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  1. Trailer Dolly
  2. Trailer Valet
  3. 10000 lbs Capacity
  4. Manual Dolly
  5. 2 Inch Ball
  6. 19 Inch Tall
  7. 20 Inch Tall
Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly with Chain Drive - 2" Hitch Ball - 10,000 lbs
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Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly with Chain Drive - 2" Hitch Ball - 10,000 lbs

Item # TVXL2
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Trailer Dolly
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Heavy-duty dolly with integrated drive takes the hassle out of moving your trailer. Simply connect your trailer, turn the crank, and guide the trailer with the steering handle. The drill attachment lets you use your power drill instead of cranking. Great Prices for the best trailer dolly from Trailer Valet. Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly with Chain Drive - 2" Hitch Ball - 10,000 lbs part number TVXL2 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Trailer Valet Trailer Dolly - TVXL2

  • 10000 lbs Capacity
  • Manual Dolly
  • Trailer Valet
  • 2 Inch Ball
  • 19 Inch Tall
  • 20 Inch Tall
  • Steel
  • Black

Heavy-duty dolly with integrated drive takes the hassle out of moving your trailer. Simply connect your trailer, turn the crank, and guide the trailer with the steering handle. The drill attachment lets you use your power drill instead of cranking.


  • Trailer dolly with integrated drive system lets you easily move your trailer
    • Drive your trailer to your hitch for fast, hassle-free hookup
    • Effortlessly move your trailer into your garage or another tight spot for storage
  • Chain drive system is powered by easy-to-use hand crank
    • Drive and steer your trailer with minimal effort
    • Switch between high and low gears for effortless driving
    • Designed for use on level surfaces
  • Included drill bit lets you power the gears with your drill
    • Power drill itself is not included
  • Solid rubber tires last longer and handle better than inflatable tires
    • Intended for use primarily on pavement and well-packed surfaces
    • Deep treads allow extra grip for more stability when used on gravel, dirt, and grass
  • Dual positraction wheels for easy maneuvering
    • 1 Tire freewheels when you are turning, then reengages when turn is completed
  • Steering handle helps you guide unit
  • Automatic brake keeps trailer from rolling
    • Chocks should still be used during storage
  • Hitch ball base can be adjusted up and down to change ball height
  • Included coupling plate keeps the dolly flush with your coupler to prevent damage
    • Installs between the hitch ball and base
  • Rugged steel construction with black powder coat and zinc-nickel plating resists rust
    • 500-Hour salt spray rating
  • Drill attachment, steering handle, hitch ball with base, cotter pin, locking nut, washer, and tightening tool included


  • Hitch ball diameter: 2"
  • Adjustable hitch ball height: 19-1/4" - 20-1/4"
  • Dimensions: see diagram below
  • Steering handle: 11" long
  • Tongue weight: 1,000 lbs
  • Gross trailer weight: 10,000 lbs
  • Weight: 60 lbs
  • Gear ratios:
    • High speed: 11-to-1
    • Low speed: 27-to-1
  • 1-Year limited warranty

Trailer Valet XL

Note: Does not work with Bulldog-style trailer couplers.

When the time comes to move or align your unhitched trailer, the Trailer Valet XL is at your service. Instead of driving your vehicle to your trailer, use this heavy-duty dolly to drive your trailer to your hitch. This saves you the time and frustration of having to repeatedly back up your vehicle to align the hitch ball with your trailer's coupler.

The Trailer Valet XL also makes it easy to park or move your trailer into tight spots and to position it in a garage. It allows you to take corners and make slight adjustments in steering while the trailer is moving. No more attempting to back the trailer in with your vehicle.

How to Drive the Trailer Valet XL

The Trailer Valet XL is easy to operate. You can either use the included hand crank to operate the chain drive system, or you can make operation even easier by powering the drive with your 18-volt drill (not included). The drive system activates the dual positraction wheels. Both wheels are engaged while the Trailer Valet is moving straight - in either forward or reverse. When you need to make a turn, one of the wheels disengages and freewheels, allowing the other wheel to move the trailer. All you have to do is power the drive system and direct the Trailer Valet XL with the steering handle. When you straighten the steering handle back up, the other wheel reengages and the Trailer Valet XL drives straight again.

