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  1. Weight Distribution Hitch
  2. Equal-i-zer
  3. 400 lbs
  4. 500 lbs
  5. Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  6. WD With Sway Control
Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution w/ 4-Point Sway Control - No Shank - 6,000 lbs GTW, 600 lbs TW

Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution w/ 4-Point Sway Control - No Shank - 6,000 lbs GTW, 600 lbs TW

Item # EQ37061ET
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Weight Distribution Hitch
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Product Expert Lindsey S

Is this right for you? Product Expert Lindsey S says:

Yes, if you:

  • Have a lighter weight trailer (200 lbs – 600 lbs of tongue weight) that has a significant problem tracking behind your vehicle
  • Want an American-made system that lasts from an industry-leading brand
  • Have a lifted truck or a low-riding van and need a bigger drop or rise than you'd get with the standard shank that typically comes with these hitches

No, if you:

  • Hate noise - the steel on steel brackets can create a racket, especially during turns
  • Might be upgrading to a heavier trailer and would want to transfer your hitch to it
  • Don't have a big problem with trailer sway - you might just end up with a really rigid ride
Steel-on-steel friction works to prevent and correct trailer sway in this unique weight distribution system. Sway control brackets ensure that your trailer stays in line with your tow vehicle. Shank sold separately. 2" Hitch ball included. Lowest Prices for the best weight distribution hitch from Equal-i-zer. Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution w/ 4-Point Sway Control - No Shank - 6,000 lbs GTW, 600 lbs TW part number EQ37061ET can be ordered online at or call 1-636-306-4830 for expert service.
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Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution Hitch - EQ37061ET

  • 400 lbs
  • 500 lbs
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • WD With Sway Control
  • Allows Backing Up
  • Shank Not Included
  • Equal-i-zer
  • Prevents Sway
  • Electric Brake Compatible
  • Surge Brake Compatible
  • 4-Point

Steel-on-steel friction works to prevent and correct trailer sway in this unique weight distribution system. Sway control brackets ensure that your trailer stays in line with your tow vehicle. Shank sold separately. 2" Hitch ball included.


  • Evenly distributes weight over axles of tow vehicle and trailer for stability and control
    • Creates a level ride for both tow vehicle and trailer
  • Integrated 4-Point Sway Control limits side-to-side movement
    • Brackets keep spring bars in place for a rigid system that holds trailer in line
    • Steel-on-steel friction helps to minimize sway caused by winds or sudden maneuvers
    • No lift chains - eliminate unwanted movement
  • Unique design makes system compatible with surge-type brake actuators
  • Spring bars flex for a controlled, even ride
    • Constructed of chromoly steel for superior dexterity and spring
  • No-drill, clamp-on brackets can be adjusted along the trailer frame
    • Accommodates frame-mounted items such as gas tanks, battery boxes, toolboxes, or generators
  • Desired tilt is achieved with traditional washer design
    • Add or remove washers from spacer rivet to tilt head up or down
  • Dipped steel construction is durable and corrosion resistant
  • Snap-up lever eases installation by reducing lifting required by trailer jack
  • System includes head assembly, spring bars, sway control brackets, hitch ball, lift handle, and all necessary hardware
    • Adjustable shank sold separately
    • 1-7/8" Thin walled socket (EQ70-00-4800 - sold separately) recommended for hitch ball installation
  • Made in the USA


  • Tongue weight: 200 lbs - 600 lbs
  • Gross towing weight: 6,000 lbs
  • Ball size: 2"
  • Fits: 2" x 2" trailer hitch receivers rated for use with weight distribution systems
  • Sway control bracket positioning: 27" - 32" back from center of coupler
  • Maximum trailer frame height: 6"
  • Spring bar dimensions: 36" long x 1-1/4" wide
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Included w/ SystemRequired - Sold SeparatelyOptional Add-Ons

90-00-0601 Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution Hitch

  • Weight Distribution Head
  • 2" Chrome Hitch Ball
  • 2 Sway Control Brackets
  • 2 Spring Bars
  • Snap-up Lever
  • Spacer Rivet and Washers
  • Necessary Installation Hardware
  • Adjustable Shank
  • Thin Walled Socket for Installation of Hitch Ball

Weight Distribution Diagram

Create a more stable ride for your tow vehicle and trailer with a weight distribution hitch. Adding spring bars to your towing system applies leverage, which transfers the load that is pushing down on the rear of your vehicle to all the axles on both your tow vehicle and your trailer, resulting in an even distribution of weight throughout. The result is a smooth, level ride, as well as the ability to tow the maximum capacity of your hitch.

