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  1. Weight Distribution Hitch
  2. Equal-i-zer
  3. 1000 lbs
  4. 1100 lbs
  5. Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  6. WD With Sway Control
Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System w/ 4-Point Sway Control - 12,000 lbs GTW, 1,200 lbs TW

Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System w/ 4-Point Sway Control - 12,000 lbs GTW, 1,200 lbs TW

Item # EQ37120ET
Our Price: $1,167.44
Weight Distribution Hitch
Shipping Weight: 116 lbs
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Steel-on-steel friction works to prevent and correct trailer sway in this unique weight distribution system. Sway control brackets ensure that your trailer stays in line with your tow vehicle. 2-5/16" Hitch ball and adjustable shank included. Great Prices for the best weight distribution hitch from Equal-i-zer. Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System w/ 4-Point Sway Control - 12,000 lbs GTW, 1,200 lbs TW part number EQ37120ET can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution Hitch - EQ37120ET

  • 1000 lbs
  • 1100 lbs
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • WD With Sway Control
  • Allows Backing Up
  • Equal-i-zer
  • Includes Shank
  • Electric Brake Compatible
  • Surge Brake Compatible
  • Some Sway

Steel-on-steel friction works to prevent and correct trailer sway in this unique weight distribution system. Sway control brackets ensure that your trailer stays in line with your tow vehicle. 2-5/16" Hitch ball and adjustable shank included.


  • Evenly distributes weight over axles of tow vehicle and trailer for stability and control
    • Creates a level ride for both tow vehicle and trailer
  • Integrated 4-Point Sway Control limits side-to-side movement
    • Brackets keep spring bars in place for a rigid system that holds trailer in line
    • Steel-on-steel friction helps to minimize sway caused by winds, curvy roads or sudden maneuvers
    • No lift chains - eliminate unwanted movement
  • Unique design makes system compatible with surge-type brake actuators
  • Spring bars flex for a controlled, even ride
    • Constructed of chromoly steel for superior dexterity and spring
  • No-drill, clamp-on brackets can be adjusted along the trailer frame
    • Accommodates frame-mounted items such as gas tanks, toolboxes or generators
  • Desired tilt is achieved with traditional washer design
    • Add or remove washers from spacer rivet to tilt head up or down
  • Dipped steel construction is durable and corrosion resistant
  • Snap-up lever eases installation by reducing lifting required by trailer jack
  • System includes head assembly, adjustable shank, spring bars, sway control brackets, hitch ball, lift handle, pin and clip, and all necessary hardware
    • 1-7/8" Thin walled socket (EQ70-00-4800 - sold separately) recommended for hitch ball installation
  • Made in the USA


  • Tongue weight: 800 lbs - 1,200 lbs
  • Gross towing weight: 12,000 lbs
  • Ball size: 2-5/16"
  • Fits: 2" x 2" trailer hitch receivers rated for use with weight distribution systems
  • Lift-bracket positioning: 27" - 32" back from center of coupler
  • Maximum trailer frame height: 6"
  • Shank length:
    • 8" From center of hitch pin hole to center of adjustment holes
    • 9" From center of hitch pin hole to front of shank
    • 7" From center of hitch pin hole to back of shank
    • 12" Overall
  • Total height adjustment along shank: 7-1/2"
    • Maximum rise: 7"
    • Maximum drop: 3"
    • Overall height: 9-1/2"
    • Holes are spaced 1-1/4" apart on center
  • Spring-bar dimensions: 35-1/2" long x 1-1/2" wide
  • Limited lifetime warranty


Included w/ SystemRequired - Sold SeparatelyOptional Add-Ons

90-00-1200 Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution Hitch

  • Weight Distribution Shank
  • Weight Distribution Head
  • 2-5/16" Chrome Hitch Ball
  • 2 Sway Control Brackets
  • 2 Spring Bars
  • Snap-up Lever
  • Spacer Rivet and Washers
  • Hitch Pin and Clip
  • Necessary Installation Hardware
  • Thin Walled Socket for Installation of Hitch Ball

Weight Distribution Diagram

Create a more stable ride for your tow vehicle and trailer with a weight distribution hitch. Adding spring bars to your towing system applies leverage, which transfers the load that is pushing down on the rear of your vehicle to all the axles on both your tow vehicle and your trailer, resulting in an even distribution of weight throughout. The result is a smooth, level ride, as well as the ability to tow the maximum capacity of your hitch.

