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Thread Sealant Tape for Gas Lines

Thread Sealant Tape for Gas Lines

Item # 37207-30025
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JR Products Lubricants Sealants Adhesives - 37207-30025
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Sealant tape is used to tighten and seal gas fittings.This tape is UL/ULC approved to 1,000 psi and has a temperature range of -450 F - 500 F. Measures 1/2" wide x 236" long. Fastest Shipping and Guaranteed Lowest Prices for Thread Sealant Tape for Gas Lines. Read our customer reviews of JR Products lubricants sealants adhesives. Call 1-800-496-5010 for expert service or order your lubricants sealants adhesives part number 37207-30025 by JR Products online at
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JR Products Lubricants Sealants Adhesives - 37207-30025

  • Sealant Tape
  • Sealant
  • Tape
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Sealant tape is used to tighten and seal gas fittings.This tape is UL/ULC approved to 1,000 psi and has a temperature range of -450 F - 500 F. Measures 1/2" wide x 236" long.


  • Gas sealant tape is used to tighten and seal gas fittings
    • Allows the male threaded pipe to turn deeper into female threaded pipe fittings and fills irregularities in the threads preventing leaks
    • Commonly used to identify natural gas pipes
  • UL/ULC approved to 1,000 psi
  • Temperature range: -450 F - 500 F
  • Dimensions 1/2" wide x 236" long
  • Non-toxic
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Made in the USA

07-30025 JR Products Sealant Tape for Gas Lines

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Video of Thread Sealant Tape for Gas Lines

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for JR Products Thread Sealant Tape for Gas Lines Review

Hi there pipe fitters. Today we're going to be taking a look at JR Products Gas Seal Tape. This tape is specifically designed for gas pipe threads. When you're making repairs on any of the gas lines on your trailer or RV it's important that you have the appropriate sealants to seal up any of your pipe threads that require sealing. So all of our non-tapered or flared fittings we need to make sure we've got those sealed up, and this is one of the best products out there. It's got a great rating.

You're going to get plenty of it as well. When we open it up here you can see we get a half inch wide piece of tape. So that would easily give us plenty of coverage of our on our threads to seal those up. And we get nearly 20 feet of tape inside of this container. So in this little package here, you're going to be able to make many repairs to your trailer.

If you're just using this as a customer at home just for some accessories and stuff, this is probably a lifetime supply. And if you're going to, if you do this professionally, this is going to be a product that you can trust to ensure that you're going to get the job done without having any comebacks. Also available from JR Products is Jomar's White Stuff. This is a sealing compound. That is going to be great for similar applications as our gas pipe seal here.

If we take this off, we can get a closer look at it here. The tape, you do have to pay attention when wrapping it around the threads. Cause if you wrap it around the wrong direction when you go to thread your fittings together it can actually undo your tape. So make sure you've got it wrapped around it to where, when you're tightening it it actually tightens the tape on there. That's why I prefer Jomar's White Stuff because it just squeezes out of the tube.