Selecting a Weight Distribution System

The tongue weight rating is the most important factor in determining which size weight distribution system you should use. If the bars of the system you choose are rated too high for your setup, they will create a rigid ride, which can result in a bouncing trailer. If, on the other hand, the bars are not rated high enough, the system will be unable to properly distribute the weight, rendering it virtually useless.

To determine the proper weight rating for a weight distribution system, you must first determine your trailer's tongue weight. Then add to that the weight of the cargo behind the rear axle of your tow vehicle. These two measurements make up the tongue weight rating for a weight distribution system.

Features of the Equal-i-zer

Head Tilt Adjustment

Controlling head tilt with traditional washer method

The Equal-i-zer weight distribution system uses the traditional washer-style adjustment method to achieve the perfect tilt. Controlling the head tilt helps you to fine-tune the leverage on your entire system, making it easier to install and hook up the spring bars. To adjust the tilt, simply slide washers onto the spacer rivet and insert the rivet into the head assembly. To increase the angle, add a washer. To reduce the angle, remove a washer. Most setups take four to six washers to achieve the proper height. Once you get the desired tilt, insert the shank bolts to secure the head to the shank (sold separately) and then tighten it in place.

Construction of Spring Arms

The Equal-i-zer spring bars are not made of traditional spring steel. Rather, they are constructed of a chromium-molybdenum alloy steel. Chromoly steel has a high tensile strength for extreme durability. It also features excellent dexterity, which allows it to give as required and then return softly back to its original form. This pliability is important in minimizing trailer bounce while still ensuring that the weight of your rig is adequately distributed.

Fixed Sway Control Brackets

Installation of Sway-Control Brackets

The unique sway control brackets of the Equal-i-zer are easy to install and simple to use. They clamp onto your trailer frame and conveniently adjust to a position anywhere between 27 inches and 32 inches back from the coupler. These brackets provide the attachment points for the weight distribution spring bars. To position the spring bars during hookup, simply use the included snap-up lever to lift each bar into place on the L-shaped brackets. Then secure the bars in place with the included L-pins and clips.

Equal-i-zer Hitch 4-Point Sway Control

The Equal-i-zer weight distribution system works to stop trailer sway before it begins. This is achieved through the rotational friction that is present in the weight distribution hitch itself. Within the system head, the downward pressure that is placed on the hitch ball by the trailer is combatted by the upward pressure exerted by the spring bars that are mounted in the sockets. This upward force is placed on the spring bars on either side of the system, creating the rotational friction that, essentially, forces your trailer in line. This type of friction is responsible for two points - one on either side of the trailer - of the 4-Point Sway Control. To ensure that enough tension is present, make certain that the socket bolts in the head assembly are torqued to at least 45 foot-pounds.

Points within the Equal-i-zer system where upward and downward forces interact to create rotational friction

The other two points of sway control are created by the steel-on-steel friction that occurs when the spring bars slide within the L-brackets that are mounted on the trailer tongue. Most traditional weight distribution systems have spring bars that are suspended by chains. Although this ensures that the system is not so rigid as to create bounce in the trailer, it also allows a good deal of side-to-side play in the system. Letting the spring bars hang freely minimizes the rotational friction described earlier. It also eliminates your system's ability to create the type of direct friction that has been shown to be so effective in limiting trailer sway.

This direct friction that is applied to the spring bars in the Equal-i-zer system helps to stop sway once it has begun. The concept is similar to the way in which an add-on friction sway control device functions. When each spring bar moves forward or backward, or side to side, it rubs along the bracket, creating friction. The resistance created by this action limits the movement of the spring bar, thus preventing further side-to-side movement of the trailer.

Most add-on units feature some sort of friction material similar to that used in automotive brakes. But the Equal-i-zer uses direct steel-on-steel contact to create resistance. This is the same sort of friction that is used with locomotives that pull loaded railcars weighing tons. No additional materials are needed. The steel will outlast any of those other materials, providing an extremely durable, functional sway control system.

EQ37061ET Equalizer Weight Distribution Hitch with Hitch Ball, without Shank - 6K

Installation Details EQ37061ET Installation instructions

Customer Reviews

Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution w/ 4-Point Sway Control - No Shank - 6,000 lbs GTW, 600 lbs TW - EQ37061ET

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (632 Customer Reviews)

Steel-on-steel friction works to prevent and correct trailer sway in this unique weight distribution system. Sway control brackets ensure that your trailer stays in line with your tow vehicle. Shank sold separately. 2" Hitch ball included.


