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Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit

Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit

Item # K71-384-00
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Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension
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Moves your trailer's leaf springs to the top of your axle with this kit. For 2-3/8" diameter axles and works with double-eye leaf springs only. Lowest Prices for the best trailer leaf spring suspension from Dexter Axle. Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit part number K71-384-00 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-496-5010 for expert service.
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Dexter Axle Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension - K71-384-00

  • Alignment and Lift Kits
  • Axle Mounting Hardware
  • Spring Mounting Hardware
  • Double Eye Springs
  • Round Axle - 2-3/8 Inch
  • Single Axle
  • Dexter Axle

Moves your trailer's leaf springs to the top of your axle with this kit. For 2-3/8" diameter axles and works with double-eye leaf springs only.


  • Fits 2-3/8" axle
  • Allows moving trailer leaf springs to top of axle
    • For use with double-eye springs only
  • Sleeve bolts allow the setup to install level
  • Includes:
    • (2) Spring Seat
    • (8) Nut
    • (4) U-Bolt
    • (2) Tie Plate
    • 4 Nut couplings
  • U-bolt length: 5-1/8"

K71-384-00 Dexter Axle Over/Under Conversion Kit

Installation Details K71-384-00 Installation instructions

Video of Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit Installation

Hey, guys, Kevin here at trailer and today I'm gonna be showing you how to install the Dexter Over-Under Axle Conversion Kit here on our enclosed trailer build. So we get this question all the time: How can I boost the height of my trailer so that I can get it level with my tow vehicle, especially with newer trucks Seems like Ram keeps making their trucks taller and taller so that they can't, you know, no one can't get their fifth wheel in there without actually hitting the bed rails. So let me show you this conversion kit that we have, on our enclosed trail. So with our tire off now, I can show you what our assembly looks like here. As you can see, the U-bolts are facing up. When we put this conversion kit on, it's going to have our U-bolts facing down.

And then we're gonna be dropping our axle down here, increasing our ride height. But the first thing we need to do is measure our axle. So we're gonna try and find the diameter of the axle so that we can get the correct kit. So looking at it. It looks like we're at two and three eighths inch.

Now, this kit does come with two and three eighths inch and a three-inch diameter kit. That really is gonna go with the size of the U-bolts and then the spring seats. All right, I want to give you some measurements here. Let's see where factory ride height is. So from the ground to the wheel well, we're sitting at 29 and 1/4.

And the ground to the body, we're sitting right at 12 and 3/4. Okay, so now we got our kit installed and the axle flipped under our leaf spring. Let me give you a ride height. So now from the ground to the wheel well, we're sitting at right about 34 and 1/4 inches. And then let me also give you one for, ground to the body.

