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Viper RV Sewer Hose w/ Swivel Fittings and 4-in-1 Clear Elbow Adapter - 15' Long

Viper RV Sewer Hose w/ Swivel Fittings and 4-in-1 Clear Elbow Adapter - 15' Long

Item # D04-0450
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RV Sewer Hoses
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Viper 25 Mil - Extra Thick RV Sewer Hoses - D04-0450
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Product Expert Alexander C

Is this right for you? Product Expert Alexander C says:

Yes, if you:

  • Plan on living in your RV full-time
  • Are worried a 10' hose might not reach the sewer inlet, so you want a drain hose with a bit of extra length
  • Camp in crowded areas or harsh conditions, so you want the most durable hose you can get

No, if you:

  • Have limited storage space - it's still 72" long when collapsed
Built for the on-the-road lifestyle of full-time RVing, this extra-heavy-duty, 26-mil-thick sewer hose offers maximum protection from crushing, punctures, and UV rays when emptying your tanks. 4-In-1 clear elbow adapter fits 4 sizes of sewer inlets. Great Prices for the best rv sewer hoses from Viper. Viper RV Sewer Hose w/ Swivel Fittings and 4-in-1 Clear Elbow Adapter - 15' Long part number D04-0450 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Viper RV Sewer Hoses - D04-0450

  • Drain Hoses
  • 15 Feet Long
  • 25 Mil - Extra Thick
  • Viper

Built for the on-the-road lifestyle of full-time RVing, this extra-heavy-duty, 26-mil-thick sewer hose offers maximum protection from crushing, punctures, and UV rays when emptying your tanks. 4-In-1 clear elbow adapter fits 4 sizes of sewer inlets.


  • Sewer hose lets you drain your RV's black-water and gray-water tanks at a dump station
    • Ideal for full-time RV living
  • EZ Coupler 4-in-1 elbow adapter easily connects to the dump station's sewer inlet
    • Fits 3" diameter slip and 3", 3-1/2", and 4" diameter threaded sewer inlets
    • 90-Degree elbow keeps hose from sharply bending and wearing down
    • Clear plastic lets you see when tanks are empty
  • Extra-thick, 26-mil TPE resists crushing, punctures, and UV damage
    • Internal wires help hose spring back into shape, even if stepped on
    • Flexible and easy to manuever, even in temperatures below freezing
  • Swivel fittings rotate to eliminate twisting and keep hose laying flat
    • Internal seals help prevent leaking
  • Gray and red color


  • Hose diameter: 3"
  • Hose length:
    • Extended: 180"
    • Collapsed: 72"
  • 1-Year warranty

Complete kit

This sewer hose comes with everything you need to empty your holding tanks at a dump station. The extra-heavy-duty hose is made of 26-mil-thick TPE for maximum durability. The 90-degree elbow adapter prevents the hose from bending too sharply, and because it's clear, it lets you see when the tank is empty too. The elbow adapter also makes it easy to connect to the dump station with its 4-in-1 fit capability.

4-in-1 Elbow Adapter Fits Any Sewer Inlet

Valterra 4-1n-1 sewer adapter

The included 4-in-1 elbow makes connecting the hose to the dump station inlet fast and easy. The adapter is designed to fit 4 sizes of dump station inlets. It easily slides into 3" diameter slip inlets, and it can be screwed into a 3", 3-1/2", or 4" diameter threaded inlet.

Valterra 90-degree RV sewer hose fitting

Also, the 90-degree design ensures that there isn't a sharp bend in the hose when you connect it to the dump station inlet, which makes for a longer lasting hose. And the clear plastic construction of the elbow makes it easy to see when the water moving through your system runs clear, signaling that your tanks are empty.

Valterra 4-1n-1 sewer adapter installed

To hook up the adapter, slide or screw the elbow into the dump station sewer inlet, then connect the lug fitting on the end of the hose to the bayonet fitting on the adapter. It's that easy.

Extra-Heavy-Duty TPE Material Resists Crushing and Punctures

TPE hose

This RV hose is made of 26-mil-thick thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) to provide maximum durability when you're dumping your tanks. The material is puncture and abrasion resistant, so you don't have to worry about springing a leak if the hose gets damaged from being dragged on the ground. TPE can also handle both hot and cold weather. UV resistance protects the hose from sun damage, but the material also stays flexible in temperatures as low as -30 F. Finally, the wiring that runs around the hose helps it to retain its shape, even if it gets crushed or stepped on.

Swivel Fittings Eliminate Twisting

Valterra swivel lug fittings

The swivel fittings on each end of this hose rotate independently. This means that, when you're screwing them onto the connection points, the entire hose will still lay flat. So when you're dumping your tanks, waste can easily flow to the sewer inlet. No twisting, no binding, no problem.

