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Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System

Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System

Item # RM-8700
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Tow Bar Braking Systems

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Get automatic, real-time braking in your towed vehicle with the InvisiBrake. Actuator box installs permanently so that you never have to remove, adjust or reactivate. System connects to RV and engages car brakes when the RV brake lights illuminate. Great Prices for the best tow bar braking systems from Roadmaster. Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System part number RM-8700 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Roadmaster Tow Bar Braking Systems - RM-8700

  • Brake Systems
  • Air Brakes
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • Pre-Set System
  • Roadmaster
  • Fixed System
  • One Time Set-Up
  • Power Assist Brake Compatible

Get automatic, real-time braking in your towed vehicle with the InvisiBrake. Actuator box installs permanently so that you never have to remove, adjust or reactivate. System connects to RV and engages car brakes when the RV brake lights illuminate.


  • Braking system activates brakes on towed vehicle when you engage the brakes in your RV
    • Cable pulley tugs towed car's brake pedal gently, gradually and with balanced pressure when brakes are applied in RV
  • Permanent installation - nothing to remove or disconnect
    • Actuator box mounts out of the way - typically beneath the driver's seat
  • One-time setup - no need to readjust or continuously activate
    • System automatically functions when connected to RV
    • Braking pressure does not have to be readjusted after initial setup
  • Compatible with hybrids and other continuous-power-assist automobiles
    • Braking pressure can be adjusted from 5 psi to 80 psi so that an appropriate amount is applied
  • No false braking - activates only when RV brake lights are illuminated
  • Integrated battery protection
    • Bypasses 12V outlet - connects directly to towed car's battery and constantly charges battery when you are towing
    • Provides a trickle charge to the vehicle battery if the running lights are on on the tow vehicle
  • 2-Stage motor home monitor has audible and visual warnings
    • LED monitor illuminates when towed car's brakes are activated
    • Audible alert lets you know if brakes have been activated for too long (approximately 20 seconds)
      • System automatically begins to release pressure after 15 seconds of continuous braking
  • Emergency breakaway device included
  • Made in the USA


  • Controller box dimensions: 8-3/4" long x 8-3/4" wide x 2-3/4" tall
  • Power draw: 6 mA - 10.8 amps
  • Maximum braking pressure: 80 psi
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Note: This product does not work on vehicles with a non-electric hydroboost braking system.

When using TrailerMate wiring with the InvisiBrake, it will be necessary to purchase an additonal two diodes, (RM-792 - sold separately), to prevent the towed vehicle's brake signal from back-feeding into the InvisiBrake system and activating it when attempting to drive the vehicle.

Fully Automatic Braking Action

Wire the InvisiBrake into your vehicle, connecting it to the battery and electrical harness, and you never have to remove it. When you're ready to tow your car, just connect the it to your RV via the included electrical cable, and the system is ready to go.

The InvisiBrake is designed to activate the brakes in your towed car upon receiving a signal from your RV that the motor home's brakes have been applied. This signal is sent via the wiring harness whenever the RV's brake lights are illuminated. This way, you get real-time braking action, ensuring that your towed car brakes at the same time and for the same duration as the brakes in your RV. In addition, there will be no false braking when you hit bumps or potholes.

Adjustable Pressure Settings

The braking pressure of the InvisiBrake can be adjusted from 5 psi to 80 psi depending on your individual application and preferences. Typically, a braking system has to apply an extreme amount of force to activate the towed car's brakes because the vacuum-assist function of the brakes is not active when the ignition is off. This excessive pressure would cause damage to your car if it had "active" brakes. Because this system lets you adjust the braking pressure to a comparatively minimal amount, you can use it on automobiles that have continuous-power-assist brakes, such as Hummers and hybrids, without having to worry about any potential damage.

The pressure setting needs to be adjusted only once, during the initial installation, at which point you can test the system at different settings to determine which feels best. Once the setting is determined, it does not have to be readjusted, so your system is always ready to go.