Selecting a Weight Distribution System

The tongue weight rating is the most important factor in determining which size weight distribution system you should use. If the bars of the system you choose are rated too high for your setup, they will create a rigid ride, which can result in a bouncing trailer. If, on the other hand, the bars are not rated high enough, the system will be unable to properly distribute the weight, rendering it virtually useless.

To determine the proper weight rating for a weight distribution system, you must first determine your trailer's tongue weight. Then add to that the weight of the cargo behind the rear axle of your tow vehicle. These two measurements make up the tongue weight rating for a weight distribution system.

Features of the Equal-i-zer

Head Tilt Adjustment

Controlling head tilt with traditional washer method

The Equal-i-zer weight distribution system uses the traditional washer-style adjustment method to achieve the perfect tilt. Controlling the head tilt helps you to fine-tune the leverage on your entire system, making it easier to install and hook up the spring bars. To adjust the tilt, simply slide washers onto the spacer rivet and insert the rivet into the head assembly. To increase the angle, add a washer. To reduce the angle, remove a washer. Most setups take four to six washers to achieve the proper height. Once you get the desired tilt, insert the shank bolts to secure the head to the shank and then tighten it in place.

Construction of Spring Arms

The Equal-i-zer spring bars are not made of traditional spring steel. Rather, they are constructed of a chromium-molybdenum alloy steel. Chromoly steel has a high tensile strength for extreme durability. It also features excellent dexterity, which allows it to give as required and then return softly back to its original form. This pliability is important in minimizing trailer bounce while still ensuring that the weight of your rig is adequately distributed.

Fixed Sway Control Brackets

Installation of Sway-Control Brackets

The unique sway control brackets of the Equal-i-zer are easy to install and simple to use. They clamp onto your trailer frame and conveniently adjust to a position anywhere between 27 inches and 32 inches back from the coupler. These brackets provide the attachment points for the weight distribution spring bars. To position the spring bars during hookup, simply use the included snap-up lever to lift each bar into place on the L-shaped brackets. Then secure the bars in place with the included L-pins and clips.

Equal-i-zer Hitch 4-Point Sway Control

The Equal-i-zer weight distribution system works to stop trailer sway before it begins. This is achieved through the rotational friction that is present in the weight distribution hitch itself. Within the system head, the downward pressure that is placed on the hitch ball by the trailer is combatted by the upward pressure exerted by the spring bars that are mounted in the sockets. This upward force is placed on the spring bars on either side of the system, creating the rotational friction that, essentially, forces your trailer in line. This type of friction is responsible for two points - one on either side of the trailer - of the 4-Point Sway Control. To ensure that enough tension is present, make certain that the socket bolts in the head assembly are torqued to at least 45 foot-pounds.

Points within the Equal-i-zer system where upward and downward forces interact to create rotational friction

The other two points of sway control are created by the steel-on-steel friction that occurs when the spring bars slide within the L-brackets that are mounted on the trailer tongue. Most traditional weight distribution systems have spring bars that are suspended by chains. Although this ensures that the system is not so rigid as to create bounce in the trailer, it also allows a good deal of side-to-side play in the system. Letting the spring bars hang freely minimizes the rotational friction described earlier. It also eliminates your system's ability to create the type of direct friction that has been shown to be so effective in limiting trailer sway.