The Trailer Valet XL also includes an auto-brake function that acts as a wheel chock to keep your trailer in place. When the steering handle is raised up, the drive system is engaged. The handle automatically falls down when it is released, bringing the wheels to an immediate halt. This safety feature prevents your trailer from running away from you. The handle also locks when down, keeping your trailer level and secure for storage, though wheel chocks should still be used.

Never-Flat Tires

The solid rubber, never-flat tires on this dolly outperform inflatable tires, and hold up better under the weight of your trailer. Deep treads in the tire surface give you better traction on gravel, dirt, and grass. But you will get the best results when using this dolly on well-packed surfaces or pavement.

TVXL2 Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly with 2" Hitch Ball - 10,000 lbs

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly with Chain Drive - 2" Hitch Ball - 10,000 lbs - TVXL2

Average Customer Rating:  4.2 out of 5 stars   (418 Customer Reviews)

Heavy-duty dolly with integrated drive takes the hassle out of moving your trailer. Simply connect your trailer, turn the crank, and guide the trailer with the steering handle. The drill attachment lets you use your power drill instead of cranking.


I’m 72 and this item is a winner. Tested on 6’ utility trailer. Easy rolling. Wheels only spun trying to turn sharp. Went to the 16’ enclosed trailer. Left the trailer jack wheel close to the ground, just in case? Easier than I had expected.


When I purchased this product, it had mixed reviews, some liked and some not. After owning it, I can say that both sides of the reviews are accurate, and it just depends on the situation you have. You really need to know what you are getting into with this product.

First off, the unit is very solidly constructed. Nothing is flimsy, and it's a heavy thing to lug around.

The key thing to understand is how it attaches to the trailer. It has a ball, and has wheels mounted below the ball on a fairly narrow base. This is significant, because this means the unit is *NOT* stable by just locking the hitch onto the ball. To think about this, imagine you have just a plain hitch ball not attached to a drawbar. If you put that into your hitch, the hitch grabs the ball and the threaded shaft sticks out. You can grab that shaft and move it a joystick. The same thing happens when you attach this product, except you have the entire tongue weight of the trailer trying to push the dolly to the side. To stop that, there is a locking collar that pushes a plate up against the bottom of the trailer hitch, preventing this joystick behavior. You must keep that locking collar tight during the entire time when using this product (it tends to loosen if you are changing directions a lot). If it gets loose, the dolly slips to the side, and the hitch can be easily damaged.

My specific use is pushing a 2,500lb tent trailer up a 3% sloped paved driveway, avoiding some poles, into a very exact spot (within inches). It does this job well as long as the collar stays tight.

Know that the crank arm is low to the ground, so after a few minutes your back will not be happy. The tires are firm rubber, so they need to be on a paved surface.....I doubt this would work on dirt. The unit is heavy, so it can be carried but it's not easy. Each turn of the crank does not move the trailer much, so you need time if you are having to go far, like around a house.

The product works great for my use.


This trailer dolly is great! We use it at the end of every trip. It allows me to position our 3000lb camper in a tight space beside the external garage. The maneuverability and brakes are amazing and safe.



Its working well. I found its best to reread the manual each time.

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


@Fred We're glad to hear it's still working well. Here's a link to the owner's manual in case you misplace your copy....