Very glad I spent the money. This was for my 2015 Tacoma and 7x14’ Vnose trailer. Eliminates the bucking on the truck over bumps, and eliminates sway. Balances the weight quite nicely. Well with the peace of mind.


Hi, i just had the Equal-i-Zer installed and i am very happy with the product. the delivery was perfect.
thank you


Easy setup. Haven't tried it out yet but it looks like it will work as intended.

This provided a great improvement when pulling our trailer.
Dan M - 08/01/2017


Love it.


Review from a similar 4-Point Sway Control in Weight Distribution Hitch

Great hitch system. Easy directions to mount and set up for my truck (F150) and Grand Design Imagine travel trailer. Hook up at camp site is much easier compared to my chain and bar system. New set up handles sway and is very stable when trucks and cars pass.


Review from a similar 4-Point Sway Control in Weight Distribution Hitch

etrailer was great. Great service and quick and easy. The actual hitch itself was easy to install despite not having the clearest instructions and then difficult to get the sway bar socket to swivel. A lot of grinding metal and leftover burrs in the sockets making them hard to move even when the socket bolts and bush were loosened and all moving parts greased. That part was not machines well. Rest was. I filed and wire wheeled it and got them to move but still very stiff. But it works now and rides well. An hour and half job though took four hours.

It is possible that the weight distribution system could be over your tongue weight. Ideally your total TW will fall in the middle of the systems operating range. This ensures the system is stiff enough to provide the weight shift to your front axle, but without being so stiff that it causes weird handling from the trailer. If your actual total TW is 1200-1300-lbs then a system rated for between 1000- and 1400-lbs would be perfect. There are a couple of other possibilities that could be causing the grinding, however, we would need some more information.
-- Etrailer Expert Katrina B - 04/21/2022


Review from a similar 4-Point Sway Control in Weight Distribution Hitch

Product is fine but shipping is horrible. Items arrived in boxes that were falling apart. UPS had to tape a whole box and parts were falling out when it arrived. Haven’t had a chance to check to see if everything is even in the box. Not acceptable.

I will have Customer Service reach out to you.
-- Etrailer Expert Thomas M - 01/14/2022


Review from a similar 4-Point Sway Control in Weight Distribution Hitch

Took the sway away for the most part. Would be better if you could order it without the drop ball hitch (part that slips into receiver) since I had to get a longer one anyway for my setup.


Review from a similar 4-Point Sway Control in Weight Distribution Hitch

I rate this product "good" to alert potential users to an issue I face during installation of this Equal-i-zer hitch.

As I purchased this hitch, a 2 and 15/16" ball with a 1.25" shank stud and its nut were included. That nut requires a special 1 and 7/8" thin walled socket that slips down into a cavity where the shank stud protrudes and the nut screws on. The instructions state that socket is available at Equal-i-zer dealers. Such a socket WAS NOT AVAILABLE at any automotive parts store, car dealership, nor agricultural supply hardware I contacted in the small California town I was in. The nearest Equalizer dealer to me was over 100 miles distant, and I had planned to leave the day I began installation of the hitch. The instructions also state that a shim can be used if a 2 and 15/16" ball with a 1" shank stud and nut are used. That is the ball I already had on my truck and I was fortunate to find a properly sized shim at an agricultural supply hardware that I cut to length and used in my installation. I still needed a large socket and extension to tighten the nut because the nut was deeply recessed in the cavity. The box end wrench I normally used on the nut was of no avail; however, an automotive repair shop had such a socket and loaned it to me to complete the installation of the hitch. IF you are going to undertake the installation of this hitch yourself, then be aware of the need for either the special Equal-i-zer specified socket for the ball included, OR a 1.25" to 1" shim and a deep well socket for the smaller 1" shank stud and nut such as I used. Contact customer service at Equal-i-zer if you have questions in this regard BEFORE you purchase.

Having alerted you to the installation issue I faced, I now rate the product itself as EXCELLENT in performing the job it is intended to do when towing. Once I had the hitch installed, the instructions for making adjustments so it will perform as intended are clear. Along with the hitch I purchased a Sherline trailer tongue scale and that is an accessory I highly recommend.

I was towing a 2-axle car trailer loaded with a vehicle for a total tow load of 5500 lbs.
Using the tongue scale I adjusted my load so 10% was on the tongue. I was towing cross-country from California to Michigan with a 2010 Tacoma 4 x 4 rated with a 6500 lb towing capacity. I towed at 55-60 mph and had one incident that required immediate, heavy braking and the truck and trailer stopped perfectly, as if the trailer had no been there. So keep in mind, my rating of GOOD was to draw your attention to the installation issue I faced. The PEFORMANCE of the hitch was EXCELLENT.

