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Go Power Portable Solar Panel with Digital Solar Controller - 90 Watt Solar Panel

Go Power Portable Solar Panel with Digital Solar Controller - 90 Watt Solar Panel

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RV Solar Panels
Shipping Weight: 29 lbs
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This portable solar charging system lets you place the solar panel where you need it for maximum sunlight. The foldable 90-watt panel provides DC power to charge your RV's batteries. Includes adapters to suit your battery connection. Great Prices for the best rv solar panels from Go Power. Go Power Portable Solar Panel with Digital Solar Controller - 90 Watt Solar Panel part number 34282729 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Go Power RV Solar Panels

  • Portable Solar Kit
  • 90 Watts
  • Go Power
  • AGM
  • Flooded Lead Acid
  • Gel
  • Lithium - liFePO4
  • 0.1 - 5 Amps
  • Rigid Panels
  • 1 Panel
  • 39-3/4L x 21-5/8W Inch

This portable solar charging system lets you place the solar panel where you need it for maximum sunlight. The foldable 90-watt panel provides DC power to charge your RV's batteries. Includes adapters to suit your battery connection.


  • Portable solar system provides an off-grid charging solution
    • Park in the shade and place the solar panel in the sun for maximum charge
  • 90-Watt monocrystalline solar panel uses sunlight to charge your RV's batteries
    • Unfolds to reveal adjustable folding legs for support
    • Made from weatherproof and impact-resistant materials to stand up to the elements
  • 10-Amp PWM solar controller adjusts solar panel output for a quick, consistent charge
    • Automatic multistage smart charging system helps extend battery life
    • Digital display monitors amperage, voltage, and battery capacity
  • Heavy-duty nylon carrying case for easy storage and transport
  • Kit includes single solar panel with built-in solar controller, solar cable, battery clamps, ring terminals, quick-connect cables, SAE solar plug, XLR-style solar plug, and carrying case
    • Anderson-style extension cable (sold separately) lets you to place panel further away


  • Applications: 12V battery systems
  • Solar panel rated power: 90 watts
  • Amperage:
    • Solar panel output: 4.4 amps
    • Solar controller maximum input current: 10 amps
  • Solar panel IP rating: IP67
  • Controller maximum wire gauge: #4 AWG
  • Cable length: 12'
  • Dimensions:
    • Open: 21-5/8" long, 39-3/4" wide x 1-3/16" deep
    • Closed: 21-5/8" long, 19-7/8" wide x 2-3/8" deep
  • Panel weight: 20 lbs
  • Warranty:
    • Panel: 25-Year limited warranty
    • Controller: 5-Year warranty

go power portable solar system

The Go Power portable solar system provides an easy way to charge your RV batteries with clean, renewable power. Using the 90-watt foldable solar panel, this system collects solar energy to create DC power that passes through a solar charge controller into your RV batteries. The kit includes several adapters to suit your charging application. Also, it comes in a heavy-duty, nylon carrying case for convenient transport and storage.

If you occasionally dry camp with your RV, this kit is a perfect solution for charging batteries while you're away from shore power. And since the system is portable and flexible, you can choose where to place the panel and charge other batteries using solar power as well. It's also a great complement to your rooftop RV solar panels, providing an extra boost of charge when you need it.

High-Efficiency, Monocrystalline Solar Panel

go power portable solar kit folded

The charging process starts with the solar panel, which unfolds and uses adjustable legs for support. When solar energy interacts with the silicon cells in the panel, it generates a flow of DC electrical current that charges your RV's batteries. Each of the monocrystalline cells is made from a single crystal of silicon, so the electrons that create the current have more space to move, making this panel more efficient than one with polycrystalline cells. And in optimal sunlight conditions, the panel produces 90 watts per hour.

solar panel side view

The silicon cells are set between a cushioned backing material and tempered solar glass to withstand the elements. The glass has low-iron content to provide exceptional transparency, which ensures maximum sunlight collection. Finally, the panel is framed with anodized marine-grade aluminum to resist rust and corrosion.