I have an awkward parking situation. The narrow alleyway behind my home is a dead end. Barely room to maneuver my 14’ cargo trailer and even more of a challenge with our new 26’ travel trailer. Last year I removed all of the broken concrete and put down crushed rock and compacted really tight so it’s almost like concrete. I read just about every review out there on this unit and was worried with my surface. It’s pretty flat but not perfect so I went ahead and purchased the Trailer Dolly XL. In order for me to fit my trailer it has to be parallel to the alley and fence. I was pretty surprised at just how well this unit worked. I was able to maneuver the trailer into place, not without a challenge but what is a little challenge in life right?! The unit works amazingly well for my situation and yes it can dig holes, it is a challenge but thinking through the process and using wood and maybe even a little helpful push and it will do the job. Definitely a challenge but it works exactly as it is designed and I am happy I purchased this unit. If your on the fence I can recommend this unit and if you have a challenging area like mine it will take some brain power to make it work but it does what it is supposed to do and fairly easy to use with a drill motor which is the only way I have used it so far. Also the coupler needs to be tight as possible with this kind of weight. Others that have listed negatives I can see the complaints and it takes some brain power to overcome the challenges so if your that person I believe it can work for you!


I didn't have high hopes for this (maybe that's more because I've been burned by too many products in the past), but WOW! It works!

About my trailer: it's 20' long, ~3100# but is heavy on the tongue (600#)

My trailer is stored at a storage facility between two much larger RVs and a post that's attracted to trailers. Without a lot of room to maneuver, I've always dreaded the return trip when it's time to tuck the trailer back into its home.

Yesterday I returned and one of the RVs was gone, but rather than celebrate - I decided to try the Trailer Valet to see how it works. I thought if something went haywire, at least i would only damage one other RV.

My concern with the Trailer Valet XL vs the other systems I looked at was its braking ability. I have to climb a small hill (1 - 2 degrees) into my slot, and my worst fear was a run-away trailer - so I placed my wife on 'Full Chock Alert' and hooked it up.

I turned the crank, it moved. I turned the crank and moved the handle and it shifted directions. Over the course of about 10 minutes I moved it about 40 feet; up a hill and between the lines. My wife was so impressed that I rolled the trailer into it's spot using just my arms she brought me some water and offered to take me to lunch. I'm not going to tell her she could probably do it too. :)

The secret is making sure it is TIGHT to the coupler. Use the wrench to tighten it, tighten it some more, and then one more time. When you hit your knuckles you're getting there.

Highly recommended and I'm just sorry I didn't know about this years ago.


When using on a ball hitch it is terrible. I have a 18’ fiberglass boat that is heavy and the unit does not move it well, tire slips on one side, even with the unit properly tightened to the hitch it will have a tendency to bend the lip of the trailer receiver. I’ve gone through 2 receivers now and each one eventually bends due to the inadequate design of the mounting plate. The unit is a waste of $$ for a ball hitch. I wish I had ordered the design that mounts to the tongue frame of the trailer, it appears to be more stable.

Etrailer Expert

Katrina D.


It seems that we do not carry any dolly's with this weight capacity and ball size that you can mount to your trailer tongue.


The Trailer Valet worked great! I needed the Trailer Valet to move my boat into the corner of the garage...worked like a charm!


Within 5 minutes of unboxing my new Trailer Valet XL, I moved my Aliner Camper from out of a very narrow carport, 30 feet down a slight sloped driveway and then back in the carport. There was no installation and the instructions were very easy to follow. I had no problems moving and maneuvering the trailer with the hand crank, much easier than I had thought it would be. We will be camping this week end and would hope to update this review after our trip. The XL is a great product and very well made.


etrailer had a great price and fast shipping

I had high hopes for this product and honestly this is the biggest waste of money I have ever encountered. I find it difficult to use and even with help and videos it took me too long to figure out how to use it. The hardest part is how unstable it is while you have to hold it up at the right angle while you lower the trailer onto it. Its far to heavy to lift into the ball and latch, tried and failed at that. I bought this to try and prevent back injuries instead of just using a dolly with the ball. Using it you are hunched over cranking 100,000,000 times to move it, or if you use a drill, be careful you dont lower the brake handle just slightly so it locks up and the drill nearly breaks your wrist with all the torque suddenly stopping. Honestly it moved my 3,000lb boat easier than a 900lb trailer, unless you need to turn at all, good luck with that. I have rarely seen a product that seemed so well engineered be so cumbersome to use and disappoint. Im not sure if I should sell it and have someone else mad they spent money on this or give it away so it sits gathering dust in the corner of shame.