The thin walled socket needed to install the hitch ball is available as a Related Item here at etrailer. Equal-i-zer offers such a socket as part # EQ70-00-4800
Thin Walled Socket for Equal-i-zer Hitches
. We have also found that the Powerbuilt 1-78 Inch Thin Walled Socket, part # ALL643216
1-7/8" 12pt Thin Walled Socket - 3/4" Drive - Chromium-Vanadium Steel
, works well with the Equal-i-zer system.
-- Etrailer Expert Victoria B - 10/08/2019
My Equal-i-zer hitch continues to perform as I had wanted and described in my review. It has an unstated safety benefit. I tow long distances without a load on my trailer. I keep the Equal-i-zer hitch fully installed but adjusted so there is only mild tension transferred forward. That keeps the receiver ball housing on the tongue of the trailer constantly pressed against the hitch ball. If for any reason the ball coupling lock should fail or have not been set, the trailer would remain coupled to the truck.
Wilton M - 09/27/2020


Review from a similar 4-Point Sway Control in Weight Distribution Hitch

I received this hitch a few short days after placing my order and as soon as it arrived I unpackaged it to admire the contents. Everything was intact and ready to assemble, just as expected. I also ordered the special thin walled socket, which I am glad I did since my mechanic friend that did my torquing didn't have a socket that would work for this hitch ball. I know it is expensive but I wanted everything done right.

I installed the hitch and set it up following the directions in the manual, and everything turned out perfectly. I think from start to finish it took the wife and I less than an hour and a half. Easy, and according to my measurements and a visual everything looked perfect. None of this is rocket science, and the installation is truly easy.

Well, time to try it out, and what great timing, we left Saturday morning in a 40 MPH headwind for 20 miles, and then another 25 miles with the wind quartering at us on a busy highway. This hitch worked flawlessly! I was tickled with the whole ordeal, and today coming back with no wind at all it wasn't much different than the day we had the wind. You know what wind means, right? WINDY IN ND. Yep, we get our share. This hitch served us very well, and I am extremely pleased with my purchase and the ease of installation and set up. I would order it again in a heartbeat.

My tow vehicle:

2018 GMC Sierra 1500 with max trailer tow package. 6.2 L with 8 speed transmission.

My travel trailer:

2016 Jayco Octane SL, weighs in loaded at 6100 lbs with a hitch weight of 910 lbs.

A whole year has gone by, and Im still extremely satisfied with my equalizer hitch. I hear the squeaks when I make my turns, I know people talk about this hitch being slightly noisy, but every time I hear it I smile. I know its back there, doing its thing, and it does it extremely well. I would buy this hitch again in a New York minute. I am very pleased. Did I say Im VERY pleased? Lol. Its that good.
Richard P - 06/04/2019


Review from a similar 4-Point Sway Control in Weight Distribution Hitch

pulling a 24 ft. car hauler with 4 sleds across South Dakota. The hitch made a noticeable difference. Usually pulled with a 3/4 but was using a 1/2 ton last time. I'd estimate it was 75% better in reducing the cross wind effect and the effect of going under overpasses and passing trucks. probably maybe even better if i had been using 3/4 ton as in the past.

Great. It is a game changer especially in a cross wind. Takes a bunch of stress out if driving.
Jeff - 01/17/2022


Review from a similar 4-Point Sway Control in Weight Distribution Hitch

Just received and put together my Equalizer hitch but not set up or used with our new travel trailer yet. The quality of the parts are amazing. I have used other weight equalizing hitches and have 5th wheel hitch systems. This system is heavy duty and a pleasure to put together. Etrailer did a great job on the website describing, illustrating and proving support to make my decision so easy. Thanks Etrailer. Going to pick up new travel trailer today with new hitch system.

I am pulling a 34 foot travel trailer that weighs 7,280lbs. I am very comfortable and feel secure while towing with the equalizer hitch system. There is absolutely no sway even when tractor trailer pass by. I have used other sway control products and systems where I encountered sway and white knuckle rides. I highly recommend the Equalizer 4 point sway control system to anybody thinking about a new or replacing a current system.
Tony - 09/06/2019


Review from a similar 4-Point Sway Control in Weight Distribution Hitch

Towing 3400 lbs hybrid camper with ford flex (tow rating 4500). Makes a world of difference. Car downshifts less, rides more level and experiences very little sway. Wasn't cheap, but was worth the money as an improvement over towing without distribution hitch.