Smart Solar Controller Charges and Protects Battery Bank

go power solar charge controller

The solar controller prevents harmful overcharging by adjusting the power generated by the solar panel before it reaches your batteries. It uses pulse width modulation technology to regulate the output through pulses that provide a consistent charge. Typically, this type of technology is a good fit for smaller systems with lower voltages.

Using a multistage charging system, the controller automatically switches voltages while the battery bank charges. This accelerates the charge, but also helps extend battery life by adjusting the voltage during the different modes. The controller is compatible with multiple battery types and includes preset charging profiles for sealed/gel, AGM, flooded/wet cell, and lithium batteries.

Charging Modes

  1. Bulk: This mode charges at the full rated load for a quicker recharge time. As the name suggests, this is where the bulk of the charging happens. It typically charges the battery to at least 80% capacity.
  2. Absorption: This mode provides controlled voltage to ensure a full charge. Once the battery reaches between 80% to 90% capacity, the absorption state will kick in and start charging at a regulated voltage. In each charging profile, this mode is set to last for 30 minutes after the bulk charge is completed.
  3. Float: Once the battery reaches full charge, this mode maintains a lower voltage to compensate for self-discharge. This reduces battery stress and minimizes gassing and water loss.
  4. Equalization: On flooded/wet cell batteries, this mode activates to prevent stratification and sulfate buildup during extended float cycles. These two issues can damage a battery by causing the accumulation of acid at the bottom of the battery and hardened sulfate crystals on the battery plates. This mode is especially helpful when your battery is going unused during storage.

The backlit, digital display acts as an information center for your solar panel output. It shows the charging current, battery voltage, and battery state of charge. It also allows you to input your battery type and choose a charging profile. Additionally, a built-in USB port on the front of the controller provides a convenient outlet to charge your cell phone or tablet.

Lastly, the controller includes several built-in safety features to help protect your equipment. The charging process will shut down if the controller starts to overheat and when an overcurrent is detected. Also, if the battery or solar panel is wired incorrectly, it activates a reverse polarity alarm.

Easy-to-Use Adapters for Battery Connection

xlr style plugsae solar plugbattery clampsbattery terminals7-pin

This kit includes several adapters to suit different applications. It comes with XLR-style and SAE solar plugs, which work with RVs that are pre-wired for solar, including Zamp solar ports. For traditional battery connections, it has battery clamps and battery terminals. Additionally, a 7-pin trailer adapter (sold separately) provides another connection to your 5th wheel or camper. Each adapter has an Anderson connector which plugs into the portable solar panel.

Heavy-Duty, Nylon Carrying Case

go power solar charge controller

The durable, nylon carrying case has a rigid exterior and soft interior to help protect your panel during storage and transport.

Available Extension Cable

portable solar panel extension cable

If you need more distance between your battery connection and the panel, the extension cable (sold separately) provides 30' of additional length.

82729 Go Power Portable Solar Kit - RV Solar Charging - Foldable Rigid Panel - 10-Amp Digital Regulator/Controller - 90 Watts - 4.4 Amps - GP-PSK-90

Replaces Go Power 68171

Replaces Go Power 79297

Item # 34282729

Installation Details 34282729 Installation instructionsAlternate Instructions 34282729 Installation instructions

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Customer Reviews

Go Power Portable Solar Panel with Digital Solar Controller - 90 Watt Solar Panel - 34282729

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (153 Customer Reviews)

This portable solar charging system lets you place the solar panel where you need it for maximum sunlight. The foldable 90-watt panel provides DC power to charge your RV's batteries. Includes adapters to suit your battery connection.


This portable kit worked as intended to enhance our go power roof panel on our Lance trailer via a solar on the side port and the addition of the 30 foot extension cable so we could move the panel to the sunniest spots during a week of rainy/cloudy weather. The included controller came right on when plugged in. Even with our longtime trailer camping history, we are still expanding our understanding of how Solar is working with our traditional agm dual battery system. But between our roof panel and this portable kit, we were able to keep our batteries charged comfortably above 50%, usually maintaining at 90% even in cloudy conditions and only falling to 60 or 75 when we ran the heater. Note: we never run the heater at night with agm batteries and we do not have an electric only frig. We only used our generator once early in the week until we became confident that the solar panels were bringing and maintaining the batteries at acceptable levels on their own.