Permanent, Out-of-the-Way Installation

Most often, the InvisiBrake actuator box installs beneath the front seat of your towed car, neatly tucked away so that you won't see it and it won't take up any storage space in your vehicle. You can, however, install it anywhere in your towed car that is convenient for you, as long as you can still access the adjustment knob.

A bracket and cable pulley will install on the arm of your vehicle's brake pedal. This will not interfere with normal braking function and does not have to be adjusted, removed or activated. The entire system can stay in your car year 'round, waiting for those times when you need to tow. And once you do hook up your car to your RV in preparation for towing, the system will function automatically.

8700 Road Master Invisi-Brake Tow Bar Braking System

Installation Details RM-8700 Installation instructions

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Customer Reviews

Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System - RM-8700

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (218 Customer Reviews)

Get automatic, real-time braking in your towed vehicle with the InvisiBrake. Actuator box installs permanently so that you never have to remove, adjust or reactivate. System connects to RV and engages car brakes when the RV brake lights illuminate.


This product was supposed to fit under the seat of my 2022 Chevrolet Colorado. It doesn't even come close. The power seat motors do not allow any room between the seat and the floorboard of the cab. I am returning it "Unused, Uninstalled and in the original packaging. I am being charged return shipping fees. I could understand if I just changed my mind but the product DOES NOT FIT!!! I ordered a replacement air brake unit that will fit. Why am I being charged return shipping for etrailer's mistake in compatability??

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


You are welcome to return this InvisiBrake system however I wanted to let you know that while most of the time the InvisiBrake actuator box installs beneath the front seat of the towed car it does not have to be installed there. It can be installed anywhere in the towed car that is convenient as on as you can still access the adjustment knob.


A little more difficult than others to install but definitely worth the money. The only thing I noticed is every couple of hookup’s you need to pump the brakes once to activate the system



Works great however if there’s a short anywhere in the primary vehicles light wiring. It will randomly apply the brakes.


Intermittent brake application sticking on. 3 different times in 4000 miles but always seems to fix itself.



Still occasional compressor sticking on. Times out eventually after annoying buzzer alarm.

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


@Dennis I reached out to Roadmaster and it could be a feedback issue from possible water and or corrosion especially if this is only happening when the RV and flat-towed vehicle are connected with the power cord. The best way would be to reach out to Roadmaster so that they can confirm the situation and components that are in play to better know what way they can help. I will email you the contact details.


I love the InvisiBrake system! It's permanent installation and flawless operation really simplifies the process of connecting and disconnecting the towed vehicle. I would definitely buy it again and recommend it without hesitation.


I've always have a Invisibrake system installed on my tow vehicle as they work excellently and are not in the way.


My Invisibrake system works excellent. I t was easy to install for anyone with a little mecanical ability. Love it


Not using it anymore because the Ford Maverick we got it for, was upgraded to a Ford Ranger. It did not supply enough power to charge the battery. The charging option was one of the main reasons we bought this one. I think it is different for other cars. It was a little challenging to adjust the brake power. We switched to a portable solution for the Ranger.

2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Good quality materials.
Fast delivery
Complicated install. 16 hours labor for me to install toad portion, including bulb kit. 8 hours to install indicator light/warning beeper in RV. Worth the one time effort for me to not have to set and remove floor mounted brake system each time I want to drive the toad.

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee with electric drivers seat. Controller would not fit under drivers seat, installed in cargo area behind rear seat. Good instructions for install.

Kit included everything I needed. Due to controller placement, the controller power leads were not long enough. Air line to air cylinder connection was difficult to get right. Was not as "sure" as air line to controller. Took 3 attempts to get it to not leak.

Overall a good product, I expect it will last a long time and be very reliable.

2018 Jeep Wrangler

Realitively easy to install except for the brake indicator in the RV. The problem was in the 2018 Wrangler, getting the wire I needed ti splice int for the in-use indicator.


The installation went as planned. All parts fit and worked the first time.


