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Tow Ready 4 Pole to 5 Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter

Tow Ready 4 Pole to 5 Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter

Item # 20036
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Tow Ready Plug and Lead Trailer Wiring - 20036
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Trailer wiring adapter changes the 4 pole flat on your vehicle into a 5 pole flat. Great Prices for the best trailer wiring from Tow Ready. Tow Ready 4 Pole to 5 Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter part number 20036 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Tow Ready Trailer Wiring - 20036

  • Wiring Adapters
  • Single-Function Adapter
  • 5 Flat
  • Plug and Lead
  • 0 - 5 Feet Long
  • 4 Flat
  • Tow Ready

Trailer wiring adapter changes the 4 pole flat on your vehicle into a 5 pole flat.


  • Length of harness: 20"
  • Length of blue wire: 60"

The blue wire gets spliced into the reverse light wire on the vehicle which is easily done with the included quick splice wire connector.

20136 Tow Ready 4 Pole to 5 Pole Trailer Wiring Harness

California residents: click here

Video of Tow Ready 4 Pole to 5 Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Tow Ready 4 Pole to 5 Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter Installation - 2015 Toyota Highlander

Today in our 2015 Toyota Highlander we're going to be showing you how to install the Tow Ready 4 Pole to 5 Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter, Part Number is 20036. Now our installation's going to begin by attaching our blue wire that's going to come with the kit to the reverse light wire, so that the wire that becomes hot or turns on are reverse lights. Now they're in the door in the hatch of the Highlander here, so we're going to go in to one of the wire looms located inside. We're going to go to the one that's on the left side here, and we'll just pull the boot up of the bracket that's holding it down. What we're going to do is just slide that loom up, get it out of the way now where we can get into our bunch of wires here. The wire that we're looking for is going to be a red wire. The good news is that there's only 5 of them. We only have to test 5 wires to figure out which one's going to be which, it should be this thicker one here but we'll see in a minute.

To test it out to figure out which one we need, we got somebody in the vehicle, of course they've put their foot on the brake, turn the ignition on, and they put the car in reverse. Now we're going to take this regular test light, our ground clamp, we can go right down to the latch that holds the door close. Let's go through it and test wires, with the reverse lights on we should be getting a signal to the wire. Let's start connecting, let's see, all right, nothing on that one, our next here, all right. Now in that red wire I'm getting the signal. What we're going to do is have our partner now take the vehicle out of reverse. Right, it goes off, back into reverse, comes back one, and then out of reverse, so we know that's the wire we're looking for.

Then we take a look here. There's 5 red wires in the loom, this is the thickest of those wire, just to give you an idea of what you're looking for there. Now the wire that comes with the kit, 60 inches long, that's not going to be quite long enough for us to make it down to where we want to go, so we're going to add on just a little length of wire. Just a piece of wire we have laying around the shop here. A little bit larger in size to the wire that we've got there. As we see here it's going to be the same diameter as the wire that we're running. We'll just make a Heat Shrink Butt Connection at the end of those to keep it nice vapor sealed.

We've got a quick connect, quick connect will slide on the wire, take our add on wire and slide on right behind there, hold that bolt together, where we can click that metal tab down. We'll going to squeeze that until that metal tab goes all the way down flush, has a good grip on both of our wires. Then we'll just bring that cover over and click it close. Then what we'll do is just slip that out to our cover here. You can bring that down. It's going to go over the top of that quick connect that we had.