As soon as I received the package, I set up my new solar panel to charge the battery in my living quarters horse trailer. Since I exclusively dry camp, and have neither AC nor microwave on my trailer, I opted for the 90 watt panel. It did a great job of topping off the battery. I tested out the USB charge system by charging a small back up battery, which is what I use to keep my phone charged while riding during the day. Other than no display to indicate it's doing anything, it worked quite well. Then I got out the 12 volt marine battery I use to run my water pump, which I knew was drained during a recent power outage. Despite rain and overcast, it brought the marine battery from 40% to 100% in 2 days.

The big test was taking it to an event where we were parked for 3 days. I hooked up the panel to the trailer with the 7-pin adapter I also purchased and left it while I rode for the day. The second day I plugged in the battery I had exhausted while on trail the first day. By midday, the back up battery was charged. The trailer battery was maintaining at 100% since midday the first day. It successfully kept my trailer battery charged and my back ups charged over 3 days.

This is one of the best purchases I've ever made.



Still going great guns. My trailer batteries are probably wanting replacement, and the solar panel keeps them charged up well enough to prevent loss of power. It charged the 12 volt system once from 0 to 100 in about 4 hours.


Lightweight and works well. Was missing a dust cover for the plug, but that's very minor. Does a good job at keeping our RV batteries charged during extended stays without electricity.


My first outing with my new 90 watt portable solar panel was a resounding success! I like to camp and prefer boon docking when I can. With this solar panel I never came close to exhausting my battery (I have always been energy conservative, but have killed my old battery twice!) and the panel was very easy to set up with the help of etrailer. As other reviewers have said there is minimal info in the manual from the Go Power Company, I had down loaded the "How to Interpret Readings on Controller for 90 Watt Go Power Portable Solar System" from the Q&A section of the etrailer site and had no problems setting it up following that. I also purchased the 30 foot extension cable Item: 34270356, living in the desert one always seeks out the shade and the extended footage was very helpful. I want to mention also, that being a mid-sixty y.o. woman who is not necessarily strong, the 90 watt panel is do-able for me, I seriously think the added size & 13 lbs of the 130 watt panel (which I was this close to getting) would have been a bad idea for me from a user friendly standpoint. I have a Group 27M Deep Cycle battery in my travel trailer. There were 2 little clips that were broken from the back of 1 of the boxes that house the wiring connections, I didn't think this would be a big deal because it still stayed tightly shut with the other 2 clips on the other side, so I didn't request a replacement cover.
I couldn't be happier with this purchase and shipping time was very fast.


Keeps our AGM battery topped of when we aren't there, appreciate the size being reasonable and the LCD on the back of the panel to determine the current state of charging the the battery level.


The 90W solar panel performed very well. The only issues were my fault. I prefer wooded camp lots. That cut back on the panels performance. Still very happy with my purchase.

Brian A.


My panels are still performing very well. On a lot with full sun exposure, I can add two days to my battery life.


Two weeks, primitive camping - no electric. Superior National Forest in Northern Minnesota, mid June. This 90 watt solar panel is amazing. Battery good 100% the entire time. The built-in ability to recharge phones awesome. That the word .... it is AWESOME.


On the positive side I really like the packing of the panel for this system. The way the panels fold and fit into a thin suitcase type holder is very handy. Easy to pack in a pickup truck bed with minimal concern for worry about breaking the panels. (The fragile glass folds into the interior) The set of hardware supplied is a good starting point and handy. Would be nice, however, if a bag to hold the cables and such were supplied with the unit. I have justed used a gallon zip lock bag, but that is not a long term solution.

The biggest negative about this system is that the charge controller is not field worthy. I have used this several times as a charger for a battery powered electric fencer that required it to sit out for several days. In wet and rainy period I found the LCD display had condensation inside the case. This controller would not last more than a few weeks, I suspect, if left in field conditions. I also think it would have been better to have the controller be a separate unit. Would invalidate some of the packaging issue but would provide a way to put the controller in a more field-worthy case.