Etrailer Expert

Katrina B.


I am sorry to hear that this is not working for your application. Our customer service department will be getting in touch with you about a return label.


Tried everything to try and make the trailer valet xl work. I tried communicating with the company representative but ran into dead ends. etrailer tried to help but they didn’t manufacture the unit. This was supposed to move up to 10k pounds but not even close. Every time a boat and trailer was tried to be moved on flat concrete the torque would just pull the unit up under the trailer or just pull out of the trailer tongue. I was able to move one boat , it weighed 1500, far from the advertised weight. I now just takes up space

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


I am sorry to hear that the Valet is not working for your needs. I see from the notes that Trailer Valet was supposed to reach out to you and I wanted to see if they did.


I often times try to economize, figured I paid quite a bit for the trailer valet. OMG, one of my best purchases ever. This thing lets me safely and relatively easily put my rather large RV trailer into the garage single handedly. Way better than with a spotter and pushing with the tow vehicle. Wish I had purchased one sooner. I really love how well it works and the quality of the unit is superb.



I can slip my camper into its’s garage bay with 3 inches on each side. It is relatively easy, and I am near 70 years old I really like my trailer valet


Works great. Small easy and mechanical so Less to break. Does everything I need.

Kevin M.


Perfect. No issues. Makes putting my Boat in my small garage easy.


I have to say I'm a little dissatisfied. Seems the more I tighten the thing that hooks over the ball, the worse it attaches and continually becomes unhooked. Then the boat trailer crashes to the ground, need to keep feet away. Sort of frustrating.


I was torn on wether or not to give this item a 5 star or 3 star review...So I opted for 4.
One point to make to prospective buyers- watch the ETRAILER video in it's entirety- the last 2 minutes go in depth on the proper procedure for attaching the dolly to your trailer. For additional reference, I'm moving a 6x10 enclosed trailer with 1000lbs of equipment always on board (2300lbs total...ish)
The best way for me to go about this is a PROS/CONS list.

-works exactly as described
-best option for its price point
-entire unit is serviceable
-makes VERY quick work of maneuvering on pavement.
-very well built.

-unit is very heavy (50 lbs)
-gravel performance is...ok (this may be because I don't have enough weight on the tongue, wheels break free often...chewing up my 3/8 gravel driveway)
-price seems high for what the unit is
-braking mechanism is a bit grabby, often grinds gears if not careful to pull up constantly on the tiller. Makes operation a little awkward.
-attachment to trailer is a little awkward, disconnect is even more awkward.
-unit should be at least 4" taller overall. I'm only 5'9" and it's a bit uncomfortable bending over while operating, with or without a drill. I don't see how this addition in height could really hurt their bottom line, and it wouldn't make storage an issue. It would be MUCH more comfortable to use. The Pro-XL model is a VERY comfortable height.

I'd venture to guess they could shave a bunch of money off their production cost by creating a mechanism to accept off the shelf balls, rather than use their beautifully machined ball. I recognize it's part of their system, but they really need to knock down the cost. $800 feels like a lot for a tool I use once a week, and I spend more time setting it up and taking it down than I do using it for maneuvering. I'd be very pleased if it was $500.
All that said, I still recommend this tool. It is a game changer. Just needs a little more tweaking, but it's still very good.



This product is a real back saver, even with the bent over user position. I dont regret buying it. If I had more weight on the tongue, I think traction would improve its practically useless with my 16ft boat but I used it on my dump trailer, and the added weight only seemed to improve its performance. This is a great tool.


I am disappointed by the trailer valet XL dolly. It probably works on a very smooth surface, but on my concrete driveway it simply doesn't. Even though my driveway is level, the dolly keeps sliding and I cannot move my boat, even though it is "only" around 6,000 pounds. Unfortunately, the dolly has no use for me.