D04-0450 Valterra Viper Drain Hose with 3" Bayonet and Swivel Fittings for RVs - 4-in-1 Elbow Adapter - 15' Long x 3" Diameter - 26 mil TPE - Gray and Red

California residents: click here

Video of Viper RV Sewer Hose w/ Swivel Fittings and 4-in-1 Clear Elbow Adapter - 15' Long

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Viper RV Sewer Hose Kit with Swivel Fittings and 4-in-1 Clear Adapter Review

Hey everyone. It's Colin, here at etrailer. Today, we're going to take a look at the RV Sewer Hose Kit from Viper. And this is a kit that's going to allow you to hook up to your RV's black and gray water tanks, so you can pull those valves, get the tanks emptied into your campsite dump station. And with that 15 foot hose, it's going to be more than enough length to extend out and reach your dump station without having to move your RV.Now, emptying out your tanks is not going to be the most fun part of your trip, but it is a job that needs to be done. And with this kit, it's going to make sure you can get that done with little to no hassle.

It is going to be one of the most durable hoses on the market, and a lot of its durability does come from the wire reinforcement in the hose. So, you can see when I step on it . if this we're to happen on your campsite, and maybe it gets run over, it's going to spring back into its shape without any damage.And it's just got a really heavy duty construction. It is going to be puncture and UV resistant. So, that's going to ensure that it's around for the long haul and for years of service.That's always a good idea, to wear some gloves, when you're working with the connection point to your RV.

Keep your hands clean. It's got a bayonet swivel top, so it makes it very easy installation. We've got some really nice seals on the inside to make sure there's no leakage when we're emptying out our tanks. We have the bayonet-style fittings right there. It's going to ensure a really tight fit, and we have a swivel top on that bayonet fitting as well, so that our hose doesn't kink up at all when we're trying to install it.So we'll bring it up here.

We don't have to worry about the hose twisting. We just get it up. Twist that swivel top. Lock it into place.And then on the other side, we're going to have this 4-in-1 clear elbow that attaches to the other end of our hose. This is clear.

So, it's going to help make sure that when you're emptying out your tanks, you can see all the stuff coming through, and it's going to help ensure you know when your tank is empty. And when you're washing out your tanks, trying to get them clean, as soon as that water turns clear, it's going to let you know, your tanks are clean. It has the same swivel end, except it has the lug fittings on the other side of the hose. So, it swivels. Again, make sure that hose doesn't kink up at all.It's got great seals on the lug . on the bayonet fittings on our elbow. So we'll just twist that into place, get it connected. Now, on the other side of our elbow, we're going to be able to hook up to four different sewer outlets. Those are going to be the most common. We have the three inch slip right here. We just slip it right in. Or, if you have a threaded sewer inlet, you can fit a three inch, a three and a half inch, and a four inch threaded sewer inlet.Now, like I said, this is going to be a very durable sewer hose kit. If you want to compare it to one that's going to be more basic or entry-level, there is one from QuickDrain available on our website. With that sewer hose kit, while it's still going to get the job done, like this one will, it'll allow you to drain your black and gray water tanks, there's two areas where I think the Viper really excels in when compared to that one.One of them being it's just more flexible while still being durable. So what I mean by that is the QuickDrain is going to be durable, have a really nice construction to it, but it's more susceptible to be damaged if it is stepped on, like that, if it's run over, or even if a sharp object makes contact with it, it is going to be easier to damage it when compared to the Viper one.And the other area is that the Viper comes with all the fittings you need to get it hooked up to your black and gray water tanks, as well as a 90 degree, clear plastic elbow, where we can hook it up and get it into our dump station with ease. With the QuickDrain, you're going to have to get all of those fittings separately.Like we talked about, at its longest length, it's going to be 15 feet long. It should be more than enough length to get to a lot of dump stations at different campsites. What's really nice is that, if you don't need 15 feet, let's say you're about five feet from the dump station, you don't have to expand it all the way out. You can collapse it down to whatever length you need. We'll go ahead and take this end off and show you guys it fully collapsed. It's going to make for great storage.When it's fully collapsed, it is going to be about 72 inches long. It's going to make for great and easy storage.It is also going to come with two of these black plastic caps. You put those on each end, and that's just basically going to make sure that no loose particles or other liquids drip out while it's in storage. So it's going to keep the fumes from leaving the sewer hose after you're done using it.Now on our current RV, our black and gray water tanks empty from the same point. If you find that with your current RV, that you have two different exiting points, whether it be a gray water tank exit point and a black water tank exit point, or in some bigger RVs, they have a front bathroom and a back bathroom, which means two different exit points for the black water tanks. If that's the case, I'd suggest looking into the other sewer hose kit from Viper, instead of one 15 foot hose like this kit gets, it gets two 10 foot hoses. So, you can have two different hoses going at once from both connection points, have them come together at one point, and then they can empty into the dump station.I'd also suggest picking up a Y-fitting, as well, so you can get both of them hooked up. Then, you don't have to go through the hassle of unhooking from one connection point, going to the other to get both tanks empty, and that Y-fitting is also going to help with making sure you don't have to hook it up, each, individually, to the dump station.Well, I hope this information helped you guys out, but that's going to do it for our look at the RV Sewer Hose Kit from Viper..

