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  1. Trailer Axles
  2. Timbren
  3. 5200 lbs
  4. Universal Fit
  5. Spindles Only
  6. Drop - 4 Inch
Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension - Standard Duty - 4" Drop - 5 Bolt Flange - 5,200 lbs

Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension - Standard Duty - 4" Drop - 5 Bolt Flange - 5,200 lbs

Item # ASR5200S04
Our Price: $1,378.44
Trailer Axles
Shipping Weight: 254 lbs
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Get more ground clearance and a smoother ride when towing with Axle-Less trailer suspension. Built-in shock absorption limits rattle and bottoming out. E-Z Lube, 4" drop spindle lowers deck height for easy loading. Fits any trailer frame width. Great Prices for the best trailer axles from Timbren. Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension - Standard Duty - 4" Drop - 5 Bolt Flange - 5,200 lbs part number ASR5200S04 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Timbren Trailer Axles - ASR5200S04

  • 5200 lbs
  • Universal Fit
  • Spindles Only
  • Drop - 4 Inch
  • Rubber Spring Suspension
  • Timbren
  • Easy Lube Spindles

Get more ground clearance and a smoother ride when towing with Axle-Less trailer suspension. Built-in shock absorption limits rattle and bottoming out. E-Z Lube, 4" drop spindle lowers deck height for easy loading. Fits any trailer frame width.


  • Delivers a smooth, stable, quiet ride - regardless of load size
    • Jounce springs absorb road shock and support trailer's load
    • Rebound springs minimize body roll, rattle, and bottoming out
    • Built-in camber and toe-in reduce wear on your trailer's tires
    • Units work independently - what affects one side of your trailer won't affect the other
  • Eliminates axle beam to increase ground clearance and fit any trailer frame width
    • System replaces 1 trailer axle and suspension components
    • 2 Separate units bolt directly to your trailer's frame
  • Designed for your on-road adventures
    • Strong steel construction is built to last
    • Black powder coat resists rust and corrosion
  • Lowers trailer deck height for easier loading and unloading
    • 4" Drop spindle is built in
  • Allows for simple bearing maintenance with built-in grease zerks


  • Application: single- and tandem-axle trailers that use regular tires
    • Tandem-axle trailers require 2 complete systems
    • Not recommended for triple-axle trailers
  • Quantity: 2 suspension units (without hubs)
  • Weight capacity: 5,200 lbs
  • Brake flange configuration: 5 bolt
  • Bolt hole diameter: 5/8"
  • Suspension travel: 2-3/4"
  • 3-Year limited warranty

Tire, Wheel, and Hub Compatibility

  • Tire size: 235/85R16 or smaller
  • Wheel diameter: 16" or smaller
  • Bearings (sold separately)
    • Inner: 25580
    • Outer: 14125A or 15123
  • Races (sold separately)
    • Inner: 25520
    • Outer: 142376 or 15245
  • Seal: 10-36 (sold separately)
    • Inner diameter: 2.250"
    • Outer diameter: 3.376"

Note: This Axle-Less system requires crossbeam support. If your trailer frame doesn't have a crossmember in place, you can retrofit it with one, or you can add a support by running a piece of 2" x 3" steel tubing through the square holes cut into these units. You could also add a steel reinforcement bracket to the inside of the trailer frame.

Get more ground clearance and a more comfortable ride when you're towing with Timbren's Axle-Less trailer suspension. This suspension system provides great shock absorption to comfortably get you where you need to go and to protect your precious cargo as you travel - even on rough pavement. With 2 independently operating units, you'll get better handling when making tight turns. And because this system eliminates your axle and has drop spindles built in, you'll get a lower deck height without sacrificing clearance.

Timbren Axle-Less Suspension vs. Other Suspension Systems

There are many suspension options for your trailer or camper. So, what makes Timbren Axle-Less different?

Leaf Spring Example

Axle-Less systems are a definitive upgrade over traditional leaf springs, in part because they allow you to do away with your thru-axle, allowing for maximum clearance. As you've probably noticed, having a leaf spring suspension means that your axle will always hang at least a few inches below your trailer's frame, resulting in limited ground clearance and a high deck height. This may make it difficult to navigate rough roads and to load items into your trailer.