Etrailer Expert

Sierra K.


Adding some weight to your tongue weight is recommended. If your trailer is too light, the trailer dolly wont work properly. Does your drive way have an incline?



Thanks for the follow up and for reading my review. You guys sure do have good customer service. My driveway is completely level, yes, and the surface is concrete and should be very “grippy”. My sense actually was that the trailer may be too heavy rather than the tongue weight being too light. Maybe I was wrong. It’s a boat trailer and the weight distribution is not something I can manipulate a lot, unfortunately. Next time I will try adding some weight to the tongue somehow and then see what it does.


It works, but not without a lot of effort. Our trailer is light (1,500 lbs) and is on a very slight grade. It takes two people to move it safely. Surface is pavers. Wheels don't grip well at all. Softer, better gripping tires would be better. Would not recommend for use on any grade.


Works as advertised. Without this product trying to get my boat in a very specific place in my garage was very difficult and physically too much. I bought a 3/8 right angle drill attachment to utilize the drill adapter but the crank handle was so easy I just used the handle. I am on pavement and not much downward slope in driveway. Very cool.


I bought this to move a boat around that is roughly 3000 lbs. This did not work on any surface, from concrete to gravel. Because I tried it I could not return it when it didn't work. Overall a bad product and terrible customer service from etrailer.


This thing is a joke!! I have a lot of different trailers small to large and this only worked on a 2500 lb or lighter trailer and struggled if it was dual axle. Absolute Trash and will never buy another again. E trailer is a great site , the trailer Valet is garbage. IF you want to try one just search online for someone mad selling it for nothing


It just didn't work right for me. The wheel would spin but not move the trailer much. I also couldn't seem to get the valet to stay upright as it simply wanted to wander out from under the trailer rather than move it. It was a waste of money for me. My trailer is only 3200 lbs.

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


I wanted to reach out to you in regards to your review on the trailer valet. When you were moving the trailer were you on a flat surface like pavement or was it on gravel or dirt? Was there an incline or a decline at all? I know that this may seem like a basic question however what size ball does your trailer coupler use?



I used it a couple times. Once it was wet concrete and the other on dirtgrass. Terrain was flat. The hitch is 2”. It seemed like there wasn’t enough weight on the tongue. The wheel just spun and the device was running out from underneath the hitch. I had tightened it up as far as I could.

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


I did hear back from the manufacturer about the Valet. The tongue weight of the trailer does factor into the use of it. The typical load that this Valet handles is 1000 pounds and to allow it to work better for you, you would need to add weight to the tongue weight of the trailer. A Valet option that would be more suited for your trailer would be part # STC-V211 which has a capacity of 5000 lbs and 500 lbs of tongue weight.


used it a few months and could not believe how bad it was. Doubt I will ever use it again


I read and even called a local vendor, i got the heavy duty one, it just does not work on grass or dirt at all it twists around and even did not work well with my light cement mixer, i should have gotten a better 4 wheel mover. used 2 different heavy duty 1/2 inch drills.

Etrailer Expert

Heather A.


Thank you for your review. The trailer dolly works best of even pavement. It will work on grass if the ground is even and not wet at all.


Works great to move a 18 foot ice castle and 20 foot fiberglass boat!



Still working great one year later!


Super easy set up used on a curved driveway that was impossible to back my Skeeter Fiberglass Walleye boat into the garage stall with a vehicle. The valet XL worked way beyond my expectations i should also add that the driveway has a 10% grade. A+ for the valet xl.


Works well moving my Runaway Camper. Grippier tires would help on grass. I lay out pieces of plywood that helps on my gravel strip and grass.



Good. More aggressive tire tread would be sn improvement when using on grass or plywood sheets used over grass areas.