Purchased this braking system and installed on 2005 Jeep Wrangler and towed for over 3000 miles with no issue. Uninstalled and reinstalled on a 2016 Jeep Wrangler this fall. By far, the best supplemental braking system we’ve ever used.


Works great after I finally got it installed (see review on wiring harness)


2021 Ford Ranger. The installation is not really technically challenging, but there are a lot of steps and you need to twist yourself under the dash for quite a bit of it. The main installation comment I would have is assume you are going to drill a hole in the firewall for the wires/air hose. Using the existing grommets is more work/risk than it is worth. There were several videos, but none specifically for my vehicle and I would have liked the specific detail on the air connection. We have about 800 miles towing with it so far and it definitely it helps with stopping, plus the break-away safety is good peace of mind.


Happy so far. I wouldn’t say installation is difficult but it did take me some time. Unit just barely fits under the drivers seat of my ‘03 TJ so it is out of the way. Does take away leg room from the rear passenger but who rides in the back of a TJ right? I did have to fab up some spacers for the clip that holds the brake cable due to the fact that the firewall of my TJ has a ridge right where it needed to be mounted.

2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

The product arrived within a reasonable amount of time. Instruction for installation was pretty good between both what came with the kit and the video etrailer web site. For the most part the installation went well but there are a few things I would like to comment on, and they are:
1) The self tapping screws to install the control unit to the floor of my towed vehicle were too short to get through the carpeting and into the sheet metal with enough bite to hold. Instead I used longer 1/4 - 20 bolts.
2) The vacuum check valve came apart while I was pushing it into the brake vacuum line. I was able to not lose the rubber membrane inside and used super glue to put it back together. I tested it and is working fine but I did order another check valve to the tune of [a few extra] more dollars.
3) It would have been nice to have the etrailer video show something on where to hook up the "Monitor System" from the towed vehicle. It took some doing but I was able to locate the brake switch and tap into the cold side for the signal.

Although I haven't put any miles on this system yet my test of it went well.

Etrailer Expert

Rachael H.


Thanks for the feedback and review Ken. I wanted to let you know that I have included a link to one of our installation videos and at about the 15 minute mark there are some details about installing the monitoring system in the RV.

Ken K.


A year later and Im still in love with the Roadmaster tow bar & base plate and InvisiBrake braking system. We just got back from a road trip that started around Seattle down to Bryce canyon and back. The tow bar and brake system worked flawlessly, I could not be more pleased. Also, recently I traded in the first Jeep that I installed this system on for a newer Jeep. Knowing that I would be towing the new Jeep as well, I wanted to uninstall the base plate and brake system from my old Jeep and reinstall them on the new. The process went very well, actually faster than the first time I installed it. So, bottom line is that Im very pleased with this set up and would recommend it highly.


The ordering process was easy and convenient. The free shipping was awesome, and the product was delivered in less than a week. I am sure the product is great but am in the process of installing the base plates and tow bar. The Invisibrake and wiring will come later. Great job Etrailer!

2014 Honda CR-V

Installed in a 2014 CRV. Worst part was getting all the wiring and under the door sill trim panel and routed up through the firewall into the engine compartment, and getting the cable and pulley installed up to the brake pedal. Pretty crowded under the dash in a CRV (my ribs are still sore)! had to use a different clamp on the vacuum cylinder because I had to move it forward of where the video showed in order for the cable to reach the mounting location under the dash. Had to clamp it around the larger end of the cylinder and the supplied clamp would not fit around the larger diameter end. Maybe Roadmaster has shortened the cable? Haven't tested yet but have high hopes! I used the videos extensively, and couldn't have done it myself without them! Not bad for a 72 year old!



Excellent! Have used it towing my CRV on two 2,ooo mile trips since installation. Works very well

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Permanent installation looks and works great. Simply connect to the tow vehicle and ready to go…every time! The only issue I see is the Jeeps brakes seem to lose vacuum as the brake pedal is “hard” to push after sitting overnight.


etrailer is awesome to deal with, very knowledgeable and helpful. We would highly recommend this company for sales and installation.