In addition, while leaf springs do a great job of supporting an even load, they may cause your trailer to bounce and rattle when it's empty or to bottom out with a heavy load. And they don't offer any type of shock absorption for a smooth ride - unless you have upgrades built in. With Timbren's Axle-Less system, gone are the days of dealing with these annoyances - this suspension is designed for a quiet, balanced ride, whether your trailer's fully loaded or empty.

Torsion Axle Example

A torsion axle is a step up in terms of shock absorption, and it provides more clearance than a traditional, leaf spring suspension, but that crossbeam will still hang down some. And if your torsion axle gets damaged in any way, it can't be repaired - you'll have to replace the entire thing with a setup that matches your exact trailer frame width.

With the Axle-Less system from Timbren, you won't have a low-hanging axle beam to get in the way when you're driving on rough roads. The drop spindles on this setup will also lower your deck height, making loading and unloading your trailer way easier. And the rubber springs and independent operation both combine to absorb shock and deliver a smooth, easy ride. In addition, the Axle-Less system can be easily maintained over time, and it will fit any trailer frame width, so you don't have to worry about potentially ordering the wrong size like you might with other systems.

Timbren Silent Ride Example

Another suspension upgrade on the market is Timbren's Silent Ride. This setup is a great option to reduce bounce and rattle because it has the same AEON rubber springs as the Axle-Less system. But the Silent Ride still requires an axle, so you won't get the same ground clearance or low deck height as you will with the Axle-Less suspension.

Timbren Axle-Less Suspension Parts

The Timbren Axle-Less suspension is designed with you in mind. All of the parts work together so you can tow your trailer comfortably - regardless of load size.

Timbren Axle-Less Suspension Parts Diagram

  1. The jounce spring supports the weight of your trailer and cargo. It easily absorbs road shock and is constructed of AEON heavy-duty, hollow rubber.
  2. The rebound spring delivers a smooth, stable ride - regardless of how much cargo is on the trailer. It controls the movement of the jounce spring to minimize trailer body roll, bounce, rattle, and bottoming out.
  3. The trailing arm with integrated hanger attaches the suspension to the side and bottom of the trailer frame.
  4. The control arm carries the spindle and the hub. It pivots on strong, long-lasting polyurethane bushings that never require lubrication.
  5. The E-Z Lube, 4" drop spindle is simple to grease. If damaged, it can be removed and replaced, saving you both time and money compared to a traditional axle.
  6. The built-in hole accepts 2" x 3" steel tubing (not included) to add support to your trailer's frame. The tubing sits higher than a trailer axle, providing additional ground clearance.

Installing the Timbren Axle-Less Suspension

Measuring Diagram

The first step in installing the Timbren Axle-Less suspension is to make sure that the mounting points for each unit are directly across from each other. The easiest way to measure this is to mark the desired mounting points on your trailer's frame. Then measure the distance between these points and the center of your trailer coupler. These measurements (A and B) need to be within 1/8" to keep your trailer frame square.

Once you have your mounting points lined up, you'll be ready to install the system. Drill 3 holes into your trailer frame at the desired mounting points. Then bolt each unit to the frame with Grade 5, 5/8" bolts (not included).

Keep Your Trailer Frame Square

Because Timbren's Axle-Less system eliminates your trailer's thru-axle, you'll have to find another way to get the crossbeam support that keeps your trailer frame square. You have a few different options to do this depending on your application and how much fabricating you're comfortable doing.

Crossmember Installation

If you're building a trailer, the best option is to begin building with the Timbren Axle-Less in mind and include a crossmember where you want to install the units on your frame. You can also retrofit an existing trailer with a crossmember.

Steel Tubing Installation

If you don't have a crossmember where you want to install the Axle-Less system (and you don't want to add one), pick up a section of 2" x 3" steel tubing from a nearby weld shop. This tubing will serve as a support to keep your trailer square. It will hang only about an inch down from your trailer frame, providing more clearance than a thru-axle.

After you've mounted both of the units to your frame, you'll need to drill 3 holes into the steel tubing and into the built-in, square holes. Then, insert the tubing through the holes and secure it with 3 bolts (not included) on each side.

Reinforcement Bracket Installation

The last option is to fabricate a reinforcement bracket that can be attached to the inside of your trailer frame and to the Axle-Less suspension. It may be a little harder to fabricate a compatible bracket than to mount steel tubing, but you may get additional clearance with this method.