This direct friction that is applied to the spring bars in the Equal-i-zer system helps to stop sway once it has begun. The concept is similar to the way in which an add-on friction-sway-control device functions. When each spring bar moves forward or backward, or side to side, it rubs along the bracket, creating friction. The resistance created by this action limits the movement of the spring bar, thus preventing further side-to-side movement of the trailer.

Most add-on units feature some sort of friction material similar to that used in automotive brakes. But the Equal-i-zer uses direct steel-on-steel contact to create resistance. This is the same sort of friction that is used with locomotives that pull loaded railcars weighing tons. No additional materials are needed. The steel will outlast any of those other materials, providing an extremely durable, functional sway control system.

EQ37120ET Equalizer Weight Distribution Hitch with Adjustable Shank and Hitch Ball - 12K

Installation Details EQ37120ET Installation instructions

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System w/ 4-Point Sway Control - 12,000 lbs GTW, 1,200 lbs TW - EQ37120ET

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (735 Customer Reviews)

Steel-on-steel friction works to prevent and correct trailer sway in this unique weight distribution system. Sway control brackets ensure that your trailer stays in line with your tow vehicle. 2-5/16" Hitch ball and adjustable shank included.


I have been using this EQ hitch towing my Bullet crossfire travel trailer with my F-150 for over a year now and it handles great. Tows smooth and without jerking or a rough ride. It took a few times to properly balance it and adjust it properly but what a major improvement from towing without it. I recommend this EQ hitch very much!!



Excellent! I have towed over 5000 miles in 2 years with this hitch now and it is still like new. What a great purchase.


Ordered the Equal-I-zer weight dist hitch as a reaplacement for original W/D anti-sway hitch trailer dealer sold me (was getting quite a bit of sway). Relatively easy to install, instructions were very easy to follow, getting a torque wrench (430 ft-lbs) for the ball had been my only concern. Weight distribution was right the first time, truck and trailer sit nice and level. The trailer tracked very well and there was no sway when being passed by large tractor-trailers. Less noise than I expected after reading reviews when researching hitches. Very happy with the hitch and the GREAT service from etrailer. Highly recommend.


Was needing a weight distribution system for towing my 16' toy hauler and with Kats help from etrailer I couldn't be happier with this product. Trailer has a dry hitch weight of 950lb and 1100lb loaded. Set up took me an hour or so, but now I feel comfortable hooking and unhooking. Took it on a 100 mile trip a few weeks back in heavy rain with strong wind gust and handled great! Without it I didn't feel safe going 60mph on calm sunny day.


I purchased this hitch for a 9000lbs travel trailer with a 1001lbs tongue weight.
If your debating between a less expensive round bar and this setup, spend the money. This hitch is by far a better, easier, and safer setup.
I purchased this hitch to replace a Pro-series round bar with a friction sway control bar. The Equal-i-zer's 4 point sway control is big step up from a single point sway control system. The 1st drive felt secure and safe.

Install was easy, but time consuming for a 1st time installer. But worth it in the end.
Here's some pointers. 1. get the right tools, rent or barrow a the torque wrench to do the hitch ball 430ft/lbs, and shank bolts 320ft/lbs. The piece of mind that it's correct is worth it. 2. Plan for the afternoon, not a couple of hours. 1st setup is going to be close but your going to have to adjust it so plan on taking something apart. but setup is relatively easy, esp with the right tools. I had the trailer level the 1st go around to 2.5". So I had to move the head up one hole in the shank and then it was within 1". Distribution setup was still with in a proper setup, so I didn't have to make any further adjustments.
As far as the coupling and uncoupling the hitch. Using the tongue jack to release the tension is easy to do and quick. Esp. with an electric jack. I never liked the round bar with chain setup on my previous hitch.
High quality, easy install and setup, and seems to have great sway control.


