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  1. Tow Bar
  2. etrailer
  3. Fits Duncan Base Plates
  4. Telescoping
  5. Hitch Mount Style
  6. 10500 lbs
etrailer XHD Non-Binding Tow Bar for Duncan Base Plates - RV Mount - 2" Hitch - 10,500 lbs

etrailer XHD Non-Binding Tow Bar for Duncan Base Plates - RV Mount - 2" Hitch - 10,500 lbs

Item # e57ZR
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This sleek tow bar can handle your large vehicle, no problem. Heavy-duty but not heavy: arms support their weight while you hook up and swing easily to either side for storage. Integrated safety cables keep your setup organized. Built-in rise/drop. Great Prices for the best tow bar from etrailer. etrailer XHD Non-Binding Tow Bar for Duncan Base Plates - RV Mount - 2" Hitch - 10,500 lbs part number e57ZR can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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etrailer Tow Bar - e57ZR

  • Fits Duncan Base Plates
  • Telescoping
  • Hitch Mount Style
  • 10500 lbs
  • etrailer
  • Stores on RV
  • Non-Binding
  • Steel

This sleek tow bar can handle your large vehicle, no problem. Heavy-duty but not heavy: arms support their weight while you hook up and swing easily to either side for storage. Integrated safety cables keep your setup organized. Built-in rise/drop.


  • Safely bring your heavy vehicle along behind your RV
  • Self-supporting arms won't fall to the ground as you're hooking up
    • Smoothly extend and pivot to reach the base plate
    • Automatically lock into towing position when you pull forward
  • Extra-long arms help you make tight turns
  • Built-in rise/drop and tilt ensure tow bar is level during towing
  • Quick disconnect, even on rough terrain, with non-binding triggers
  • Organized setup
    • Straight safety cables are integrated into the tow bar
    • Storage rod keeps electrical cord (sold separately) off the ground
  • Effortless storage: swing arms to the left or right and they'll lock in place
  • Compatible with Duncan base plates with included adapters
  • Lifetime technical support from the experts at
  • Made in the USA


  • Fits: Duncan base plates
  • Application: 2" x 2" trailer hitch receivers
  • Arm length (from center of hitch pin hole at end of shank to center of base plate pin hole when lined up with arms straight):
    • Extended: 51-3/4"
    • Retracted: 39-1/4"
  • Silver rod portion of arm dimensions: 14-1/2" x 1.136" diameter
  • Built-in rise/drop: 1-1/2"
    • Head tilts an additional 3" up or down to keep tow bar level with the road
  • Weight capacity: 10,500 lbs
  • Weight: 46 lbs
  • Safety cable rating: 14,000 lbs
  • Lifetime limited warranty

etrailer XHD Tow Bar dimensions

Note: If you add a hitch extender to your setup, you may need safety cable extensions (sold separately) to reach your tow vehicle's hitch.

Works with Duncan Base Plates

Compatible with Duncan Baseplates with these Adapters

If you already have a Duncan base plate or are planning on getting one, this kit includes the needed brackets to make this tow bar compatible. The brackets will attach to your base plate so the tow bar can connect. All the hardware is included.

Easy Hookup: Self-Supporting Arms

The etrailer XHD has a lot of smart features that give you the flexibility to hook up your toad (towed vehicle) to your RV, without the need for your vehicle to be perfectly level or in the exact right spot.

etrailer XHD Tow Bar Hookup

First of all, the arms are self-supporting, meaning that they hold themselves up without your help and won't fall to the ground when you let them go. They also move independently of each other, so you can focus on getting just one arm connected at a time. You'll never be stuck wrestling with a heavy tow bar.

Just slide the tow bar into your hitch and pin it in place. The telescoping arms will extend, pivot, and tilt to the needed length and angle to reach the tabs on your base plate. You can get hooked up and on with your adventure.

Once the tow bar's connected, slowly pull forward and the self-aligning arms will fully extend and lock into the towing position. Double check that the arms are properly latched and you'll be ready to hit the road!

Important: The arms need to be set up so that the storage rod is on the outside of the arm. Otherwise, the tow bar could be damaged when taking turns.

