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Hopkins Multi-Tow Trailer Connector Adapter - 7-Way to 5-Wire Flat/4-Wire Flat and 12-V Power Socket

Hopkins Multi-Tow Trailer Connector Adapter - 7-Way to 5-Wire Flat/4-Wire Flat and 12-V Power Socket

Item # HM47675
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Adapt the 7-way trailer socket on your vehicle to work with a 4-way or 5-way flat connector on the trailer. Adapter also provides a 12-volt power source outlet. Great for tailgating. Great Prices for the best trailer wiring from Hopkins. Hopkins Multi-Tow Trailer Connector Adapter - 7-Way to 5-Wire Flat/4-Wire Flat and 12-V Power Socket part number HM47675 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Hopkins Trailer Wiring - HM47675

  • Wiring Adapters
  • Multi-Function Adapter
  • 5 Flat
  • 4 Flat
  • 12 Volt
  • Plug Only
  • 7 Round - Blade
  • Hopkins

Adapt the 7-way trailer socket on your vehicle to work with a 4-way or 5-way flat connector on the trailer. Adapter also provides a 12-volt power source outlet. Great for tailgating.


  • Versatile adapter and power socket
  • Adapts from a 7-way RV blade trailer connector on the vehicle
  • Provides a 5-wire flat, 4-wire flat and a 12-volt power socket
  • Covers included to protect terminals from the elements
  • 90-Day warranty

Turn your 7-Way into a 12-Volt power socket! This adapter allows for multiple towing options and has a weatherproof dust cover.

47675 Hopkins Trailer Adapter 7-Way to 5-Wire Flat with 12-Volt

Installation Details HM47675 Installation instructions

California residents: click here

Video of Hopkins Multi-Tow Trailer Connector Adapter - 7-Way to 5-Wire Flat/4-Wire Flat and 12-V Power Socket

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Hopkins Multi-Tow Trailer Connector Adapter Review

Randy: Hey guys, it's Randy here at, we get questions all the time from our customers. They want to adapt their seven-pole down for use with like a four-pole or a five-pole well we're going to take a look at today is one of my favorites. I really, really like this adapter. You can see it plugs into your normal working seven pole on the back of your vehicle. And it's going to convert it into an adapter that we can use for four and five pole trailers. But it also has a 12 volt power outlet here.

And we have adapters that have 12 volt outlets you can plug in. We have adapters that have four pole, and we have adapters that have five pole, even some four and five pole adapters, but this one is pretty unique in the sense that it also gives us that 12 volt outlet.It's going to make it very handy to have around whether we're just going to be hauling a trailer. We can use this side here for four or five poles, or if we're tailgating, we need to charge up a phone, maybe out on the job site, we're camping and we want some 12 volt power, whatever the case may be. We've got it right here. Now, also something that really sets this one apart from any of the other ones we have, these great covers.

These are going to click on, you can see they've got a gasket inside that helps to seal that, that's going to prevent any moisture from getting in there and causing us issues with corrosion. Often times they'll either have a slide on cover or really no cover at all. I think if we we're using this adapter in a four pole situation, we'd certainly have our 12 volt outlet covered up.It's going to keep it sealed. Nothing's going to get in there. It's not going to cause any kind of shorts or any kind of issues.

I really like that in the design. See overall, it's just about perfect, all the seams and everything. They really taken a lot of time to make sure they give us a nice, good product. I also like that 12 volt outlet, not only for charging items, we can put an AC adapter in there if we want and charge up laptops or charge up tablets that have to be plugged into the wall, can operate coolers in the back if you're tailgating, but also having a 12 volt connection point here in the back. If we are tailing our trailer and we get in a situation, we've got a low tire, we need some kind of tool there at the back.

