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Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs for Vortex Aero Crossbars - Naked Roofs or Fixed Mounting Points - Qty 4

Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs for Vortex Aero Crossbars - Naked Roofs or Fixed Mounting Points - Qty 4

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Durable nylon legs with built-in locks help mount Vortex Aero crossbars to your vehicle's naked roof or fixed mounting points. Leg bases pivot to level bars on your roof. Pair with 2 crossbars and fit kit to create complete roof rack. Great Prices for the best roof rack from Rhino Rack. Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs for Vortex Aero Crossbars - Naked Roofs or Fixed Mounting Points - Qty 4 part number RRRLKVA can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Rhino Rack Roof Rack - RRRLKVA

  • Feet
  • 4 Pack
  • Rhino Rack

Durable nylon legs with built-in locks help mount Vortex Aero crossbars to your vehicle's naked roof or fixed mounting points. Leg bases pivot to level bars on your roof. Pair with 2 crossbars and fit kit to create complete roof rack.


  • 4 Legs help to mount Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero crossbars to your vehicle's naked roof or fixed mounting points
    • Pair with 2 crossbars and a custom fit kit (sold separately) to create a complete roof rack
  • Leg bases pivot to ensure the crossbars are level on your roof
  • Locks secure system to your roof
  • UV-stabilized, glass-reinforced nylon is durable and weather resistant
  • Allen key included to ensure legs are securely mounted to your roof


  • Quantity: 4 legs
  • Weight capacity: 165 lbs
    • Always observe your vehicle's maximum roof load capacity
  • 5-Year limited warranty

RLKVA Rhino Rack 2500 Series Legs for Vortex Aero Cross Bars - Qty 4

Installation Details RRRLKVA Installation instructions

Video of Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs for Vortex Aero Crossbars - Naked Roofs or Fixed Mounting Points - Qty 4

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars Roof Rack Installation - 2023 Toyota Tacoma

How's it going neighbors This is Ed here with, and we're taking a look at the Rhino Rack Crossbars, on our 2023 Toyota Tacoma double cab. Let's check it out. If you're looking at crossbars, one of the main benefits that you're gonna get out of this, it's gonna be able to increase your capacity for the cargo you can transport. Even though you're in a pickup, you have a bed, and you have the double cab model, as far as cargo space, it is kind of still limited, 'cause it's not a super huge vehicle. So you can make use of the space on top of your vehicle in order to transport more bigger, bulkier items that you may not need access to. So, just a little bit closer look at our crossbars.

They are aerodynamic, so these are gonna be the aero shape. Basically what that is, it's similar to a wing, where it's gonna cut through the wind a lot easier to help reduce wind noise. Working along with our vortex strips, you can kind of see there's gaps in here, but the strips that you're gonna receive with yours are gonna allow you to either fill out those channels entirely, or customize it if you're using the C channel. That's gonna actually fit up to three eighths inch for your channel, and you just use your lock to unlock, to remove your caps and run it through. So let's take some measurements to see how much we're adding to the height.

And looks like we're coming to, we're adding about, three and three quarter inch to the height. And overall, the width of your bars are gonna be, sorry, your width is three inches, height is gonna be right at an inch and a quarter. So it's gonna work with just about every cargo carrier box, roof platform, kayak carrier, just about any rooftop accessory. So that'll work fine. In general, super sturdy.

You see I'm moving the entire vehicle just from the system that's on the truck right now. So super solid. Everything for your installation is included in the kit except a tape measure. So find your tape measure and we'll get this guy thrown on your Tacoma. Now I laid out everything for our installation in front of me.