Extra-Long Arms Get You Around Tight Turns

The XHD's arms are longer than average, giving you an above-average turning radius. You're going to be able to get around obstacles and make sharp turns with no worry of clipping the corner of your RV. Maneuver through gas stations and the campsite no problem.

Built-In Rise/Drop

It's important that your tow bar is as level as possible while you're flat towing, with no more than a 3" difference between where the tow bar sits in the hitch receiver and where the arms meet the base plate. It's fairly common for the hitch on an RV to sit too high in comparison to the toad, making it necessary to buy a high-low adapter.

etrailer XHD Tow Bar Built-In Rise and Drop Keeps Tow Bar Level

With etrailer tow bars, the rise/drop is built right in, so it's less likely that you'll need an extra adapter. The head joint is also able to tilt up and down so you can make the tow bar level for your particular setup.

Non-Binding for Easy Disconnect

Uneven ground and sharp angles can put the arms of the tow bar in a bind and make them stiff and immoveable. Once you get to your destination, the last thing you need is to spend several minutes wrestling, yanking, and kicking at them to get your car disconnected.

etrailer XHD Tow Bar Non-Binding Triggers

Instead, get out of a bind in one easy step. Simply give the trigger on the arm of the XHD a squeeze to disengage the internal latch. This releases the pent-up pressure so you can unhook and get on with your adventure.

Each trigger release latch is positioned on the side of the tow bar arm. This allows for a comfortable yet firm grip, unlike latches that are positioned on the tops of tow bar arms, which can be difficult to grab. This out-of-the-way placement also creates a clean look for the tow bar.

Organized Setup: Integrated Safety Cables

etrailer XHD Tow Bar Integrated Safety Cables

Two straight, vinyl-coated safety cables are integrated right into this tow bar, keeping them from dragging on the ground and getting damaged. They won't get lost or tangled either; your whole setup will be streamlined and organized.

These cables, required by law, will keep your toad behind your RV if there's ever an accidental disconnect while you're towing. The steel S-hooks on each end of the cables connect to the toad's base plate and the RV's trailer hitch, with spring-loaded latches to ensure that they stay connected.

The etrailer safety cables are rated at 14,000 lbs, regardless of the rating of the tow bar. While it's not necessary to have such a high rating, it's nice to know that in the event of an emergency disconnect, these heavy-duty cables will be more than capable of catching your vehicle. If all else fails, these safety cables won't.

etrailer XHD Tow Bar Storage Rod for Coiled Electrical Cord

The tow bar also offers a convenient storage rod for securing your coiled electrical cord (sold separately). The rod holds your power cord neatly out of the way and up off the ground.

Ridiculously Easy Storage

etrailer XHD RV-Mount Tow Bar Storage

The etrailer XHD is incredibly easy to store on the back of your RV. Most RV-mounted tow bars require you to lift the heavy arms all the way up; they have to be fully vertical before you can secure them in the stowed position. With etrailer tow bars, all you have to do is raise them an inch or two - which you probably would do anyway while unhooking - and swing the arms to either side. When you lower them down again, the locking pin will automatically slide into the built-in tab. They can store to the left, right, or with one arm each way, however is convenient for you.

etrailer Technical Support

At etrailer, we're committed to the products we sell, and to helping our neighbors journey. We don't just sell it; we've installed it, we've wired it, and we've towed with it, so you're getting your answers straight from the experts. Our etrailer technicians perform flat tow installations on a daily basis, so they know all about your tow bar firsthand. For the life of your tow bar, our experienced and knowledgeable staff are available via phone, email, and chat to help you with any questions or concerns.

What You Need to Flat Tow

Flat towing can be a much more convenient way to take your car RVing with you than using a trailer or a tow dolly. It'll save you storage space both at home and at the campsite, and it takes less time and hassle to hook up.

To flat tow your vehicle, there are 5 basic components you're going to need: a tow bar, a base plate kit, a safety cable set, tow bar wiring, and a flat tow braking system.