Review from a similar 4-Point Sway Control in Weight Distribution Hitch

I have been using this EQ hitch towing my Bullet crossfire travel trailer with my F-150 for over a year now and it handles great. Tows smooth and without jerking or a rough ride. It took a few times to properly balance it and adjust it properly but what a major improvement from towing without it. I recommend this EQ hitch very much!!

Excellent! I have towed over 5000 miles in 2 years with this hitch now and it is still like new. What a great purchase.
MarkG - 01/24/2020


Review from a similar 4-Point Sway Control in Weight Distribution Hitch

I borrowed a torque wrench to tighten the ball and shank bolts as mine only goes to 250 ft lbs. After tightening the ball onto the hitch, I installed the Equal-i-zer WDS in about an hour by myself. The directions are straight forward and easy to follow.

I did a short 40 mile pull on a fairly windy day afterwards and I am very satisfied with the anti sway ability of this system. Substantially better than the entry level hitch I bought years ago with my first camper. We are now on our fourth camper and having sold our fifth wheel we bought our third pull behind!!! I tried using my old entry level WDS with chains and a friction brake for anti sway and was nervous the entire 8 hour trip because of sway.

The Equal-I-zer WDS has settled my nerves and loosened my grip on the steering wheel! You can find cheaper WDS out there but you will get what you pay for. If you are experiencing a lot of sway with your current set up, it’s time to upgrade to Equal-I-ler!


Review from a similar 4-Point Sway Control in Weight Distribution Hitch

Product is well made and sturdy. Installation instructions were simple and easy to follow. Took about 2 hours from start to finish to install. The problems it solved for me were the truck sagging in the rear when my car hauler is coupled. Now the truck is level along with the trailer. Also when semi's pass by the entire set up is steady. No shaking or swerving. Wish I had put this on sooner. Very pleased.

After a year of use I can say that the Equalizer has lived up to its promise. It is extremely helpful when hauling autos around in our enclosed trailer. We consider it just part of the normal hauling equipment now.
Mark T - 08/14/2019


Review from a similar 4-Point Sway Control in Weight Distribution Hitch

Ordered this without the drop down hitch because I already had one. I had it installed by my local RV dealership. They were impressed with the quality of the hitch. I was impressed with the towing results. Put around 5000 miles on it. From big rigs to high winds traveling across the states. This hitch with built in sway control did it's job. I have recommended this hitch to others. Only down side is that you have to make sure that your straight with the hitch when backing up. Well worth the extra effort.


Review from a similar 4-Point Sway Control in Weight Distribution Hitch

The toy hauler tows way better with this hitch. If I have the sidexside inside the hauler I still get a little sway under some conditions.


Review from a similar 4-Point Sway Control in Weight Distribution Hitch

The Equalizer weight distribution system works very well. Sway and bounce are eliminated. Unfortunately, the unit does not come with the plastic sway bracket jackets (Item # EQ95-01-5150) so add those when ordering. The recommended grease (part # 91-00-4250) is also not included but any quality bearing grease will suffice. The plastic jackets eliminate a lot of the noise usually heard when turning, while also protecting the bars and brackets from wear & tear. The installation instructions are well written. Someone with average knowledge of tools should have no problem installing this unit by themselves. Locating a 1 7/8" thin wall socket and a torque wrench capable of 430 lbs to install the ball to the hitch head is the only real challenge. I ended up buying a large 3/4" socket set from Harbor Frieght. I used the long breaker bar from the set and a long pipe to get the ball nut tight, then my friendly local truck repair shop adjusted the torque to the proper specs using their obscenely expensive Snap-On brand monster torque wrench. It only cost me a round of coffee. After initial set up, attaching and removing the unit between truck and trailer is quick and easy. I recommend this item.


Review from a similar 4-Point Sway Control in Weight Distribution Hitch

Ordered the Equal-I-zer weight dist hitch as a reaplacement for original W/D anti-sway hitch trailer dealer sold me (was getting quite a bit of sway). Relatively easy to install, instructions were very easy to follow, getting a torque wrench (430 ft-lbs) for the ball had been my only concern. Weight distribution was right the first time, truck and trailer sit nice and level. The trailer tracked very well and there was no sway when being passed by large tractor-trailers. Less noise than I expected after reading reviews when researching hitches. Very happy with the hitch and the GREAT service from etrailer. Highly recommend.