When I do installations at home, I usually like to put everything in front and I can kind of see how it goes together so I know the path that I'm going down. So I just laid out our foot pad, our foot plate, our foot, our clamp, and our foot cover with lock. That will all be secured together using the included screw and tightened down with the Rhino Rack torque wrench that comes along with it. It's a Allen key but it's kind of a cool feature when you get to the torque specification, this curve, this curve right here on the handle actually goes flat so you don't have to worry about over torquing your bolts here. And essentially once you have this foot assembly put together, this flat nut here is gonna slide into the under part of our crossbar and we just, now that's gonna require us to get a couple measurements as far as where that assembly is gonna come together off of the vehicle. But I'd like to put it together ahead of time. You take your Rhino Rack included plastic key for your end cap. You're gonna unlock this guy 'cause this is where your foot is going to assemble. So we're gonna start with our pad. We're gonna take note of our foot plate. It has an arrow showing you the orientation. So this is gonna point on towards the inside of the setup for our foot. And then we're gonna take these two points here and connect it to the two points at the bottom of your foot (objects clicking) and it's gonna snap right on. And then lastly, we're gonna take our hook (hook snapping) and I'm just gonna hand thread the bolt in to hold our clamp in place. And from there, since my arrows was pointing this way, I'm gonna slide it along our track (rack clattering) and just kind of get it in position and I'll do the same on both sides and then we're gonna get some measurements off of the vehicle. So let's get our measurement. Based on the manufacturer's manual, it specifies as far as what size, I mean which type of Tacoma you have as far as where your measurement's gonna be. This one in this case is a little bit over 13 inches as far as the point where the middle of your B column to the center of the door jamb. As far as where your measurement is, again, will be in the manual. So this one's gonna be a little bit over 13 inches. So this is gonna be the spot where we're gonna install our front crossbar. So after we reinstall our end caps, we're gonna set the positioning of our feet. You're gonna have all the dimensions and measurements in the instruction manual that's specific to your vehicle. It comes up to about six and a half inches here. And that's where we're gonna position our foot and then use our final rack tool to tighten it down. And as you see, I hit the specified torque by the indicator on the handle of the torque wrench going flat. I'm gonna do the same on the other side. And we'll we're gonna, with our driver's side open, we're going to stretch over and rest one side, get our passenger door open and come to the other. Now your pads should sit flush on that angle right above your door. And then we're gonna get these clamps tightened down using our Rhino Rack torque wrench. One thing to keep in mind also you want to, before you tighten down, grab your tape measure, make sure you have that measurement spacing here 'cause this is going to, the measurement of the center of your front is gonna determine the placement of your rear bar. So let's get that done. Alright, so I'm just gonna use my tool here and just tighten down on the central bolt for our clamp. This is a specialty tool. It has a kind of a little notch in the middle of your Allen key head so you wouldn't be able to use any type of Allen key. So you definitely want to use your Rhino Rack. And when I get the handle bending flat, I'm at the specified torque and you want to take note on the inside of your pad that it is holding flush and there's no angle to it. You're gonna see that your footpad is down and your clamp is secure in the door jamb. And don't worry about any damage 'cause it's padded and as far as the outside of it, the seal for your door is gonna wrap around it. So you shouldn't get any inside noise either. So lemme get the other side and we'll get measurements for the rear bar. So now that we have our front bar secured, we're gonna get the center measurement from here and go back to the suggested measurement from the manufacturer and install our rear cross bar right here, right at a little bit under 31 inches. Now that we have our measurement, just like with the front, we're gonna kind of hang it over to the other side of our vehicle. Being cautious of our finish, we're just gonna let our hooks come right into our door jamb. Might just give us a little finger tightening just to hold it in place. And now we're gonna grab our tape measure and make sure we're lined up to the correct center measurement. So let's see here. (tape measure rattling) We need to scoot up a little bit and we're gonna scoot that into position and then tighten it down. (tools clattering) All right, and make sure you follow the same steps on the driver's side. I'm gonna grab my tool and we'll get it tightened down. Alright, and our last step before rolling out is gonna be installing our locking cover. There's two tabs here that you're gonna put into the slots. Press 'em down and use your key to lock everything in place. There we are, nice and secure. Now as far as on your end caps, they come with a plastic lock, but they can be swapped out to a cord lock core if you have something along your T tracks that you'd like to keep more secure. So overall, pretty simple install. Another thing that I'm not doing in my installation, because it's a demonstration, there are stickers where you can actually, that say left front, right front where you can label your feet for when you take it off. So you don't have to, so you'll know what goes where. 'Cause you only at this point need to untighten that center bolt and you'll be able to just take your your crossbars off. 'Cause now you have it measured and fitted to your vehicle. So this has been a look at the Rhino Rack Crossbars on a 2023 Toyota Tacoma. Have a great day.

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs for Vortex Aero Crossbars - Naked Roofs or Fixed Mounting Points - Qty 4 - RRRLKVA

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (2341 Customer Reviews)

Durable nylon legs with built-in locks help mount Vortex Aero crossbars to your vehicle's naked roof or fixed mounting points. Leg bases pivot to level bars on your roof. Pair with 2 crossbars and fit kit to create complete roof rack.


