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Saris MHS Bike Rack for 4 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount

Saris MHS Bike Rack for 4 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount

Item # SAR95MR
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Hitch Bike Racks
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This heavy-duty 4-bike rack is perfect for carrying electric bikes and bikes with carbon frames or custom paint jobs. You can easily remove a bike rack if you only need to carry 3 bikes. Tilts with bikes loaded for cargo access. 1-636-306-4830 to order Saris hitch bike racks part number SAR95MR or order online at Free expert support on all Saris products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Saris MHS Bike Rack for 4 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount. Hitch Bike Racks reviews from real customers.
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Saris Hitch Bike Racks - SAR95MR

  • Platform Rack
  • 4 Bikes
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • Tilt-Away Rack
  • Fold-Up Rack
  • Wheel Mount
  • Saris
  • Bike and Hitch Lock

This heavy-duty 4-bike rack is perfect for carrying electric bikes and bikes with carbon frames or custom paint jobs. You can easily remove a bike rack if you only need to carry 3 bikes. Tilts with bikes loaded for cargo access.


  • Platform bike rack carries 4 bikes using your vehicle's hitch receiver
  • Pivoting upright arms hold your bikes by the wheels
    • Pre-marked bridges adjust for various bike tire sizes to ensure perfect fit
  • Wheel trays have grooves in the tracks that accommodates narrow road bike tires and fat bike tires
    • Wheel chock at the front of each tray prevent your bikes from rolling
    • Sliding ratchet straps secure your rear wheels to the trays
  • Front-mounted hand lever lets you tilt and fold the rack with ease
    • Tilts down with bikes loaded to access cargo area
  • Keyed-alike locks deter theft of rack and bikes
  • Durable steel and aluminum construction with black powder coat is rust resistant


  • Application: 2" x 2" trailer hitch receivers
  • Carrying capacity: 4 bikes
  • Overall weight capacity: 190 lbs
    • Two bikes closest to vehicle: 60 lbs each
    • Additional bikes: 35 lbs each
  • Wheel diameter: 20" - 29"
  • Maximum tire width: 5.0"
  • Maximum wheelbase: 53"
  • Distance from center of hitch pin hole to:
    • Closest part of the rack: 7"
    • Farthest part of rack: 55"
    • Farthest part of rack when folded up: 14"
    • Closest tray: 16"
  • Shank rise: 3"
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Approved for use on cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and motorhomes - not approved for fifth wheels, towable campers, or flat-towed vehicles

Note: May interfere with bikes with front fenders.

Pivoting Upright Arms with Adjustable Bridges

Saris MHS pivoting upright arms

The MHS has pivoting upright arms that grab your bikes firmly by the wheel, so it won't scratch or scuff the paint. These upright arms allow you to rapidly load and unload your bikes. Simply set your bikes onto the trays and pivot the upright arms against the tires. Ratchets hold the arms in place, so once you squeeze the arms against the wheels there's nothing left to do. To unload your bikes, press in the gray lever on each arm to release the ratchets and raise the arms up.

Saris MHS pivoting upright arms

Each arm has a bridge that is pre-marked for various bike tire sizes to ensure a perfect fit. To adjust, simply remove the pin, slide the bridge to the indicated tire size, and re-insert the pin.

Grooved Wheel Trays

Saris MHS wheel traycable locks

The MHS doesn't have cradles for the wheels like many platform-style bike racks have. Instead, it has wheel trays with grooves that accommodate narrow 18c road bike tires up to 5.0" fat bike tires. A wheel chock at the front of each tray prevents your bike from rolling, and a sliding ratchet strap on each tray adds extra security so your rear wheel doesn't bounce while you're driving.

Front-Mounted Handle for Easy Tilting and Folding

Saris MHS front-mounted hand levercable locks

The rack tilts down with your bikes loaded. So, whether you're at the trail or the grocery store, you don't have to remove your bikes to access your cargo area. It also folds up when not in use. This leaves a smaller footprint, so you can keep the rack on your vehicle to park in your garage. And if you want to remove it, it doesn't take up as much space to store it.

Saris MHS folded away from vehicle

To make tilting and folding easier, the MHS's release lever is mounted on the front of the rack. This means you won't have to reach through or around your bikes with one hand to reach the lever, while supporting the rack's weight with the other, when lowering the rack. Instead, you'll be able to hold the rack with both hands the entire time.