For the RV Between the RV and Towed Car For the Towed Car
Hitch Tow bar Base plate
Wiring plug Safety cables Braking system
Wiring adapter cord Wiring kit/diodes

The custom-fit base plate installs on the frame of your toad so you can connect the car to your RV with a tow bar. Hook up safety cables between the vehicles to ensure that the toad does not separate from the motorhome if the tow bar becomes detached. Tow bar wiring syncs your vehicle's signal lights with your motorhome's tail lights, as required by law in most states. Finally, the flat tow braking system - also required in most states - activates the brakes in the toad when you hit the brakes in the RV, making for smoother, safer braking, and preventing wear on your motorhome.

9998973 Xtra Heavy Duty Non Binding Towbar - Motorhome Mounted Towbar - 2" Hitch - 10,500-lb Rating

9998976 Tow Bar Adapter Kit for Duncan Base Plates

9998989 Clevis End Kit for etrailer XHD Tow Bar

Installation Details E57ZR Installation instructions

Video of etrailer XHD Non-Binding Tow Bar for Duncan Base Plates - RV Mount - 2" Hitch - 10,500 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Review of etrailer XHD Tow Bar - Hitch Mount Style - e57ZR

Jeff: Hello everybody. This is Jeff at Today we're going to take a look at this etrailer XHD two-inch RV Mount non-binding tow bar for the Duncan base plates has a 10,500 pound gross towing weight capacity. Now this tow bar will let you tow your vehicle safely and securely behind your motor home. The shank right here, it'll slide into your two inch trailer hitch receiver on your RV, and there's no bow mount necessary. If you notice on the shank also, they have two hitch pin holes are about two inches apart.

This allow you to position this tow bar, either closer to or further from your RV, depending on your application, without sacrificing any load capacity. You can see the pin and clip here this is included to attach this to your hitch receiver. Also there's no need for a high low adapter on most setups because this adjustable head on this tow bar will tilt up or down three inches to keep your tow bar parallel with the road during towing.And the shank if you notice back here, has this built in one and a half inch drop, or if you flip it over one and a half inch rise for additional height adjustability, the arms on these are telescopic self-supporting arms make for a fast, easy hookup. The main feature is the self-supporting of the arm. Basically these arms will fall to the ground when they're unfolded.

Some of your tow bar systems require to you try and balance both arms at the same time while trying to hook them up, this you could put the arm in whatever position you want and it'll stay right there. And just to show you, if we lift up on this arm and you get right there, you can let it go, hold this down it'll stay in that position. If you move it down a little bit, it'll stay just there. And again, if you want to raise it up some more, pick it up to the side you can see that it'll stay just like that.So they are, self-supporting very nice feature to have. They also offer full articulation, which means these arms could actually could be moved all the way out this way.

This one, all the way, this way. So you'd have 180 degrees of articulation, which allows for a nice unlimited spread to fit your application when you're hooking these arms up.It is a self-aligning design, basically you just hook up and then you drive your RV forward. And then what happens when you do that It'll pull the stainless steel inner arms out. They'll extend into a nice rigid tow-ready position. And then when you get far enough, you can hear that they'll automatically lock into place.