Sitting right at 17 inches. So it's gonna give us some extra space, handle all those clearance issues that we've been having. So the installation difficulty of this kit is going to vary trailer to trailer. Obviously, with our small enclosed trailer here, it really wasn't that difficult. But if you have a giant fifth wheel, maybe you have a 40-foot fifth wheel with all kinds of weight. Whole lot of axle trying to jack it up, it's gonna give you a little bit more of a challenge. So you're gonna wanna take that in mind while you're doing this. Other than that, just bolting on the parts, really isn't that difficult. It's really just a lot of set up for a couple of changes. So your Dexter Over-Under Conversion Kit is going to come with, two spring seats, your nut adjusters, your nuts, your U-bolts, and your U-bolt plates. So first step of this installation is gonna be removing your tires. So you wanna do that while the trailer is still on the ground. So now I got the nuts off, and take up my wheel. I'll set it to the side. I did jack up this trailer, now that I have the nuts off, and then I added four jack stands. You're gonna make sure the new place, and even amount of jack stands along your trailer just so that you can support it without having a worry about it coming down on top here. Obviously, if you have a bigger trailer, go ahead and use more. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. As you can see, our U-bolts in our U-bolt plate is pretty rusted up here. So I'm gonna spray some penetrating oil on here just so that we can get our bolts off. I'll let that set in just a little bit, and then we're gonna take these nuts off. All right, we got our first U-bolt out. I try to go back and forth on each of these just so that the U-bolt doesn't try to tension one way or the other. All right, now that we got our second U-bolt off and our U-bolt plate down. We can go to the other side, do the same thing. So the next step we're gonna do is we're going to, support our axle here cause right now it is free-hanging since we don't have the bolts holding it to our springs. So what I'm gonna do, is I'm gonna stick a jack right in the center, to just support that weight. So, as you can see, if I lift it up this is just free. You don't want that falling down on you while you're working. There we go. And then we're gonna take this bolt off right here. So we're gonna be dropping off the bolt from the front of our leaf spring. So that's gonna be going towards the nose of your trailer. All right, now that we got that out, we're going to pull out our bolt. This can be a little stiff here just because it's got some weight pressing down on it. Our bolt's actually on here pretty good. We are going to actually just thread our nut back on just a little bit. So that we can hammer on our nut, not damage our bolt here. And then we're gonna pop it out that way. Alright, so next, I'm gonna take a punch, and we're just gonna hammer this, bolt out a little bit. So we're gonna get to a point where the punching hammer isn't really gonna be effective here. And we're just gonna get under and socket it ,the rest off the way out. All right, so now that we got our bolt out. I'm just gonna pop the, spring down out of the hanger. May have to loosen this bolt just a little bit. So that it will hang freely. Just like that. So now we can remove our axle, and move, hang our springs back up and redo our whole setup with the conversion kit. So now we have our axle loose and our leaf springs loose. We're going to pull our axle out. We can get our leaf springs back in place, and then work on bolting our axle. So now we have the axle off, we can put this back in place. I do wanna mention that I did loosen up these bolts just to kinda move this in a little bit. Just so that we can get lined up right. Now we can sled our bolt through. And you are gonna have to kinda hammer it back into place cause it is sticking up just a bit. And then we can thread on our nut. So the next thing we're gonna do, is sled our axle back over into place. And we're gonna take our spring seat, and our adjustment nuts here. I'm gonna slide these on. They don't need to go all the way down. We're just getting them on about halfway just so that we can see exactly where we need to be. So the spring seat is actually gonna sit right here. And then we're going to tighten it down, put up a little bit more. So we'd set this on here. We'll get this level. And then tighten these down using a wrench so they put pressure on here, the bracket on our axle. Alright, so we're gonna just tighten these just so that the spring seat is level. We don't want this actually pushing up off. We want the spring seat actually making contact with the axle. And one other thing I do, want to note is that Dexter highly recommends coming in afterwards and tacking this on both sides so that you don't have any chance of the axle moving it all and getting off level. I already went ahead and put the other side up just so that it was a little bit easier on video to show you me putting this side on. But what you can do also, just stick your chunk of wood, some kind of black, anything that you got. Just to kinda get it up level. And now we're going to, set this on here. So there's gonna be a little, my nipple thing right here and the other side that you're gonna poke onto. It's gonna line that up, there you go. And then you can ,use something to hold it up in place. We're gonna set our plate on here, Just like this. If you set it this way, your bolts aren't gonna line up and you're gonna be hitting, your brake from, or your flange for your axle here. So now we will take our U-bolts. We're going to put them through the axle like that. And then up through our plate. All right, before our U- bolts, we're going like this. Now we're gonna be flipping them upside down this way. So we're gonna get under the axle. And then open into our plate. And then we will put our nuts on. It's gonna get inside through both sides going, then we can tighten it down. Alright, now we can go ahead and tighten these down. So right now I'm just doing this with our regular circle wrench. Just to get it, kind of hand tight. But then we are going to do this, to check what you can find in your instructions. And you do wanna do these evenly. So that you're not pulling on one side too much and throwing it off. So here's our completed conversion kit. Basically, if you look at, our side by side of our axle to start with. From now, we basically completely flipped our system here. The bend of the U-bolt used to be up here and now it's down here. So you're going to gain the diameter of your axle as well as your leaf Springs. So that you can get your trailer sitting a little bit higher so that you can handle all those clearance issues that you might be facing. All right, now that we got our system in place. We can put our wheel back on. So as you can see, now that we have the trailer lowered back down. It's sitting on the wheels. We have clearly a bigger difference here. So we have a way higher ride height, But really that's it for this installation. My name's Kevin. Thanks for watching guys..

Customer Reviews

Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit - K71-384-00

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (345 Customer Reviews)

Moves your trailer's leaf springs to the top of your axle with this kit. For 2-3/8" diameter axles and works with double-eye leaf springs only.