2009 Subaru Forester

I would highly NOT recommend the Invisibrake system if you are installing it yourself unless you are young and have a minimum of a Masters Degree in Automotive Engineering.


It’s great! Easy set up!


This review is more for eTrailer than the product RM-8700, which is a great product as well. I will be submitting further reviews as I install the device.
If you want to work with a knowledgeable staff, one that actually listens to your needs and not a company that simply sells a product just to get numbers. Deal with eTrailer.
If your RV has any need these guys know or will find out (as long as its in their area of expertise) and get back to you. They carry great products, they ship as promised and they stand behind what they sell. I highly recommend eTrailer.

Guy V.


Most excellent products and customer service. I had purchased a few different items from eTrailer and found that there were a couple of missing items. Without question or hesitation, they were in shipping and satisfying my problem. After I got into the project, I found the missing items and notified eTrailer of my error. I cannot say enough good things which describes the excellent customer service, product knowledge and assistance they offer their customers and potential customers.


Works well and installation went well but if not familiar with electrical wiring and general vehicle knowledge I would suggest having someone install for you.

2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

It was not too difficult to install if you have basic mechanical and electrical knowledge. After a year owning it and using, I can while heartedly say this is an EXCELLENT PRODUCT. I never had a breakaway to really test it, thank God, but the peace of mind knowing it’s there is tremendous!

Doug S.


Perfect operation still to this day!


I have one in my jeep and works great. Just put a 2nd one in my friend's jeep and he loves it. Very easy to use and the adjustments are easy, depending on how much braking you want on your towed vehicle.

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See what our Experts say about this Roadmaster Tow Bar Braking Systems