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  • Can Trailer Valet XL Dolly be Used on Gravel
    The Trailer Valet XL trailer movers like the part # TVXL25 for if the ball size of the coupler is 2-5/16 inch or part # TVXL2 for if you have a 2 inch ball can be used in gravel. We've found that the best result is if the gravel is packed pretty tightly and the area is level. I attached a review video for more info on this as well.
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    To add a front mount hitch to your 2005 Ford F-150, I recommend the Draw-Tite item # 65043. This front hitch mounts below your front bumper so it will be the perfect height to hook up to your trailer. That is quite a bit over the 500 lbs capacity but if you move some things around at the front of your trailer it would work. If you are unable to lower your tongue weight you can use the 2" ball Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly item # TVXL2 or 2-5/16" ball item # TVXL25. Both of these Trailer...
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  • Recommended Trailer Jack For Enclosed Cargo Trailer
    If you have a square frame trailer I recommend a jack like part # DL22580. This is a swivel jack and it has dual tires that make it easier to move. This jack can be used on trailers with a frame up to 3 x 5-inches. Instead of adding a jack to your trailer you may want to consider just using a trailer dolly. We have several tow dollies to choose from based on what you need. If you need a 1-7/8 inch hitch ball for your trailer you can use the Rack'em Trailer Dolly, part # RA20. This...
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  • Does Trailer Valet XL Work With Trailers That Have 1-7/8, 2 and 2-5/16 Hitch Balls
    You can use the Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly with Chain Drive - 2" Hitch Ball # TVXL2 with trailers that have a 2" hitch ball, and you can also use it with a trailers that have a 2-5/16" ball but would need to add the 2-5/16" Hitch Ball w/ Base for Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly # TVBB25. This would not work well with a trailer that has a 1-7/8" hitch ball, so for that you would need a standard dolly like the Rack'Em Trailer Dolly with 1-7/8" Hitch Ball # RA20. The the Valet XL would...
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  • Which 2" Hitch Ball for Trailer Valet Moving 4,000-lbs Trailer
    I can see why this might be confusing, so we do apologize for this. The 1000-lbs listed in the product description is the tongue weight capacity of the Trailer Valet 2" Ball # TVHB2, which will be 1000-lbs. The TrailerValet # TVXL2 can tow a trailer with a maximum weight of 10,000-lbs and a maximum tongue weight of 1000-lbs. Your trailer's tongue weight is typically around 10% and no more than 15% of the GVWR of the trailer; your trailer should have a tongue weight of around 400-lbs but...
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  • How to Keep Wheels from Spinning or Slipping on Trailer Valet 5X
    The Trailer Valet 5X, # STC-V211 is a jack that is mounted to your trailer with a bolt-on bracket and therefore, is designed to be used with just the one trailer to which it is attached. It does not come equipped with the ball base, so a ball cannot be mounted or added to the 5X. The Trailer Valet XL differs from the 5X because it is not a permanent jack, but a trailer dolly which is portable and can be used on multiple trailers. They offer it with a 2" Ball, # TVXL2, or with a 2-1/2"...
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  • Will Trailer Valet XL Mounting Bracket Provide More Secure Attachment Point For XL Trailer Dolly?
    The Trailer Valet XL Mounting Bracket # TVXLMB would indeed fix the issue you are having with your Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly # TVXL2. This bracket gives you a different area to connect the dolly to, and will be quite a bit more secure than the coupler of your 3500lb travel trailer. This is due to this bracket being secured to your dolly with pins meaning it cannot work its way loose. Since you were having issues regarding getting the dolly to stay connected securely to your trailers...
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  • Will the RackEm Trailer Dolly Allow For Operation on Gravel
    Yes. The tires on the Rack'em Trailer Dolly # RA20 are large enough that you will be able to move the trailer around without issues, especially just a short distance. If you need something to move longer distances then I would recommend using something like the Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly with Chain Drive - 2" Hitch Ball - 10,000 lbs GTW # TVXL2 because it's got solid wheels with deep treads that are going to allow for easier maneuvering on loose gravel.