Review from a similar 4-Point Sway Control in Weight Distribution Hitch

Fantastic piece of gear. Super heavy-duty. Made my truck and trailer ride so much smoother, brought the back end of my 3/4 ton truck back up to level, and completely eliminated the the swaying I would get from time to time with my dump trailer. Instruction manual that came with the kit was very detailed and well-written. One minor complaint: it would be nice if the ball came mounted to the hitch assembly because most of us don’t have a torque wrench that goes to 430 feet pounds. Beyond that, an excellent investment.


Review from a similar 4-Point Sway Control in Weight Distribution Hitch

I purchased this hitch for a 9000lbs travel trailer with a 1001lbs tongue weight.
If your debating between a less expensive round bar and this setup, spend the money. This hitch is by far a better, easier, and safer setup.
I purchased this hitch to replace a Pro-series round bar with a friction sway control bar. The Equal-i-zer's 4 point sway control is big step up from a single point sway control system. The 1st drive felt secure and safe.

Install was easy, but time consuming for a 1st time installer. But worth it in the end.
Here's some pointers. 1. get the right tools, rent or barrow a the torque wrench to do the hitch ball 430ft/lbs, and shank bolts 320ft/lbs. The piece of mind that it's correct is worth it. 2. Plan for the afternoon, not a couple of hours. 1st setup is going to be close but your going to have to adjust it so plan on taking something apart. but setup is relatively easy, esp with the right tools. I had the trailer level the 1st go around to 2.5". So I had to move the head up one hole in the shank and then it was within 1". Distribution setup was still with in a proper setup, so I didn't have to make any further adjustments.
As far as the coupling and uncoupling the hitch. Using the tongue jack to release the tension is easy to do and quick. Esp. with an electric jack. I never liked the round bar with chain setup on my previous hitch.
High quality, easy install and setup, and seems to have great sway control.


Review from a similar 4-Point Sway Control in Weight Distribution Hitch

Was needing a weight distribution system for towing my 16' toy hauler and with Kats help from etrailer I couldn't be happier with this product. Trailer has a dry hitch weight of 950lb and 1100lb loaded. Set up took me an hour or so, but now I feel comfortable hooking and unhooking. Took it on a 100 mile trip a few weeks back in heavy rain with strong wind gust and handled great! Without it I didn't feel safe going 60mph on calm sunny day.


Review from a similar 4-Point Sway Control in Weight Distribution Hitch

A little noisy but it works awesome and makes towing so much more comfortable. I have a custom trailer that is a little too tongue heavy. This hitch helped me get things leveled out and stable. The etrailer people were very helpful with recommendations for ways to mount the brackets on my trailer frame. No regrets here.


Review from a similar 4-Point Sway Control in Weight Distribution Hitch

I towed my camper over 250 miles with the equalizer hitch. Set up and install was very easy. Very little to no sway at all with passing semi trucks.

Purchased last year year best sway control Ive owned. Easy hook up and disconnected from camper. Highly recommend.
Raymond L - 09/30/2019

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See what our Experts say about this Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution Hitch

