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Inno Fishing Rod Rooftop Cargo Box - 8 rods

Inno Fishing Rod Rooftop Cargo Box - 8 rods

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Fishing Rod Holders
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This fising rod cargo box lets you carry up to 8 rods to the lake without having to take them apart. Locking box clamps onto your vehicle's crossbars. Cushions protect reels and hold rods in securely place. Adjustable to 3 lengths. 1-833-496-1390 to order Inno fishing rod holders part number IN52FR or order online at Free expert support on all Inno products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Inno Fishing Rod Rooftop Cargo Box - 8 rods. Fishing Rod Holders reviews from real customers.
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Inno Fishing Rod Holders

  • Vehicle Rod Carriers
  • Universal Crossbar Mount
  • 8 Rods
  • Inno
  • Black

This fising rod cargo box lets you carry up to 8 rods to the lake without having to take them apart. Locking box clamps onto your vehicle's crossbars. Cushions protect reels and hold rods in securely place. Adjustable to 3 lengths.


  • Cargo box carries up to 8 fishing rods on your vehicle's roof racks
    • Carries up to 9 bass rods or 4 large spinning rods
    • Carries rods up to 9' long
  • 3 Levers lock with included keys
  • Cushions protect reels and hold rods
  • Universal mounts clamp onto your vehicle's crossbars
  • Installs on either side of your vehicle
  • Black finish


  • Capacity: 8 fishing rods
  • 3-Stage length adjustment
    • Short position up to 7'2"
    • Medium position up to 8'1"
    • Long position up to 9'
  • Width: 13-3/8"
  • Height: 6-5/8"
  • Weight: 26.5 lbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty

IF44BK Inno Fishing Rod Rooftop Cargo Box - 8 rods

Item # IN52FR

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Video of Inno Fishing Rod Rooftop Cargo Box - 8 rods

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Video Transcript for Inno Fishing Rod Rooftop Cargo Box Review

What is going on, everybody Adam here with etrailer. Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the Inno rooftop fishing rod holder. So, I go fishing a lot, it's my favorite thing to do. But transporting the rods is not my favorite thing to do. I like to catch fish. So, the other day, I had my rod inside my vehicle and I rolled down the window to give my pup a little bit of air, and then I rolled it up and this happened.

So, if you wanna prevent that from happening, this is a nice rod, and if you wanna keep your nice equipment, nice and protected, this is gonna be a great way to be able to transport it, so you can fit more people on the inside. You're not hooking your interior with all the hooks and stuff like that. It's just gonna keep the interior of your car nice. It's gonna keep it open for friends and everybody's gonna be a lot more comfortable. So we can go ahead and do what we wanna do, and that is catching fish.

This is gonna fit eight rods. Either four bass rods, and then four different big open-face reels. So, let's put it to the test and see exactly how much we can fit in here. So, I'm probably going to start offsetting these, just to keep the reels from really bulking up that side. So, we'll put this one that way, and then the other one we'll put right here.

Two down. My long fly rod. Right there. Another fly rod. These are really fun.