  • Factory PSI Setting for Roadmaster InvisiBrake
    The braking pressure that the Invisi-Brake System # RM-8700 that you referenced comes from the factory set at is the most universal setting that works for most applications, 60 psi. You will want to test your setup using the preset setting and compare the stopping power to how the RV stops without a vehicle behind it and adjust as necessary.
    view full answer...
  • Initial Brake Pressure Setting Recommendation for a Invisi-Brake System 8700
    The braking pressure that the Invisi-Brake System # RM-8700 that you referenced comes from the factory set at is the most universal setting that works for most applications. You will want to test your setup using the preset setting and compare the stopping power to how the RV stops without a vehicle behind it and adjust as necessary. For further info check out the installation instructions I attached to the right. If your brakes are smelling hot I would try backing the pressure off a...
    view full answer...
  • 2019 Ford Ranger Separate Brake Tee Install For Roadmaster InvisiBrake
    Thank you for your purchase from etrailer of the Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System # RM-8700. I'm not quite sure what you mean by vacuum gizmos, but for your 2019 Ford Ranger, according to Roadmaster, the 452154-00 is needed, as your Ranger has a 5/8" vacuum tube that needs a separate brake line tee. I have added cut outs for you which show the process.
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for Image 2 for
  • Is It Normal For The Breakaway Switch Of The Invisibrake To Still Work When Not Hooked Up To Tow
    Yes, this is exactly how the Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System # RM-8700 breakaway switch should work. You wouldn't have the key in the ignition when flat towing the vehicle either so that won't be a factor here. This system is going to have power from your Wrangler's battery and activates only when the stop lights on your motorhome are illuminated or if the breakaway switch pin is pulled. The only way to prevent it from activating would be to cut power to the main unit...
    view full answer...
  • Troubleshooting Roadmaster InvisiBrake Lack of Air Pressure
    I can certainly try and help you find out what the issue could be related to your Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System # RM-8700 and its lack of air pressure. If it was working fine, the most likely cause is a loose hose, which would be something that would cause the air pressure not to build. Additionally, according to Roadmaster, this can happen if the pressure is set to maximum. If so, the needle will have rotated around the gauge and making it look like it is at zero,...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for Image 2 for
  • Recommendations for Installation Locations of Invisi-Brake Controller on a 2013 Ford Explorer
    You can install the controller basically wherever you think will work the best for you, it is not required that you put it behind the front seat like the video I attached shows, but you may find that installing it on the driver side of the vehicle will make the install easier. You could try behind the rear seats or even the cargo area. You might have to get a little creative, but you should be able to find a suitable location in your 2013 Ford Explorer.
    view full answer...
  • No Monitor Light on Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System
    I have attached for you below both a wiring diagram of the monitor light on the Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System part # RM-8700 and troubleshooting steps from Roadmaster. If the light is not illuminating then you'll need someone to watch the brake pedal in the vehicle as you press the pedal in the motorhome to verify function. - Make certain the brake light fuse was replaced in the towed vehicle. - Make certain that the monitor wire patch cord between the two vehicles...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Compatible Towed Vehicle Braking Systems For The Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System
    The page for the Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System # RM-8700 states "This product does not work on vehicles with a non-electric hydroboost braking system." meaning it will only work with vehicles with an electric hydroboost braking system. The instruction manual for the # RM-8700 states "If the vehicle does not have vacuum-assisted power brakes, it likely has hydroboost power brakes. If they are electric hydroboost, InvisiBrake will work. If they are standard hydroboost,...
    view full answer...
  • Trouble Setting Brake Pressure on Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System
    I checked the instructions for the Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System part # RM-8700, in order to set the brake pressure you must first pull the breakaway pin and then pull out on the knob. Then, rotate to the designed psi, reengage the knob, and reinsert the breakaway pin. I have attached a photo below with these instructions. If the brake pressure still fails to set, there may be a hardware issue and a warranty claim with the manufacturer would be needed.
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Power Brakes Not Working After Removing InvisiBrake
    If your brakes are not working after removing the Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System # RM-8700 then it is very likely a break or other damage to the vacuum line so that's what you'll want to check.
    view full answer...
  • Wiring Diagram And Orange Wire Connection for Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System
    The orange wire, see wiring diagram attached, is not used for the Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System, RM-8700. Roadmaster added that wire when developing the braking system and found that it was not needed, so it is not used for installation at all. I attached an installation video that should help you with your installation also. If you look closely just after the 8:48 minute mark you can see the orange wire and that it was not used in the installation. We just bundle...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for Image 2 for
  • How To Install The Monitor Wire For The Roadmaster Invisibrake Supplemental Braking System