I wanted to share the items I used to be able to haul two Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145 kayaks on my 2006 Scion xB. This may help others who struggle with deciding what to use. I am pleased with my purchase and hope this helps. I originally thought I wanted the Thule Hull-A-Port Aero, but they discontinued making the fit kit for their roof rack systems and I ended up going with the Kuats. I am glad that they didn’t make the fit kit for approximately $[XX] and so they missed out on the rest of my business. Here are the items I used for anyone interested – pictures included. Custom DK Fit Kit for 4 Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Roof Rack Legs - Naked Roof #DK138, Kuat Class 4 V2 Kayak Carrier w/ Tie-Downs - J-Style - Folding - 1 Kayak - Black #KU53VR and these are really cool, Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs for Vortex Aero Crossbars - Naked Roofs or Fixed Mounting Points - Qty 4 #RRRLKVA, Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars - Aluminum - Black - 54" Long - Qty 2 #RRVA137-B2. The 54” crossbars fit really well and the perfect length in my opinion and it doesn’t stick out like the longer ones would. Also purchased two sets of these Malone QuickLash T-Style Hood Loops for Bow and Stern Tie-Downs - Qty 2 #MPG308.


Hello, I am having a problem with a part of the legs for my crossbars. The Bolt and its rectangular metal plate that holds the leg onto the crossbar is stripped. I used this product last year during the summer. The crossbars were taken off during the winter and stored. I went to replace them on the car yesterday and found these parts to be stripped. I can't use the crossbar without an new piece. I need customer service to ship me out a new bolt and plate.

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


I will have Customer Service contact you to discuss the warranty on the foot.


The selection process that etrailer uses is top-notch. This really helped narrow down the choices for my 2019 RAM Quad cab. I bought this all kitted together. The assembly process is very straightforward and well-documented. I would highly recommend etrailer as a source for vehicle accessories. I have Yakima bike racks on our Subaru and this is as good if not better.


I am very happy with my purchase of the 2500 Series Rhino Roof Rack system from etrailer. I wanted to transport a Mohawk Intrepid 16’ canoe from Pagosa Springs to my home in Albuquerque that my good friend left me when he passed. We used to run the Chama River from El Vado Dam to just short of Big Eddy, a great overnight trip of 22 miles. I didn’t know what I needed in a roof rack for my Toyota Tacoma full cab but Alyssa at etrailer was very helpful and so pleasant. The delivery was quick and the installation was pretty easy (the videos on etrailer’s website were a big help). The day I drove from Pagosa to ABQ, Feb 26, 2023, it was very windy, 40 mph gusting to 60 mph! Not an ideal day to be carrying a canoe on the roof! But the Rhino Rack was rock solid and the canoe didn’t budge, even though my truck was getting getting pushed around. I’ve left the rack on because I like the way it looks! (PS. I added another strap to the back rack after I took the photo) Highly recommend etrailer to anyone considering purchasing a roof rack!


Good price. Came quickly. Although one of the cross bar boxes was open when delivered, everything was complete and undamaged. Be sure to check inside the cross bars for the rubber strips!!


Look how nice my crossbars look? I ordered these and paid extra for expedited shipping so that I could have them to put a luggage carrier on my roof. The legs for the crossbars never showed up and the crossbars came late as well. I ran out and got a trailer hitch basket for extra storage. Tack on an extra $[XX] in addition to the extra $$ for fast shipping and I'm $[XX] into these crossbars that I couldn't use for their intended purpose. I called early enough that the company could have overnighted the legs but they just kept blaming UPS. Very disappointed.

Brooke M.


Thank you for letting us know about this. I have already sent your information along to our customer service team to make sure they reach out to you about this.


Today I installed roof Rack I take pictures send to you ,what is roof rack on the my car?good or bad let me know thanks you

Etrailer Expert

Katrina B.


Heck yeah!! I think it looks great!! We love pictures! Tell us more and give us more pictures!


These ar ok. The design is silly because you can get your hand under the door and easily rip it off plus one just fell off on the highway.

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


Goodness! Did the whole foot come off the rack or jut the end cap? I have heard of the end caps being lost however not typically the whole roof rack foot.


