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ShockStrap Cam Buckle Tie-Down Strap w Shock Absorber - 1" x 6' - 500 lbs - Qty 1

ShockStrap Cam Buckle Tie-Down Strap w Shock Absorber - 1" x 6' - 500 lbs - Qty 1

Item # 297-6CSRP
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Motorcycle Tie Downs
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ShockStrap Motorcycle Tie Downs - 297-6CSRP
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The built-in shock absorber on this tie-down ensures the strap stays tight around your cargo so that even toys with bouncing suspensions stay put. Rubber coated S-hooks prevent scratches and scuffs. Aggressive teeth offer strength. 1,500-lb Max load. Fastest Shipping and Great prices for ShockStrap Cam Buckle Tie-Down Strap w Shock Absorber - 1" x 6' - 500 lbs - Qty 1. Read our customer reviews of ShockStrap motorcycle tie downs. Call 1-833-496-1390 for expert service or order your motorcycle tie downs part number 297-6CSRP by ShockStrap online at
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ShockStrap Motorcycle Tie Downs - 297-6CSRP

  • Cam Buckle Strap
  • 6 - 10 Feet Long
  • Trailer
  • Truck Bed
  • S-Hooks
  • Soft Ties
  • 0 - 1 Inch Wide
  • 351 - 500 lbs
  • ShockStrap
  • 1 Strap
  • Manual

The built-in shock absorber on this tie-down ensures the strap stays tight around your cargo so that even toys with bouncing suspensions stay put. Rubber coated S-hooks prevent scratches and scuffs. Aggressive teeth offer strength. 1,500-lb Max load.


  • Shock absorbing cam buckle tie-down strap lets you secure cargo in your truck bed or trailer
    • Great for securing ATVs, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and more
  • Built-in shock absorbs impact to ensure constant tension, even if your load shifts
    • Urethane-based material stands up to extreme temperatures, saltwater, moisture, oil, fungi, and most chemicals
    • Sturdy Grade 8 bolt and nylock nut hold shock in place
  • 3/8" S-hooks with wide openings allow hassle-free connection to anchor points
    • Rubber coating on hooks prevents scratches and scuffs on your gear, truck, or trailer
    • Retention clips keep the hooks connected to anchor points
  • Cam-lock buckles hold straps tight over your load
    • Aggressive serrated teeth ensure strong grip
  • Soft loop provides another tie-down method to protect sensitive surfaces from damage
  • Safety strap ensures that cargo remains secure in case of shock failure
  • Corrosion-resistant yellow zinc chromate coating on hardware holds up to hot, cold, and wet weather conditions
  • Durable polyester webbing is UV resistant and withstands abrasions and water absorption
  • DOT approved


  • Dimensions: 1" wide x 6' long
  • Safe working load limit (WLL): 500 lbs
  • Maximum load (break strength): 1,500 lbs
  • Quantity: 1 cam buckle strap
  • 2-Year warranty

Note: Tie-down straps must be chosen according to their safe working load limit (WLL). The weight of the secured cargo must not exceed the combined WLL of the straps being used. For example, if you are using straps with a WLL of 500 lbs each to tie down a load weighing 1,000 lbs, then you need at least 2 straps to safely secure that load. It is recommended that you always use straps in pairs.

ShockStrap Cam Buckle Tie-Down

shockstrap installed

This one-of-a-kind cam buckle strap from ShockStrap is great for nearly any application, from securing cargo on your vehicle for your next weekend vacation, to strapping down your favorite toys on your trailer. The 6' length of this strap is perfect for tying down an ATV, a dirt bike, or a snowmobile in your truck bed or trailer.

Unlike traditional straps, which don't stretch or contract, this tie-down is uniquely designed with a built-in shock absorber that allows the strap to maintain constant tension on your load as you travel. This is great for ATVs and dirt bikes, which have suspension systems that can compress and rebound when you travel rough terrain.

Built-In Shock

built-in shock

The webbing of a standard strap can't stretch or contract to absorb impacts. As a result, standard tie-downs might become detached from their anchor points, or they may become slack around your gear as the load shifts.

But this cam buckle strap features a built-in urethane shock that's designed to absorb impact and to allow give. This ensures that the tie-down stays taut and won't loosen over time. The built-in shock helps to keep the tie-down from coming loose or failing, which could result in lost or damaged toys.