Maybe a 12 volt impact ratchet or a 12 volt air compressor.Our connection points going to be right here. Now, generally the emergency compressors or emergency impacts, they're going to have a shorter cord on them, maybe 10 or 15 feet by putting our outlet here. It's going to allow us to service our trailer as well, which I think is really important when an emergency does happen, just like a normal seven pole plug, you'll see the tab that sticks up right here. It's going to allow us to plug in and then the tab that's on our door is going to come down behind that. That's going to ensure that we don't have any accidental separations of our plugs here.We'll open up our door. You can see we've got our four pins exposed and you see the fifth one there, it's got a little cover on it. So if you're using a five-pole trailer, we're going to pull that out. That's going to give us access to all five of our pins, which basically those are going to be ground, running lights, left turn and brake, right turn and brake. And the fifth one's for a reverse wire that would be used in an electronic lockout actuator like a marine surge brakes, or it can also be used to power lights on your trailer. If you want some backup lights, when you hit reverse, they'll come on. So you see a couple of options there on what to do, but I like that it's capped off, none of the other four and five-pole adapters have that cap, which is going to prevent or protect that circuit anyway.So when we hit reverse, we don't have live 12 volt power just hanging out in case it happens to be wet or something like that. We see that's just going to plug right in, gets us connected. And we know at that point, our trailer is going to work. Now, all of our customers have very similar opinions to this is what I do, that it's really well-built that it lasts for an extremely long time. They don't have any problems or any issues with it. And the covers really help to protect the plugs inside of there. We would have questions often about, "will it fit my truck. How does it work" Those things. And basically as long as you have all your seven functions working in your seven pole, it's going to work fine. From time to time though, you will have a seven pole that doesn't have an active 12 volt power lead.Most of the time if you've got a seven pole on, there's a fix for that underneath your hood. Generally, either you need to connect a wire like on a GM, or you need to add a fuse like on a Ford. So check your owner's manual. You can figure out how to make that hot and active. And some of those will only charge up or only have power going when the keys in the on position, if that's the case, we can, again, bypass that. You just go to the contact that's at the number one spot there. Once you found that contact, you can add your own wire. Generally 12 gauge is going to be the minimum wire you want to use, but you'll run that up through a 40 amp breaker and you can connect that to the positive side of your battery. That'll give you constant power coming back to your plug.If you don't want to just have this when the keys aren't, And again, that's not in all vehicles, but some vehicles are like that. Another question I see, come up with this type of adapter on occasion is, "can I power a winch on my trailer" And really, the seven pole in the back of your vehicle is not designed for that. We generally power, maybe a power Jack on the use of something like that. So we want to stay under that power consumption line. A winch is just going to drop too much power through it. Here's one of the examples we we're talking about more in emergency style situations. The compressor here has about a 10 foot lead on it. We're going to have about 10 foot of hose. So you can imagine if we had to plug that in all the way up there in the front of the vehicle, we just wouldn't be able to reach back here, like what we can very easily now.Anytime we're using an adapter like this, or just a regular trailer plug for that matter, we always recommend the use of dielectric grease. That's going to get on those contacts that prevents moisture from getting in there. And if we can prevent moisture from getting in there, generally we can prevent any type of corrosion. That being said, though, this is one of the better ones about corrosion issues, not really a problem, but it's always good to protect it. Now, in my opinion, this is going to be an excellent adapter to fit. It's going to have the four and five pole functions. If you're looking for that, plus you're going to take up that 12 volt outlet. I would definitely own this and keep it in my vehicle at all times in case I needed it I'd really like having that 12 volt outlet. If we we're doing something outside of the vehicle or maybe at a picnic or camping or something like that, just to be able to recharge the speaker and keep your phone charged up so you can keep music and things like that going..

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Hopkins Multi-Tow Trailer Connector Adapter - 7-Way to 5-Wire Flat/4-Wire Flat and 12-V Power Socket - HM47675

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (107 Customer Reviews)

Adapt the 7-way trailer socket on your vehicle to work with a 4-way or 5-way flat connector on the trailer. Adapter also provides a 12-volt power source outlet. Great for tailgating.


Good solid unit that I expect to last a lifetime.
I purchased this unit primarily to provide a charging port for a float charger. The idea being that if I forget about it or if someone else drives my truck and is unaware that it is connected, it will easily disconnect when the vehicle is driven away.



I have now used this connector for a year and am very happy with it. It has been used as a charging port as well as a useful power port for air pumps etc and as an adaptor for 4 wire trailers. It is a solid unit and I feel this will continue in good service for many years. I would definitely recommend this connector.


Perfect! I use the 4 flat for my boat trailer lights and the +12v I've wired to charge the boat battery as I drive to and from where ever I'm fishing; brilliant!


Easy to insert in female recepticle. Fits 12volt plug on my thermoelectric cooler which is main reason I purchased it.

The weight of the large head does allow the large end to sag down slightly. Since I bought it to run my portable cooler in the bed of our pickup truck while we travel, I am hopefull that vibrations don't allow it to fall out. Even though it has a small tab to catch on recepticle cover, I'll probably secure it to the door of my female recepticle with tape or a bungie cord to avoid loosing it on the road.

Plan on using it first time next week on trip to VA.

Craig S.


Just fine, On a trip now and using it frequently when were in transit.


Love it gives me power where I need it


Plugging this into my 7 pin pickup electrical outlet, I can tow anything from my utility trailer to my motorcycle trailer and not have to concern myself with checking the wiring to figure out how to get lights on different types of trailer configurations to work.



Ditto On The Original Comment. Mud, dusst, multiple vehicle washes and there still are no changes to the system. Still works like a champ.


Very easy to install. Just had to remove the access cover on the drivers side and plug in the connector, then run the wire into the spare tire well. When towing simply take the wire out of the spare tire well and run it out the rear hatch.