I'm completely new to towing and the RV world. I searched high and low for a hitch that would make towing my 29 ft RV the least stressful as possible. I found this one but was still a little nervous about the whole experience.
Once it arrived in so many pieces I did get overwhelmed, but the videos and booklet provided truly helped a complete amateur put it together without issue.
And then once I drove with it, WOW!
I honestly forgot I was towing a 29ft RV at times. I had no issues turning and no issues handling. The weight distribution really did work. I even drove it in torrential downpour and had no issues with sway at all.
I am so impressed with this product and am so happy I found it. A true life saver for a beginner!!


Hitch works perfect. I first used it to pull my 24 ft car hauler with my Yukon XL and it worked flawlessly. I upgraded trucks to a 2500 Duramax and reset the hitch for it and all is perfect still.

Great quiet hitch!


This hitch setup is worth every penny. Install was not painful and instructions were clear. After setup was finished I took her for a spin and I was amazed at the difference. The ride was smooth and no sway!!!! No more friction sway control for me!! I would recommend this to anyone who is in the market for a WD hitch.


This has been the second hitch I’ve ordered that didn’t come with the hitch ball when it says it does. Not sure if the description is inaccurate or if something has happened in transit both times (both times the box came damaged with a hole in it) , but I was able to order the ball separately and I love the hitch which is why I give the product 5 stars. I just hope the company sees this and figures out a way to prevent this from happening in the future.


I installed this hitch on my 2007 Toyota Tundra. I use to have the chain style. Big difference when getting next to rigs. This hitch is a much tighter tow. Glad I upgraded.


I love the stability of the Equal-i-zer 4-point sway control system. 15,000 miles and my tow vehicle and travel trailer have an "excellent relationship".


The Staff at etrailer made the purchase simple and very helpful in picking the right tow package product. Installation instructions were sent when the product arrived. Great product n company!

Thank you so much Connie!


I have been hesitant to review this product as I have had several issues with it....not necessarily the product itself, but my use and application. To start out, I should have used a different drop down hitch. The one that came with the unit does not allow the ball to sit low enough for the trailer to sit level once everything is set. Get the right amount of weight transfer and the nose of the trailer sits high which has a negative impact on towing. Less weight transfer for a level trailer means to more truck nose lift, dangerous sway, dangerous driving. The worst part is that if I had been aware and asked to change the hitch, it might have only cost me 10-20 dollars. Now I need to purchase a new hitch with a bigger drop, which will cost me around 150 bucks. I do believe that this will make a big difference. As I have gotten the setup closer to correct, it does seem to work well. I do however feel that the teflon plastic slide pads for the L brackets would be a worthwhile investment as it is noisy when making slow speed turns, which can be dis-concerting



You realize that the friction where the spring bar slides in the L bracket is responsible for the sway control right? Reducing the friction would reduce the sway control of the unit... I am interested to try this product. I think what you are saying about getting the right set up for your individual rig is the most important thing.

Patrick B.


The nylon jackets may very well reduce the sway control ability of the unit. For some applications, the reduction is sway control is not problematic and sometimes the noise is just too much. It is up to the user as to what they need more, but the jackets are available for those that want to get rid of some of the noise.


We made a trip to the Pacific Northwest from Arkansas and I have to say, the hitch performed perfectly. Even in a high wind, which is common in Wyoming and the plain states there was no problem keeping a straight line going down the road. One time, when I wasn't paying attention and ran off onto the shoulder of the road, the trailer didn't sway at all but kept straight and allowed me to return to the road without incident. I would recommend this hitch to anyone pulling a trailer of any significant weight behind them. I have a 33 foot RV and pulling it with a 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500.



Its been over a year since I purchased my Equalizer hitch system and I am completely satisfied with it. Occasionally I have to spray some lubricant on the pivot points on the receiver end to keep the noise down but other than that It works as advertised and I would again rate it 5 stars.