You can just smear it around the end and it's a lot easier to get full coverage with this versus the tape. Now, some of the drawbacks with this though, this is a little bit messier. So if you're working in an interior compartment you don't want to get any of the sealant around that area. You might want to consider the tape over the ceiling compound, but this stuff is also a better sealant. As far as the pressure rating than the thread tape. Our thread tape here is only rated for 1,000 PSI versus Jomar's white stuff has 3,000 PSI for gas and 8,000 PSI for liquid. So you definitely get a lot more pressure with this type of sealant. That being said though, the temperature rating on the ceiling compound is only going to be -40 Fahrenheit up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Whereas our thread tape here is going to go all the way down to -400 degrees Fahrenheit with a maximum of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. So this is great if it's an extreme temperature conditions if temperature is something you're worried about go with the tape, and if mess is something you're worried about go with the tape, but in pretty much every other application I prefer Jomar's White Stuff. We just recently put a propane quick disconnect on this text and mantas here. And we use each of these sealants in it and we had no troubles with each. They all sealed up perfectly first time we used them. Why don't you follow along with us And you can see them in use. We're going to be using the thread tape on the one with the flare fitting on one side and essay on the other We're not going to put anything on this side with the flare but on this side where it goes into the bulkhead we need to have sealant on it. When you're using thread tape. One of the things you need to keep in mind is that when you go to thread this in, you're wrapping the tape around it. Depending on how you wrap it on here you're either going to make it wrap tighter around it as you thread in or it's actually going to unwind. So just want to pay attention to this. We're going to loosen up just a little bit here. It threads in clockwise. So we're going to take our tape and we're just going to wrap it around it like this spinning it clockwise. And this will ensure that when we thread it in there, it's making our thread tape get tighter, as we thread it in. We want to make sure we get it all the way around. Nice and snug. We can just rip the end off there. Make sure you don't block up the opening. I'm just poking my finger in there to make sure it's not blocked. Just take a small screwdriver or something to just clean that out. It's not as important it's not blocking on this end, but it is very important that you don't get anything on the flared end. So now we can just take the end here and we're just going to thread it right into the bulkhead. And we can go ahead and use our adjustable wrench once again to tighten it down. And we want to get this tightened down pretty far. We want to get our threads all the way up in there to ensure that we don't have any leaks. So now we just want to check to make sure we don't have any leaks. We're just spraying in the end to make sure that's not leaking. It shouldn't, it's all brand new. So everything looks good there. The more important part though, is to check to make sure that any of the connections where we had screwed anything together, that we don't have any presence of bubbles. And what we're looking for is not these bubbles that you see running down but bubbles that are continually reoccurring, because of the pressure escaping from our hose or fittings here, blowing those bubbles. We don't see any here, we're gonna just going to repeat this at each connection point where we had made any connections, and I did go ahead and turn on the propane at the front to make sure that there was pressure in the system to ensure we can find any leaks. The chemical we're using here to check for leaks is just some soap inside of the spray bottle here. Just a little bit of soapy water can see it makes plenty of good bubbles for us to make those leaks highly visible. So now that we've got everything installed we've got checked and verified. There's no leaks. I went ahead and plugged in our quick connect end into our quick connect here. I did turn the valve here. So that way we've got gas flowing. That's going to go over to our grill and then you're going to use the instructions for your grill for ours. We have to push into a lot of gas to come out and then turn it to hit the striker. And we can see that we've got flame now we've got nice heat. We're ready to make some, some dinner for tonight. Now of course we're testing this inside and you want to be doing this outside at home. We have a very large shop that has a ton of room in here. So it's not going to fill up with gas like it does very quickly inside of the small garage at home. So we're gonna turn this off and we're going to go ahead and pack up and get out there so we can enjoy our new propane quick connect. And that completes our look at JR Products Gas Seal Tape..

Customer Reviews

Thread Sealant Tape for Gas Lines - 37207-30025

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (13 Customer Reviews)

Sealant tape is used to tighten and seal gas fittings.This tape is UL/ULC approved to 1,000 psi and has a temperature range of -450 F - 500 F. Measures 1/2" wide x 236" long.


a necessary item in propane hose instal lation


perfect for my rv repair


Excellent product, added to tools I carry when traveling.


Worked perfect for application!