The kit got here before the date listed that was good. All the parts were there. The instructions could use some pics or diagrams of how the parts should be arranged. The bad the plate sent with the kit was way to narrow for the springs so had to use the plate for the old setup which is fine I guess it was heavier duty anyway. But if I am buying new parts I would like to use the parts I paid for. Over all it did the job. The holes in the new plate was at least 1/4" off for the u bolts to go through. Again no way would it work. Have not towed the camper yet but looks solid. One thing more I read that you could weld the one part onto your axle. Would not recommend that if your wires are like mine they run through the axle to the other side which is kind cool but if you heat that metal up you could melt the wires and cause problems with your brakes. I would be careful. I did not weld it looks stable as is and I plan to take this camper off road.

You mentioned that the plate bolt holes did not match up to the u bolts and I wanted to see if you would be able to send a picture?
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 04/25/2022
Hello Jenny, I will attach a pic of the parts I could not use. As you will see the space between the holes are call it 1.75 inches it is even different a little between top and bottom holes but just a 0.0625 or so. I did not get the calipers out and both plates are the same and my spring is 2 inches wide defiantly not going to fit. I really did not want to take the tire off and take pics of the trailer axle as the bottom view did not show much. Hope this helps and if you really need it I will take the tire off so I could show you the old plate.
-- comment by: Jim - 04/25/2022
I believe I have figured out what happened. This conversion kit is meant to be used with double eye springs which are 1.75 inches wide and if you have 2-inch-wide springs then you have slipper springs. This would account for why the plates did not line up the way they normally would.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 04/25/2022


Very happy with the parts and instructions on the installation.

I was able to use (4) jack stands to support my 2019 Clipper 106 Sport. Once I was able to drop the leaf springs, the axle slid right out. I DID tack weld the new parts as recommended. Very straight forward install and shouldn't bottom-out in the future.


This kit worked great. I gained about 5 inches clearance. The camper seems to tow alot better with the trailer frame inline with the truck frame. I would recommend this kit if your in need of more clearance.


Great conversion kit, easy to get the plates lined up perfectly. I welded the new saddles onto the axle and welded the nuts to the bolts so there is zero chance of anything moving. Having the plates held in perfect position while welding made it simple. Solved the "dragging wheels problem" without having to cut off and reweld the fenders (which had been welded without enough clearance to the tires at the factory.)

1 year later and the axle flip is working great, zero problems. Glad I did it!
Soggy - 06/22/2021


My order arrived on the date they said it would. It was an easy installation, even for this 76 year-old. The hardest part was getting up and down with my bad knees. After the installation I had to start placing 3 Yellow leveling block under each stabilizer jack. And I will need to purchase a new Hitch because my camper is now sitting nose low. That was all expected! etrailer is the best! I've ordered many items for my camper from etrailer over the years and have never had a problem.

Couldnt be better! I just returned from a week long Boondocking camping trip. The extra height allowed me to travel the back roads worry free.
Don - 05/22/2022


So far so good. It took a little over an hour to install. Alignment looks good, hopefully it pulls straight without tire wear!


Simple to install. Nice to have the spacers for alignment.


The kit worked great.It raised my cargo conversion about 4" for clearance.I had a local welding shop weld the saddles and make some 1" square stock brackets.I attached small bump stops on the brackets to limit the suspension travel.Perfect solution.

One year on and the lift kit was a great choice.
Daniel - 08/07/2022


Worked perfectly. As advertised. Had fab shop drop a couple tac welds after installation. No issues.


Excellent kit well made parts . The directions in the box were through but without pictures were somewhat confusing. The etrailer installation video answered all my questions. A picture is worth a thousand words. I installed 2 kits on a tandem axle 29ft camper with Lippert 3500lb axles. Start to finish about 2.5 hours. The kit raised the camper about 6 inches. This should help greatly with "tail" dragging entering and exiting the highway.


This was great! My camper was really low in the back when pulling it behind my 4WD Silverado. Took a few hours but was pretty easy to install this. It would have been nice to have pictures with the instructions, but it wasn't too tough to figure out.


EZ to install. Made a huge difference on clearance. I used to drag my jacks but no more. Much better off-road. I also purchased new 15” tires and wheels from etrailer. Old ones were 13”


Needed to lift my 2015 Pacific Coachworks trailer as it dragged the hitch and bumper . Easy install DIY for me as I am Handy. Took the entire day, taking my time for measurements. Had to jack up the trailer quite high, 2 feet lots of cribbing. I had a wire feed welder and tacked the brackets to the axle. Gained over 4+ inches. Never drags anywhere now even offroad. Tows no different, with my Fastway e-2 10k hitch. Before and after pics.