Complete Security

Saris MHS loaded on vehiclecable locks

The rack includes a threaded hitch pin that serves as an anti-wobble device to eliminate rattle in the hitch receiver during transport. A lock on the hitch pin secures the rack to your vehicle. It also includes integrated cable locks that thread around your bikes' frames and insert into the locks that slide along the cables. The cables store inside the wheel trays when not in use. The locks are keyed alike, so you only need to use 1 key.

4630 Saris MHS 3-Bike Platform Rack Receiver Base - 2" Hitches - Tilting

4650 1-Bike Add-On for Saris MHS Bike Rack

4640 Saris MHS 1-Bike Platform Rack Tray

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Video of Saris MHS Bike Rack for 4 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Saris MHS Modular 4 Bike Rack Review

What's up everybody Today we have the Saris MHS bike rack and we're gonna show you what's up. To start it off, the Saris MHS is going to be the only four bike rack that you can have e-bikes on there. The only limitation to it is we're only gonna have two e-bikes on here because we have 60 pounds for this cradle, 60 pounds for this cradle, but then the back two are gonna be 35. The Saris MHS, what does the MHS mean It's modular hitch system. That's another thing that really differentiates this bike rack from all the other ones on the site. So you can really customize it to the day you have planned.

If you only really need three bikes and you wanna kind of shorten the amount of length you're adding to your vehicle, we can just take four bolts out and remove this back cradle. But if you just wanted a little bit more room in between your bikes, it takes only a couple seconds to loosen this up and take this cradle off and we can move this other one back here to give us a little bit more space. I love this design, but we're gonna get into that a little later in the video. I really like the handle design. It is really big and it's very accessible.

So with any four bike platform style rack, it's gonna be extremely heavy, this one is, but the Kuat NV2.0 is also extremely heavy. But the fact that the latch is on the very end of the shank is so much nicer because the NV like Kuat, you have to reach past two bikes to hit that latch. So it's kind of a two person job. The latch activates the tilting feature. That is something I need in a bike rack because I don't want to limit myself from the get go.

I wanna be able to access the back of my hatch while keeping the bikes on. I think that's awesome. And this is a very large hatch. And as you can see plenty of distance. We don't have any contact with any of our bikes.

