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Ring Terminal -16-14 Gauge - 1/4" Ring ID - Qty. 1

Ring Terminal -16-14 Gauge - 1/4" Ring ID - Qty. 1

Item # DW05702-1
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Great Prices for the best wiring from Deka. Ring Terminal -16-14 Gauge - 1/4" Ring ID - Qty. 1 part number DW05702-1 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Deka Wiring - DW05702-1

  • Wire Connectors
  • Ring Terminals
  • 16-14 Gauge
  • Deka
  • 1/4 Inch Diameter


Ring terminals are used for all types of electrical work where wires need fastening

  • For use with 16-14 gauge wire
  • Stud size: 1/4"
  • Vinyl insulation sleeve is blue

05702 Deka Wiring Ring Terminal - Blue

Video of Ring Terminal -16-14 Gauge - 1/4" Ring ID - Qty. 1

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Deka 16-14 Gauge Ring Terminal Review

Today on this old trailer, we're going to review an install. The Deka 14-16 gauge 1/4" ID ring terminal. Part number DW05702-1. The hole or 1/4" ring terminal is designed to fit over posts, such as on a battery or a junction box. These ring terminals are a super simple construction. We've got a metal ring that goes into the terminal inside the plastic sheathing.

We're looking inside the plastic portion of the terminal. You can see the metal piece inside. That's where we want to the feed the wire into and crimp down. We look here at the side profile of it. You can see there's just a little indention here, about half way, on the plastic.

That means we want to crimp down on the half closest to the large end of our ring terminal. That's where the solid portion of the metal on the inside of the plastic will be to crimp down the wire. Slide that ring terminal onto the wire. See, we've just a little bit peeking it out there Crimp it down. A nice solid connection.

That will do it for the review and install of the Deka 14-16 gauge ring terminal, part number DW05702-1. .

Customer Reviews

Ring Terminal -16-14 Gauge - 1/4" Ring ID - Qty. 1 - DW05702-1

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (18 Customer Reviews)


Best for non environmental exposure use. Use of sealed heat shrinkable terminals is recommended for maximum resistance to environmental exposure.



This trailer is used in rustbelt America. Needed to replaced 1 of 2 terminals as it failed due to corrosion in the conductor crimp area. Replacement terminal was crimped, soldered, and an adhesive lined heat shrink tube was applied over the terminal crimp onto the cable insulation.


These worked fine. I used them to terminate LED lighting. No issues in the last year or so.


No issues here. Well made with thick in sulation.


What can I say, its a ring terminal


All the parts fit. Everything works well.


No issues worked just like it should ha ve.



Works well


Worked like it should



Received on time, and as advertised. Great job!!


Well made and as described.


Product delivered within days and as or dered.



Used these for the junction box fit and work great.