And you're all set up to ready to tow. They are a non-binding design, which allows for you to easily release your vehicle. Even if it's on unlevel ground, they have these trigger releases right here, one on each arm, that when you push down on that trigger release, it'll raise the arm and you can move the arm even if they're under pressure, just push that release down and then release the arm, very nice feature.Also, if you look on each arm, here's these integrated cable mounting clips. These will keep your included safety cables off the ground, prevent any dragging. And if you notice the cables, the whole length of the safety cable has a nice vinyl coating on it to protect it. And also on each end, they'll have these steel S hooks with the spring loaded latches here for added security. On this arm, you might notice this storage rod right here. This is a built-in storage rod, this will keep your coil, the electrical cord in place and off the ground. Now the electrical cord is not included. You would have to supply that, but when you do plug in your electrical cord and you have the coil there and it stretches out, you don't want to drag hanging down and possibly dragging. So you can take the extra coils, pull this clip, put the extra coils up on this rod, put the clip and it'll hold it up in place out and off the ground.Now this also offers a simple, secure storage alongside your motor home. These arms can be folded together, and then they both swing to the left and lock into place on these holes right here, swing to the right either way are, as I mentioned, you could swing one out this way. It locks in this one all the way out here. So there's multiple ways of storing them. Does have an E-coat finish on it provides a nice corrosion resistance. This part is made in the USA. This part number here is compatibility it works with the Duncan base plates. As you can see, it will include these Duncan adapters and the hardware to install them. Application it slides into a two inch by two inch trailer hitch receiver, weight capacity on this is 10,500 pounds. Now, one note I do want to mention is we also sell a tow bar that's a SD version.And when you look at both of them, they almost look identical, but the main differences, the SD is a lower tow bar. It's about 6,000 pound capacity this one is a 10,500 pounds. And the reason they get the higher capacity is if you look at that stainless steel arm, it is going to be a larger diameter on this XHD compared to the SD version. So that's how they'll get the higher capacity.Now, the weight on this whole tow bar is about 46 pounds, a few measurements if we push these arms together so that they're straight ahead. And we measure from the hitch pin hole here at the end of the shank to the base plate, pin hole center to center. When they're straight ahead, when they're retracted, like they are now is going to measure 39 and a quarter inches. If we extend those arms out all the way and they lock into place and then measure from that hitch pin hole back here to that, it's going to be 51 and three quarter inches. The distance from this hitch pin holes to where the shank starts to drop or rise right about here is going to be five and a half inches. And then from that hitch pin hole at the end of the shank to this vertical bolt in the head is about 12 and a half inches.It does come with this nice operator's manual. That'll describe how all these parts go together and how it operates. But that should do it for the review on the etrailer XHD two inch RV mount non-binding tow bar for the Duncan base plates has a 10,500 pound gross towing weight capacity.

Customer Reviews

etrailer XHD Non-Binding Tow Bar for Duncan Base Plates - RV Mount - 2" Hitch - 10,500 lbs - e57ZR

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (124 Customer Reviews)

This sleek tow bar can handle your large vehicle, no problem. Heavy-duty but not heavy: arms support their weight while you hook up and swing easily to either side for storage. Integrated safety cables keep your setup organized. Built-in rise/drop.


Candra help out tremendously


etrailer has been just what I need it as a first time tower of a Rv tow car there experience and courtesy of helping someone with no experience has been a huge relief with something so important there help was invaluable all the way through Thank you so much


First, this bar is extremely heavy, which makes transporting and maneuvering cumbersome and difficult. Secondly, I had issues with this unit from the get-go. I did not receive the correct bolts to attach the Roadmaster clevis to the arm ends. The instructions clearly state that a clevis bolt was to be installed with the XHD unit, but it was not in the hardware bag. I had to call customer service (which was so/so, almost like the person didn't believe me) and had the bolts sent to me. I received the bolts but long story short, they were too short. They did not come out of the bottom of the locknut and any attempt to torque them to the point they did protrude, caused the forks of the clevis to bend, which is too much stress on such an important piece. I did not feel it was safe to either have the bolts not protrude, or force them to protrude. Then came the days-long process of trying to rectify the situation. I called customer service and attempted to explain the problem to the rep. She didn't really want to hear my problem and I was quickly rushed off the phone and directed to call Roadmaster for support, which I did. Roadmaster, of course, has nothing to do with this bar, or problem (pictures were sent to RM) and I was directed to call eTrailer back. I spoke to another person and she was a little more helpful. However, during our "conversation," I could hardly get a word in (I was spoken over and interrupted constantly.) I was told that #1.) the first person I talked to had no idea what she was talking about #2.) Demco manufactures these parts, not Roadmaster, #3.) Essentially the correct length bolts don't exist in the parts catalog. At this point I am starting to get upset with my experience and just wanted a tow bar that worked. I was convinced to but a Roadmaster branded tow bar to avoid any more issues (Blackhawk All Terrain) which I found to be strange, I figured the margin on the eTrailer branded products would be higher, but I digress. Since there is no exchange program with eTrailer, I had to purchase the Blackhawk outright. I was given a UPS label to send the XHD back, but I had to wait to receive the Blackhawk to reuse the box, which is not a huge deal, a minor inconvenience at this point. As of today (4/26/24) I am still waiting for a refund on this unit which I was assured it would be on it's way once the tracking number showed that it was picked up by UPS, but this is not the case. In conclusion, the XHD seemed like it would be a decent product if they can get the hardware right (at least for the Roadmaster system) it's just heavier than most tow bars I have had experience with. customer service can also use some work, I was not happy with the service after the sale I received. Oh, and the final kick in the tail, the Blackhawk does not come with safety cables. If this were my company, I would have thrown those in for the inconvenience, but I was offered nothing for the trouble this has caused, no discount on the Blackhawk, cables or anything. I will do all I can to avoid buying from etrailer again and will direct others to the same.