The rack was easy to install and after some adjustment, it holds well to the roof. It is well made and strong. It holds my light rack on very well at high speeds and hard cornering. Conclusion, its a great rack for a vehicle that doesn't have factory rack mounts. Installation will go easier with a friend to help.


I bought the complete set (mounting points, mounts and aero cross bars) looking for a less expensive approach for a rack to carry my sea kayak. The equipment shipped quickly from or via etrailer. The instructions that came with the whole kit leave a little bit to be desired and a little bit of mechanical interpretation is needed to figure out what parts you need and which you don't. The whole set went together relatively easily in an hour or so. I remove the bars, mounts and mounting points when not in use which is a bit time consuming and fiddly. I had to replace the mazda 3's roof moulding which was continuous with one that had the necessary pop out pieces to accept the rack but this was not costly nor a big job. Overall, I am pleased with the rhino rack and it looks just fine. The one area it could be improved is wind noise - at some speeds there can be quite a heavy drone either off the bars or mounts. The bars do have rubber inserts to smooth out the surface across the width of the car. I suspect it might be the mounts which have the inboard side of them completely open so the air flowing along the car goes over this open space like you would have happen when you blow across the top of a bottle. I am going to try to cover the sides with gorilla tape to see if this makes a difference. Apart from that, I am quite happy with the etrailer ordering, delivery and the Rhino rack in general.

2015 Toyota Tundra

Really nice on my toyota tundra rhino rack look how cool is it thanks you so much

2017 Hyundai Sonata

I love it works amazing on my 2017 Hyundai sonata sport 2.0T


Easy to assemble and install. Pay attention to leg pad direction as indicated on instruction sheet.

by:'s videos and additional customer support made the purchase of a Rhino Rack system from them for our 2010 Malibu a no brainer. The rack fit the car perfectly, and with the videos and clear instructions that came with the kit, I got it installed on the car with only one misstep. The instructions came the the measurements in centimeters and inches. I didn't have a metric tape measure, and ended up messing up converting fractions to decimal.
My Daughter is going to college 500 miles away and is moving into an unfurnished apartment and needed to pick up some small furniture that wouldn't fit in her Malibu. She purchased several items from Facebook Marketplace and was able to transport a twin bed and mattress, a medium sized desk and some dining room chairs (in several trips) with no problems.
The only thing I can think of to improve the installation would be to have the Inches measurements in decimal or to include an inexpensive metric tape.



Still rock solid after a year. Very happy with the Rack. My daughter has used it from time to time over the past year when something wont fit in her car, and shes had no problems with it at all.


The Rhino system works great the way it is. I'm going camping next week and took the two bars out of the closet and right onto the car. No adjustments were needed. The feet fell right into the roof line where I initially set it up. All I had to do was clamp it down. Last weekend I had the basket up there with two fully loaded RTIC coolers probably pushing 150 pounds with no problems. For this trip I have my Yakima easy load bike racks on the roof. They clamped right onto the Rhino bars and they're in a much better position for loading and unloading than my last truck.

I'm very happy with the product and not expecting anything else. Thanks for following up.

Lexus IS 250

This roof rack works great! At first I was skeptical about putting a rack on my IS250, but it couldn't have turned out better. Paired with the Yakima Highroad, I can easily transport my bikes around without worrying about anything coming loose while driving. The installation instructions for the legs and bars are pretty straightforward. Takes about 30-45 minutes total to install.


Bought this rack to carry canoe, etc. while towing our camper. Installation is easy with one person so long as you take your time to get the original setup meticulously correct. If you're planning to put it on only occasionally when you're using it, it's 10 to 15 minutes for one person to install once the original setup is done and the clamp points marked with the little unobtrusive stickers they send with the kit. Originally planned to put it on only when using because we only really need it a couple times a year (we just throw the canoe in the back for local trips). Looks good enough we might leave it on all the time. Even thought I didn't know I needed it until I was already at the store, it certainly came in handy bringing home a 10 foot long 2x8 on a rainy day when I needed to keep the bed cover closed. etrailer's service was prompt and flawless as always.



After a year, still works perfectly. No problems with clamp slippage or anything else over time.

Nissan Juke

Ordered these based on this shop having what I needed for my Juke at a good price. Items arrived intact and with complete parts and good instructions. Items were high quality. Customer service was personal and AMAZING and followed up immediately. One year later items have remained solid and in good condition after installation.