Then I'm going to try to do is bring that wire out through the boot right up here on the top. We'll take a little tiny Philips screwdriver, we'll poke it through there just like that. Tape this white wire here that we've added, I'm going to tape it under the screwdriver and then just try to pull that through that rubber grommet. Take this off, we'll pull the rest of that through. As you're pulling it through you don't want to get too rough with it. You don't really want to stretch that grommet out, we like it to hold right around that wire and give us a nice little seal. Just ease it it on through. All right. As you can see, pretty nice clean looking install. Let's slide that, cover it back on, and try to get it in place. If you see another 4 push tabs, 1, 2, 4, and then 1 on that back side, it's going to be easier to pull that out and get that gasket back around, than it is to fight with it when it's still in there. Just press those tabs and it will come up and out. I'm going to get that stretched all the way around, and then poke it back in just like that, perfect. Now we'll bring our wire all the way around, and what we're going to do to get it outside is I'm going to tuck it right in behind our taillight housing, and run it down and out of the bottom of the vehicle. They'll appear in the top and all the way around there's a nice gasket. I'm just going to tuck that wire right along, behind the back side of that gasket, bring it all the way. As you can see it hides it really well. You can take a pick or a screwdriver or whatever you want, and just work it in all the way around that. You really won't be even able to see it once you get done. Now let's take off the 2 10 millimeter headed bolts that we got, just a 10 mil socket, get in there, remove these out of the back of the taillight housing. Always pull out towards the rear of the vehicle, wiggle it a little bit. If they don't come freely, we'll trim removal tool, plastic screwdriver, plastic spatula, or something. Just work it out a little bit. Basically we've got a little pressure clip right here, then another little clip there. What we'll do is just move this long enough so we can get our wire down past, and we'll continue running to where we can tuck it behind the bumper right here. Place these 2 screws. We've got a piece of airline tubing here, but you can use coat hanger, or a stiffer piece of wire, whatever. We'll just going to run it down alongside here, and see if we can get this to come out below the vehicle where we can grab it and direct the wire down there where we're going to want it. Now we're going to remove the panel here and take a look and see if our pull-wire isn't locate right behind it. To do that we've got 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 fasteners, you'll need a 10 millimeter socket for them, and then there's just a push pin fastener there. Let's start backing these out. The interior tucked right in here beside the spare. These are just a little push nuts, these are something you can remove just by hand. If they get twisted, a 12 millimeter socket will go over those good. All right. Then the last thing will be a little push pin fastener there, a little screwdriver or pick, pull the center out, and then the outside will come with it. Pull it down, and here we'll see our fish wire which is great. Now let's connect our white wire to it. Here is the white wire, place it right in the end of that tubing, we'll tape it off to your coat hanger, or other wire, whatever you've used, and then just pull away. If starts to get hung here at the top you can pry it out just slightly with a screwdriver, just to allow it to pass in. Then once you get to the wire it should be super simple to drive through. What we're going to do is tape our blue wire off to our white wire. We're going to draw that up slightly, and we want to get our connection where we put our Butt Connector, we're going to hide it in here behind the bumper. That way it's away from any moisture and stuff like that. If we pull up on what we went down, we can get that wire up here and then draw it back in behind our bumper. We want our Butt Connector to be about right in here, maybe right in here, somewhere protected, so that's going to wire down about right there. We'll trim it off, strip the end off, add the Butt Connector, crimp that off, let's strip the end of our blue wire, all right, nice and snug. Now we can take a heat gun, or a lot of times if I'm just doing one like this, I just use a lighter. You want to use the lower part of the flame, so that's yellow and then blue, you try to use that blue part, you'll have a lot less of the black carbon. We'll just heat this up. That's going to start to shrink, there's a nice sealing in there. All right, so nice and sealed off, let it cool for just a second, then for extra little layer of protection with an electrical tape. Get rid of our white wire, we're done with that, now we can use our blue wire to get that pulled down and in. Just like before, with a little pick or a little screwdriver push that back behind our rubber stripping. Now we'll just route our wire, over here towards the 4 Pole connector. Notice the wire loom that runs over for the 4 Pole right here, we'll take a couple of those zip ties there and just secure our wire off here. We don't want it to be pulling down from the tap, give a little bit of slack there. Don't want too much tension on it. We're going to bring that right over here, we got a little bit of extra, which is good in case we ever need any repairs. Zip tie that off there, and that'll leave our connector back here where we wanted. Your customers are going to want to plug into this, so we'll mount it right there, should make it easily accessible for him to get to it. Also keep it up out of the way. Now then just trim off the excess. There's an option to clean up the look of the install, we can take some electrical tape. We just go around that blue wire, it's going to clean it up, make it look a lot more like a factory harnessed one. Right now to test it out what we're going to do is take our 4 Pole Plug in that comes as part of the adapter, you can see here, this is the 5 Pole, here is our 4 Pole. Take our cap off our existing 4 Pole, we're going to slide that in. In here you can see our add on. We're just going to plug in the blue wire from that, right into that reverse light circuit. Now what we're hoping for is that we'll have . The normal lights are going to run right through here, that's not an issue, but we want to test this last one, this fourth, the new add on plug. With our vehicle in reverse, foot on the brakes, somebody in there, we're going to hit it with the test light, as you can see we're getting a great signal. Now we'll be able to plug our harness right into that and have that deactivation when we want it back up. When not in use, pull the plug, and just recap just like that. If you choose to, you can also wire this. This will be tucked up underneath the vehicle, and this will be exposed on the rear. This should work fine with most of the 4 Poles that you'll plug in, unless if it has that rubber shroud that goes all the way around, it may interfere as you try to plug it in. Just keep that in mind if its got that on it. Now our panel need to go right back up where we found it here. Tuck it in behind and then just push it, there it go. The tin push studs here, I like to do those first, I'm just going to push up on them. That'll hold it in place while we get everything else going. All right, with that working at it should that's going to complete the installation of the Tow Ready 4 Pole to 5 Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter, Part Number is 20036 in our 2015 Toyota Highlander. .

