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Expert Answers about Honda Pintle Hitch

  • Can Buyers Products Pintle Hitch Mount to Pro Series Adjustable Pintle Hook Mounting Plate
  • The Buyers Products 8 Ton Combination Pintle Hitch with 50 Millimeter Ball # 337BH850MM can be used with the Pro Series Adjustable Pintle Hook Mounting Plate 63072 but to mount the hitch you'll need to source your own 1/2"-13 threaded bolts to mount the pintle hitch. This mounting plate is different than most because it uses those bolts as opposed to the screws, nuts and washers that come with Mounting Kit # 3378520. For your 2" trailer hitch, instead of the Pro Series plate, I recommend...
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  • Which Pintle Balls are Compatible with Pintle Hook C48200
  • I pulled the two inch diameter pintle hitch ball, # TR63051, and part # C48200, off the shelf and you can swap this ball onto the pintle in part # C48200. If you only need a 2 inch ball and not both balls, you can order part # TR63011 which is the same pintle with a 2 inch ball. The note you read on the bottom of the page on part # 63018 pertains to a different manufacturer of pintle hooks, but this ball will not fit on the pintle hook combo, # C48200, because the shank is 1-1/4 inch...
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  • Recommended Pintle Mounting Plate for 3 Hitch on 2018 Ford F-350 Super Duty
  • You can use the Super Titan Forged Pintle Hook Plate for 3" Trailer Hitches - 25,000 lbs # RP38186 as the pintle hitch mount to fit in the 3" hitch receiver on your 2018 Ford F-350. This will give you a hitch mounted base to use a pintle hook like the Pintle Hook, Bolt-On, 30K # C48215 and you won't need to use hitch reducers any longer! I've linked some review videos of these parts for you to have a look at, as well.
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  • Replacement Ball for a Draw-Tite Pintle Hitch Combination Trailer Hitch
  • The correct replacement ball for a Curt Pintle Hook Combo, # C48200, with a 2-5/16 inch ball is the Pintle Hitch Ball, # C48830. The Tow Ready Ball, # 63019, fits pintle hitch # TR63042. If you were towing a trailer with a lunette ring, you would not remove the ball. The ball is what retains the ring and the top part of the pintle hitch keeps it from jumping up and off of the ball.
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  • Slack When Towing with Convert-A-Ball Pintle Hook Combo
  • When using a Pintle Ball combination hitch like the # PH1 , a certain amount of slack is inevitable because the opening is much larger than if you were using a standard pintle hitch. If you're not already using the 2-5/16" hitch ball, I would recommend using that. The other thing you could try is using the smallest Inner Diameter Lunette Ring like the Demco # DM09557-81 , which has a 6" outer diameter/3" inner diameter and will generally take up more space in the Pintle Ball combo hitch...
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  • Is There a 2" Hitch Ball for the Curt SecureLatch Pintle Hook
  • I do have an option for you but there isn't any sort of quick change hitch ball system for the Curt SecureLatch Pintle Hook part # CU97FR which comes with a 2-5/16" ball. That said, you can either swap back and forth between this and the Curt SecureLatch Pintle Hook part # CU47FR which comes with a 2" ball or change the hitch ball each time with the Replacement Hitch Ball for Curt SecureLatch Pintle Hook part # CU67FR.
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  • Can Curt Pintle Hook Work With Pro Series Adjustable Pintle Hook Mounting Plate
  • I went to the warehouse and pulled the Curt Pintle Hook, part # C48210 and a Pintle Hook Mount part # 63072. I also pulled a Curt Pintle Hook with hitch ball, part # C48200. All of the parts are interchangeable and can be used together with no issues at all. The # C48210 will work well with the Pro Series Adjustable Pintle Hook Mounting Plate, part # 63072.
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  • What is a Pintle Hitch
  • A pintle hitch is primarily used in heavy duty towing situations. The hitch itself resembles a hook that can be closed around the lunette ring that is mounted on the trailer. Part # C48210 is a good example of a pintle hook. If you look at part # 63022, you can see what the lunette ring looks like. Combination pintles are available, like part # TR63042. This item can accommodate either a standard coupler or a lunette ring. The pintle/lunette combination is typically used on construction...
