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Go Power Solar Flex Eclipse Charging System w/ MPPT Solar Controller and 190 Watt Solar Panel

Go Power Solar Flex Eclipse Charging System w/ MPPT Solar Controller and 190 Watt Solar Panel

Item # GP67MR
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RV Solar Panels
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Product Expert Kathleen M

Is this right for you? Product Expert Kathleen M says:

Yes, if you:

  • Camp in the winter as well as summer and need the included MPPT controller to run the system efficiently
  • Want the most bang for your buck - this gives you the highest power output per dollar spent on a flex panel
  • Like the all black look of these panels that hug the curves of your vehicle

No, if you:

  • Use household appliances that run off 120V power, like a coffee pot, hair dryer, or electric blanket, and don’t have an inverter
Using a flexible 190-watt solar panel and solar controller, this charging system provides an extra boost to your RV batteries while on the road. Panel flexes to fit on curved surfaces. MPPT controller optimizes solar panel output for maximum charge. Great Prices for the best rv solar panels from Go Power. Go Power Solar Flex Eclipse Charging System w/ MPPT Solar Controller and 190 Watt Solar Panel part number GP67MR can be ordered online at or call 1-800-496-5010 for expert service.
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Go Power RV Solar Panels - GP67MR

  • Roof Mounted Solar Kit
  • 190 Watts
  • Go Power
  • Flexible Panels
  • Gel
  • AGM
  • Flooded Lead Acid
  • Lithium - liFePO4
  • 5.1 - 10 amps
  • 1 Panel
  • 59L x 26-1/4W Inch

Using a flexible 190-watt solar panel and solar controller, this charging system provides an extra boost to your RV batteries while on the road. Panel flexes to fit on curved surfaces. MPPT controller optimizes solar panel output for maximum charge.


  • Solar system provides an off-grid charging solution
  • 190-Watt monocrystalline solar panel uses sunlight to charge your RV batteries
    • Flexible body is ideal for mounting on curved roofs, like Airstreams or teardrop trailers
  • Durable laminated backsheet withstands water, vapor, and dirt
  • 30-Amp MPPT solar controller optimizes and converts solar panel output to provide maximum charge
    • Automatic multistage smart charging system helps extend battery life
    • Digital display monitors amperage, voltage, and battery capacity
  • Kit includes 1 solar panel, solar controller, MC4 cables, and all installation hardware
    • Solar panel expansions (sold separately) increase solar power output
    • Additional MPPT controllers can be stacked to expand solar power to 150 amps


  • Application: 12V and 24V battery systems
    • Lithium, sealed, gel, and flooded lead acid batteries
  • Solar panel dimensions: 56" long x 27" wide x 1/8" deep
    • Weight: 8.3 lbs
  • Solar controller dimensions: 7-3/4" long x 5-3/4" wide x 3-3/8"deep
    • Weight: 3.14 lbs
  • Rated power: 190 watts
  • Amperage: 9.89 amps
  • Voltage 20.4V
  • IP rating: IP67
  • MC4 cable length: 25' each
  • Solar controller maximum input current: 30 amps
    • Maximum input voltage: 100V
  • Operating temperature range: -31 F to 113 F
  • Temperature compensation: -13mV per F
  • Maximum wire gauge: #8 AWG
  • Warranty:
    • Solar panel: 25-year limited warranty
    • Solar controller: 5-year warranty

go power solar diagram no cable entry plate

If you are an energy-conscious RV owner, the Go Power Solar Flex Eclipse solar charging system provides clean, renewable power and independence from the grid. This kit comes with everything you need to charge your RV batteries with sunlight. Using a flexible solar panel, this system collects solar energy to create DC power that passes through a solar controller to charge your RV batteries.

The solar charge controller is compatible with modern RVC multiplexing systems. These systems simplify wiring in RVs, and allow the use of touchscreen control panels that let you control lights, slide outs, heaters, air conditioners, pumps, and more. RVC systems that allow for monitoring solar arrays can be wired to this controller to let you know the system status, eliminating the need for a dedicated mounted remote.