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Customer Reviews

Tow Ready 4 Pole to 5 Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter - 20036

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (248 Customer Reviews)

Trailer wiring adapter changes the 4 pole flat on your vehicle into a 5 pole flat.


Have a multimeter ready so you know which wire to splice on the reverse light. Glad this product exists!


E-trailer is one of the best online companies I have ever dealt with. I just make my second purchase on Sunday evening and had my hitch installed on my vehicle on Wednesday evening. The videos are very helpful. The communication back to me the customer is way above expectations...


This kit was easy to install and exactly what I needed. I had a particular need and reached out to eteailer and received a quick response. Perfect!


Adapter 4-pole To 5-pole Flat - works as described. Installed on 2013 Chrysler Town & Country. Connected blue wire to left rear light harness. Strongly recommend using a 12v tester for this install, as visual diagnosis can be wrong. Deduct one star because 5-plug has no cover and is susceptible to road grime. My solution is to leave original 4way plug with cover underneath the vehicle and connect 5plug adaptor only when towing boat.


Simple and easy to use; just plug it in and connect it to the trailer harness. Works like a charm!


Simple install on my Jeep JK. Tapped the reverse light lead wire and harnessed all the wires in flex conduit. Tie strapped it all under bumper. Can either use 4 or 5 pin trailer.


Not installed yet but looks as good as one used before in a former vehicle. The actual adapter I received is "Reese", which is a reputable brand for towing accessories.


Great service. Wonderful (and numerous) how to videos are very easy to follow


My Ford Edge with the tow package had a 4 pole harness and my boat trailer had a 5 pole harness with the extra wire for locking out the brakes when reversing. This adapter was easy to install and works like a charm. No more need to use a lock out key when reversing the trailer.


Fast delivery! Works great with 5 pole flat connector on my Goldwing M/C and 4 pole on my truck


My trailer has a five plug harness. The cord made it easy to convert from my wiring harness.


4 to 5 pin wiring plug is awesome bought the bracket that it fits in to secure to truck and it works very well was very secure until I backed into trailer hitch with it ..its still square and hold tight just need to rescrew it back on with bigger bolts and it will be good as new. I recommend this to everyone that needs 4 to 5 pin for there trailers its so easy to install takes 5 minutes.

Eldon W.


the product is still holding true to the truck and still preforms just as it was the day I installed it


Great product!


As it turns out I really didn't need this part but it shipped fast and the customer service was the best I've encountered in a long while.


This was exactly what I needed. Our Nissan Pathfinder came with a 4 prong plug already installed, but our new boat trailer has a 5 prong plug. This fit perfectly, works great (already used it this past weekend) and the installation was easy, thanks in part to the instructional video included on the product page. Would definitely recommend to anyone that needs to go from a 4 prong to 5 prong for your trailer.

Rich S.


Which wire did u crimp on to for your Pathfinder? Could u tell me the colour pls. Thanks.

Patrick B.


We've sent Chris an email to let him know about your question. Remember to always double check a wire with a circuit tester before connecting. Wire colors can change on the same model, even in the same year so the colors may not be the same. Just check before splicing.


Had to rewire my 8' utility trailer. Purchased the wiring kit and couldn't be more pleased. Easy to install, clear instructions and fast shipping. THANKS!

Maj M.