Works perfectly on 2023 Honda Ridgeline RTE-E truck. It goes on loose but is held securely in place by the connector cover.


Solid and very well constructed. When attempting to use it in my 2017 F-250, I did not have 12V in the unit. After much angst, I determine that Ford did not install a 30 Amp fuse in spot 27 in the electrical distribution box. That circuit supplies the 12V needed to charge a battery on your trailer while driving. Heading to the dealer tomorrow to have them answer some questions. Product is solid. Recommend getting one it you are in the market

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


The 12-volt accessory circuit to the 7-way is frequently referred to as a charge circuit, but due to the small diameter of the wire feeding the 7-way and the distance from the alternator to the battery on the trailer, theres not going to be enough amperage through the circuit to charge a trailer battery. Itll maintain a charged battery, but wont charge one once its been discharged.



product works fine. However, the F-250 will not supply power to that receptacle until it detects a trailer attached to the truck.


I purchased this adapter for my 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad. It fits well and the door engages the plug tab, holding it firmly in place. I haven't hooked up the trailer yet, but did test the 12 volt outlet. It worked well on the shop light (10 watt LED) that I had on-hand.



Still working well. I dont leave it plugged in 24/7, and the new truck F150 has a flat four built it, but everything works as effectively.


I needed a 7 plug adapter and couldn't find one locally. Really like the added feature of the 12v plus this will convert 4 or 5 flat pin plug. Lotta bang for your buck. I paid for expedited shipping and everything around perfectly.





Works great, the 12 volt power outlet is a nice extra that has power all the time.

James M.


Works great, I move it from one truck to the other weekly. Gonna order another right now.


Product will allow me to have 12V access at he back of the Motorhome for utilities and emergencies. It fit in the plug same way as my 7 to 4 old plug adapter.

Raul C.


It is attached to the MH fulltime. Has endured the elements and responded well to all connections. Protective cap keeps contacts like new, reducing failure.


This product works well for my application of needing to use a flat 5 connector. So far it has stayed in the 7 pin connector on a Tundra because the cover lowers onto the adapter's ridges on the top of the adapter. I only gave it 4 stars because the little plastic nub on the 4/5 connector door either arrived broken or broke after the first time I used it. To etrailer's credit they shipped out a new one very quickly. I have opened and closed that door 5 times without damage so I hope it continues without breaking. I have not tried the 12V power socket yet.


Terrific product(s)! Appeared and functioned as described online. I ordered this 7-way adapter (HM47675) to power a portable 12v air compressor (WC2592 ) to inflate rear suspension air bags remotely. After some very helpful and timely assistance from Michael H. in the EXPERTS department of eTrailer, I am up and "airing".


Wonderful product works great for my trailors and use it to use my compressor to inflate my tires on trailor or another car if it needs it. Super product love your products great quality.

David P.


Great item very useful tool for tailgating, very great item to own. Very reliable.


This item plus the extension cable I bought allowed me to have power going from my motorhome to the battery of my CRV to power up my brake buddy, while having my tow lights operating. Made things much easier on the 2k mile trip I just took.


This is a handy converter to have around if you need a 12v connector on the back of your car, or obviously to tow something with a 4/5 flat if your vehicle doesn't have both installed. My car had aftermarket wiring done and it was easier to wire the vehicle for the 7-way and put in an adapter if needed.


Worked fine converting to both 5 & 4 way trailer plugs. Fit seemed a bit loose in the 7way connector that came on my 2013 Toyota Tacoma but once the connector spring cover comes down it feels secure.


I love the flexibility that this converter provides. It worked on my Honda Ridgeline and my GMC Yukon (including the 12V power socket) without modification.


the multi tow trailer connnector is exactly what i needed . not only did it replace my old one but this one is a 3 in 1 . with the 12volt outlet plug that it has i can run my smoker when we go camping .


The HM47570 and the HM47675 Adapters are an absolute must to have when you tow multiple different types of trailers.
Another advantage that I personally like is to use the HM47570 to keep from wearing out my 4&5 plug on my Ford truck.
These Adapters are built tough to last.


Haven't used yet, but for the price, it's good to have for when you borrow a trailer which will most likely have a different plug. I like the 12v in case I go fishing and need the outlet.


connector works good, Just be aware some times it takes several weeks to get your parts. website will say parts are in stock; when in fact the aare drop shipped from another company. i have 2 parts that are awaiting to be shiipped. It has been over 2 weeks and no shipping status. May not order from here again.


Bought this for a trip to plug in a cooler on a hitch rack carrier for a long drive. Kept the cooler running and the food cold during the drive. Holds tight in the 7pole plug.


Product is great. Delivered extremely fast. has become my go to place to order items needed for our new 5th wheel. The customer service, website and shipping confirmation is the best around. Definitely a customer for life.

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