Dimensions of the Timbren Axle-Less Suspension

The following diagrams show measurements taken on the Timbren Axle-Less suspension system.

Axle-Less dimensions front view

14-5/16" 18-3/8" 1-1/2" 6-1/4" -3/8" 5"

Axle-Less dimensions top view

5-5/8" 6-1/4" 5-3/4" 2-1/4" 3-1/4" 5-1/4"

ASR5200S04 Axleless Trailer Suspension System by Timbren - 4" Drop Spindle - Without Hubs - 5,200 lbs

Installation Details ASR5200S04 Installation instructionsAlternate Instructions ASR5200S04 Installation instructions

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension - Standard Duty - 4" Drop - 5 Bolt Flange - 5,200 lbs - ASR5200S04

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (288 Customer Reviews)

Get more ground clearance and a smoother ride when towing with Axle-Less trailer suspension. Built-in shock absorption limits rattle and bottoming out. E-Z Lube, 4" drop spindle lowers deck height for easy loading. Fits any trailer frame width.


I received order one box was torn in shipping i think most all the bolts are there . I had 3 surgeries this year i had to put trailer project on hold . I'm ready to get started any day now I'll send pictures when done .


I ordered two sets of these and one set was missing all of the hardware. The other set had all the hardware scattered in a box.




This set up worked out very well. Losing the Dexter axle is a pane but the long-term gain is very much worth it. The set has been strung together with the 2x3 steel tube but there is still more clearance than before.


The axle-less suspension worked very well for my boat trailer. The suspension was easy to attach to the trailer frame and provided a lower profile than the traditional leaf spring and axle system.


Very smooth pull. I'm very impressed on how the trailer pulls. My traditional axle trailer seemed to bounce a lot on the highway which made a lot of noise, but with the Timbren Axle-less that I installed on a new trailer, the trailer is so smooth and way less noise.
Great product.


Installed the Timbren Axle-less suspension a little over a year ago and approximately 5000 miles ago. I have been extremely satisfied with the installation and performance thus far and have had no issues. I also chose to install an optional crossmember for more strength using a 1/4" thick piece of 2x3 steel. I had to increase the weight capacity of my campers suspension due to renovating the interior completely and adding more weight. I also strengthened the frame to accommodate the extra weight. In addition to installing the Timbren 5200LB system I installed new 12" electric brakes and upgraded to 225/75R15 tires with E load range rating.


Installed the Timbren Axle-less suspension a little over a year ago and approximately 5000 miles ago. I have been extremely satisfied with the installation and performance thus far and have had no issues. I also chose to install an optional crossmember for more strength using a 1/4" thick piece of 2x3 steel. I had to increase the weight capacity of my campers suspension due to renovating the interior completely and adding more weight. I also strengthened the frame to accommodate the extra weight. In addition to installing the Timbren 5200LB system I installed new 12" electric brakes and upgraded to 225/75R15 tires with E load range rating.


The trailer rides great down the road and no more worries about saltwater and rusty leaf springs. Not a cheap option but I’m very happy with the setup. When installing, just be sure to measure accurately and have sharp drill bits. A drill press type of guide also helps ensure correct drilling angles. The first picture is of a mounting gusset a local welding shop made. One is needed for each side and necessary to provide needed mounting strength-at least on my trailer frame. Pics 2 and 3 show the mounted suspension on one side of the trailer. Pic 4 shows the suspension on one side of the trailer with the axle attached and a separately purchased disc brake assembly mounted on it. Finally, pic 5 shows a 2” box channel between both suspension assemblies. Independent suspensions would have been nice, but I wanted to ensure trailer rigidity was maintained. So, after one year, so far, so good. It’s all smooth sailing down the highway.


Incredible system. Handled our Overland trek through Colorado and Moab. These axles on our 1917 Ford bed ran multiple Jeep Badge of Honor trails. The suspension handled flawlessly. Handles off camber rocks and drop offs smoothly. We ran the 4 inch lift and off road offset to fit the factory Jeep wheels.


I put these on an off-road trailer build. They have been fantastic! I've done many miles and they held up great. Highly recommend.