  • Can Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System Work With EAZ Lift Shank?
    Your EAZ Lift shank may work with the Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution # EQ37061ET; it will depend on a measurement you need to take. If your shank has holes that measure 3/4" in diameter and are spread 1-1/4" apart then it will work with the Equal-i-zer # EQ37061ET.
    view full answer...
  • Does The Weight Of A Weight Distribution Hitch Count Against Payload Capacity
    The entire weight of a weight distribution hitch like the Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution w/ 4-Point Sway Control # EQ37061ET should be counted towards total weight. When determining total payload just take the tongue weight of the trailer along with any weight behind the rear axle of the tow vehicle and that would be your combined weight that you'll use to determine a weight distribution hitch. Once hitched a weight distribution hitch should help increase the capacity of the vehicle...
    view full answer...
  • Can Equal-i-Zer Weight Distribution System be Used in the Rain
    The Equal-i-zer weight distribution systems like the part # EQ37061ET are perfectly fine to use in the rain. It's the systems that have a separate friction sway control system built into them that can't be used in the rain.
    view full answer...
  • What is Weight Capacity of Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution EQ37061ET
    Yes, the overall weight capacity of the Equal-i-zer kit part # EQ37061ET that you referenced is at 1,000 lb tongue weight but it's most effective with a tongue weight between 200 to 600 lbs. It sounds like your setup is perfect for this system.
    view full answer...
  • Does Weight of Weight Distribution System Get Factored in as Added Tongue Weight
    This is a really good question, but the weight of the weight distribution system does not get added to the tongue weight figure. Essentially the WD system becomes a part of the hitch so it's weight does not get added in according to the weight distribution system manufacturers. So you'd be looking at a loaded tongue weight figure of 370 lbs which would work great with your Equal-i-zer system part # EQ37061ET that you have. I attached a review video for this system for you to check out...
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  • Equal-i-zer WD System w/ 4-Point Sway Control - 2019 Ram 1500
    At first glance, it looks like the Equal-i-zer WD system you were considering # EQ37120ET is a little stronger than what you need in a weight distribution hitch. This system may require considerable spring bar adjustment to set up correctly, and will likely ride stiffer than a system that's designed to pull a shorter, lighter trailer. I've attached an article that details several methods for you to determine your loaded tongue weight. I do recommend that you determine this before you purchase...
    view full answer...
  • Selecting Weight Distribution System for 7500-lb GVWR Travel Trailer
    They best way to choose a weight distribution system is to know your specific trailer's actual loaded tongue weight (TW) and to this to add the weight of any cargo behind the rear axle of the tow vehicle, as you noted. Tongue weight scale # 5780 is the easiest way to measure the loaded trailer. A properly-loaded trailer's TW should be about 15% of the gross weight, so a 4500-lb trailer should have TW near 675-lbs. A 6000-lb trailer's TW should be close to 900-lbs. You want to choose...
    view full answer...
  • Recommended 2-1/2" Weight Distribution Shank
    You do not have to use an Equalizer shank with an Equalizer weight distribution like item # EQ37061ET. However, for a long drop that fits a 2-1/2" receiver you are going to want to use the Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution Shank item # EQ94FR. This shank has a maximum tongue weight of 1,600 lbs and a maximum gross towing weight of 16,000 lbs. It has a 9" drop and extends 9" from the pin hole.
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  • Recommended Weight Distribution System and Sway Control for a 2011 Toyota RAV4
    When choosing a weight distribution system, it is key to know your trailer's loaded and ready to tow tongue weight. To this tongue weight you will need to add the weight of any cargo behind the rear axle in the back of your 2011 Toyota RAV4. Once you know the loaded and ready to tow tongue weight of your trailer, it will be easier to choose a properly rated weight distribution system. Also, double check your vehicle owner's manual to see how much weight your 2011 Toyota RAV4 can tow. It...
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  • Using Weight Distribution Shank to Place Trailer Ball at Correct Height for Vintage HiLo Trailer
    By the phrase 'too tall for my trailer' I'm assuming you mean that the weight distributing shank won't place the trailer ball low enough for the trailer to be towed level (if not, please email me back and clarify). There are weight distribution shanks available that should allow you to place the trailer ball at the perfect height for your trailer. To determine how much drop you'll need, measure the distance from the inside top of the hitch receiver on the vehicle to the ground. Then measure...
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  • Weight Distribution System and Drop Shank Recommendation for 2011 Honda Pilot
    For a weight distribution system that should be rated for the trailer you plan to tow with your 2011 Honda Pilot that does not have a shank you would want the part # EQ37061ET which has a tongue weight range of 200-600 lbs. For a very long drop shank we have the part # C17124 which will work well. It can do a drop of up to 7-1/2 inches.
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  • What's Needed to Attach Hitch Ball of Equal-i-zer to Head of System
    To install the hitch ball that comes with the Equal-i-zer weight distribution system part # EQ37061ET requires a thin-walled socket like the part # ALL643216. The ball is not assembled as it's easier to ship and package with everything disassembled.
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  • Will the Reese Pole Tongue Adapter Work on my Load Rite Elite Trailer
    Yes the Reese Pole-Tongue Adapter for Weight Distribution Systems part # RP58393 can be used on your Load Rite Elite trailers tongue. This allows you to connect the weight distribution and sway control systems. I really like the Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution w/ 4-Point Sway Control Systems like part # EQ37061ET. To determine which weight distribution you need the tongue weight is the most important measurement. I have linked an article explaining how to get an accurate reading of this...