The Equalizer Weight Distribution System w/4 point sway control is as good as advertised. The installation took me approx 2.5 hrs and it was not difficult, just took a little time to make fine tuning adjustments to get the performance from the system that I wanted. The Equalizer System has removed an estimated 95% of the sway issue that I was having while pulling a 29 ft travel trailer with a mid-size Chevrolet Colorado pickup. Looking forward to getting out on the road and giving it a thorough testing, but so far it meets my expectations.

Jim H.


This hitch was a great investment!! It has made a huge difference in how my trailer handles in the Texas winds. I used to get white knuckled every time that I set out on a trip with my previous chain hitch and seldom ever felt comfortable in pulling the trailer at speeds in excess of 45 mile per hour. Now I can move along at normal Dallas freeway speeds in comfort. This hitch was a welcomed addition to my RV experience.


Ordered Equalizer hitch assembly on line. Best price and free shipping. Weighed over 100lbs! Got to my house as stated in 3 days! I use them all time!


Heavy duty hitch, very good quality, easy set up. Did a lot of research, and I'm glad I chose this hitch. Thanks



After using this hitch for a year now, Im still glad I chose it. Its a heavy duty hitch, and heavy to handle, but worth every penny. It makes towing our travel trailer a breeze.


All good with this hitch! We have pulled in high cross wind without much noticeable sway. Our truck and the trailer are level. After I learned the trick of raising the tongue a little above horizontal, I can install and remove the arms without using the cheater bar. I had to adjust the hitch after I traded trucks but it was a simple thing and took very little time. We've had people stop to look at it because they were tired of using the hitches with chain adjustment. Couldn't be happier. The support from etrailer staff is great.


Biggest Pros:
- Easy to install initially
(though I did have to buy a special socket, 1 7/8, to hook up the ball, so this could be a con too. A wrench won't work)
- It really does do a great job of stabilizing the trailer going do the road)

Biggest Cons:
- Weights around 100 lbs and has actually threw my back out trying to hook it up.
- Hard to connect stabilizing bars, as well

That said would not buy again or recommend, am currently looking for a better solution. The Doctor bills alone could cover a much more expensive unit. Not to mention the pain!!! Together these reasons are enough for me to NOT recommend!

NOTE: I am a 38 year old man that exercises and lifts weights at least 5 days a week, usually 7; my life revolves around the gym. I say this only so you believe me - This thing is heavy and awkward.



Great product except for one thing. If you are going to sell this hitch either sell it with ball already attached or include the 1 7/8 thin wall socket with it. Could not find socket anywhere locally and finally had to dismantle Equilizer bar sockets which is no easy task , and then use regular socket that I already had, what a pain. Other than that great service and ultra fast shipping. I think I ordered it Tuesday night and had it Friday night. Great job.

Will repost once all is installed and try it out.

Jeff P.


Best hitch on the market for anti sway and load equizling. Quick hook up, love it!


Hadn't had a chance to use on road yet, but look like a very high quality product. Installation was very easy! Only took a couple hours to get installed and adjustments made. Watching video on will help, but included instructions are also pretty easy to follow. Shipping was extremely fast! Ordered on a Wednesday and it was at my door in south Georgia by 1:00 pm on Friday.

Don H.


Very pleased with this hitch system after 1 yr of use. Did have to make one change to it, but that was not due to product defect. Originally ordered it with a 2 shank and later purchased a truck with 2.5 receiver. Tried using an adapter sleeve, but did not like the excess play with the sleeve. Felt more sway when towing. Was also a hassle to get 3 sets of holes to line up for hitch pin! Purchased a new 2.5 shank and all is good again!!!


12000 lbs. hitch was a great improvement over my previous bent bar hitch with chains. Trailer sway has decreased a lot. MY 35 foot trailer pulls straight except when it is windy. I am no longer bothered by passing vehicles. Was noisy until I added the nylon pads from equalizer. Much quite now.

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


Keep in mind that the jackets or pads will decrease the effectiveness of the sway control to a degree because they limit some of the metal-on-metal friction which provides the sway control.