High quality product. Straight toward install and has held up very well. Installed in a driveway in a few hours. I installed this kit on my 1974 komfort camper last year and have put highway and dirt road miles on it since. I take it elk hunting and get into some tight rough situations and haven't had any issues. It gave the camper just the right amount of clearance and it pulls level behind my Tundra with a curt anti sway stabilizer hitch. Before this kit my campers ground clearance was awful and I was always worried about puncturing my holding tank. This product fixed that problem.


We modified a client's newly acquired Flagstaff pop-up to better handle off-road camping. This kit made the process simple, reliable and inexpensive. We opted to remove the original spring perches and weld on new (and shock mounts) but the kit allowed for simple bolt on.
The customer had us winterize the camper, as part of the service we checked tires, bearings and axles....the U-bolts and mounts all looked fantastic.


Perfect fit, great application chart, the one bummer was that it is a dual axle trailer, but it didn't indicate I needed to purchase two kits and as I was pressed for time to get the job done, I had to spend 90.00 to overnight the second kit. I should have looked more closely at the product picture! Otherwise, the job went fine, and the trailer gained almost 6 inches of clearance! Thanks for a great product


This kit does exactly what it advertises. Gave me 4 1/2 in of lift. It is very straightforward to install. The only difficult part was getting the trailer up on jack stands. Make sure you do it on level ground, it makes jacking it much easier. I also had an issue with not having enough spacer nuts. I actually bought two kits and both only had 2 nuts and 4 are needed. There is no packing list so use the picture in the etrailer ad. etrailer was great about making it right.


Flipping the axles on my 29' travel trailer was the best investment so far and And e-Trailer could not have been more help in safely and correctly completing the project. Not to mention the top quality parts that came in the kit. It's been a year and a couple thousand miles and the kit is holding strong. Thanks for a great all-around purchase. I have done more business with e-Trailer since and the products and service are excellent!


Perfect fit! I put this kit on my K-Z sportsmen classic camper. Like I said it was a perfect easy fit. Jacking the camper up took the longest. The kit says you can just bolt it on but we welded to be extra safe. I also went from an 13inch tire to a 14inch tire. Also upgraded to a load D tire. With the tires and axle flip I gained 6 extra inches. It now fits my truck perfect and the better tires made it way more stable. Would highly recommend. I was also quoted $130 for a similar kit by my local RV service garage. Buy this to save the money. Even if you get this and need to pay someone to do the recommended welds it’s going to save you money. I’ll include some before and after pictures.


I put these on a 3500lb Dexter axle. I welded the bracket to the axle and worked good. Not to difficult for an average welder.


It took me 1.5 hours from start to finish, including clean-up, to install this kit. The instructions were simple and easy to follow, but remove the old u-bolts, plates and nuts - reassemble immediately for a reference of how the new bolts and plates go on (just upside down instead).

I got a 5" lift as a result of using this kit. Currently, I am only using the nuts and spacing bolts but plan on getting the spring seats welded at some point. delivered them quickly, with great communication throughout the process.


Fantastic product and great company. Shipped quick.


All parts are in box. I watched a few videos and it actually went really well. Instead of tacking I put a full weld on. Raised my camper a solid 6 to 8 inches. People complain about the u bolts being smaller but the u bolts no longer support the weight and the need for larger bolts no longer exist when putting the axle under the spring vs above. Very satisfied. Took 5 hours including lunch break and painting.


Very easy and quick to instalk


Over the years, my 15ft Sunline had been dragging at times, wheels wearing into the sides and tops of the wheel wells. With the help of etrailer my mechanic and I found
the axle kit, bolts, and supplies to put the springs over the axle and make everything
really solid. What a blessing, finally I was able to seal the wheel wells and indeed all
the perimeter frame tightly. ( We also used angle stock to strengthen the whole frame)
Finally I have a trailer that does not leak and is dust free inside after each trip. I used
over 40 tubes of GE silicone sealant in sealing up all the leaks; for they were wide
cracks; followed with Dyco 20/20 sealer several coats over the wheel wells.