And there's still a lot of room to grab whatever you got. Maybe I get done with a bike ride, but I wanna throw a rod in the water, go fishing 'cause it's a nice day. Regardless of what it is, grocery shopping. I don't know. All I know is that I can access the back of my car which makes me real happy. If you have four bikes on here with this end cradle, what you wanna do is just grab that cradle and lift it up just like that. If we have it in the three bike configuration, you can just use this handle and it'll be a little bit easier for you. Couple things about the locks that I like one you can horribly see them and they still away right here. The second thing I like about them, look how thick these cables are. So I know Thule has a really, really tiny cable. It literally looks like I can cut it with a pair of garden scissors or something like that. So on both sides, we're gonna have the thick cable, which is awesome. So what we can do actually come out quite a lot. All you wanna do is just wrap this around your frames. We're gonna put this in here and we have two keys with their kit and they're all gonna be keyed alike, meaning we have a cable lock for each bike. So that's amazing. As you can see it'll lock into place and no bike rack is 100% theft proof. But with the thick cables, this is gonna be the one that thieves really don't wanna mess with. So in a matter of seconds, you can lock your bike but you can also take it off really quick too. So you can get on that trail real easy and you don't have to mess with any sloppy cables or anything like that. It just throws away so nicely. And I just love that. Is it gonna work with your bike Most likely. This thing's pretty versatile. So let's start with wheel base. So the first thing you wanna do whenever you're taking your bike off the rack is our little hook here, little strap just comes out, just press it in, but notice how it slides. So the max wheel base is 53 inches which the bike you see right here is about 50. So it can get even bigger and it'll still work. So that's awesome. Also when it comes to your wheel diameter, these are 29 right here. So it'll go from 20 all the way up to 29. And what makes that possible is this right here. So we're gonna have different adjustment points. So we've put a large tire on here, the maximum 29 but we've also put a 20-inch tire. So that was our kids' bike that we keep in the shop. And we actually only used this hole right here. So we have other ones, if that is something you really need, but we have found that we only really need these three. To take this down, there's a little latch on the outside which is really nice. Because the latch is pretty big, you don't really need a whole lot of leverage. So if you're you got pump arm after a heavy duty ride, you're still gonna be able to press this and lower it down. And we could do the same thing for the other side, just like that. And we could take this bike off. Notice that this is a full suspension bike with the two tire holds. It is ideal for those full suspension bikes. And you just saw how quick it is to get it all locked into place. Just do the strap, you're done. Super quick, super easy. I just wanna get to the trail and MHS is very quick compared to a lot of the other racks we sell on our site. We just got a new bike in the shop and I think it's beautiful and we wanna keep it like that. So if you do have a pretty paint job or just a very nice frame whether it's carbon fiber or it's just pretty. We have no frame contact, which is awesome. I just like bike racks that are just gonna protect the investment 'cause you know just as well as I do, it gets a little expensive when you get into the higher end bikes. So that is definitely something I love about this and the tire hold meaning two, one on the front, one on the back is pretty unique. There's only a couple of them on our website but this is the only one that you can get in a four bike configuration. For your fat tire bikes, we're gonna be able to accept widths up to five inches which is pretty much any fat tire bike that you have because our tray is wide enough but also our strap is plenty long. This is a five-inch diameter tire. It's pretty big. And as you can see, we still have a couple clicks on the end of our strap. So we're really not completely maximizing this strap. So that's awesome. So let's take this off first and as you start to go to the cradles closer to the vehicle, it is gonna be a little bit more difficult. But with this third one, it's not that hard. It really isn't. But again, that's not just for the Saris MHS. It's for any four bike platform rack. It's just what you have to deal with, which isn't that big of a deal. So right now we're on this tray which is 60 pounds per bike. So you can put a e-bike on here or fat tire bike. And for the last one, this is gonna be the one that all these four bike racks are gonna be a little bit more difficult. It still isn't that bad. Pull this out Pull that out. There we go. You can lean it back pretty good 'cause we do have these trays that are pretty dipped. So you can really lean it up against that one side and prepare yourself for lift off. As the wheel bases and tire diameters start to go a little bit lower for our kids' bike, there's a couple cool things we can do. Notice how I'm shifting this a little bit forward. With our longer bikes, we wanted to put the tire on the back end of this. But if you really wanted to make a little bit more room, if you're having a little bit of clearance issues with your handlebar and stuff, you can kind of shift it to one side or the other. So we have this and just the normal configuration with the highest hole but then on the other one, we moved it down a little bit. So there's so much you could do to really get the perfect fit to place your bike exactly where you want it. A trick I've learned with this bike rack, especially with the ones that are really close to the vehicle, instead of reaching over all those cradles, what you really could do is wheel it all the way through. That's what I like about the trays. They go throughout the whole entire bike rack. So you could wheel it off one way just to make it a little bit easier on yourself. Well, these are the bikes that the MHS is gonna work with. You have the e-bikes, you have the fat tire bikes, full suspension bikes, the really pretty looking bikes. And even with the step through bikes and the kids' bikes, we don't have to worry about having an adaptor bar either. I just wanted to show you this because one I think this looks really cool. Also with all the people that come through etrailer and everybody here, we really do live the lifestyle. We all bike. And one thing with the wheel hooks, a lot of the times you open it up and it sticks out a little bit farther than the bike rack. And we're kind of afraid whenever we get to a parking lot that someone's gonna run into it. But with this, you can leave it down like this and it's not gonna add any width to the bike rack. So this is just gonna make for easy loading. So once you get done, you go ahead, throw everything on and it's all ready, ready to load everything up. And again, I just think it looks cool. If someone sees this around the bike trail, it's gonna turn some heads. Whenever you're assembling this, what I did and I suggest you do this too. This one says back, this one has the block. This