Good tape










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  • Connecting Otudoor Grill to Existing Proane Equiped Travel Trailer
    Yes, we can help you add this outdoor cook top to your Toy haulers propane system. Since you want to tap in to the propane down stream of the main regulator I assume that your cook top does NOT have it's own regulator. (If it did we would do this a different way.) Looking at the propane regulator on your trailer you will see coming off both sides at the top the pigtail connections that run to each of your two propane tanks. Coming off the bottom of the regulator is a hose that is...
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  • Is Thread Sealant Tape Or Paste Required For Attaching Fittings To An LP Hose
    Yes, it's always recommended to secure your fitting connections with some thread sealant tape # 37207-30025. You can also use some Gas Pipe Sealant # 37207-30555 in place of the tape if you'd like to go the extra mile for preventing any leaks. I've attached some videos that will show you use of these products and give you a review of both.
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  • Replacement Male POL to 1/4 Inch NPT Propane Fitting
    It looks like you have a male POL connector that would go into the tank, going into a gauge then terminating into a 1/4 inch male NPT which would go into the propane regulator. A good starting point would be to determine exactly where the leak is located. Use a soapy water solution, and paint it on the fittings while the system is under pressure. The leak will cause bubbles, making it very easy to find. Disassemble that fitting and install some # 37207-30025 thread sealing tape. The gauge...
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  • How to Connect 20 Pound Propane Tank to Champion 100165 Dual Fuel Generator
    To connect your Champion #100165 Dual Fuel generator to a 100 pound propane tank, the manufacturer states that "The generator can be attached a larger propane tank. The generator requires ½ PSI with a flow rate of 152,000 BTU/hr. when under maximum load. The connection on the front panel is a male 3/8" SAE flare fitting using 5/8” 18 UNF threads." To accomplish this you will need three parts; a cylinder connector (green knob) a propane regulator oriented verticle or horizontal, and a...
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  • Adding an External 20 Pound Propane Tank to Supplement Onboard RV Propane Tank
    Yes, you can do this, but to be clear, we will add a Tee fitting that will allow you to use your onboard propane tank and an outdoor 20 pound tank. You cannot use this to refill or add to the primary onboard tank. You can use the JR Products # 37207-30135 Propane T-Fitting to go between the onboard tank and the POL connector currently attached to the tank. Then use a JR Products # 37207-30785 pigtail to connect your 20 pound tank. You didn't ask about this but you can optionally use...
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  • Whistling Noise in Propane Bay of 5th Wheel When Heater is Running
    Let's differenciate between whistling, whining, or humming. The regulator has a diaphragm that oscillates and can make what is called a humming noise, and that is normal operation.. If you have whistling, then read on. There are several possibilities related to a whistling noise when using propane. Let's start with safety. If you smell gas or hear a hissing noise around your tanks or lines you may have a leak and need to use some soapy water on all parts and joints to see if it bubbles...
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  • Propane Escapes From Vent on Single Stage Regulator When Tank Valve is Opened
    It sounds like your propane regulator has failed. Propane regulators last five to 10 years, then they should be replaced even if they seem to be working OK. They do wear out and go bad, and there are not any user serviceable parts inside. You may find that your regulator has a date of manufacture stamped on them. The Camco # CAM59013 that you referenced is a fine choice for a single-stage, single-tank system. This will be a direct replacement and is easy to change. Inlet has a 1/4"...
    view full answer...
  • Connecting A Type 1 Low Pressure Propane Cylinder Connector To A Hose
    the general rule of thumb with NPT fittings is that the outer diameter is 1/4" larger than the measurement of the fitting. So a 1/4" MNPT fitting like on the MB Sturgis Black Type 1 Low Pressure Propane Cylinder Connector Item # 204024-MBS would have a 1/4" FNPT fitting connect to it but you would need a 1/2" wrench to tighten it. I recommend also using some Thread Sealant Tape for Gas Lines Item # 37207-30025 to ensure no leakages occur.
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  • Can the Brass Adapters Be Removed on the Camco Automatic Changeover 2-Stage Propane Regulator
    The brass adapter fittings on the inlet sides of the Camco Automatic Changeover 2-Stage Propane Regulator for Dual Propane Tanks part # CAM59005 simply convert the NPT threads on the regulator to inverted flare. If you have hoses with NPT fittings you can simply remove the adapters with a wrench. Please note, NPT fittings will require thread sealant like part # 37207-30025.
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  • Is Sealant Tape Needed to Install the Derale Engine Oil Cooler # D15602?
    Yes. According to the installation instructions, you need to use the included thread sealant tape to install the two 3/8” NPT x 1/2” hose barbs into the sandwich adapter of the Derale Engine Oil Cooler # D15602. If you need sealant tape, I recommend using the # 37207-30025. This tape is approved for use of temperatures between -450 F to 500 F.
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  • Swapping One Of Your 30 Pound Propane Tanks For A 100 Pound Tank
    If your trailer is like most then you will not need another regulator. Take a look at the plumbing currently attached to your 30 pound tanks. You should find a short standard propane hose running from one propane tank to the changeover valve, and another hose (from the other 30 pound tank) running to the other connection on the changeover valve. From there the gas will go through an attached regulator and out the bottom to service your trailer. Some trailers have the regulator as a...
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  • Replacement of Propane Hose From Tank to Regulator that Leaks
    So it's the elbow piece that you need? Without knowing the fittings I can't be sure but since that should be the inlet to your regulator it probably has a 1/4 inch male fitting on the end going into the regulator and a 1/4 inch female on the other. We don't carry any 90 degree adapters with those fittings. If those are correct you can probably bypass it if you can get the hose to connect directly to the regulator. Or if I'm wrong about the fittings let me know what they are and I'll see...