2017 Pontiac Trans Sport Van

The racks fit perfectly! They are a great fit to my car. They don’t interfere with the sunroof’s operation. I assembled it on my own with no difficulty. It was easy to assemble. The directions it provides to you are easy to follow. The only down side was getting the plastic pieces to lock on the ends of the bars. Other than that they are great and they look great on my car! I plan to use them to transport kayaks! They are very sturdy and very trust worthy for transporting a couple of kayaks. I recommend these racks to anyone who has a 2016 or 2017 Nissan Altima!

Colby P.


This rack has been great! I have had no problems with it.


Excellent fitment and easy to install with the 49" Vortex Aero bars. Everything was there for assembly and instructions were easy to follow when I set it up. Going on a year now and many ski trips with no issues on my Camry!

2013 Honda CR-V

Excellent price and quick shipping. Excellent support for missing bar end cap. Rack was easy to put together and install and video was helpful. My only complaint is when trying to tie down kayak to cradle it is not easy to keep the loop over the top of the upright "U" shaped bar, it keeps siding down. We wrapped two pieces of foam around the bar to create a channel to hold the strap now it is easy.





Worked great for our 12 ft kayaks. No issues after 16,000 mile trip with high speeds, adverse weather, and high crosswinds.


This review is for the whole roof rack as I purchased the components seperately. Measurements for Toyota Prius hatchback are 2" to 2 1/2" off for the location of the legs on the roof. In addition the 'measurement strip length' is wrong (this affects the width between the corresponding legs). This is the manufacturer's issue not etrailers.It took hours for one person to figure and re-configure the rack. If not for that I would give the item a 5 star review as it is sturdy and I have confidence in the performance of it while carrying my 58lb kayak.

2013 Ford Edge

I like the choices, videos and reviews on the website. Easy ordering. I received my order in only 3 days! This Rhino Rack system came with easy installation instructions. I did find that the measurement listed to set width of front crossbar was a bit off on my 2013 Ford edge. I made it a few millimeters wider and it was perfect. I use the racks to carry kayaks and have been very pleased.


Amazing product! This rack is as good as Thule and Yakama, and is about $100+ cheaper. I have owned both, and love this rack. As good of quality or better, and great accessories as well.

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See what our Experts say about this Rhino Rack Roof Rack