    The Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System # RM-8700 monitor wire comes with "bullet" style connectors. The monitor wire will not connect to the brake light switch wire on your motorhome. It simply runs up to your dash for the light. On the vehicle side you'll tap into the brake light switch wire and then run it to the grill of your ram and connect to the motorhome side using the bullet connectors. If you have an empty terminal on your 6-pole and 7-pole sockets on your Ram...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • How To Wire In The Monitor Light For The Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System
    The monitor light for the Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System # RM-8700 would need to be grounded to the chassis of the motorhome. The LED light and audio signal will both have a wire to run down to the chassis and another wire to run over to the towed vehicle to connect to the cold side of the brake light switch. To accomplish this you'll most likely need to extend to wire to run it down to the chassis and then use a ring terminal and self tapping screw to connect the wires...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Will Roadmaster InvisiBrake Braking System Fit Under Passenger Seat on a 2013 Jeep Wrangler
    The ideal location for the controller box of the InvisiBrake, # RM-8700, is under the drivers or passengers seat. However, it can be mounted anywhere in the interior of the vehicle; under the rear seats, in the trunk, or behind panels. I have included a link to the instructions to the right. Based on those you should be able to determine that best mounting location for you. I have also linked a couple of installation videos for you.
    view full answer...
  • Operation of Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System
    The Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System, # RM-8700, has a controller that is vacuum-operated. It will send pressure to the air cylinder and the air cylinder will apply pressure to the brake system by pulling on the attached cable. Please note the attached product review and installation video.
    view full answer...
  • Installation of Roadmaster InvisiBrake on 2013 Ford F-150
    Installation of the Roadmaster InvisiBrake # RM-8700 in your 2013 Ford F-150 can use your OEM brake light switch which should have a purple/white wire for your signal.
    view full answer...
  • Can Roadmaster 8700 InvisiBrake System Make Beeping Noise in Engine Compartment
    The only 2 things the Roadmaster InvisiBrake # RM-8700 has that makes an audible noise is the air compressor and the motorhome monitor that lets you know if the brakes have been activated too long. I spoke with my contact at Roadmaster who confirmed that nothing with their system makes a beeping sound. Since this is the case the Ford service department you went to either doesn't know much about the vehicle or they were just trying to move on to the next customer. I would take your vehicle...
    view full answer...
  • Will the Roadmaster InvisiBrake Release Air Pressure Over Time When Disconnected from Motorhome
    The air pressure in the Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System # RM-8700 will slowly release the pressure until it is down to zero when you disconnect your 2017 Ford Focus from your motorhome. It won't drop all of the sudden once disconnected. I reached out to my contact at Roadmaster who confirmed this.
    view full answer...
  • Where Does the Vacuum Line of the Invisibrake System Run to On a Vehicle
    The vacuum line of the Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System # RM-8700 will run to the brake master cylinder's vacuum line. I attached a picture that shows how the line of the Invisibrake will tee into the vacuum line on a similar vehicle to help give you an idea. You will want to follow the vacuum line all the way back to the Invisibrake making sure there are no kinks and or leaks.
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Installation Video and Instructions for Roadmaster InvisiBrake on 2018 Ford Focus
    Thanks for the purchase and the installation instructions will come with the Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System # RM-8700 but I have also added a link to them for you here. I have also added a link to a video install we did of this system on a 2014 Ford Focus, which is the same generation as your 2018 Focus.
    view full answer...
  • Does Roadmaster InvisiBrake Braking System for Flat Towed Vehicles RM-8700 Trickle Charge Battery
    It sure does. When the RV running lights are turned on, the InvisiBrake will deliver a trickle charge to the battery of the towed vehicle. I've linked you to the installation instructions for the Roadmaster InvisiBrake. If you go to the product page for the InvisiBrake by clicking on the provided link, you can see several installation videos we've done. The install procedure can vary a bit from vehicle to vehicle, but the videos will give you a good idea of the overall process.
    view full answer...
  • Towed Ford Explorer Battery is Dead After A few Hours of Flat Towing Behind Itasca Motorhome
    The Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Tow Bar Braking System # RM-8700 is designed to deliver a trickle charge from your running motorhome's electrical system to your toad's battery while you're underway. This power feed is dependent on good ground connections between both the motorhome and InvisiBrake, and between the InvisiBrake and the toad. You can check to make sure all electrical connections are sound and that there is no corrosion on connectors that might be impeding the charging...
    view full answer...
  • No Audible Alert in RV after Depressed Brake Pedal on Roadmaster InvisiBrake
    I called my technical support contact at Roadmaster and they informed me that it is likely that you have just switched the wires that go to both the LED monitor and audio board on the Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System part # RM-8700. I would first try to switch the wires to see if that fixes your problem. If that doesn't work then you will want to inch forward a bit and hold the brake pedal to see if the alarm sounds. If neither of these options work then you would need...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Troubleshooting Invisi Brake From Roadmaster Where Compressor Does Not Come On
    In the installation instructions for the Roadmaster BrakeMaster # RM-8700 there are two fuses wired to the air compressor circuit. One 20 amp fuse on the power wire of the battery, and a 10 amp fuse connected on the blue wire that runs from the ignition switch to the air compressor. Inspect these fuses and any poor or loose wiring connections. Try using a jumper wire 12-volt source to connect to the compressor to see if it operates. If the compressor works, then the issue is along the...
    view full answer...
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