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Viper RV Sewer Hose w/ Swivel Fittings and 4-in-1 Clear Elbow Adapter - 15' Long - D04-0450

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (86 Customer Reviews)

Built for the on-the-road lifestyle of full-time RVing, this extra-heavy-duty, 26-mil-thick sewer hose offers maximum protection from crushing, punctures, and UV rays when emptying your tanks. 4-In-1 clear elbow adapter fits 4 sizes of sewer inlets.


I disassembled the unit to install permanently in my class A DP receiver tube.
I removed one of the ends and was able to clamp it directly onto my 90° connection at my valve. The coil on the Viper hose is thicker than the cheaper waste hoses and I was only able to compress 12 foot of the hose into my storage tube. Previous “old” hose, I could get a 15 foot segment.
I guess for the durability, that’s a good thing.
Always great to deal with etrailer for product support and a great price.


Product appears to function fine. Have only used it twice. The product was not what etrailer videotaped and specified for color and specs. The manufacturer had changed manufacturing specs on the product that etrailer said they were not aware of. Went to a lighter guage material and added red colored ribs to prevent leaks when dragging along the ground. Another issue was another assembly using 2 -10 ft lengths was initially ordered and I was told by etrailer that the product was back-ordered and would be shipped to me by a certain time. That time came and went and we needed it right away for our trip. Needless to say we had to change for another length assembly they had in stock which did not resemble the product they advertised. As far as performance the product worked. It however did not want to stay in any compressed state and lay flat along the desired length.

The same, the 15 section that had the new changed specs still does not stay in a compressed state if needed and it will not hold a straight course, tends to meander, unless fully extended. When storing I purchased 2 end caps that seal both ends of the hose and allow the hose to remain in a compressed state for storage.
Gary B - 07/24/2018


Works as it should, built very well


I ordered this hose (15') and a 10'. I thought they were both supposed to be the heavy duty 26 mil. The 15' has a red spiral stripe running its length and the 10' is a plain grey color running its length. The 3 stars is because the swivel end that the 90 degree dump fitting hooks up to on the 15' hose is frozen, stuck, jammed or something and doesn't turn freely as it is designed to do. These are probably good products but quality control (if it exists) let this one out the gate without having it fixed, and sent it on to the customer. Maybe the assembler was the culprit?


I am a fulltime RVer. This hose has worked great for me. I had a chipmunk in California chew a small hole in it and the manufacturer sent me a brand new one without hesitation. One drawback to this hose is once you use it, it will never go back to the compressed length that it came in requiring a little more storage space than I anticipated. Also if you have a place on your RV for hose storage, it will not work. The collars are too big to fit in the storage receptacle. Overall, great hose, very durable.


This hose is a major improvement over the cheap ones at dealerships. Much more robust design, because of the length, collapsing the hose for storage is a bit awkward. The clear, universal output connector is a great idea.


Looks good.
Excellent service as usual.

This is my preferred vender


Haven't used the product yet but the service was great ! Shipped quickly and was packed really well. Product looks great and of good quality , hope to get years of service from it. Will deffinately do business with them again!!!


Much better than the original equipment hose.


Our order arrived SUPER fast and didn’t even pay for faster shipping service!! It was exactly as described on their website! Will definitely order from them again for all our future needs!!


It works very well. Just as advertised.


A great product for the price



Quick shipping, received exactly what I ordered. Have not used the product yet, purchased based on reviews of product.


Good product good selection. I received it sooner than thought.


Good product.




it works !


Review from a similar Viper in RV Sewer Hoses

The following pics. Uploaded were purchased from e.trailer com The marker light was a perfect fit. The sewer hose works ok unloading from holding tanks to honey wagon,then honey wagon to dump station. If the hose was another foot longer it would be perfect when dumping. My question is can I get this same hose with the same fittings in a 3 or 4 ft. Length ?

RV Viper hose still in service after a year of dumping daily. Noticed a slight dripping at the bayonet fitting, not significant to take out of service.
Mark F - 07/18/2019


Review from a similar Viper in RV Sewer Hoses

Great service thanks etrailer

Impossible to connect them together went back to cheap ones , very disapointed
Neil - 12/02/2022


Review from a similar Viper in RV Sewer Hoses

If your hose getting crushed is your top concern, this hose is great. Certainly snaps back into round when smashed. However, if you expect a hose to collapse to the 50" length stated in the product description or hold any shape when not in use, you'll be disappointed. Maybe I got a dud, but an unwieldy sewer hose is not so much fun when it comes to storage (or use) – especially at this price point. Can't speak to overall durability since I've only had this for a couple of months. Will try to add pics at some point.


Review from a similar Viper in RV Sewer Hoses

well made and extremely well thought through. Obviously used sewer hoses before!


Review from a similar Viper in RV Sewer Hoses

Hose was purchased replacement. First hose lasted about 18 months with approximately nine months of outside exposure and use before it spontaneously develop leaks.


Review from a similar Viper in RV Sewer Hoses

good quality hose, doesnt quite collapse back to original size but seems quite durable. Swivel fittings make it easy to attach to RV and has discharge nozzle included

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