This is for a 2014 Jeep Cherokee Latitude. It took me a little extra time as my helper was a 5 ton floor jack and it supported the receiver and if only my right foot had fingers it would have helped a lot. Loading the bolts and plates into the frame was a snap, I left the fish wires on the bolts and that helped a lot and I didn't lose a bolt into the frame,you must leave the exhaust hanging to get to the rear bolt closest to the exhaust curve just before the mufflers I didn't and it was a bear to torque it. Also after I cut the opening on the bottom of the bumper and already had torqued the receiver I had to pry the bottom edge over the receiver there was no other way to get the hitch up inside not enough forward space to get it to slide up and in. Other than that it was a snap.
Now for the wiring harness, went well had a bit of a time getting the connectors up to the tail lights even with all 4 screws out and a little bit of play I had to pry the plastic support away from the body to get the connectors through. That was for the 4 flat, for the power for the harness I have a rig runner 4005 from Powerwerx for all my power as I am a volunteer Fire Fighter and have all the goodies that goes with it and every thing runs fine. For the 5 flat all I had to do was find and take out the backup bulb in the tail light and test to find which wire was hot. And then it was over and done put it all back together and drive away with my trailer. Sorry no picture it looks just like the factory/dealer put it on.
Ray H


Works as advertised but the 5th (blue) wire provided is too short for my 2006 Honda Pilot. Not a big deal. You can buy 3 feet of 16 gauge wire at Ace Hardware (even in matching blue if you wish) and use butt connector or bullet plug to splice. Regarding which wire to tap into for the reverse lights: On my Honda Pilot, there are access ports to the reverse lights on the inside panel of the rear hatch. I just popped one of those covers out too see what color wire powers those reverse lights. (In my case, it was a green wire with silver spots and a very thin black line.) You can then tap into that wire at top of the hatch in the same manner shown in the video on eTrailer's website (for a Toyota Highlander if I recall correctly).


I have been using adapter #47515 to convert my 4 pole vehicle to my 5 pole trailer plug. The extra wire was necessary to operate the solenoid on my surge brake trailer. It worked ok, but because the wire came into the 5 pole plug at a right angle, the wire seemed vulnerable to bending and then breakage. This product has the extra wire coming straight out the back to alleviate the bending/breakage concern. So far it has met my expectations.


I used this part to convert the four-pole wiring in my 2014 Toyota Sienna Van (previously installed using parts) to a five-pole so I can pull a boat trailer with hydraulic "surge" brakes. Everything worked well, but I had to get an extra length of wire and a butt connector at an auto parts store for my Toyota Sienna. The most time consuming part of the process was finding the reverse light wire in the bundle of wires going to the tail lights. A test light with the ability to pierce a wire (sharp point) is required for this.


Good product. Easy to install. Video was very helpful.


The install was extremely easy on my 2017 Jeep Wrangler. Just route the wire from the left backup light down to the trailer connector following the current wire bundle. I haven't tried it with the trailer but with the back up lights on there was voltage to the trailer connector, so it should work.

Super fast shipping also.


The adapter was fine. The video showing how to route the backup light wire to the harness was terrible. Routing a wire under the hatch seal caused a leak that went undetected for 3 months. Had to pull all the seats out several times, remove all the moldy carpet padding, scrub the car and carpet many times, replace the padding, put all the seats back and have the interior professionally detailed. A better method is to route the wire under the headliner down the side. Stay away from the hatch seal.


Great parts and knowledgeable of the pr oducts





very easy it took me about 30 minutes the hardest part was getting the left side tray out of spear tire well witch was about 15 minutes The factory plug was hanging beside wiring harness plug it in hook up ground splice the power wire to backup light for my 5 pin connecter for trailer brakes