One year later the trailer still tracks well behind the vehicle without wheel bounce or scraping that it had before.
Herbert E - 04/24/2021

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    The Over Under kit part # K71-384-00 that you referenced is the correct kit you'd need. This is designed to fit 2-3/8 inch diameter trailer axles and allows moving trailer leaf springs to the top of axle or vice versa. This will give a lift right at 4 inches so it would be ideal for your customer!
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  • Can Different Leaf Springs be Used to Raise Height of Enclosed Cargo Trailer
    The standard amount of space that we recommend having between the top of your tires and the fender is 4" with your trailer unloaded. If this is shorter for your 2006 enclosed trailer then it is definitely wise to switch something up. The only way to really gain clearance by swapping out leaf springs is if your new springs have a larger spring stack than your older springs. So it has less to do with the weight capacity as it does with the dimensions of your leaf springs. You can switch...
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  • Can Over-Under Conversion Kit be Used to Lower Trailer With Axle Already Located Below Springs
    The Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-384-00 is typically used to place the leaf springs on top of the axle (like you currently have) but I reached out to my contact at Dexter Axle and if you don't already have spring seats on the bottom side off your axle then the kit will allow you to move your axle above your leaf springs. This will lower your trailer the equivalent to the diameter of your axle (which for this kit is 2-3/8") plus the height of your leaf spring stack.
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  • How To Fix Loss of Ground Clearance After Replacing Leaf Springs
    I do have options to lift a trailer but changing out leaf springs or equalizers should not have much of an effect on this. In some cases, you can use a longer or shorter shackle strap to account for a different length leaf spring or equalizer. That said, best practice would be to choose the correct suspension replacements. I have attached our shackle strap options below. In regards to an actual lift kit, we do offer over/under kits like part # K71-384-00.
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  • Which Over Under Kit Fits Dexter Axle with 3500 lb Capacity
    From your axle label I can see that you have a 3,500 lb axle which would be 2-3/8 inches diameter and would be correct size for the Over Under kit part # K71-384-00 that you mentioned.
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  • Lift Kit For Trailer With 2-3/8 Inch Axle
    We do have one option to lift your trailer with a 2-3/8 inch diameter axles, which is the over/under kit you mentioned: - Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-384-00 I have added a link below to a video review of this part for you to check out as well if you'd like to take a look.
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  • How to Install Dexter Over-Under Conversion Kit on 2021 Grey Wolf 19SM
    The process for installing the Dexter # K71-384-00, and specifically the new spring seats, is outlined in the instructions. You can tack weld the new spring seats into place once this process has been completed but it will level out the installation plate and spring seat and allow you to make sure the kit is installed properly. I've linked the installation instructions to this answer for you to have a look at, as well, but the process for this is outlined in steps 8 and 9 on the instructions...
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    The Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-384-00 will fit your 2014 Forest River Salem Cruise Lite T262BHXL trailer as long as the axels on your trailer measure 2-3/8" in diameter and if your trailer has double-eye leaf springs only. In order to confirm the diameter of your axels, I recommend consulting with your user manual for the trailer. As far as being able to tell if you have double-eye leaf springs, I went ahead and attached a photo to this answer that shows some...
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  • Will Over-Under Kit for 2-3/8 Inch Axle Fit Lippert Axle
    Yes, the over-under kit, part # K71-384-00, does fit a 2-3/8 inch Lippert axle as well. It fits any 2-3/8 diameter round axle with a double-eye leaf spring suspension. Also yes, Lippert axles also have a bow in them that needs to face upwards. I don't know of any round trailer axles that aren't bowed but there's likely some exceptions.
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  • Which Axle Over Under Kit Fits Dexter 3,500 lb Axles
    Since you have a Dexter 3,500 lb axle that would indicate that you have a 2-3/8 inch diameter axle and the correct over under kit you need is the # K71-384-00.
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  • Recommended Axle Flip Kit for Big Tex 35ES Single Axle Utility Trailer
    The correct Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit for a Big Tex 35ES Single Axle Utility Trailer with Dexter 3,500 Lb Trailer Axle is part # K71-384-00.
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  • How to Determine Over/Under Kit for 2007 R-Vision D-300
    I was unable to find any specifics in regards to the axle type or weight rating of your 2007 R-Vision D-300 but I do know it is a relatively lightweight tandem axle trailer, so the most likely option that will work is the Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-384-00. This kit will fit a 2-3/8" round axle, which is typically found on 3,500 lb axles, so you do need to measure the diameter of your trailer's axle. The kit will then move your trailer's leaf springs to the top...
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  • Correct Over/Under Conversion Kit for 3,500 lb Axle
    Thanks for that photo, which says you have a 3,500 lb axle, and that capacity axle measures 2-3/8" in diameter. For a 2-3/8" diameter axle like yours the correct over/under kit is the Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-384-00. I have added links to the instructions and a video review for you to check out as well.