great price for items



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  • Trailer Lamps Work Fine Until Vehicle Headlights Are Turned On
    You're having a ground problem, what you describe are the classic symptoms. When the vehicle headlights are switched on, the maximum amperage will be drawn through the system which is when the problems show up. There's a few specific areas you'll want to check. 1) Make sure the trailer connector socket on the tow vehicle is grounded to the vehicle frame or chassis, and that the connection is tightly made to metal that isn't rusty. 2) Make certain that the main trailer ground which...
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  • Trailer Receiving Ground Connection Through Trailer Ball
    You do indeed have a ground problem. You'll want to check all the ground points on your trailer. The trailer connector should be grounded somewhere on the trailer tongue. Make sure this connection is made securely to clean, bare metal. Additionally, each lamp should have its own ground connection, either via its mounting hardware being in direct contact with the trailer frame or by a separate ground wire connected to the frame. Make sure these connections are all secure and not corroded....
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  • Can the Performance Tool 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger be Permanently Mounted Outside
    Yes, I confirmed with my contact at Performance Tool that the 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger # PTW2997 can be mounted in a location that will expose it to the elements. I recommend using ring terminals like part # DW05702-1 to ensure that it has a solid connection to your battery. The only warning he said the charger has is to mount it away from explosive gases. so as long as you do that you are good to go!
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  • Installing HM20048 Molded 7-Way Trailer Connector on Surge Brake Equipped Boat Trailer
    If you scroll to the bottom of the product page of the # HM20048 connector, you can see the color code chart that shows which colored wire carries which function. The yellow wire on the # HM20048 would carry the signal from the reverse lights, assuming that the center pin of the trailer connector is tied into the reverse lamp circuit. Since you're using a surge brake system, you won't need the blue wire as you suspected. If the trailer doesn't have a battery or any accessories that require...
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  • Found a Loose White Wire on My Trailer, Where Does It Go
    It sounds like there is a white wire coming from the 4 or 7 way connector on your trailer that is not currently connected to anything; in most cases that is the ground wire, and it should be connected to a paint and corrosion free spot on the frame of the trailer. You'll want to use a ring terminal connector like the # DW05702-1 connected to the ground wire and then connect the terminal to the frame with a screw. You'll want to verify the functions of each wire on your trailer, but if...
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  • Where Does Ground Wire On Trailer Taillight Attach
    You'll want to ground that wire to the trailer frame, or to a piece of metal that's securely attached to the trailer frame. I'd recommend installing a ring terminal like # DW05702-1 to the end of the wire and using a self-tapping screw to attach it to the trailer frame or metal that's in direct contact to the trailer frame. I'd recommend sanding the area around where you're going to attach the ring terminal down to bare metal, and installing a star washer between the ring terminal and the...
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  • Where is Second Wire on Trailer Light Supposed to be Connected to
    If you are installing a light that has 2 wires on your trailer, like the Optronics Rectangular LED Trailer Clearance and Side Marker Light # MCL32AB, then you will want to connect one of the wires to the power wire (sounds like the brown wire no your trailer) and the other will be grounded. Some trailers already have a ground wire that is run to the lights and other times you will need to attach that second wire to a clean, bare metal surface on your trailer using a Ring Terminal, like...
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  • How To Attach A Ground Wire To Trailer Frame
    You will want to use a ring terminal on the ground wire. I have attached a link to our product page for the ring terminals we offer you can check out. The best way to do this is just as you said, drill a hole in the metal surface you want to attach the ground to. Make sure is clean and free of any solvents or grease or dirt and use a sheet metal screw to fasten the ground wire with the ring terminal attached.
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  • New Trailer Lights have 1 Wire and Old Ones Used 2 Wires
    The new lights with the 1 wire ground through the mounting hardware. If you want you could attach a ring terminal such as # DW05702-1 to the ground wire on the trailer and run the hardware through it so the ring terminal is between the light and the trailer frame. You would only have to do this if the trailer has an aluminum frame. The other wire is the power wire.
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  • Ring Terminal Recommendation that's Larger in Diameter than # DW05702-1
    Ring terminals are great for connecting wiring to trailer wiring as it makes for an easier and cleaner install. If you need a larger diameter ring terminal than the # DW05702-1 which has a diameter of 1/4 inch we have the # 44-5356A which has a diameter of 5/16 inch.
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  • Best Place To Set A Ground On A Utility Trailer
    You should have no problems connecting the ground wire from your light to the main ground circuit on your utility trailer. Though we typically recommend using a Ring Terminal # DW05702-1 and a Self Tapping Screw # FA1131822 to ground it to your trailer frame as this will give you a better connection. You could also ground through the mounting studs that are in direct contact with the trailer frame or by having a jumper wire ran from the lamp to the trailer frame. If you have any further...
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  • Can 4-Way Trailer Wiring Plugs Connect to Battery for Interior Light
    Yes it would be possible to wire a 4-way to a 12 volt battery if you wanted to. You'd need a 4-way like the part # HM48030 and the part # HM48110 to run one of them to your battery and the other to your light. Otherwise you could run the vehicle side 4-way to the battery.
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  • Troubleshooting Optronics Uni-Lite LED Clearance and Side Marker Light Not Coming On with Aux Switch