In addition, the shock ensures a longer life for the strap webbing. If you use this to tie down a snowmobile, for example, the constant compressing and rebounding of the snowmobile's suspension during travel can wreak havoc on ordinary straps. The webbing is likely to experience more wear and tear as it rubs along your gear. But the ShockStrap's shock absorbs these jolts so that the webbing of the tie-down stays put instead of wearing over the edges of your equipment.

How to Use the ShockStrap Cam Buckle Strap

To use the ShockStrap cam buckle tie-down strap, first depress the cam buckle lever and feed the webbing through the cam buckle. Next, attach one of the durable S-hooks to a desired anchor point. Then stretch the strap over your cargo and secure the other hook to a point on the opposite side of your truck or trailer.

Once the hooks are in place, disengage the cam buckle, pull the webbing taut around your gear, and activate the shock. To activate the shock, tighten the strap a bit more, stretching the shock until light is visible through the bolt holes. In warm climates, the shock can stretch up to 2", while in subzero climates you may only get about 1/2" of give.

Finally, after tightening the webbing and stretching the shock, make sure your cargo is completely secure and then tie off any extra slack.

soft loop

Soft loops, which are on both sides of the strap, can be used to tie down a piece of equipment that may otherwise be difficult to secure. So instead of using the hooks, which may scratch or scuff your toys and might be difficult to run through or around other cargo, you can easily cinch each tie-down around your gear. Just wrap a soft tie around the axle of your UTV or around the handlebars of your motorcycle, and then secure the tie-down to your anchor points as usual.

Strong, Durable Construction

The sturdy, UV-resistant polyester webbing of this tie-down strap has a high tolerance for abrasion and water absorption.

The shock is made of urethane, which can withstand elements such as sunlight, saltwater, moisture, oil, fungi, and most chemicals. This shock also functions in nearly any temperature, holding up to hot and cold weather conditions without losing elasticity or becoming unyielding or brittle over time.

The cam buckle strap also features a Grade 8 bolt and nylock nut to keep the shock in place. The rust-resistant, yellow zinc chromate coating on the buckle and the hooks holds up to the roughest weather conditions. The oversized, 3/8" hooks also feature a protective rubber coating to prevent scratches and scuffing on your cargo or your vehicle while in transit.

This cam buckle strap isn't limited to just tying down cargo for travel. You can use this strap to secure your camping gear or tent to the ground, or to tie your cooler down to your ATV or raft.

A safety strap is also built into each tie-down to provide peace of mind should something happen to the shock. This safety strap ensures that if the tie-down is used improperly, overloaded, or unduly stretched, your cargo will remain secured.

6CSRP Shock Strap Cam Buckle Tie Down Strap w Built-in Shock Absorber - 1" x 6' - 500 lbs - Black - Qty 1

Video of ShockStrap Cam Buckle Tie-Down Strap w Shock Absorber - 1" x 6' - 500 lbs - Qty 1

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for ShockStrap Cam Buckle Tie-Down Strap Review

Randy: Hey guys, it's Randy here at Today, we're going to be taking a look at the shock straps. Now, these are the 10 foot, one inch wide variety, they offer a 500 pound safe working load limit and a 1500 pound break strength. These are available either by the piece or we have them available in a two pack and, basically, what they've done is they've taken a cam buckle strap and enhanced some features on it, we'll talk about that in a minute, but they've added a shock right here. Now, the shock's going to move in and out. After you tension it, you stretch it out a little bit.

It's going to move in and out and that makes up for a lot of the movement we typically get out of vehicles with suspension. With standard straps, especially standard straps that don't have the keepers like what these do or some of the other ratchet straps are available with keepers, we'll talk about one option later.As we hit a large bump, the front end of the bike compresses that suspension. That provides just a little bit of slack and when we get that slack, you're conventional hooks just fall off so having the keepers, they're going to help to prevent that. Then not only is that going to help us to keep our load secure but it also helps us to get our load secure in the first place. I don't know if you've dealt with a lot of cam buckles straps in the past but you'll get one side hooked into place and by the time you get over to the other side, this side's already fallen off so I appreciate that those are there.

I think it's going to help out quite a bit.The overall construction's very nice too. All of our hardware that we see here are going to be grade eight bolts. The actual shock material here is very good at holding up against the elements, whether it's sunlight, salt, oil, anything like that, the general things we encounter on the road, won't deteriorate this at all. They seem to last a very long time and in working with customers, they really don't have any negative things to say about them.The soft loop straps that they offer are also really nice. These are going to help prevent any of the hook to vehicle contact that we sometimes see.