I received this hitch about a month ago and couldn't install right at first due to some issues I was having but I have finally got it installed and set up right. This is great! I will go on my maiden voyage Memorial weekend but I'm sure it is going to perform as expected. Excellent price that no one can touch. Instructions are easy to follow and detailed the way it should be. Time, was about as expected, so don't rush because you don't want to miss any steps.

Herman S.


Well I have owned this hitch for a year and it has worked flawlessly. In July we took our camper on a 2000 mile trip and we had no issues with the hitch at all. We were in all types of traffic through large and small cities, we didnt have any sway issues because the hitch, now broken in, works much better than I knew it would. I had installed the pads under the slide bars and use the grease to quieten it down when in all the turns I made during this trip. I dont believe there is a better hitch out there that can tame my 38 ft 9000lb Jayco than this Equalizer. Best money spent here. 11/7/17


This hitch has been great! No complaints and no regrets at all. It does a great job of anti-sway, which was my main reason for purchasing the Equalizer over other weight-distribution hitches. I did a bunch of research before purchasing this, and the majority of the reviews were very positive. This is also my sentiment in my experience of using it over the past year. You just need to make sure it is installed correctly and setup properly, otherwise your experience could be different. It's not difficult, just read the instructions and double check what you're doing. Once it's setup properly, you'll never have to touch it again.


I cannot rave enough about this set up. I tow about a 10K trailer (RV when fully loaded) with a Ford F150 (yes an F150... but it was built for towing heavy and in fact, is actually rated better than my F250 Super Duty to tow heavy).

But it is working hard, no doubt and with this hitch I really cannot tell the trailer is there. In my humble opinion, best on the market, even tows better than my goose neck did.

I have put the same set up on my 4 horse trailer and will do so for my car hauler soon.


I bought my trailer used and it came with hitch that was underrated for the load and did not have sway control. This hitch solved both of these problems. I was going to take it to a dealer to have it installed, but after reading the directions decided to do it myself. I discovered t was easy to install - although it takes a bit of time to get it right - and you want to get it right. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. I can now tow my trailer in confidence.

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See what our Experts say about this Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution Hitch