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  • Do Spring Seats Need to be Cut Off to Install Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit
    Nope! The beauty of the Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-384-00 is that you're simply moving the axle below the leaf spring and you don't have to grind off or weld anything on. I have attached the installation instructions and a photo of the finished product where you can see the original spring seat still in place on the axle.
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  • Kit for Triple Axle Trailer Spring Over-Under Conversion
    The Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit part # K71-384-00 can be used in single, double and triple axle trailers. The kit comes with what you need to convert one axle. For a triple axle trailer you will need three of part # K71-384-00.
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  • Does the Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit Require Welding
    The Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit like part # K71-384-00 does not require welding. That said, it is recommended to tack the spring seats to the axle but this is super easy to do even for someone with no prior welding experience. It is however not required, only recommended.
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  • How to Lift Trailer With 3,500 lb Tandem Axles
    We do have a way for you to lift your trailer with what are 2-3/8" diameter axles (which is the size of 3,500 lb axles as there aren't 2-1/2" axles I'm aware of), though not with lift blocks with longer U-bolts. Instead, you would need to get what is called an over-under kit: - Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-384-00 Keep in mind these work for double-eye leaf springs only, but what these do is move your trailer's leaf springs to the top of your axle and lifts your...
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  • Which Over-Under Conversion Kit For 2021 Heartland North Trail 22FBS W/ Tandem 3500 Axles
    An over-under kit is a great option for gaining additional ground clearance to get into your steep driveway since they lift the trailer by the diameter of the axle plus the height of the leaf spring stack. Since your 2021 Heartland North Trail 29' Model 22FBS has 3500lbs axles you will need the the Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-384-00 as 3500lb axles have a 2-3/8" diameter. I included a video of the # K71-384-00 for you to take a look at.
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  • Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit 2-3/8" Axle
    It sounds like maybe you are wanting to reverse an already flipped axle instead of moving from OEM build. Either way, I suggest the Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit, # K71-384-00 this designed for a 2-3/8" axle and will work to "flip an axle" or to rework a previous project back to original orientation. This kit works with double-eye leaf springs only. It is recommended by manufacturer that once installed you make tack weld to the axle, orientation dependent. Otherwise...
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  • Can K71-384-00 Dexter Over Under Conversion Kit Prevent Trailer Tires From Rubbing
    The # K71-384-00 Over under conversion kit is compatible with 2-3/8 inch diameter axle tubes, such as what's typically found on a 3500 lb capacity axle. If the axle is currently on top of the leaf spring, the kit can be used to relocate the springs to they sit on top of the axle, which would gain you the 2-3/8 inch diameter of the axle tube plus the thickness of the spring height increase. Whether or not this will prevent your tires from rubbing will depend on what exactly the tires are...
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  • How to Determine if Over-Under Kit Will Fit 2019 Starcraft Satellite Trailer
    It is pretty easy to determine if the Over-Under kit will fit your 2019 Starcraft Satellite trailer, though I was unable to find the exact type of axle your trailer has. So all you need to do is take a look at your axle, or possibly a manual if it has your axle information And so long as your axle is round and 2-3/8" in diameter (which is mostly found on 3,500 lb axles) then you will be able to use the Over-Under kit: - Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-384-00 I...
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  • Lift Kit For Enclosed Trailer With 3,500 lb Axle
    While trailers do not have specific kits for them, from what I can tell based on some research is that your Stealth enclosed trailer has a 3,500 lb axle on leaf springs. You will need to verify this, but if so, what you can use is what is called an over-under kit: - Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-384-00 This kit moves your trailer's leaf springs to the top of your axle and lifts your trailer approximately the same amount as your axle's diameter plus the height...
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  • Can Over-Under Conversion Kit be Used on Trailer with Plates Welded to Axle
    As long as the axle on your trailer features a 2-3/8 inch diameter the Dexter Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-384-00 referenced in your question will work perfectly to gain more clearance on your trailer. The kit will raise the trailer by the height of the axle and leaf spring stack. The welded pieces on your axle are simply referred to as spring seats and they won't cause a problem at all. The new kit actually provides a new set of spring seats that will need to be tack welded to the...
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  • Horse Trailer Lift Kit Options
    There is always a way to make it work. I can't recommend doing that as I have not tested it and I do not offer a product like that with the exception of the Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit part # K71-384-00. This will give you a lift of 2-3/8" plus the thickness of your spring pack. Depending on how high the entry is now this could be a perfect solution. You would know better about your horses and if they would be willing to take a step of that height.
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