Trailer suspension and disk brake performance is outstanding big big difference over leaf spring and electric drum brakes.
Installation required modifications to the frame to monut the timbren suspension


Pleased with ETRAILER, will order here again. Not as happy with the torsion axle setup. 2 inch square opening for tying both axles together with your own 2" square tubing are not shaped to match 2x2x1/8 tubing. Grinding and welding of tubing required to make it fit. Also found the overslung stub axle left the end of the pivot arm without much ground clearance though the unit was intended and spec'd for atv tire off road use. A pivot arm with mounting pads top and bottom would be better and allow the user to choose high or low clearance use. I found the units were perfectly suited to offroad use once I fabricated new mounting pads and welded them to the bottom of the arms.


Purchased 2 sets of the Timbren 1200 Axle-less systems for upgrading the suspension on an older 30' ft glider trailer. Single axle with small (13") tires made towing tough due to porpoising, dragging on drive entrances do to poor flotation; also German made and metric, no repair parts. GVW 2000 lbs equated to bouncy ride.

Dual sets now allow the trailer to ride over bumps and sharp inclines easily, smoothly, little bounce on country roads; porpoising is history. My glider now rides securely, safely, quietly.

Install time 4 1/2 hours (includes head-scratching). Results are outstanding, units are totally solid. Recommend the square tube interconnect, easy and quick - trailer frame was on the light side, so a precautionary fix. Clean look underneath.

Ordered 5 wheels w/tires, very nice.

Helpful neighbor so impressed he ordered a HD single set for his new DIY snowmobile trailer.

Customer satisfaction 100%, from phone order, online support, product information, immediate shipping, install instructions, followup... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


I installed these on my single axle travel trailer to replace the axle and leaf springs. Weight savings was a wash with the required steel tube for added stability. I installed on an I-Beam using aluminum plate as a spacer. It took my friend and I 3 days to install everything. The hardest part was rerouting my black pipe propane line. I also had to install it just back of center due to a steel cross beam being in the way of the middle bolt hole. I replaced the brakes and hubs as well as the wheels to match the new hubs.

Overall we've been super happy with this upgrade. The trailer rides a lot smoother. I'm not finding random screws on the floor after a long bump ride.

We decided to do this after our leaf spring broke 2 times, 12k miles between. We were done dealing with a subpar suspension. I probably would not recommend doing this if your leaf springs are working for you. We put a lot of miles on our trailer. We aren't weekend campers.


I rebuilt a 4 x 8 trailer using the Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension and it works great. I would recommend it to others.


I used these axles in a different way than most would. I needed a trailer that was small, could handle tight switch-backs, carry 600 lbs and be light. I had this idea and as a retired design engineer I saw a great possibility in this axle. I have made four of these trailers now, one as a camp trailer, 2 for trail work for State Parks and one as a utility trailer.


They have more pros than cons, but the second set I bought broke the flat plate that holds the spindle at about 8 months. The steel quality seemed less than I would expect since it basically peeled it back like a pop can as you can see in the pictures. Otherwise I like the clearance and ride. They last 2-3 years where the torsion axles I replaced would wear out in 4 months after driving down rough gravel roads. There is a grade zerk on the underside which I didn't realize until I bought the second set. That would have helped the first set last longer had I known about it.


Actual trailer weight 1540#, 210# tongue weight. 1310# suspension load. After 600 miles, both springs collapsed making the suspension rigid. Have received replacement springs from Timbren but haven't had a chance to try them out.


Very exicited about these axels, I have been eyeing these for over a year. (Excellent service from etrailer, they had my parts to me in 1 day from the time of placing the order.) These axles seem to be well made and fit nicely with the Dexter hub and drum assembly and the 12" electric brake kit. I installed this all on a M1101/M1102 trailer frame after removing the factory axel assembly. I have not ran these on the road or off as of yet but will give another review at that time. The fit and finish are great and the packaging was good, a little banged up from shipping (missing 1 washer)


Timbren saved our RV road trip! The leafs on the axle on our 2018 Jayco TT came apart while driving in Maryland. We tried going to the manufacturer, but they were useless. Going to a RV mechanic meant being grounded for at least 2 months. Then we found Timbren. With the help of Timbren's excellent staff we purchased axle-less system through etrailer, who made sure we got as quick as possible. It came ahead of schedule, my husband installed the Timbren system and we were back on the road! The axle-less system is better than the original manufacturers. If you plan on taking your RV or TT farther than 100 miles GET THIS INSTALLED and get it through etrailer.


