifth wheel hitch would be Curt Custom Install Kit, Item # C16427-204. When it comes to prices, every item's price is listed on the description page. Send me more details about your vehicle model and bed size...
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  • 5th Wheel Installation Kit For A Pullrite 2700 Series Super Slide 5W Hitch On A 2020 Ram 2500
    For your 2020 Ram 2500, you can use the Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Ram Truck # C16427-204 to install your Pullrite 2700 Series Super Slide 5th wheel hitch. This is a custom installation kit for your truck, that requires no drilling, and will mount using the existing holes on your frame. This kit also includes all the needed installation hardware, frame brackets, and base rails.
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  • Fifth Wheel Rail Kit for 2018 Dodge Ram 2500
    It would be really odd for someone to have installed the fifth wheel brackets but not drilled the holes through the truck bed to install the rails on top of them. My suspicion is that the brackets you have found are not for fifth wheel rails. Your safest bet would be to go with the Curt rail kit part # C16427-204 which is the correct fifth wheel rail kit for your 2018 Ram 2500.
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  • Towing Capacity of 2015 Ram 2500 with 6.4 liter Hemi and 4.10 Gear Ratio
    I looked up the towing capacity of your 2015 Ram 2500 and based on the info you listed with exception of having an 8,000 lb rear axle I was able to determine that your overall towing capacity would be 15,590 lb. Everything I found your vehicle states that the rear axle was 6,000 lb capacity. Since vehicle towing capacities aren't hinged entirely on axle capacity I'd be shocked to see if the total trailer capacity would be different. The only place who can confirm that would be a Ram dealer...
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  • Brackets and Hardware for Curt 5th Wheel Installation Kit C16427-204 on 2020 RAM 2500
    You are correct that the Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for Ram Truck - Carbide Finish # C16427-204 fits your 2020 RAM 2500 without the 5th wheel prep package. This allows you to install a standard 5th wheel hitch, which you already seem to have. Since you already have the rails and just need the brackets and hardware, you can just go with this kit: Curt Custom 5th Wheel Bracket Kit for Ram Truck # C16427. Keep in mind, if you didn't happen to have Curt branded rails then you'd...
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  • Curt Fifth Wheel Rail Kit Recommendation for a 2015 Ram 2500
    Actually both rail kits are confirmed to fit your 2015 Ram 2500. The difference is the finish that is on the rails of either kit. The part # C16427-104 has a gloss finish and the part # C16427-204 has a satin finish. These are both custom fit rail kits that will install in about half the time as a universal kit and will minimize drilling. I attached an install video for this kit for you to check out as well.
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  • Availability of Just Bracket Kit of Curt Fifth Wheel Rail Kit # C16427-204
    We have just the bracket kit for the Curt rail kit part # C16427-204 with the part # C16427.
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  • Correct Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for a 2019 Ram 2500
    The correct Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit for a 2019 Ram 2500 is part # C16427-104 for gloss or part # C16427-204 for carbide. In regards to fifth wheel hitch compatibility, it will allow you to mount anyone that uses above bed industry standard rails but I am not familiar at all with a "Skyjacker Ultra Slide". If you instead mean the Demco Hijacker Autoslide then so long as it's the above bed model then yes.
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  • What is Difference Between Curt Fifth Wheel Rail Kits that Fit 2021 Ram 2500
    Both of the rail kits you mentioned fit both your 2021 Ram 2500 and your Curt A16 slider hitch. The difference is the finish of the rails. The part # C16427-104 is a gloss finish on the rails that install in the bed whereas the part # C16427-204 is a matte finish paint on the rails.
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  • Installation Instructions for Curt A16 and Custom Fifth Wheel Base Rails on 2018 Ram 2500
    The Curt A16 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ R16 Slider # C16521, along with the Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit # C16427-204 that is confirmed to fit your 2018 Ram 2500, is an excellent system and a great choice for towing your fifth-wheel trailer. I have attached the complete written installation instructions for these base rails and this hitch on your truck. The custom brackets that are included will use existing holes in your Ram's frame that will eliminate drilling and greatly reduce...
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