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  • Can a 2013 Kia Sorento Have a 5-Way Trailer Connector Installed
    The 4-way trailer connector on your 2013 Kia Sorento should have a powered converter which reduces the draw on the vehicle's lights. It draws the power for the trailer's lights directly from the battery. So you won't have any problems adding a 5-way connector. You can use an adapter like # 20036 that converts the 4-way to a 5-way. Your 4-way plugs right in and then the extra blue wire gets tapped into the reverse light circuit on your Sorento. If you don't already have a 4-way trailer...
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  • Does 4-Way Trailer Wiring Include Reverse Light Circuit
    4-Way trailer wiring does not carry the reverse light circuit. 4-way wiring carriers a ground, taillights, left turn/stop, and right turn/stop. Typically if the reverse light circuit is needed we recommend the 4-way to 5-way adapter part # 20036 which you could run to the reverse light circuit of the truck.
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  • Which Wire to Hook Tow Ready Trailer Wiring Adapter To 2007 Honda Odyssey Reverse Light
    On the Tow Ready Adapter 4 Pole to 5 Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter, # 20036, the blue wire gets tapped into the reverse light circuit, if your trailer has a surge brake coupler. If you have electric brakes or electric over hydraulic brakes you would attach the blue wire to the output wire from the brake controller. I am sending a video link of that part number being installed which might help you.
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  • 4-Way to 5-Way Adapter Recommendation for 2015 Ford Edge
    We have exactly what you are looking for. The 4-way to 5-way adapter part # 20036 will convert the 4-way to a 5-way and will allow you to run the additional wire to the reverse light circuit on your Edge so that it will activate the reverse lock out solenoid of your surge brake actuator.
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  • 4-Way to 5-Way Adapter Recommendation for Boat Trailer
    An extra red wire for trailer wiring is not commonly seen, but since you said this is a boat trailer it's most likely for a reverse lock out solenoid. Does the trailer have surge brakes? If so, this would be the case. This circuit would need to get run to the reverse light circuit of your tow vehicle so that the actuator can allow the trailer to be reversed. We have vehicle 4-way to 5-way adapters as part # 20036 but before we go down that route let's first be sure the red wire is the reverse...
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    Image 1 for
  • Recommended 4-Way To 5-Way Adapter For Boat Trailer
    To convert your 2008 Ford Ranger from a 4-way to a 5-way trailer connector, I recommend using the Tow Ready 4 Pole to 5 Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter # 20036. That 5th function is typically for a reverse function and is used often times for the reverse lockout on boat trailers. You will want to attach the blue wire of this harness to the reverse light power wire on your tail light assembly. I've attached a video to assist. If your boat trailer has an electric lockout and you don't install...
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  • Towing a Trailer with a 5-Way Trailer Connector with a 2011 Jeep Wrangler that has a 4-Way Connector
    You need an adapter that goes from the 4-way trailer connector on the back of your 2011 Jeep Wrangler to a 5-way. We have # 20036 which will do just that. On one end is a 4-way connector that will plug into your Jeep's along with an extra wire that will need to be spliced into the reverse lights on the Jeep. Then on the other end will be a fully functioning 5-way connector once it's installed.
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  • Which Wire Should I Splice my 4 to 5-Wire Adapter to on a 2004 Ford F-150
    It could be that one of those wires is hot for your brake lights, the other is for the reverse light. With the truck in park, press the brakes. The wire that goes hot then would be your brake lights. When you put the truck in reverse the first wire should still be hot, and you should have a second one come on. The second should be your reverse lights.
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  • 5-Way Adapter Recommendation for 2011 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van
    What you need is the 4-way to 5-way adapter part # 20036. This will plug into the 4-way of your 2011 Mercedes Sprinter and allow you to run the fifth circuit to your reverse light circuit on the vehicle and will allow your trailer with surge brakes back up freely.
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  • Converting 4-Way Flat Trailer Connector on Tow Vehicle to 5-Way Flat so Brakes are Disengaged
    It sounds like you're looking for an adapter to convert the 4-way flat trailer connector on the back of your tow vehicle to a 5-way flat connector. We have the Tow Ready # 20036 which does just that. It includes the fifth blue wire to be spliced into your vehicle's reverse light circuit so your trailer's brakes will be disengaged when you need to back up.
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  • How To Find Reverse Light Wire on 2022 Ford Bronco for 4 to 5-Way Adapter
    In order to find the correct reverse light wire on a 2022 Ford Bronco for installing the Tow Ready 4 Pole to 5 Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter part # 20036 you'll need to remove the tail light and start testing each of the wires going to the light until you might the one that only has power with the vehicle in reverse. Please note, you will need someone inside the vehicle while you test at the rear so make sure to observe any safety precautions such as having the parking brake set while testing. Unfortunately,...
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  • Finding Backup Circuit Wire on 2016 Dodge Durango to Install Tow Ready Adapter # 20036
    Based on my research the backup circuit wire on your 2016 Dodge Durango is going to be a voilet color wire on the left side lamp or a light blue wire on the right side, although I do still recommend verifying this with a circuit tester. The backup lights are indeed on the liftgate of the Durango but the wiring does still extend further up the vehicle until it terminates at the body control module beneath the right side kick panel. You should be able to access the reverse circuit wiring...