Needed a suspension system that I could make a low profile kayak trailer, that would fit in a specific area next to my garage. These were excellent that I could make the trailer any width I wanted. Easy to install and well made.


These units install easily, are well made, and perform great! The trailer doesn't bounce around like you see a lot of trailers do while traveling down a bumpy road. I traveled some unpaved roads with no issues. I am certainly glad I went axleless. I installed with 15" tires. Problem is I didn't go big enough.

I intended to install on an existing trailer that I had. Changed my mind and built a new trailer. The new trailer came in heavier than I had planned. 2k pound capacity is now too small. I have to watch what I load the trailer with so I don't over load the suspension. I intend on buying the 3500 pound units when I have the money.


Five star. shipping was slow. Product was great 14 K 14 plies under 2000 pounds independent suspension. Low fast and sassy. Yep that’s how I build them.


enclosed are pics of trailer and spindle units. I was very happy with the end result,
lowering ez loader trailer 8 inches for hovercraft. the spindle units were well made,
very strong but had some weld repairs as pictures show.i could not set the needed
adjustments till I cleaned up the units with a stone and file. also please improve the
packaging . these heavy units need something better than cardboard for shipping.
they were dislodged from Styrofoam and partially poked holes thru cardboard. but
fortunately no damage there. again im happy with the installation.thank you!!!


The order came in on time and the customer service at (Ashley) and Sean from Tmbren was outstanding. They both were very helpful in my choosing the right product for my needs. The axle less suspension's performance is absolutely superb. It vastly improves ride quality. I am using it on a teardrop camper that often goes on gravel roads and the raddling sound from the leaf axles was horrible. A couple of points to consider before you settle on the axle less suspension: keep in mind that you will lose some hight of the trailer. While you will gain clearance from the lack of the axle, the suspension will make the trailer sit lower than before.i had to lower my hitch by an inch to maintain the trailer leveled. Also it does appear to compress at higher rate than the leaf springs, which makes it softer but easier to reach it's limit. Overall this product is absolutely a must if you are looking to improve the safety and the quality of your towing.