I'm not sure there could be anything better for the tow bar to do. I love the ease of hooking and unhooking in less then 2 min. and the cable holder for the light hookup cable and air hookup so they can't drag on the ground. The release levers work great for taking the tension off the bars to unhook and the storage of the tow bar on the back of the RV works great. All and All I could be happier


1st tow bar I had to send back, due to chip powder coating. 2nd two bar came a week later Great job etrailer. It was easy to do a return and get a replacement. etrailers whole team was great getting me what I wanted. I replaced a 10-year-old tow bar and wanted to replace it with their new XHD you can tell its LBS is higher than my old tow bar.


The tow package has been working very well and makes hauling my F150 a breeze.


The tow bar looks good. However, it was missing the large bolts to hold the blue ox adapters onto the tow bar. The hardware kit was not complete. Also, the instructions on attaching the blue ox adapters were NOT CLEAR at all. I think the bar will be very good once I get the missing parts shipped to me.


Really hooks up easily. Stores well on camper.


Very rugged tow bar. You will need this cover: Roadmaster Tow Bar Cover
Item # RM-055-3 because the arms don't lock in the short position so they just slide out to the extended lock position when stowed without a cover.


Very much like the Etrailer XHD tow bar. Works great.


The pins used to hold the arms bent and needed to be repaced not a cheap buy. Hard to place the arms in the right position to carry behind the RV when noy towing.


Finally had a chance to use the new tow bar, we traveled 1,800 miles, this was to replace a older Avail Blue Ox). i like the design that it holds the safety cable up off the ground and no coils to mess with, for a lower cost than the rest i seen with at least a 10K rating, this tow bar is easy to work with and due to design and does NOT flop around when connecting it.. there are pros and cons with everything, over all this design is very nice. the bottom bar is lower than the top by design, once i installed this and got it perfect level one arm goes down a inch the other goes up a inch, the big con for me is here is no cover for the shafts as the Avail has, i sure i can find and buy some some where to help protect them, other than that this tow bar is a winner and can pull 10.5K, also the XHD is the same as the name brand just for less cost.. would recommend this to any one who needs and wants a HD tow bar..


Worked well!


We use this tow bar on 6 vehicles that gets used multiple time each month I pull a 3/4 ton Ford , Ez to hook up and well built, we are very happy with this tow bar, I would buy again without thinking twice about it.


Easy to use and great quality


Great product, etrailer stood behind it.


It’s well put together and easy to install .


Works great and well built. Definitely a good choice for the price


Painted parts have peeled away, and the polished shafts have rusted and corroded superficially.


etrailer has Excellent customer service !!! Bailey went above and beyond to make sure that my order was received when needed.


Light weight and easy to use, no issues at this time.


have not used it yet


Everything was as ordered. Quality was very good.


Just received havent used yet but looks like it will handle what i need
Used etrailer on previous truck and great support and vidieos fairly easy to install and if you have questions you can call and they will walk you through.


delivered on good product

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  • Tow Bar Solution to Fit with Older Duncan Base Plate Kit
    Yes, our 6K # e24ZR or 10.5K # e57ZR etrailer brand tow bars come with the Tow Bar Adapter Kit # e98976 which makes them compatible with the older Duncan base plate kits. Just choose whichever one best matches the weight of your vehicle and you'll be good to go!
    view full answer...
  • D-ring Adapter for etrailer XHD Non-Binding Tow Bar
    The etrailer XHD Non-Binding Tow Bar for Duncan Base Plates, # e57ZR does not have an option for adapter for extended D-Ring bumper mounts. We do carry the Adapter for Extended D-Ring Bumper Mounts to Roadmaster Tow Bars - 1" Thick, # RM65FR and # RM-035-1 but these require use of Roadmaster tow bar, not the etrailer XHD Non-Binding Tow Bar.
    view full answer...

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