Simple set up and easy to use solar panel. Has everything you need for basic solar support.


Great product, recharges our batteries during the day. Never had to use our generator.


The long extension harness 2 wire failed by the third use. Upon examination of the terminal crimps found they were not sufficient to hold wire to terminal on black wire effectively making this device inoperable and worthless.

Etrailer Expert

Thomas M.


The Go Power Portable Solar Panel with Digital Solar Controller has a 25 year limited warranty. I will have Customer Service reach out to you.


I have a small Aliner pop up trailer which was pre wired for Zamp Solar panels but when I checked out the Zamp site I was shocked to see how expensive they were so I looked else where.

When I looked at a video on the Go Power site I was pleasantly surprised when they said their panels could be connected to a Zamp plug despite the label saying "use only Zamp Panels".

The price of the 90 watt folding Go Power solar panel cost considerably less than the Zamp panel, I would have had to buy two 45 watt Zamp panels to get 90 watts at over $500.00. by buying the Go Power I bought one 90 watt folding panel for less than $400.00 plus I got free shipping!

The Go Power panel arrived on time and upon opening the box I was really impressed with the quality of the product and how easily I was able to set it up and connected it to my trailer.

The controller was easy to program and the digital screen was big enough for my old eyes to see clearly.

Despite overcast skies (the sun looked like a fuss ball) I was able to see my two 6 volt batteries (wired in series for 12 volts) were charging starting at 1.5 to over 3.5.

I use my electric heater in my trailer a lot and I boon dock for 4-5 nights , having a way to keep my batteries fully charge so I can have heat is great.

As a senior on a fix income, I appreciate a good product at a fair price

ps...I plan on buying the 20 ' extension cord asap.


worked great for what I needed it for.


Love this solar panel. Purchased the 7 pin trailer adapter and it's great. Easy hookup without having to go into a very tight battery compartment. Excellent quality and would purchase again


I would give this product a higher rating if the wires didn't pull out of the crimps so easily. They are not easy to repair and now I worry about the potential intermittent connection. Other than that, it works fine.

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


I will have our customer service team reach out to you.


This kit comes with everything you need, sturdy carry case cover, sturdy latches and handle, well-built solar panels. Also includes solar charge commander and every adapter you could ever need. I like that the kit includes an extension cord if needed. Best kit for the price


Have not used the Go Power portable solar kit, but I can say that the availability of the staff for questions and help is outstanding. I would not hesitate to do more business with Etrailer.


Always happy with etrailers products.


Purchased aa Go Power solar portable panel for the Tear Drop trailer I’m having built. Won’t know how functional the unit will be until mid-July when it’s finished and I can hit the road. Still I think it’s going to be perfect for my needs.


Finally had a chance to go on a trip with the new Trailer and use this equipment. Setup was relatively easy, the meter gives all the information I need and it seems to have enough current to get my batteries charged back up after overnight use (although it was sunny, I didn't have to deal with to many trees and I am pretty good at battery conservation). The optional extended cable might be handy in certain circumstances but on this trip, the cable that comes with the unit was sufficient.


Yes the electric wire has pulled out and won’t stay in. Always having to push it back in. Also the read out you can’t read no matter what. I don’t think it is water proof. But should be. Only use it about a weekend a month. Thought would be better.


I love having this extra source of power available. I got it to go beach camping last summer, no hook ups. It kept my laptop, an ipad, and 3 cell phones charged with plenty of juice to have the inside lights on until bedtime. And the marine layer really doesn't burn off til noonish on the west coast so I wasn't even getting a full day of sun. Super easy to hook up and read the guage to see how many watts you have.


Look forward to using it next week. I've already got it charging my battery for the trip and it's performing great. I like that it's built real well to. I'm hoping to have a lot of good camping trips thru out the Southwest for years to come. Thanks, Michael Martin.


Very fast shipping. Simple set up. Seems quite rugged. I would suggest more detail be presented in the owners brochure about the operation of the controller. I had to go to the FAC section of the website to find some detail on the operations of the A and B buttons on the controller. One of the squarish plastic terminal covers on the back of one panel was broken.


Hope to get many more years of service from the trailer battery.

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