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  • Is Teflon Tape or Gas Pipe Sealant Needed for the MB Sturgis Propane Hose w/ Back Check
    Yes, the MB Sturgis Propane Hose w/ Back Check, # 100473-36-MBS has a 1/4" Male NPT thread and should be installed using a Thread Sealant Tape for Gas Lines, such as # 37207-30025 or Gas Pipe Sealant, # 37207-30555.
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  • Recommended Two-Stage Regulator For A 100lb Tank Fueling A 160,000BTU Tankless Water Heater
    For a horizontal two-stage regulator that's manufactured in the USA we offer the MB Sturgis Horizontal 2-Stage Propane Regulator - 11" Water Column Outlet # 108221. You would just need to attach the MB Sturgis Full Flow Propane Tank Connector Fitting - Soft Nose POL x 1/4" MPT # 204037-MBS to the 1/4" Female NPT inlet on the regulator to be able to connect to your 100lb tank. I recommend using some Thread Sealant Tape for Gas Lines # 37207-30025 to ensure a leakproof connection. This...
    view full answer...
  • Best Horizontal Dual Propane Regulator for RV
    We currently offer three different dual stage horizontal regulators for trailers. If you're looking for the best then I recommend the MB Sturgis Horizontal 2-Stage Propane Regulator part # 108221 as it's made here in the USA. The other options are the Horizontal Low Pressure 2-Stage RV LP Gas Regulator part # 37207-30385 and Camco Horizontal 2-Stage Propane Regulator part # CAM59323 which are great as well. There is always a potential for leaks but ensuring proper installation will reduce...
    view full answer...
  • Connecting A Camco Big Red Fire Pit To Your Camper With Quick Disconnect Fittings
    Since you have a 3/8" male fitting coming off of the fire pit you'll attach a Propane Adapter Fitting - 3/8" Female SAE Flare x 1/4" Female NPT Item # 37207-30225 to the fire pit and then to that adapter fitting you'll attach a Quick Disconnect Propane Hose - 1/4" Male NPT - 10' Item # 37207-31135 which will attach to the female quick disconnect you have on your camper. Since the Big Red Fire Pit doesn't have an attached regulator but your quick disconnect is after the regulator on your...
    view full answer...
  • Do I Need To Put Plumbers Tape On A Propane Pigtail With Inverted Flare?
    You will not have to put any type of sealant on the Sturgis Propane Pigtail # 100575-12-MBS becuase the fitting type is an inverted flare. If you are wanting to take the precaution just to prevent the waist of your gas and/or wanting to prevent the gas from entering into an unwanted space, you need Thread Sealant Tape for Gas Lines Item # 37207-30025. This will seal up any leaks if there is any. I've included videos if you would like to get more info on these products. Whenever you use...
    view full answer...
  • Troubleshooting An EC Error Code On A Fogatti Tankless Water Heater
    The EC error code means that your Fogatti Tankless Water Heater # LSB64FR tried to start the pilot light and was unable to due to low gas pressure. First you'll want to check to make sure your propane tank is full and the valve is fully open. If you have kids like me they love to touch everything and could have messed with the valve, maybe partially or fully closing it. If the tank is full and the valve is fully opened you'll want to have a licensed technician check to ensure you have 11"WC...
    view full answer...
  • Propane T-Fitting & Hose For Between ASME Tank & Regulator
    The threaded brass plug connects the ASME tank on your motorhome, and the fitting on the right is for connection to the regulator for the MB Sturgis Sturgi-Flow T-Fitting w/ Hose - POL Valve - Disposable Cylinder Port # 103608. You will need an adapter to go from the T-fitting to your regulator, the MB Sturgis Propane Tank Adapter - POL x 1/4" Male NPT # 204037-MBS. For this fitting it is recommended you use Thread Sealant Tape # 37207-30025.
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    Image 1 for
  • Adding A Quick Disconnect Propane Line To Your Grill
    For your Char Broil 4 Burner Propane Grill I recommend attaching part # 37207-30225 to the line coming off of your grill and then attaching part # 401132-MBS to that. Then you'll need a quick disconnect hose which will be part # 37207-31225 for a 6' hose and part # Item # 37207-31235 for a 12' hose I recommend using some thread sealant tape part # 37207-30025 to ensure your connections stay tight and to prevent any leaks. I've attached some videos to offer additional information for you.
    view full answer...
  • Need Male Fitting For Propane Quick Connect Part by DEHCO
    After some internet research, it seems that others have tried and failed to find that elusive part also. Save time and trouble = replace both parts with the Camco # CAM59853 Quick Connect Kit. When making threaded propane connections, apply JR Products # 37207-30025 propane-rated thread sealant tape per the instructions.
    view full answer...
  • Parts Needed to Connect 100 Lb Tank with POL to On-board 5th Wheel Regulator Pigtail
    You could technically use the Propane Adapter Fitting # 204128-MBS to convert the POL fitting on your 100 lb tank to a Type 1 or ACME fitting, which will allow you to connect the 15 foot Valve Extension Hose # 100914-180-MBS. This would then allow you to connect the male end (with the threads on the outside) of the extension to the green female end of your existing 12 inch pigtail, attached to your regulator. Using two pigtails is not ideal, but if you need the 15 foot extension plus the...
    view full answer...
  • Replacement Propane Hose From POL to Regulator Thats 28 Inches Long
    The overall length of the MB Sturgis hose you asked about is 24-7/8 inches so it's too short for you. Instead I recommend using part # 37207-30645 which is 30 inches. It's a little longer than what you need but it has the same fittings.
    view full answer...
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  • Fitting to Allow Your Grill with Type-1 Connector to Connect to Standard 1 Pound Cylinder.
    Thanks for the picture of what you need. I see your grill came with a special regulator that has an inlet for a 1-pound propane bottle and a quick connector on the other side. This unit is not something that we sell. The closest thing we have to that is a MB Sturgis # 108072 Single-Stage Propane regulator with one inlet and one outlet which are both 1/4" Female NPT. On inlet side you could attach the JR Products # 37207-30185 adapter which will attach to your 1 pound propane cylinder. On...
    view full answer...
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