Most often times, you'll see this, like we've got it here running around the rack or running around the handlebars on a bike, and getting everything nice and secure but not having any type of rubber or metal contact potentially. Now, the attachment point here on the opposite end, generally, this is going to go to a connection point. They do offer a soft loop on this end as well so if you're going to be going around larger trailers or something like that, then see you've got a nice wide loop there but this is also one of the things I kind of don't like about it. Basically, if we're not using this, we either need to wrap it around and secure it or its going to be flapping in the wind as we head down the road. That can deteriorate straps pretty quickly so what is good in certain situations, this wouldn't be my favorite thing, I don't think, all the time but we have been able to use it to secure excess strap so it works out pretty well in that regard.

See, just using that, we can go around our excess there, kind of helps us tidy it up a little bit. Going to keep everything from moving around.Now, something that I like a little bit better than the shock straps with the cam buckles like what we've got there is going to be just a standard ratchet strap. This one happens to be one of our four pack from etrailer straps and it has the keeper on the end as well. The advantage here, our hooks are going to fit around the same size diameter bars, they're going to come down and we can get a lot more tension on these than what I was able to generate with just the standard shock strap cam buckle and just pulling on that one side. The handle's a little bit oversized so as you can see, we've really got our suspension down low and even if we do hit a bump and we have a little bit of travel in that suspension, the keepers are going to keep everything in place.On this strap, compared to the other strap, I also like that we have the designated area to where we can wrap that strap with some hook and loop down here rather than having to try and tie it off. The disadvantage I see to these over those, if the soft loop is something that you're looking for, these don't have it so I think that definitely has an advantage in that side, having that loop to go round the handlebars or if you're worried about the paint finish on your rack, being able to wrap it around there and draw it down. I definitely see that as an advantage. All of my stuff's a little bit older and it's beat up being on trailers and stuff so I think I would go this way but I think the shock straps do have a good place for certain instances and I think these have a good place for others.Now, as far as installing the straps, they're going to be very similar to most other straps that we have. Of course, we've got our latch door there, we can bring that down and around the item we're going to be hauling. And see, of course, it's not going to work on really any of the larger bars here. Looks like going around that one, inaudible 00:05:05 it's a half inch piece of tubing there, but that's where your soft strap or soft loop's going to come in handy. That can go round just about any connection point or area that you want to strap, then you got to feed it through that loop on the end there. And at that point, you can be very confident that you're not going to have any separation issues there, especially with that keeper there we talked about earlier. We'll bring our other hook side over to your connection point. See, that'll just go around there and get it secure. And at that point, we want to pull out our slack on it and as we do this, we want to be sure that our shock absorber here stretches just a little bit. Basically, we're trying to account for any movement in the tires or in the suspension as we travel down the road.This is where I think that ratchet would come in more handy because we could actually apply a little bit more pressure to it but we can stretch it out a good amount there. You can see we've got pressure there on both sides kind of pulling it open. Then we just need to tidy up our excess. This is one area where, even though that loop, if we're not using it, will just kind of blow around, we can utilize it in gathering up our excess strap here. I'm just going to bring that around, pull that down and through. We want to make sure this is really tight or it's just going to come loose. But once we've got that secured, you'll just have this little bit that'll be flapping and, if you want, you can just hook that down on the hook, just like that and kind of keep everything from flapping around. It's typically what really ruins these straps, they get flapping in the wind and start fraying and stuff like that.As you can see, guys, this is going to be a pretty good solution. There's things about it I really like and things about it that I'm just kind of take or leave on it but I think, especially in those really long travel off road rigs, if you're going to be securing it up here and kind of pinning that suspension down, I think you can rest assured you've got a little bit of that slack gathering there so your straps won't be becoming loose and then popping, coming loose and then popping. And with the keepers on the end there, certainly going to hold onto its connection point so I think it'll solve the problem for you and definitely get your rig there safely.

Customer Reviews

ShockStrap Cam Buckle Tie-Down Strap w Shock Absorber - 1" x 6' - 500 lbs - Qty 1 - 297-6CSRP

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (1 Customer Reviews)

The built-in shock absorber on this tie-down ensures the strap stays tight around your cargo so that even toys with bouncing suspensions stay put. Rubber coated S-hooks prevent scratches and scuffs. Aggressive teeth offer strength. 1,500-lb Max load.


Works Great for securing my 800 outlander in my utility trailer.


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