  • How to Gain Clearance for Turns Using Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System
    I verified with Equal-I-zer that adding some washers to raise the hitch ball of your weight distribution system # EQ37120ET is perfectly fine. A few things to keep in mind: If you use a different hitch ball make sure the threads do not hang below the cavity of the hitch head. Also, make sure the top of the hitch ball isn't more than 1 inch higher than the coupler, and finally make sure you torque the ball down to spec.
    view full answer...
  • Does Tongue Weight Need to be Factored After Weight Distribution System is Installed and Setup
    If you have a properly rated and setup weight distribution system installed on your towing setup like you mentioned and you are under the towing capacity for the vehicle you do not need to worry about the tongue weight figure. Also, a tongue weight scale is not compatible with any of the systems we have and would not be accurate either due to the spring bar tension.
    view full answer...
  • Can You Back Up When Using Equalizer Hitch # EQ37120ET
    Yes, you can back up when The Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System w/ 4-Point Sway Control # EQ37120ET is installed.
    view full answer...
  • Can Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System # EQ37120ET Attach to 6 inch Tall Trailer Frame
    Since the frame rail height of your trailer is 6 inches and the Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System # EQ37120ET is compatible with trailer frames that are up to 6 inches in height this would work. Since your frame sounds like it's either 3-1/2 inches or 5 inches in width you'd most likely need to replace the included bolts with ones that are longer to accommodate that additional width. I am not totally sure what you mean by coupler offset so you might send me a picture of what you have...
    view full answer...
  • Can Equal-i-zer Spring Bars be Removed to Make Sharp Turn
    Yes, you can remove the spring bars of your Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System # EQ37120ET in order to make a turn to back into your driveway. When you do that the system essentially just becomes a ball mount and to make a tight turn it is often necessary to remove the spring bars.
    view full answer...
  • Should Angle Set Bolt Be Tightened for Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System
    Yes, you need to have the angle set bolt of the Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System w/ 4-Point Sway Control # EQ37120ET snugged up so the head unit isn't moving while you're towing. The only parts that should be moving are the arms.
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Installing Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System on Ram 1500 with Factory Air Suspension
    You don't need to disable the auto-leveling system on your Ram 1500 to install the Equal-I-zer # EQ37120ET. Instead you want to connect the trailer and allow the auto-leveling system to do its job. Once it's set the install the weight distribution. The way the weight distribution system will then do its job to the truck and trailer.
    view full answer...
  • Solution for Bucking When Towing with Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System
    The bucking you're experiencing on the highway could simply be due to the Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System # EQ37120ET being a bit too tight or maybe over-rated for your setup. If the bucking is more of a severe jerking type action (like driving fast over a speed bump and hitting those factory bump stops on the truck) then this is most likely the case. Try removing a washer or two from the head to see if this helps. It could also be that the system is rated too high for your total...
    view full answer...
  • Troubleshooting Suspension Sag After Equalizer Weight Distribution Install with Timbren
    It sounds like your Equalizer isn't applying enough spring bar pressure. You are going to need to go through and set up the system properly. You will most likely need to adjust the angle of the head back from the vehicle further so that the bars will apply more tension and actually distribute the tongue weight and allow the sag to be taken care of. Is your trailer setting level? Normally what you described is due to a trailer having the nose sitting up too high or not enough tongue weight. Going...
    view full answer...
  • How To Release Tension to Remove Spring Bars of Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System
    I can help explain how to remove the tension from your Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System # EQ37120ET, though we don't have a video it is quite simple; you just need to extend your trailer's jack and that will lift the tongue up, allowing the the tension to be released from the spring bars.
    view full answer...
  • How to Pick Out Weight Distributin System for Lance 1995 Travel Trailer
    The best way to pick out a weight distribution system is to base it off of the loaded tongue weight of the setup when it is loaded and ready to tow. This figure also includes the weight of any cargo behind the rear axle of the tow vehicle. I attached a help article on determining tongue weight for you to check out as well. You will want the loaded tongue weight of your setup to fall right in the middle of the tongue weight range of the system you use. Once you know your tongue weight...
    view full answer...
  • Can You Reverse With the Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System
    Generally speaking, all weight distribution systems whether they have sway control or not are going to restrict your ability to reverse the trailer at too sharp an angle. There are some systems that allow for more of an angle than others but the Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System part # EQ37120ET is a good in between option. That said, if you do need to reverse at a sharp angle all you need to do is remove the L-pin from the frame brackets and then slide off the spring bar ends. The...
    view full answer...
  • Recommended Weight Distribution System for 27 Foot Airstream Trailer