  • Are The Rhino Rack 2500 Series Legs Sold Individually?
    I am sorry to hear that one of your Rhino Rack 2500 Series towers turned up missing. Other than the 4 pack we do offer them in sets of two with part # RRRLKVAH. So while they are not sold individually, maybe a two pack will be a good idea. This way you will have a spare in case another one goes missing.
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  • Replacement Security Key Wrench for Rhino-Rack Roof Rack on a 2013 Infiniti JX35
    Rhino-Rack has replacement security key # SECKEY-L. Customers have stated that it does not have the "torque feedback" like the original one but still works on the roof rack hardware. The original, Torkey-L, is not available as a separate part.
    view full answer...
  • Can Kvh Satellite Dish Antenna be Mounted to Crossbars or Roof of 2014 Ford Taurus
    According to the installation instructions for the Kvh Satellite Dish that I reviewed online you will require a crossbar spread of 35-1/2" to mount the antenna to a roof rack. However, the roof rack systems available for the 2014 Ford Taurus max out at a crossbar spread of 28 inches, so the dish will not be compatible with your vehicle's short roof. We do offer the Darby Turbo-Rack Universal Single-Bar Roof Rack, # DTA968, (you will need two of these). These bars could be spread to 35-1/2",...
    view full answer...
  • Parts Needed to Install 59" Rhino-Rack Aero Crossbars On a 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500 Crew Cab
    In order to install the 59" Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars on a 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Crew Cab you need the Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs for Vortex Aero Crossbars part # RRRLKVA and Custom DK Fit Kit for 4 Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Roof Rack Legs part # DK427.
    view full answer...
  • Which Vehicles Are Compatible With Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs RRRLKVA?
    The Custom DK Fit Kit for 4 Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Roof Rack Legs - Naked Roof # DK489 that you have is specifically for 2016-2020 Chevy Cruze with naked roof. The Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs # RRRLKVA are used for a large variety of vehicles with a naked roof or fixed mounting points for crossbars to attach to. This is the current leg that Rhino Rack uses for their popular Vortex Aero Crossbars. Rhino-Rack claims that they do not have a fitment list for this product as it fits an enormous...
    view full answer...
  • What Allen Wrench/Hex Wrench Fits the M6 x 20mm Screw on the Rhino-Rack # RRRLKVA?
    I can definitely provide some clarification on what size hex wrench/allen wrench you need for the M6 x 20mm security screw on the Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs # RRRLKVA. According to my metric size specs, you do need a hex key of 5mm for the screw. It is possible that your allen wrench or the screw itself is stripped. One way to try to solve this is by trying both sides of the 5mm wrench for the screw. If you discover that there is a possibility that the screw is stripped, the only way...
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  • Lost Keys For Rhino Rack Roof Rack
    No big deal. There is a number on the locking core. All you need to do is get replacement keys for that specific number! This set is key number 062 # RRRK062-2. There are a bunch of other numbers on our site to chose from.
    view full answer...
  • Replacement Torque Allen Key For Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs
    We do have the replacement torque Allen key for the Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs # RRRLKVA. The correct part for that is the following: - Replacement Rhino Rack Security Allen Key - Long # SECKEY-L
    view full answer...
  • Can Crossbars be Added to Top of Pioneer Platform Rhino Rack Tray
    With the Pioneer Platform roof trays like the # RR42115BF you can have crossbars added to them with the bar adapters like part # RR43137B which would work well with your roof cargo box.
    view full answer...
  • Rhino-Rack Roof Rack Components for 2014 Volkswagen Jetta
    The two Rhino-Rack roof rack components you referenced, the 2500 Series Leg Kit for Vortex Aero Crossbars # RRRLKVA and the Custom DK Clamps and Pads # DK306, are indeed correct fits for the 2014 VW Jetta 4-door with naked roof. These will allow you to mount your Vortex Aero Crossbars as long as they are at least 44-inches in length.
    view full answer...
  • Flush Bar Roof Rack that Fits 2020 Volkswagen GTI with Naked Roof If i buy these legs, wh
    Rhino Rack actually has a flush bar style roof rack that fits your 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI with the part # RR23QR which comes with all of the components needed. The part number you mentioned does not work with this style of rack.
    view full answer...
  • Correcting and Replacing Corroded Rhino-Rack Lock Cores on Roof Rack
    If a lock core is corroded to the point that the key will not work you can try applying a penetrating solvent like WD40 or PB Blaster. These products will sometimes req
    view full answer...
  • Correct Feet and Fit Kit To Transfer Rhino Rack Roof Rack To a 2019 Honda Accord
    The 2019 Honda Accord will use the Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs like part # RRRLKVA along with the Custom DK Fit Kit for 4 Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Roof Rack Legs part # RR36QJ. Therefore, if you already have the Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Roof Rack Legs then all you need is the Custom DK Fit Kit.
    view full answer...
  • Rhino Rack Roof Rack for a 2017 Ram 3500
    The Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs for Vortex Aero Crossbars item # RRRLKVA are confirmed to fit your 2017 Ram 3500. They will allow you to mount the Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars item # RRVA150B-2 on your naked roof. The dynamic weight limit on your Ram 3500's roof is 165 lbs. This is how much weight you can put on the roof of your truck while it is moving.