They're so, such a pain to load up. Like that, and I got two more. So now I'll put the reels on this side, since that side's kinda cluttered. Just like this. I think we got room for one more. Depending on your rod setups, you know, if you're a coast fisher, you know, you'll have bigger rods, bigger reels. But it all just depends on how you position 'em if they're really gonna fit or not. So with that in place, I think we're pretty much good. So, we got one, two, three, four, five, and six. But if we really do squish these things together, we can get more, two more, I have a lot of fishing rods. It's always tough to figure out which ones I wanna bring though. But at the end of the day, it's the rod. The rod doesn't make the man. It's whether you can set the hook and catch a fish. So, I mean, it is a little cluttered, but I was not expecting it not to be. I mean, this is definitely less chaos than, this is definitely less chaos than in the back of my Tahoe, and at least I can drive comfortably. And these things aren't gonna get damaged or anything. This is an example of a big rod going in there, a big reel. It kinda does have an odd shape to it. But since I have the foam in the bottom, the reel's hitting the foam, and then the actual part of the reel, it's kinda sitting up a little bit, but that's fine. They're all in there. So, that's eight rods. I mean, it is, you know, kinda packed in there, but I'd rather have them in here packed together than in my vehicle. So, now that that's done, go ahead and put it down. And we can go ahead and lock it into place with the keys that are included in our kit. We have two of 'em. I lose keys a lot. So have one on your key fob on your vehicle, and then hide the other one somewhere else. All righty, well, let's see how these work. So, these don't just come up. You gotta press this little button on the side, which I kinda like. And let's take a look and see. Have they moved around at all Nope, they're pretty much in the same exact position as when I loaded 'em up, so the pads did a good job doing that. Which rod should I take I have so many options. So, I'm gonna go ahead and grab this rod right here. This is the ticket, this'll do it today. Close it up, lock it up, 'cause I do tend to walk around the lake a lot. And this way, I don't have to worry about anybody taking my rods. So, this is basically what it's about, you know. I don't really love hauling rods around. I don't really like the equipment. I like what the equipment allows me to do. And with that roof box, I don't have to drive around with reels in my car all day. All the time they get tangled up or they snap. And this way, a lot of the times, some of my friends are like, "Hey, do you wanna go catch some fish" And with this, I can keep it up on the roof. They're gonna stay nice and dry, so the elements aren't gonna get to 'em. They're locked, so no one's gonna steal 'em. So I can be ready to rip, and I don't have to deal with the chaos inside my vehicle. And that's what it's all about. But another thing I like is catching fish and this rod isn't doing it for me. So it has to be the rod, right So, instead of tying on a new lure, I can go ahead and get this guy ready to go and swap out real quick without having to tie everything on again. Okay, out with the old. And I'm gonna grab my bait caster because I'm a little bit more accurate with it. There's some cool little spots, I know the fish are there. And with this guy, I'm accurate. Upon first glance, I really like the black finish to it. And it is made of a strong yet durable plastic. So you see some of those bike racks going down the road, they fade over time, kinda like my crossbars right here. This isn't really gonna fade, so that's always nice. It's not going to fade if you keep it out in the sun, if you like to keep it up on your roof. You do have these big flaps, you have the little lever here. A little button that's gonna flip up. And of course, we got locking cores, which I like. And it is spring loaded, so once we open it up, it's gonna hold itself open. I did end up fitting eight rods in here. If you really wanted to, you could fit more, but it would be a little bit more chaotic. What really helps with that is we have the high pads over here, but then, of course, over here we have the low ones, so the reels are gonna sit there, and then the rest of it is gonna sit on the high pads. They're really, really soft. It's not gonna scratch anything, trust me. Really, really soft and nice. So your rods are gonna be nice and protected. And we have a decent amount of room, you know. This'll hold a rod up to nine-foot long, which is long enough to fit my fly rods, which is the longest rod that I have in my arsenal. Whenever I open it up, as you can see, this kinda locks into place, and that's what keeps the whole entire lid open. So you don't have to open it every single time you're trying to put the rod in. You can have both your hands on your rod to set it down into place. That just kinda keeps it nice and simple whenever you're loading up or taking out. As far as dimensions go, we're gonna have about 13 3/8 of an inch wide. And it's gonna be about 6 5/8 inches tall on the inside. And then the other thing that's nice about this is it's nice and symmetrical. So we have the levers on the outside right now, but we're on the driver's side. So what you can do is you can flip this around, so it's on your passenger side. And as you can see, we have a lot of bar space still. And that's nice, so if you have gear and stuff like that, you can put all your packs and everything up on top of your roof with a cargo basket. We sell a bunch of 'em, and then you can have all your rods in here, so you can have everybody on the inside nice and comfy. As you can see, the front is the exact same as the back. So when you flip it around, it's not gonna be any different. So it gives you that option, which is always nice. And of course, the length of it is all gonna be determined by you. So we have three different ways we can do it. We can do the extra long, which that's what I did. I like it, but we can start shifting this one, one over to make it the medium, or shift 'em both over to make the small, but it all just depends on your equipment. And we're gonna go over that when we go and show you how to install it and assemble it. As you may know, garages can get kind of cluttered. There's just a lot of stuff that you end up putting in your garage. So the nice thing about this is it does break into three different pieces. So even on my smaller shelves, I'll be able to store it away pretty easily. That's a big thing for me. Obviously I'm not gonna be fishing in the winter. So having it take up not as much space as when it's completely assembled, which is a lot of these rod holders, this is definitely a plus for this rod holder. There's a lot of different ways to do it, actually three different ways. So we can have the short, the medium or the long version. So I'm just gonna make it nice and long just because I do have some fly rods. So you want to get familiar with your pieces, get all the hardware out. Then we're gonna have section A, section B, and section C. So we're gonna start with section B here and start assembling. We're gonna have four different