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  • Could Timbren Axle Less Suspension System be Used on Fish House Trailer Suspension
    I looked up some fish house suspension setups and there really isn't a reason you couldn't use the Timbren Axle-Less System part # ASR5200S04 on a fish house trailer
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  • Are Timbren Axle-Less Suspensions Available in 7000-lb Capacity
    Timbren axle-less suspension such as the 5200-lb capacity system # ASR5200S04 that you referenced are the highest-rated offered by Timbren. Currently nothing in a 7000-lb equivalent axle capacity is available. These axle-less systems are not recommended for triple axle applications due to the effects of axle scrubbing; when the trailer turns one set of Timbrens will bear the turning load and the other will be dragged along for the ride. This scrubbing is permissible for a tandem application...
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  • Trailer Frame Mounting Space Required for Installing Timbren Axle-Less Suspension System ASR5200S04
    The Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System # ASR5200S04 that you referenced will require a trailer frame area of at least 14-5/16" inches long and about 3" tall for proper mounting. I have attached a dimensional diagram below with this and other measurements labeled for the setup (just note that the spindle measurement isn't correct since this model features a 4" drop). When mounting to the frame it's extremely important to use all 3 bolt holes provided, so this full length is needed....
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    Image 1 for
  • Adding a Second Axle to a Food Trailer to Increase Capacity
    You could put a second axle on the trailer you have to help distribute the load better, but I would recommend you either remove your current axle and install two sets of the Timbren axles or match what you currently have and add another axle just like it. Either way your current axle will have to get removed because it will at least need to get moved forward or back so that you have the correct axle placement on your trailer. Basically where your current axle is located is where the center...
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  • Can Timbren Axle Less System be Used on Tandem Axle Trailer
    Timbren Axle Less systems like the # ASR5200S04 that you referenced can be used in tandem trailer applications. Timbren has told us several times that tandem applications are fine, they don't recommend triple though.
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  • Is an Axle-Less Suspension Available With Air Bags?
    Though there are a number of axle-less suspension systems available for a trailer, there are none that have air bags to allow the trailer to be lowered. There are axle-less suspension systems with a 4" drop spindle to allow for a lower deck height such as # ASR5200S04. I've added a link to a video review of this system for you as well as a link to each of our Timbren systems.
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  • Replacement 5,200 Pound Trailer Axle
    The 5,200 pound axles we carry are both Timbren axle-less systems that do not use a traditional cross tube axle. Instead they're a universal fit that any width trailer. We have two 5,200 pound systems, one with zero drop # ASR5200S01 and one with a 4 inch drop # ASR5200S04 that will lower your trailer 4 inches.
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  • Can Timbren Axle Less Systems be Used on an Aluminum Trailer
    There's no reason you couldn't install either the Timbren Axle Less part # ASR5200S04 with 4 inch drop spindles or the part # ASR5200S01 on an aluminum framed trailer.
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  • What is the Weight Capacity of Set of 4 Timbren Axle-Less Suspension Set Up As Tandem Axles
    Each paired set of the Timbren Axle-Less Suspension, like # ASR5200S04 and # ASR3500S04, can be compared as one traditional axle when trying to compare the weight capacities. The Timbren # ASR5200S04 are rated at 5,200 lbs or 2,600 per Timbren unit. If you install 4 total in a tandem axle set-up, then the weight capacity would be 10,400 lbs on the axles. The Timbren # ASR3500S04 are rated at 3,500 lbs per pair and in a tandem set-up the axle capacity will be 7,000 lbs.
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  • Replacing 3500-lb Axles with 5200-lb Axles on Enclosed Cargo Trailer
    You can change out the 3500-lb axles on your enclosed trailer with higher-capacity 5200-lb axles but this will not necessarily increase the weight capacity of the trailer. The trailer manufacturer should be consulted (giving them your trailer's VIN) to allow them to determine if the other components in it, such as its frame, have the capacity to allow you to benefit from increasing the axle rating. Also, it will likely be necessary to change your hubs to ones that are higher rated to match...
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  • Can Timbren Axle-Less System Be Installed On Car Dolly
    There will be no problem using the axle-less system on a car dolly, as long as you do not exceed the weight capacity of the suspension or the trailer. I recommend the Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System, part # ASR5200S04. This features a 4 inch drop spindle for a low deck height and will fit any frame width. This is a bolt-on or weld-on installation and has a weight capacity of 5,200 lbs. This will work for 1-axle or 2-axle trailers.
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  • Does Timbren Axle-Less Suspension Include Left & Right and Does 4" Lift Spindle Raise Trailer Height
    The Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System # TASR5200S03 does included both a left and a right side. The 4 inch lift spindle does mean that it will raise the trailer 4 inches. If you need the trailer lower there is a version with 4 inch drop spindles, # ASR5200S04.
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  • Weight Capacity of the Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System # A35RD545E
    Each of the two hub/suspension assemblies in the Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System # A35RD545E is rated for 1750-lbs, so together they offer capacity equal to a standard 3500-lb axle. This system can be used to configure a tandem-type trailer if two sets are used. It is not recommended to use three sets to mimic a triple axle suspension. Timbren also offers two higher-rated 5200-lb-capacity systems, part # ASR5200S01 and part # ASR5200S04 with 4-inch drop spindles and brake flanges,...