How It Works

Collecting Solar Power

solar flex panel

The charging process starts with the flexible solar panel, which installs on the roof of your RV. When solar energy interacts with the silicon cells in each panel, it generates a flow of DC electrical current that charges your RV's batteries. Each of the monocrystalline cells is made from a single crystal of silicon, so the electrons that create the current have more space to move, making these panels more efficient than one with polycrystalline cells. And in optimal sunlight conditions, the panel produces 190 watts per hour.

solar flex panel bent

The silicon cells are set between a laminated backsheet to withstand the elements. The panel is low profile and bends up to 30 degrees to suit the shape of your RV's roof, making them more aerodynamic than traditional solar panels.

Charging and Protecting RV Battery Bank

go power solar controller

The solar controller prevents harmful overcharging by adjusting the power generated by the solar panels before it reaches your batteries. It uses maximum power point tracking technology to compare solar output to battery voltage and converts that output to an optimal amperage. Typically, this type of technology is a good fit for larger systems with higher voltages.

Using a multistage charging system, the controller automatically switches voltages while the battery bank charges. This accelerates the charge, but also helps extend battery life by adjusting the voltage during the different modes. The controller is compatible with multiple battery types and includes preset charging profiles for sealed/gel, AGM, flooded/wet cell, and lithium batteries.

Charging Modes

  1. Bulk: This mode charges at the full rated load for a quicker recharge time. As the name suggests, this is where the bulk of the charging happens. It typically charges the battery to at least 80% capacity.
  2. Absorption : This mode provides controlled voltage to ensure a full charge. Once the battery reaches between 80% to 90% capacity, the absorption state will kick in and start charging at a regulated voltage. In each charging profile, this mode is set to last for 30 minutes after the bulk charge is completed.
  3. Float : Once the battery reaches full charge, this mode maintains a lower voltage to compensate for self-discharge. This reduces battery stress and minimizes gassing and water loss.
  4. Equalization : On flooded/wet cell batteries, this mode activates to prevent stratification and sulfate buildup during extended float cycles. These two issues can damage a battery by causing the accumulation of acid at the bottom of the battery and hardened sulfate crystals on the battery plates. This mode is especially helpful when your battery is going unused during storage.

With Maximum Power Boost Technology, you can simply press a button to activate Bulk mode for the highest charging voltage. This lets you quickly top off your battery bank before the end of the day by capturing as much power as possible.

solar controller terminals

This solar controller is built to charge two battery banks and has terminals for a primary and secondary battery. Your primary battery will receive the full current until it is completely charged. Then, your secondary battery will start to draw the charge current.

solar controller digital display

The backlit, surface mounted digital display acts as an information center for your solar panel output. It shows the charging current, battery voltage, and battery state of charge. It also allows you to input your battery type and choose a charging profile.

It includes a Bluetooth function that lets you connect the controller to your smartphone or tablet with the free Go Power! Connect app. With this app, you can wirelessly view the same live battery information included on the display. Also, you can control your battery profile and toggle Maximum Power Boost Technology mode.

Lastly, the controller includes several built-in safety features to help protect your equipment. The charging process will shut down if the controller starts to overheat and when an overcurrent is detected. Also, if the battery or solar panel is wired incorrectly, it activates a reverse polarity alarm.

How It Installs

flex Eclipse how it installs

The system includes a 190-watt solar panel, a 30-amp MPPT solar controller, MC4 cables, and all the necessary installation hardware.

  1. Solar Panel: The solar panel installs anywhere on your RV roof with included mounting hardware. To maximize sunlight collection, it is important to install the panel where it avoids shadows cast by objects, like an air conditioner or vent. The panel uses MC4 cables to connect to the solar controller. These cables can enter the RV through the refrigerator vent or using a Go Power cable entry plate (sold separately). The cable entry plate provides a covered housing and uses a quick connect setup for the MC4 cables.
  2. Solar Controller: The solar controller vertically mounts to a wall near the battery compartment. The manual includes a mounting template with measurements to ensure proper installation. It is wired to the solar panel using MC4 cables. Then, the battery bank is wired to the terminals on the controller. If you are using additional batteries, they can be connected to the secondary terminals. The included 30-amp fuse is installed between the solar controller and battery for additional current protection.
  3. Solar Controller Remote: The remote surface-mounts to a wall inside your RV. The manual includes a mounting template with measurements to ensure proper installation. It simply plugs into the solar controller with the included cable.

Note: This kit may require more wiring and additional parts depending on your RV setup.