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  • Will the Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly with Chain Drive Work with Light Trailer on Sloped Driveway
    The Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly with Chain Drive part # TVXL2 has a slope rating of 10 degrees. Therefore so long as your driveway does not exceed this and you're under the 10,000 lb rating you'll be good to go. If you are over the 10 degree slope rating then we can't say whether it would work for you unfortunately but the slope rating is for the max weight of the dolly so if you have a much lighter trailer it would likely tackle a larger slope but this is not something we have data...
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  • Trailer Dolly Tongue Weight Capacity
    The Rack'em Trailer Dolly # RA20 is rated for up to 500 lbs tongue weight and uses a 1-7/8 inch hitch ball. This style dolly isn't available in larger sizes because the weight of the trailer and lack of brakes becomes a safety risk. If you have a trailer with a 2 inch hitch ball coupler or 2-5/16 inch coupler, then I recommend using the Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly with Chain Drive # TVXL2 or # TVXL25 depending on the hitch ball size needed. These trailer dolly options have an integrated...
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  • Can Trailer Valet XL Be Used in Gravel Parking Lot
    The Trailer Valet part # TVXL2 actually does pretty well on gravel. It has tires designed for handling gravel as long as it's not too deep and loose. If you fast-forward to the 2:03 mark of the video I attached you can see our demo guys using the jack on a gravel lot.
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    Image 1 for
  • Dolly Recommendation for Trailer to Manually Move Trailer Around Driveway
    The Trailer Valet XL part # TVXL25 would be a great option for if you have a 2-5/16 inch ball coupler or the part # TVXL2 for if you have a 2 inch ball. I really like these options as they attach via the hitch ball and give you a very easy to use dolly to move your trailer around. These have a 1,000 lb tongue weight capacity so a 2,000 lb trailer would be a piece of cake for it. The # STC-V211 that you referenced would work too but it's more of a permanent mount solution. It would work...
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  • Is the Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly Stable Enough to Make Turns
    The Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly # TVXL2 actually has dual wheels. If you hover your mouse over the pictures they will zoom in and you can see the 2 tires a little better. This design makes it much more stable.
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    Image 1 for
  • Is the Trailer Valet Trailer Dolly Hard to Crank and Can it Move a Trailer Across a Lawn
    It is not hard at all to crank the handle on the Trailer Valet trailer dolly # TVXL2. There are 2 speeds, high and low, and neither one is particularly difficult. Also you have the option of using a power drill and the included drill attachment for faster operation. Given all of this information in addition to the fact that you are in good shape by your own admission you won't have a problem. It works best on pavement of course but it can move a trailer across grass. But if the ground...
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  • Availability of Trailer Dolly for Trailer with 600 Pounds Tongue Weight
    For a trailer dolly that will work with your trailer, I recommend looking at the Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly # TVXL2. This one is capable of 1,000lbs tongue weight and 10,000lbs total. It comes with a 2" ball. The Trailer Valet Swivel Jack # STC-V211, which you referenced, only has a tongue weight of 500 lbs.
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  • Recommended Trailer Dolly For 5,700 LB North Trail Trailer
    The technician you spoke with at the dealership was correct. The Trailer Valet Swivel Jack and Trailer Mover, part # STC-V211 is rated for a maximum of 5,000 lbs and a maximum tongue weight of 500 lbs. From the research I did I found your trailer weighs about 5,700 lbs dry weight and has a gross weight capacity of 8,000 lbs. The # STC-V211 would not work for you but we may have a solution that will work. Check out the XL Dolly, part # TVXL2. This has a 1000 lb tongue weight capacity...
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  • Recommended Dolly to Move Pop-Up Camper Around