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  • Drum-Less Hub for Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System and 17 Inch Wheels
    The Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System - 4" Drop Spindle w/ Brake Flange - 5,200 lbs # ASR5200S04 can use the Dexter Trailer Idler Hub Assembly for 6,000-lb Axles - 6 on 5-1/2 # 42655UC1 with your 17 inch wheels.
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  • Recommended Replacement 4" Drop Axle Rated for 5,200 lbs
    Thank you for the photo! While we do have axle rated for 5.2K lbs, the only viable option we have for you is the Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System # ASR5200S04. This comes with a 4" drop and a brake flange that matches what you have so you'll be able to use your current brakes and hub/drums. I like this system over a standard axle because it gives you better ride quality and control plus it can help with ground clearance since you may not need a crosstube. Attached is an installation...
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    Image 1 for
  • Availability of 5,200 Pound Trailer Axle for 5,200 Pound Disc Brake Kit
    We do not have 5,200 pound regular straight axles but we do have an axle-less system, # ASR5200S04 and it will work with disc brake kit # T4871400. You will also need 2 bearing kits, # BK3-100, since the brake kit does not come with them. If you want a straight axle then you could order one to your specifications from a local tractor or trailer supply store.
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  • Can New 5200-Lb Axles Replace 4400-lb Axles on Tandem Toy Hauler Trailer
    You can change out your toy hauler's axles to higher-rated ones and this will certainly increase the axles' safety margin but it does not necessarily increase the trailer's capacity. The frame and other parts of the overall structure also have to be rated higher than the existing axles in order for you to end up with a higher actual trailer capacity. You can check with Forest River by giving them the trailer VIN number. They can then tell you if the axles are the weakest link and if replacing...
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  • Recommended Replacement Axles for Old Dexter Axle #11 5,200 lb Torsion Axles
    I reached out to my contact at Dexter Axle who said that based off of the numbers you sent in it sounds like you have a #11 Torsion axle rated for 5,200 lbs that is on a Haulmark Trailer manufactured back in 2001 (at least the axle was). Your axle should use 6 lug hubs with EZ-Lube spindles and that it has a 95" hub-face measurement with a 75-3/4" outside bracket measurement (which would be equivalent to spring-center). The closest thing that we have to this is the Dexter Trailer Axle...
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  • Replacement Axle Solution for 1989 Avion Travel Trailer
    Looks like you have a trailer with tandem Al Ko torsion axles that are dropped and the GVWR is 7,700 lbs so the best solution we have would be the Timbren Axle Less kit with 4 inch drop part # ASR5200S04 for each axle. This would put your spindle height at same height as your current setup and would have more than enough weight capacity. Then for hub/drums you'd want the part # AKHD-655-35-K and for brake assemblies part # AKEBRK-7-SA.
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  • Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System Rated for 5,200 lbs
    We do have a solution that can work for you although we do not offer any custom width trailer axles. Instead I highly recommend checking out the Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System and we have two options available rated for 5,200 lbs, Timbren 4" Lift Spindle w/ Brake Flange # TASR5200S03 and Timbren 4" Drop Spindle w/ Brake Flange # ASR5200S04. The Timbren axle-less suspension systems are simply bolted or welded so you do not have to worry about finding an axle that meets any...
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  • Recommendation for Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System with 5,200 LB Weight Capacity
    Timbren offers the Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System, # ASR5200S04, that has a 5,200 pound weight capacity with 4" drop spindle allows for a low deck height. Since this system does not include hubs you would need the following: Hub and Drum Assembly, # AKHD-655-6-K Qty 2 Bearing Kit which includes 15123 and 25580 bearings with 10-36 seal, # BK3-100 Qty 2 OR Idler Hub, # 42655UC1 Qty 2 The idler hub includes bearings, races, seal, and grease cap.
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  • Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System For Off Road Trailer With 5 on 5 Inch Bolt Pattern
    To use the Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension # ASR5200S04 you found you will have to use either an Idler Hub # KH42655S or Hub/Drum # AKHD-655-6-EZ-K with the smallest bolt pattern being a 6 on 5-1/2". This is due to having the 5,200lb capacity and the larger #42 spindle. We do have the lighter Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension # ASR3500S04 rated for a 3,500lb capacity which will allow you to have the 5 on 5" Idler Hub # AKIHUB-550-35-EZ-K to get the bolt pattern you are wanting....
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  • What would I Need to Upgrade from 3,500 lbs Tandem Axles to 5,000 lbs Tandem Axles
    We carry the Timbren Axle-Less System rated at 5,200 lbs part # ASR5200S01. The axle-less system mounts to your trailer frame and takes the place of your old axle and springs.# ASR5200S01 is a straight spindle design. Timbren also offers these axles with a 4 inch drop spindle part # ASR5200S04. The Timbren Axle-Less can be mount tandem to repalce your tandem axles. There is no need to install leaf springs, because the Timbren axles have built-in spring system on each axle. However, adding...
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  • Should 3,500 lb or 5,200 lb Timbren Axle-Less System be Used for over 3,600 lbs of Loaded Trailer
    Since your axle will ultimately be under the weight of your trailer and it's contents you definitely need to make sure that it is rated for more than what you will be carrying. You need to go with the 5,200 lb weight capacity. For this we have the Straight Spindle # ASR5200S01, 4" Lift Spindle # TASR5200S03, and 4" Drop Spindle # ASR5200S04. This is compatible with the idler hub # 8-213-5UC1-EZ or the hub and drum assembly # 8-201-5UC3-EZ. I recommend going with the hub and drum assembly...
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