GP-ECLIPSE-FLEX-190 Go Power Solar Flex Eclipse Charging System with MPPT Solar Controller - 190 Watt Solar Panel

Installation Details GP67MR Installation instructions

Video of Go Power Solar Flex Eclipse Charging System w/ MPPT Solar Controller and 190 Watt Solar Panel

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Review of Go Power RV Solar Panels - Flexible 190 Watt Solar Panel Kit - GP67MR

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're gonna take a quick look at this Go Power SolarFlex Eclipse Charging System. This is a flexible, 190 watt monocrystalline solar panel that's going to convert your sunlight into electricity to provide an off the grid charging solution for your RV's 12-volt or 24-volt battery systems. This will work with your lithium, sealed, gel and flooded lead acid batteries. This solar panel is going to bend up to 30 degrees, so it is going to fit against curved areas. Unlike most solar panels, there's not a frame.

So it is gonna be much less bulky. It's only gonna weigh about 8.3 pounds and it is a monocrystalline construction. So it is going to be the most efficient, solar panel material to convert that sunlight into electricity so it's gonna do a good job for you. As far as our overall measurement, measurement's go. We're looking at 56 inches long by 27 and a quarter of an inch wide and only about 1/8 of an inch thick.

On the backside here, we do have this durable, laminated back sheet that's gonna withstand water, vapor and dirt. We're also going to get this, the rest of this kit, which is going to include our 30 Amp MPPT solar controller. This is going to kind of act as like the brain of the operation. So as that power is coming from our solar panel, this is going to connect to the solar panel and then to our batteries. It's going to help to convert that electricity coming from the solar panel and provide maximum charge to our batteries.

It does have an automatic, multi-stage smart charging system to help extend the battery life. So it's gonna monitor your battery, make sure that it's not going to overcharge it. It's not going to charge it too fast, those sort of things. And so it is gonna be 30% more efficient than your legacy type controllers. We do also have the remote that will display your battery's condition, the voltage, capacity, amperage, those sort of things will all be displayed on here.

And you will be able to mount this inside your RV where it's gonna be convenient to see so that you can have this mounted in a lower compartment or something along those lines and then have that up around your RV. There's also a Bluetooth capability to this. So it is going to allow you to view and change the battery information from your smartphone so very easy to work with this kit. They do include these 25 foot MC4 cables, as well as your installation hardware and the user's manual here. So this system is rated for 9.89 amps with a voltage of 20.4 volts of direct current. There is an expansion kit available that will be another solar panel, very similar to this. Basically the exact same thing, just without the rest of the kit there. So if you are wanting to add capacity to your system, you can add on that solar panel and there's also additional MPPT controllers available. So you can stack those to expand your solar power to 3,000 watts if you're needing more power. But overall, I think this is a really nice system. That flexibility of being able to bend this to conform to just about any shaped roof, I think is gonna do a lot for you especially if you have one of the campers or RVs that has kind of a curved roof to it and this will be a great option for you. So that completes our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

Customer Reviews

Go Power Solar Flex Eclipse Charging System w/ MPPT Solar Controller and 190 Watt Solar Panel - GP67MR

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (1 Customer Reviews)

Using a flexible 190-watt solar panel and solar controller, this charging system provides an extra boost to your RV batteries while on the road. Panel flexes to fit on curved surfaces. MPPT controller optimizes solar panel output for maximum charge.



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    There is a kit that will work to charge a pair of batteries with solar panels on the roof of your truck camper, and it also includes the controller you'll need: - Go Power Solar Flex Eclipse Charging System # GP67MR The # GP67MR comes with a 190 watt solar panel, works with lithium, sealed, gel, and flooded lead acid batteries, the controller has a 30 amp input, and it includes the cables needed to go from the panel to the controller. It also has available expansion kits should you choose...
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  • How Many Solar Panels Can Hook Up To 30 Amp Go Power MPPT Solar Charge Controller
    The Go Power Solar Flex Eclipse Charging System with MPPT Solar Controller # GP67MR is a 30 amp controller. It will be 10 amps per panel so 3 panels would be the most you could hook up. You can get two of the # GP67MR and three additional panels # GP77MR. The other option would be to just buy the panels and use the # GP54FR which is a 60 amp controller. This is also capable of using a remote # GP34FR or Bluetooth dongle # GP94FR if you want to monitor the controller from your phone.
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