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  • Recommended Adapter For 4-Way To 5-Way Trailer Connector
    To convert a 4-way to a 5-way, I recommend the Tow Ready 4 Pole to 5 Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter # 20036. This adapter will give you the 5th wire connection to allow you to add that reverse function or brake function depending on your trailer setup.
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  • Why Does 5th Pin of 5-Way Adapter Run to Reverse Light on Tow Vehicle
    The fifth circuit of a 5-way is commonly used for the reverse lock out of a trailer with surge brakes. Since that is the most common use of the 5th circuit that's why it's recommended to be installed there. If you have a different need you can attach it to a different circuit.
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  • How to Convert a Vehicle 4-Way so that it Works with Trailer 5-Way
    You actually don't need any of those parts to connect the wiring from your tow vehicle to your trailer. We have the Tow Ready 4 Pole to 5 Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter # 20036 which plugs into the 4-Way on your vehicle and has extra wire to tie into the reverse light function on your vehicle. This will activate the basic lighting functions on your trailer as well as the reverse signal. An example installation video has been linked for you to check out.
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  • 4 to 5-Way Adapter Recommendation for 2007 Nissan Pathfinder Towing Boat Trailer with Surge Brakes
    The adapter you need is part # 20036. This will convert your 4-way to a 5-way so that you can activate the reverse lockup solenoid of your trailer with surge brakes. The fifth circuit of this adapter will get ran to the reverse light circuit of your vehicle like in the install video I attached to this page.
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  • 4-way to 5-way Adapter Recommendation to Tow Trailer with Reverse Lock Out Solenoid
    Sounds like your 2009 Lexus LX 570 has a 4-way trailer wiring harness and your trailer uses a 5-way that activates the reverse lock out solenoid of the trailer. The correct adapter you would need is the part # 20036. This will convert your 4-way to a 5-way and would work well for you. Typically the fifth wire is for a reverse lockout or light so it would get run to the reverse light circuit of your vehicle. I attached an install video that shows a typical install of this adapter.
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  • Adapter for Boat Trailer With 5-Flat Plug
    In order to connect the 4-flat on your Audi Q7 to the 5-flat on your boat trailer, you would want to use Tow Ready 4 Pole to 5 Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter # 20036. The blue wire that comes with this kit is going to get spliced into the reverse light wire on your Q7. I have added a review video of this adapter as well as an install for you to take a look at, as well as a help article on wiring which you may find useful.
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  • Access to Reverse Light Wire on 2007 Honda Pilot for a 4- to 5-Way Adapter for Trailer Surge Coupler
    Normally you could use a fuse tap and tap into the reverse light circuit fuse to get the signal needed. But on a 2007 Honda Pilot the reverse light fuses have other functions on them so that would not work. If you can access the wiring directly behind the reverse light (like if you were going to change out a bulb) then you could get it there instead of having to remove the headliner. If you cannot access the wiring there either then removing the headliner is the only remaining option.
    view full answer...
  • Converting a Vehicle with a 4-Way Trailer Connector to Tow a Boat with a 5-Way Connector
    Yes we do. Use part # 20036. It plugs into the existing 4-way on your vehicle for the lighting functions and adds an additional wire that needs to be connected for whatever purpose your fifth pin on the trailer is for. It's likely an electric lock out for a brake actuator which means you connect the blue wire to the reverse lights on your vehicle. Before you get a wiring adapter you should know (assuming you don't already) that if the fifth pin on your boat's trailer isn't needed the...
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  • Determining Wire Functions on Vehicle with 4 Wires and Trailer with 5 Wires
    Starting with the vehicle side wiring, it sounds like you have a standard 4-Way wiring connector installed. On a 4-Way flat trailer wiring harness, yellow is for left turn signal, white is for ground, green is for right turn signal, and brown is for running lights. Then on the trailer side, it sounds like you may have a 4-Way wishbone harness, which splits the running light circuit at the connector. Most likely, the colors you mentioned have the following functions: White = Ground Yellow...
    view full answer...
  • Is Reverse Light Circuit Present on 7-Way to 5-Way Adapter
    As long as the reverse light circuit of your 7-way is active it will still be active when you convert it to a 5-way using your adapter without requiring any additional steps. You'd be able to tow the trailer with just a 4-way like you mentioned but to have the reverse light circuit active too you'd need a 5-way adapter like part # 20036.
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  • 4-Way to 5-Way Adapter Recommendation for a Reverse Lock Out Solenoid
    What you need to convert the 4-way on your 2002 Ford Super Duty is the part # 20036. This will plug in to your 4-way and will then allow you to run a wire to tap into the reverse light circuit of your vehicle so that your reverse lockout solenoid will activate in reverse.
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  • Will Reverse Light Circuit of Honda Odyssey Handle Powering Reverse Lock Out Solenoid
    Reverse lockout solenoids do not draw very much amperage at all so the # 20036 attached to your reverse light circuit wouldn't be a problem.
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