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  • Recommended Drop Shank for Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System
    The adjustable shank that is included with the Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System # EQ37060ET can be replaced with one that features a larger drop like # EQ90-02-4400. This adjustable shank has a maximum drop of 9 inches from the top of the hitch receiver opening. Since the included shank in this system is not sufficient for towing your trailer level, I recommend instead going with the Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System # EQ37061ET. This system has the exact same 200-600 pound...
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  • Parts Needed for Equal-I-zer Weight Distribution to Tow 2016 Airstream with 4 inches of Drop
    While I have a great solution for you the Equal-i-zer kit part # EQ37060ET that you referenced comes with a shank that allows a drop of up to 3 inches so it would not be ideal for you. Since you need one more inch of drop beyond that your best option is to get the version of this system that doesn't come with a shank so that you can order one that has the amount of drop you need. So for that you'd want the part # EQ37061ET for the system without the shank and then for the shank you'd...
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  • Is Weight Distribution Needed for a Gulf Stream Ameri-Lite 189DD Travel Trailer
    In certain cases, the vehicle manufacturer will require or recommend the use of a weight distribution system for trailers over a certain weight. The general rule we use, if the weight of the trailer is over half the weight of the vehicle then you will see benefits from a weight distribution system. That said, even if you don't fall into either of the above categories you can still use one and will see benefits from this. I recommend a unit with sway control built-in, the Equal-i-zer Weight...
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  • Can The Shank From One Weight Distribution System be Used on Another System
    Yes, you will be able to use your current weight distribution shank on the Equal-I-Zer Weight Distribution System, # EQ37061ET. All the other needed parts will be included with the new weight distribution system. For installing the trailer ball to the weight distribution head, I recommend using a thin walled socket like # EQ70-00-4800. This socket is designed to work with Equal-I-Zer hitches
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  • Replacement Head for Equal-i-zer Compatible with 6,000 lb Bars for Lance 1575 Travel Trailer
    To determine the best system for your Lance 1575 I would need to know what the loaded tongue weight of your trailer is and then add any cargo weight loaded behind the rear axle of your 2018 Highlander. Without knowing the year of your trailer, I grabbed specs from the manufacturer for the most recent model and based on that info the 6,000 lb system # EQ37061ET would work just fine. The Replacement Head for Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution Systems - 600 lbs TW # EQ90-02-0600 will work...
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  • Recommended Shank with More Drop for Equal-i-zer 6K Weight Distribution System
    In order to use the Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System part # EQ37061ET you'll need to purchase the shank separately. For this, we have a few options depending on the rise/drop requirements. I recommend the Equal-i-zer Weight Dist Shank part # EQ90-02-4100 which has a 7" rise or 3" drop. I have attached a full list of options below, brand does not matter. The MaxxTow Adjustable-Height Ball Mount won't work as the dimensions are not correct and it's hollow.
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  • What Size Hitch Ball Can The Equalizer Weight Distribution System Work With
    Yes The Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution w/ 4-Point Sway Control does come with a 2 inch ball but you can use The 2-5/16" Hitch Ball for Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution Systems # EQ91-00-6100 as well. The 2-5/16 inch hitch is sold separately. I attached a review video link below.
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  • Do Blue Ox Weight Distribution Systems Come without Shanks
    The Blue Ox weight distribution systems such as # BLU45FR all include shanks. There are other systems that do not come with shanks such as Equal-I-Zer system # EQ37061ET. I have linked a video review that covers the features of the Equal-I-Zer systems for you.
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  • Sway Prevention for Jayco Jay Flight SX7 Towed By 2020 Ford F150
    As kind of a rule of thumb, suspension enhancement like helper springs or Timbren Aeon springs are most effectively used to suspend loads carried in the truck bed, but they're not the best choice for suspending a trailer's tongue weight. For instability caused by a trailer (or more specifically, crosswinds and turbulence from oncoming or passing traffic acting on the trailer), a weight distribution system that's been properly tailored to the as-towed tongue weight of your Jay Flight SLX7...
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  • Availability of Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution Compatible with 2-1/2 Inch Receiver
    For the 2-1/2 inch receiver you'd need to use an Equal-I-zer hitch along with their shank for a 2-1/2 inch receiver, part # EQ90-02-4900. The Equal-I-zer system you would choose will depend on the fully loaded and ready to tow tongue weight of your trailer, plus the weight of anything carried in the bed behind the rear truck axle. I'll link you to an FAQ article that outlines how to determine your trailer's tongue weight. For tongue weights up to but not exceeding 400 lbs, use part # EQ37041ET,...
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  • Will the Equal-i-zer Trunnion Bar System Give More Ground Clearance Than the Fastway Round Bar
    Yes, the Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System part # EQ37060ET installs much closer to the frame rails which you can see in the attached photo therefore, giving more ground clearance when compared to the Fastway e2 Weight Distribution part # FA94-00-0800. The Equal-i-zer is also a step up in regards to sway control prevention so it will be a really nice upgrade for you. Since you already have a shank, the Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System part # EQ37061ET would be a better buy.
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