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  • What Parts Are Needed To Install Rhino-Rack Roof Rack on 2011 Ford Fusion
    Looks like you're missing one part. The Rhino Rack Roof Rack kit you were looking at for your 2011 Ford Fusion uses three parts: Crossbars # RRVA126S-2 Feet # RRRLKVA Fit Kit # DK149 This will be everything you need to get the crossbars installed, but I highly recommend upgrading to the metal lock end caps # RRVA-LEC4 because the plastic ones that come included really don't do anything as you can force them open without too much difficulty. I went ahead and included a video of this...
    view full answer...
  • Parts Needed To Install Vortex Bars On My 2019 Honda CRV?
    Here is the kit to attach the Rhino-Rack Vortex Bars to your door jamb: FOOT PACK # RRRLKVA CLAMP KIT # DK284 With that, all you need are the Rhino-Rack Vortex Crossbars # RRVA137B-2. I have included an installation video of the Vortex System on a 2018 Honda CRV. So, check that out!
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  • Rhino-Rack Roof Rack Feet and Install Kit for a 2010 Toyota Prius
    It looks like the Rhino-Rack bars for the 2009 Subaru Tribeca are either 49 inches long or 54 inches long and the recommended bar length for the 2010 Toyota Prius is 44 inches. Since the bars you have are longer and not shorter than required you can use them on the Prius using leg kit for Vortex bars # RRRLKVA and custom clamp kit # DK195.
    view full answer...
  • Which Rhino Rack Foot Kit is Correct for 2015 Hyundai Tucson
    The correct Rhino Rack fit kit for your 2015 Hyundai Tucson would actually be the part # DK201 and not the # DK171 which fits Nissan vehicles. The leg kit you'd need then is the part # RRRLKVA which is for all 4 legs. I wish we had the legs individually but that's not something we can get from Rhino Rack.
    view full answer...
  • Rhino Rack Euro Bar Feet Compatibility On 2016 Honda CR-V
    The Rhino-Rack Euro Bar square crossbars (discontinued) fit 2500 series feet part # RRRLKVA, so they are not compatible with the the RCL legs for fix mounting points part # RRRCL4. The RCL legs are only a fit for the Aero crossbars for Honda CR-V's with fixed mounting points. Along with the Euro Bar crossbars and the 2500 Series Legs, you will also need adapters part # RREB-FK1 and fit kit part # DK284 to complete the Rhino Rack roof rack system on your 2016 Honda CR-V. If your Honda...
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  • Roof Rack Recommendation for My 2010 Chevy Avalanche with a Bare Roof
    We have something that works for your bare-roof 2010 Chevy Avalanche. For a great setup that works with your roof style, I recommend the following setup: - Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars - Aluminum - Black - 54" Long - Qty 2 # RRVA137B-2 - Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs for Vortex Aero Crossbars - Naked Roofs or Fixed Mounting Points # RRRLKVA - Custom DK Fit Kit for 4 Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Roof Rack Legs - Naked Roof # DK227 Not only is this rack designed specifically by Rhino-Rack...
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  • Can I Leave Roof Rack On Through the Winter
    Yes your roof rack is okay to stay on your vehicle through the winter. The crossbars # RRVA126B-2 are constructed of aluminum and will definitely hold up. The nylon foot pack # RRRLKVA is weather resistant and the Fit Kit for your 2015 Nissan Rogue # DK396 is rubber coated. Here in Missouri(not as harsh of winter as Chicago) we leave our bars on year around and we don't have any issues. Sometimes the lock core will show a little bit of wear from winter conditions but several people have...
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  • Rhino Rack Roof Rack for a 2017 Ram 3500 Tradesman Crew Cab
    I would be happy to confirm compatibility with your 2017 Ram 3500 Tradesman Crew Cab. To attach the roof rack you will need the Custom DK Fit Kit for 2 Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Roof Rack Legs - Naked Roof item # DK043. These are the padded, metal clamps that provide a secure grip on your door jambs. The Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs for Vortex Aero Crossbars item # RRRLKVA will attach to the feet to provide mounting points for the Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars item # RRVA150B-2. All of these...
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  • Will the Rhino-Rack # RRVA118B-2 Fit Fixed Mounting Points on My 2015 Subaru Impreza Wagon?
    Yes, the Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars - Aluminum - Black - 46" Long - Qty 2 # RRVA118B-2 are compatible with your 2015 Subaru Impreza Premium Wagon with fixed mounting points. In order to attach them to your vehicle, you will need these additional parts: - Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs for Vortex Aero Crossbars - Naked Roofs or Fixed Mounting Points - Qty 4 # RRRLKVA - Custom DK Fit Kit for 4 Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Roof Rack Legs - Naked Roof # DK258 With all these components, you...
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  • Crossbar Mounting Locations for Rhino-Rack Roof Rack on 2018 Ford F-150
    To install the Rhino-Rack Vortex roof rack system on your 2018 Ford F-150 (see parts list below) you'll want the rear crossbar to be 520 mm back from the middle of your doors for a SuperCrew cab (420 mm for a SuperCab) and then the center of the front crossbar to that same spot need to be 280 mm whether you have a SuperCrew or SuperCab. I have attached a photo showing this. Here are the parts from your roof rack - you can find the installation instructions linked to this page as well: 59"...
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