one says back, this one has the block. That's just gonna make sure that your handlebars are gonna be going the opposite direction so we don't have any clearance issues. Another thing that helps with the clearance is this fourth cradle, is elevated 3-1/2 inches higher than our third cradle. The distance between these two from center to center is eight inches, which is closer than the rest because you have literally a foot in between the second and third and the first and second cradle, which is awesome. When preparing to put it up against the vehicle, I love this. There's always so much excess strap. But look at this, that's pretty neat right there. With the arms, you just lift them on up. If you don't like that clicking noise, which is a good noise because it does have some metal gears on the inside. So they're not gonna wear away over time. You just go like this. So you're not making that sound just echo throughout the whole entire park. Close it in, done deal. This thing looks pretty long, but it's actually the shortest when it comes to all the four bike platform style racks. So from the center of your hitch pin hole all the way to the end of this cradle and the four bike configuration, it's gonna be 55 inches. The NV 2.0 for bike rack is 57-1/2. So the MHS wins there. But if we didn't have this fourth cradle on here, it would actually only be 51 inches from the little handle all the way to the center of your hitch pin. And while I'm down here, as you can see, we do have a little bit of a rise here. So for your three cradles, it's gonna be about three inches from the top lip of your hitch receiver tube. That's just gonna help for some of those cases where we're going up steep driveways or just going down and divot if you're going a little off-road. Another useful measurement is from the center of the hitch pin hole to the closest part of our cradle. That's gonna be the amount of space you have to work with whenever you're gaining access to the back. So as I open this up, there's plenty of room. I don't have super wide hips, but it's enough room to be able to not have to shoo me back here. Go back here, grab your tackle box or just all your gear. I think that is very useful. A lot of these racks, especially when they have the four bikes that it can carry, usually they're just so close to the bumper. And with this, it's not really at all, which is a plus. But you can use that same lever that we use to tilt it down to fold it up. And it's actually not that heavy folding it up especially with no bikes on it 'cause you have a little bit more leverage. But the cool thing about this is we have two different drive modes. You can drive it like this and this is really nice for still being able to access the back. So you can drive like this, not a lot of bike racks do that. This one does, which is another check for the MHS. But then we can do that again. Go ahead, pull it up. And now for a couple measurements. A useful one is to see how close it is to the vehicle. So from the center of the hitch pin hole to the closest part which actually isn't down here, it's actually our first cradles wheel holder is about 5-1/2 inches. And then the farthest point from that same spot is about 14 inches. But that's down at the shank. If we're being technical, this little bump stop is about 15-1/2 inches from here to the center of your hitch pin hole. As we spoke to before, this isn't as long as the NV 2.0 and it also isn't as tall whenever we fold it up. This is about 46 inches from the top of your interior hitch receiver tube to the very top of this rack. So it is gonna kind of block your visibility in the back hatch, not a hundred percent but if we did have this cradle off, we could see a little bit better. Also with any type of center mass bike rack, if you do have a backup camera. On ours, it's in the middle so we're really not gonna be able to see a whole lot, but if it's offset to the right or left, you will be able to see a little bit. But again, that's not just the Saris. That is just what you get with bike racks. Let's take a look at what the modular system's doing for us. So you see the bottom of these four bolts, that is for the fourth cradle add-on and then my favorite part about this whole entire thing is this right here. It takes one tool that comes with the kit to loosen it up. So I'm gonna loosen this, but we do wanna put it down first before we remove it. All right. So as you can see right here, here are the top of the bolts, that secure our fourth cradle right here. You just have to undo those and you're good. And then now underneath, I'm gonna take this tool and loosen that up. You just need a couple of turns and this is just gonna loosen up this little clamp, the top just like that. See how that just slides off. Oh, so satisfying. And look at that. So now come up top and you can just literally lift this thing up, just like this. So there are different types of slots and stuff. So if you wanted a little bit more distance between this and our third cradle, just remove this just because this is the closest of the two cradles. But all in all, this is something that's so quick and easy. You don't have to spend all day either trying to find somebody who has a bike rack that will accommodate for all your bikes. All you need to do is be like, Hey, who's going to the trail Will your buddies hit you up So you can put this on or one body bales and all you gotta do is been like maybe 30 seconds to put one on or take it off and we're good. That is the bread and butter with the modular system. And you will not get that anywhere else. This thing, it's awesome. We do have a locking core on the end of our hitch pin. It's keyed alike with our bike cables. So the bikes are locked to the rack. The rack is locked to your vehicle and we are going to have a anti-rattle threaded hitch pin. So you want to get a 5/8 inch socket and ratchet. I suggest is grabbing one separate and keeping it in your car. I like to keep all my tools in my garage and just keep this in the back hatch of your vehicle. If you're looking at this bike rack, you're looking at premium stuff. The only premium bike rack that really falls in the same ballpark is the NV 2.0. But every single thing that we've gone through in the video, the Saris is winning. But there is one thing that people do say. They say that the NV 2.0, it looks cooler. I disagree, but that's just my opinion. But one thing that the Saris does lack on compared to the NV is weight. This one comes in at around 104 pounds which is really heavy. Like I get that, but you get a lot of cool benefits with it. And like with me, it's not too heavy. But the cool thing about it is, once we put it down we do have a little addition. We can put it on the shank to make it a little bit easier to carry. And the other thing that's cool too. The little pad that we had, we're not really laying this whole entire thing down. Literally the only thing that's touching the ground is the pad, which is made to go on the ground and just the back end of the shank which isn't a whole lot at all. If you slide this thing on, always just grabbing this like this. And then what you wanna do, you wanna lift it up just like this and you can wheel it into your garage. And that's pretty much it for our look at the Saris MHS. I'm Adam, I'll talk to you later..


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