    Based on the 27 foot length you mentioned it sounds like you have the Airstream Flying Cloud 27FB or 27FB Twin model, both of which have a maximum loaded trailer weight of 7,600 pounds. If this is correct I highly recommend the Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System # EQ37120ET, which features integrated 4-Point Sway Control to drastically reduce any side-to-side movement during travel and simple clamp-on brackets that eliminate the need for any drilling into the trailer frame. It includes...
    view full answer...
  • Torque Specs for the 3/4" Shank Bolts that Attach Shank to Head Unit for Equal-i-zer # EQ37120ET
    According to Equal-i-zer the 3/4" shank bolts that are used to attach the weight distribution shank to the head unit, for the part # EQ37120ET you referenced, will need to be tightened to 320 ft-lbs. Be sure not to tighten these down until you have made all of the necessary adjustments to the whole weight distribution system.
    view full answer...
  • Equal-I-Zer Weight Distribution Recommendation for Trailer with GVWR of 8,300 lb
    We don't carry the EAZ systems but the Equal-i-Zers are considered by most people to be the nicest on the market so I know you won't go wrong with one. If you have a dry tongue weight of 720 lbs that means you most likely would have a loaded tongue weight of between 830 and 1,100 lbs which means the Equal-I-zer system part # EQ37120ET would be your best option. This has a tongue weight range of 800-1,200 lbs and would work very well for you.
    view full answer...
  • Equalizer 4-Point Sway Control/WD Connected to Motorhome with Air Suspension
    Weight distribution like the Equal-i-zer kit part # Eq37120ET that you referenced will do a great job with your tow vehicle that has air brakes to improve handling, braking, and sway reduction. Since the GVWR of the trailer is 10k this system would be ideally rated and would work well.
    view full answer...
  • Why Is Trailer GVWR Higher Than Combined Capacity of its Axles
    You are exactly right when you mentioned the tongue weight of a trailer being accounted for when determining its overall capacity. It is not uncommon for trailer manufacturers to list a trailer's GVWR to be a bit higher than the combined capacity of its axles. This is because a portion of the loaded weight will be tongue weight, which will be applied to the tow vehicle and won't be directly on the trailer axles. A trailer's tongue weight is typically around 10 to 15 percent of its total...
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  • Does Weight of Weight Distribution System Count as Additional Tongue Weight
    That's a really good question. We've asked our weight distribution system manufacturers this before and they all state that the weight of the WD system does not count as additional tongue weight. Basically it becomes a part of the hitch/frame of the vehicle so although these kits are heavy they do not "add" to the tongue weight figure.
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  • EQ37120ET
    The best way to pick out a weight distribution system is to base it off of the loaded tongue weight of the setup when it is loaded and ready to tow. This figure also includes the weight of any cargo behind the rear axle of the tow vehicle. I attached a help article on determining tongue weight for you to check out as well. You will want the loaded tongue weight of your setup to fall right in the middle of the tongue weight range of the system you use. If you can get me the loaded tongue...
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  • Weight Distribution Head Pulls Away From Shank When Setting Up Equal-i-zer 12K System
    I contacted Equal-i-zer and the most common reason that the weight distribution head from the Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution systems like part # EQ37120ET would pull away from the shank is the angle set bolt on the bottom of the head is too tight when you torque the bolts. If it is too tight when you try to torque the bolts the head will pull away from the shank. You want to angle set bolt to be barely snug before you torque the bolts. The angle set bolt needs to be last bolt that is tightened...
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  • Recommended Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System for Car Hauler with 800-1,100 Pound Tongue Weight
    If the loaded tongue weight on your car hauler varies between around 800 pounds to 1,100 pounds, I recommend going with the Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System # EQ37120ET. This particular system features a tongue weight capacity of 800 to 1,200 pounds, so while it might be just a tad over-rated when towing on the lighter end of your range, it will still work nicely to provide you with the benefits of a system like this. Then when you are on the higher end, you will still sit comfortably...
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  • Can Weight Distribution Increase Towing Capacity of Vehicle
    Sometimes there is a second set of towing capacities listed on a vehicle hitch for if a weight distribution system is used so I would check to see if that's there. This would most likely give you the capacity needed for your setup. Otherwise there isn't anything that can safely increase the towing capacity for a vehicle.
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  • Can a Weight Distribution System Be Used on a Motorhome with Airbags
    Yes, you can use a weight distribution system on your motorhome while towing a trailer. Since you have airbags, you will want to couple the trailer and then let the airbags adjust. Once the airbags adjust, you can then set the spring bars on the weight distribution system to take the remaining sag out of the equation. In order to select the correct weight distribution system you will need to determine your total tongue weight (TTW) which is the loaded ready to tow tongue weight of the...
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  • Weight of the Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System # EQ37120ET to Install It
    The total weight of the Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System # EQ37120ET that you referenced is 115 lbs, but that would include components that would not be lifted into the trailer hitch. Realistically you would be lifting the head and the shank together into the hitch and then installing the bars after the fact. The head and the shank together weigh right at 45 lbs.
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