rods. And what we're gonna do is take the key that is the Allen key that is included with the kit. We're gonna take these out. Set those to the side for now. We can do that for all of them and put them somewhere safe, so we don't lose them. We're gonna have a lock washer and a normal washer, and of course, the bolt. There's gonna be three per rod, there's four rods. So we're gonna go ahead and take 12 of these and put 'em to the side. Now we can go ahead and take our bar. And there's a little channel at the bottom. Slide that in, you're gonna have this one line up here. And then this one line up in this hole, just like that. And we're gonna do that on both sides. For all the configurations, the only ones we really wanna tighten down for now is gonna be these four in the middle. So just go ahead and do that. Get 'em all snug tight with your hands. And then tighten 'em all up at once. And then get it tightened down with the tool. You don't wanna be too tight. It does have a lock nut on it, or a lock washer. So that'll keep it nice and tight. It's not gonna vibrate out. So go ahead and tighten 'em all up and we're good. To position it once you figure out what you want, this is how it's gonna kinda go in there. We have these little notches here and that's gonna line up with our notches on our extension. So pretty much, if you wanted to do the longest, we would sit it in on the farthest-out little notch on both sides, which is what I'm gonna do today. But if you did want to do it differently, so this is the long one, it's gonna be about nine foot. And then if you wanted to do the medium one, the medium one is gonna be, one of them is gonna be two notches in, the other one's just gonna stay as far out as possible. And if you did want to do the really short version, if you just got those short rods, you're gonna put 'em both in just like this. So we're gonna use all three of these sections to make whatever size you guys think is right for you. If you're using the long configuration, like we are, we're not gonna have to do this step that I'm about to talk about. So we have these filler caps, and they're fillers just because they just pop right on out and they come with it. But if this was slid in a little bit, and slid it in, this lid is gonna hit this little filler cap. So we have other pieces that come with the kit, but we're not gonna have to do that. But if you do do the medium or the short configuration, we're gonna have to remove these and replace 'em with the other ones in our kit. Then you can go ahead and take the remaining of the hardware and we can start threading 'em in, getting 'em lined up and tightening all of them down. On sections A and C, so the outside sections, there's gonna be little holes underneath this lip. It's kinda hard to see, but on the inside you can kinda see 'em too. And what we're gonna do, this is just going to secure them together. So we're gonna take the one that has the nuts on it, and then take the knobs that have the studs on it. So we're gonna put this in, and line it up with those holes. And the little center section will kind of fit in that slot. And then we can take these, try to find the hole. Might be a little easier to get it done if you kinda lift up on this joint to kinda get those holes lined up, that worked for me. And if you're having issues, it'll work for you too. Once you get the front done, we're gonna do the same exact thing with the same exact hardware on the back flange here. It's a little more difficult to get into, but I suggest just opening up these lids and kind of pushing them underneath there, kinda grabbing this edge. And then if they aren't really lining up, if you lift it up a little bit, as you can see, those holes start to line up a little bit better. So if that's giving you trouble just give it a little lift and thread 'em in. Now for the top lid, we're gonna take this one with the studs, and then the knobs with the nuts. But we're gonna actually feed it from the outside this time, just like this, and then put the knobs on the inside. We want the raised portion right here to be facing in, and the nut portion facing out. And you can just tighten these up. We're gonna take the remaining of our hardware and we're gonna do the same exact thing, but on this little joint back here. It really isn't that heavy, but when we do put it on our roof, we do wanna make sure that the latches are on the outside. And then we can put it up on our roof and start to position it to see exactly where we want. This is probably a great time to open up that rear hatch. I do not want to limit my vehicle. I'm gonna have my rods up there, but everything else is gonna be inside. So I have a little bit of contact. So once that's all the way open, I wanna kinda slide it forward just like that, so it's right on the edge, so we're not gonna have any contact. And as you can see on my longer car, I'm not gonna see it through my windshield or anything like that, so I think this is a great fit. And as you can see, it's pretty much centered on my roof. It's a little bit more shifted forward than back, but I wanna have my hatch open, but it's not really overhanging the front. And of course, not the back, so this is definitely what you wanna do for it to look good, and also just to keep the rest of your vehicle functioning. Gonna have two pieces, we're gonna have the bracket and the clamp to go around our crossbars. So if you look down and they slot, there's my crossbar. That is where we want to go. So take this just like that. And then what we can do, this is wide open like this, and whenever we close it, it's gonna clamp down. It's a pretty neat feature in my opinion. And if you need to widen it out or closing it up, we have this little knob. That'll probably be after we get it on and in place. So that was pretty easy. It's still a little loose when I pull it back. Righty tighty. And then close it just like that. And of course, we're gonna have two of them. So you can do the same exact thing on the other crossbar. Depending on your spread once you get up here, it's probably where it's gonna sit. So you'll always have these little slots are gonna be open, but luckily they do have strips. So you are gonna have to cut 'em. But once you figure it all out, you'll figure out which open slots are there, and you can cut accordingly and push that in. And as you can see right here, we already have some in place. And that's what it's gonna look like whenever it is ready to roll and all sealed up. Now we can go ahead and take our cushions. So we're gonna have some grip cushions, which are gonna be the taller guys. And we're gonna put those in wherever it's best for you. Probably one on each end, kinda like that. Then we're gonna have these right here. This is two cushions actually. Wow, so satisfying. So then you can put these on the edge over here, just going right up to these little mounts like that. And now I think we're ready for some rods. We showed you how to assemble it. We showed you how to get it mounted up on the roof. And we went over some features and specs. But now we're gonna do what we wanna do and that's fishing. And that'll do it for a look at the Inno fishing rod rooftop fishing rod holder..


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