    I recommend double checking your wiring for the lights. A load resistor will not be needed since the # MCL11CAKB lights are not blinking. A load resistor is designed for use when an LED is hyperflashing when used as a turn signal. You will want to run a wire from the positive terminal on the vehicle battery to the auxiliary switch, then from the switch to the first light, from the first light to the second lights, so on and so forth. The easiest way to connect all of the lights to a power...
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  • How to Make Ground Connection on Optronics IL61CB Trailer Dome Light
    The Optronics # IL61CB dome light picks up its ground connection through the mounting hardware's connection to the metal structure of the trailer that's connected to the trailer frame. If you can't attach the lamp to metal that's in contact with the trailer's frame, you can use a jumper wire from one of the mounting screws to the trailer frame or to a metal structure of the trailer that's attached to the trailer fame. You can construct a jumper by using a length of # 16-1-1 with a ring...
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  • Can I Use Existing Switch on Ford F-250 to Install Power On/Off of Custom 3rd Brake Light Camera
    Yes. There is no reason that you can't just use the upfitter switch in your Ford F-250 to connect the power of the Custom 3rd Brake Light Camera # 3460006 instead of installing a new switch. I've linked an installation video we did that you can use as a reference, as well.
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  • Preferred Method of Grounding Trailer Lighting Circuits
    Running a direct ground up to the trailer tongue or junction box would certainly work, but the only time I'd see that as being necessary is if the lamps were connected to a non metallic structure or a metallic structure that wasn't directly connected to the trailer frame. If the lamps aren't connected to a metal structure in direct contact with the trailer frame, you can use a short length of # DW02359-1 wire with a # DW05702-1 ring terminal on each end to serve as a jumper wire that joins...
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  • 7-Way and Light Kit Recommendation for Boat Trailer
    The cleanest way to install the # HM20048 would be to use a junction box like part # 38656. The junction box is weatherproof to protect the wiring connections from the elements. You'd also need some ring terminals, one 10 gauge # DW05741-1 and four 14 gauge, part # DW05702-1. I've linked you to a video showing the junction box being installed. The part # TLL36RK is a submersible trailer wiring kit that would work well on your trailer as well.
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  • Is a Ventline Vanair Trailer Roof Vent Available
    We do have the product you are looking for, the Ventline Vanair Trailer Roof Vent, # VP-543SP. You may also be interested in butt connectors, # 05731-5, and ring terminals, # DW05702-1.
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  • Wiring Replacement 5-Pole Trailer Connector on 2012 Ranger Trailer
    You can use a standard 5-pole trailer connector, you'll just need to wire it a certain way. The # HM47900 you referenced is the vehicle side connector, you need the trailer side connector like part # HM47910, which would wire as shown in the provided photo. The red wire you mention is for the reverse lockout on the trailer coupler, and is tied in with the reverse lamp circuit of the vehicle. Both brown wires would connect to the brown wire of the trailer connector. The yellow and green...
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    Image 1 for
  • Can Ground Wire for Trailer Lights be Connected to Main Ground Wire
    You can connect the ground wire from your light to the main ground circuit on your utility trailer, but we typically recommend using a ring terminal like part # DW05702-1 and matching self-tapping screw # FA1131822 to ground it to your trailer frame as this is typically a better connection. If you are having ground issues then it may be that your ground isn't securely connected to a clean, bare-metal surface. If you make sure the frame is clean before connecting ground then you should be fine.
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  • How to Install a Three Wire Trailer Light
    It sounds like your current lights with 2 wires ground to the trailer by the mounting hardware. The One LED RV Passenger Tail Light # RVSTL0060 has three wires, the white wire is the ground, the black wire is the taillight and the green wire is for your stop lights and turn signals. To hook up your lights you will need to splice together the taillight and stop/turn wires. Then you will need to take the white wire and ground it to the trailer itself. To ground your wire you will want to...
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  • Replacing Wiring on Old Livestock Trailer with Electric Brakes
    To replace the wiring in your old livestock trailer and install a 7-Way connector to use with your tow vehicles, I recommend using a 7-Way harness like the Hopkins 7-Way Molded Trailer Wire Connector # H20046. When installing the connector and harness on the trailer, you will want to use a junction box # 38656 and 10 gauge wire # 10-1-1 (sold by the foot), which will help protect the connection points and also give the installation a more professional look. The 10 gauge wire will be needed...
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  • How To Install Trailer Light With Green, Black, Red, And Two White Wires On Trailer With Two Wires
    I would be happy to help! Even though your old lights grounded through the mounting hardware, the new lights you have ground through the white wire. You will need to either add a ring terminal like # DW05702-1 and secure each one to the frame, or run a wire from the main ground on the tongue to each white wire using # 16-1-1. Now for the other wires you will need to confirm the function. You will need to connect the red, green, and black wires to the positive terminal of a 12v battery...
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  • What is Needed to Wire Replacement LED Trailer Lights for Separate Turn and Stop Light Functions
    A standard 4-pole flat trailer connector carries brake light and turn signals on the same wires. Typically the yellow wire carries both left turn and stop light signals and the green wire carries both right turn and stop light signals. The brown wire carries the running light signal for both sides of the trailer and the white wire is the ground. Please refer to the photo attached. In order to separate the turn and brake signals so they can be sent to separate lights you will need a vehicle-to-vehicle...
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