    If the Trailer Valet 5X Swivel Jack and Trailer Mover part # STC-V211 will not work for you, I recommend taking a look at the Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly part # TVXL25 for 2-5/16" hitch balls or part # TVXL2 for 2" hitch balls. This system is very similar to the above jack/dolly in the way the chain drive system operates but the only connection it makes with the trailer is through the coupler. As long as the tongue weight (TW) and gross trailer weight (GTW) of your trailer do not exceed...
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  • Package Contents of the Trailer Valet Trailer Dolly and Changable Hitch Ball
    The Trailer Valet V2 Trailer Dolly with Chain Drive - 2" and 2-5/16" Hitch Ball TVXLV2 has been discontinued by the manufacturer. It did come with the 9 inch solid tires, the stabilizer bracket, and the coupling plate. The Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly with Chain Drive - 2-5/16" Hitch Ball # TVXL25 or the 2 inch ball option # TVXL2 come with the solid tires, the base plate, and a single hitch ball. The manufacturer upgraded the tires from the older pneumatic tire and tube. You can...
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  • Can a Wheel be Added to Electric A-Frame Trailer Jack # EJ-3520-BBX
    Wheels generally do not come on electric jacks (and are not offered as accessories) because they are rated much lower than the jacks. So for example if you were to put a wheel on a jack such as # EJ-3520-BBX the jack would then only be rated as high as the wheel is rated. They highest rated wheel I have seen was 2,000 pounds which is almost half the capacity of this jack. Also since this jack has a drop leg none of the available wheels will fit properly. If your trailer tongue weight is...
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  • Recommended Method For Moving 7500lb Boat Trailer Around In Tight Space
    I have a different option for you, but the Draw-Tite Front Mount Trailer Hitch # 65080 you were looking at for your 2008 Toyota Tundra is only rated for 500lbs tongue weight, so you will not be able to use it to move your 7500lbs boat trailer with 750-850lbs tongue weight. Instead I recommend using a trailer dolly like the Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly with Chain Drive # TVXL25 if your trailer uses a 2-5/16" hitch ball, or the # TVXL2 if your trailer uses a 2" hitch ball. These trailer...
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  • Will Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly TVXL2 Work On 2022 NuCamp TaB 320-CS-S Trailer?
    The Trailer Valet XL # TVXL2 you were looking at will work with your 2022 NuCamp TaB 320-Cs-S as long as your trailer uses a 2" hitch ball. I couldn't find any information on which size coupler it uses, but with its weight it could be 1-7/8" or 2", though there's no option if you have a 1-7/8" coupler except replacing it with a 2". The # TVXL2 is rated for trailers up to 10,000lbs, so it will make moving your 2,300lb trailer around super easy.
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  • Trailer Dolly for Moving Enclosed Trailer to Storage
    You are going to want to use a trailer dolly in order to move your trailer to storage. Since you said your tongue weight was up to 600 lbs and there is a slope I recommend the Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly with Chain Drive # TVXL2; it has a 1,000 lb tongue weight capacity and a 2" hitch ball. This dolly has gears that can help you maneuver so long as the slope you are referring to is very gentle.
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  • Are Replacement Parts Available For Trailer Valet That Has Been Damaged
    We do offer some replacement parts for the Trailer Valet, but it sounds like you have done some internal damage. The parts we offer are items like a crank handle # TV0006 or a Brake Cap And Steering Handle # TVBC. If there was damage done to the parts on the inside of the jack I am afraid it will need to be replaced. We do have the Trailer Valet # TVXL2, # TVXL25, and # STC-V211 if you wish to replace your Valet. If you do decide you will replace it, you can save the old one for replacement...
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  • Trailer Valet Recommendation for Trailer to Help Maneuver Into Parking Spot
    Would a dolly possibly be easier to maneuver the trailer? Sounds like what you are really wanting to do is hand guide a trailer into a parking spot and were wanting a winch to help control it and guide it. For that type of application the Trailer Valet XL's like the part # TVXL25 for trailers with 2-5/16 inch balls or the # TVXL2 for trailers with 2 inch balls is the better solution. These have a handle and hand crank which make them very easy to move trailers around and can also do inclines...
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