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  • Can a Swivel Type Pintle Hook Be Used with 2 Hitch
  • The best option I have for an adjustable pintle hook that slides into a 2" hitch is the Curt Pintle Hook Mounting Plate part # C48341 with the Curt Pintle Hook part # C48210. I am not aware of any way to use a swivel type pintle hook with a 2" hitch. That said, you might be interested in Lock-N-Roll system, like part # 336TS528 and part # 336VS501 which would give you the swivel feature and 2" hitch compatibility.
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  • Can a Pintle Hitch Ball be Used on Standard Ball Mount
  • Pintle hitch balls such as the Tow Ready # 63052 have a ball size that matches the standard type of hitch ball but the size of the shank is larger on a pintle. Standard balls typically use a shank with a diameter of 3/4-inches or 1-inch while a pintle ball shank is 1-1/8 inches in diameter. It is not safe to modify a ball mount to accept the larger diameter shank of a pintle ball. For reference I have linked you to our main page for hitch balls of all types.
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  • Recommended 2 Inch Pintle Hook for 80 Series Land Cruiser
  • We have a wide selection of pintle hitch accessories available. It sounds like you may be looking for something like the Curt Pintle Hook with 2 Inch Hitch Ball # C48190. This is a pintle hook and hitch ball combination that includes hardware for a bolt-on installation. The 4 hole mounting holes will allow for installation onto a pintle hook mounting plate. The pintle hook itself has a 16,000 pound gross towing weight while the included 2 inch hitch ball has a 10,000 pound weight capacity....
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  • Can B&W Pintle Hook Mounting Plate Be Mounted in Rise Position
  • Yes, the B&W Pintle Hook Mounting Plate # BWPMHD14002 can be mounted in either the rise or drop position. If you also need a pintle hitch the Curt # C48200 is rated for up to 16,000 pounds when using the pintle hitch. This also included a 2-5/16 inch hitch ball.
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  • What is the Difference Between The 2-1/2 Inch Pintle and a 3 Inch Pintle
  • Pintle hitches are made to fit certain sized Lunette rings. The rings that we carry are only available in 2-1/2" or 3" diameter sizes. For example, the Curt Pintle Hook for 2" Hitches # C48004 fits lunette ring couplers with a minimum inner diameter of 2-1/2". If you already have a lunette ring measure the inner diameter and make sure the Pintle hitch you choose will fit the ring. As long as it fits and is rated high enough for your trailer's weight it'll work for you.
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  • Does Buyers Products Pintle Hook Mount 337PM25812 Fit Pintle and Mounting Kit # 33710057
  • Yes the Buyers Products 10 Ton Combination Hitch with Mounting Kit # 33710057 does fit the Buyers Products 3 Position Pintle Hook Mount for 2-1/2" Receiver # 337PM25812.
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  • Difference Between Curt Pintle Hooks for 2 Trailer Hitches
  • The only difference between the two pintle hooks you referenced is the weight capacity. - Curt Pintle Hook for 2" Hitches # C48005: 10,000 lbs - Curt Pintle Hook for 2" Hitches # C48004: 20,000 lbs Apart from that, both pintle hooks are made of forged steel, fit lunette ring couplers with a minimum inner diameter of 2-1/2", measure 14-1/2" total and 9-1/2" from the center of the hitch pin hole to the center of the pintle hook. In regards to pricing, as with all online retailers, prices...
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  • Compatibility Of Curt Pintle Hook and Curt Pintle Hook Mounting Plate
  • Yes, the Curt Pintle Hook with 2-5/16" Hitch Ball # C48200 and Curt Pintle Hook Mounting Plate for 2" Hitches # C48343 are compatible with each other. To be more specific both have a bolt hole spacing across of 3.327 inches according to Curt.
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  • Where Does Replacement Pintle Sleeve for Convert-A-Ball Pintle Hook Combos Item # PS Install
  • The Replacement Pintle Sleeve for Convert-A-Ball Pintle Hook Combos Item # PS goes around the ball shaft on certain Convert-A-Ball pintle hook combo mounts such as # PH1. I have included a couple of pictures illustrating this for you.
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  • Curt Shock Absorbing Hitch Compatibility with Pintle Hook
  • The Curt Rebellion XD Shock Absorbing Adjustable Ball Mount w/ 2" and 2-5/16" Balls - 15K # C45949-22516 does have the ability to utilize a pintle hitch. The Curt Pintle Mount Attachment for Rebellion XD Adjustable Ball Mount # C79FR can be used with it along with the Curt Pintle Hook with 2-5/16" Hitch Ball - Bolt On - 16,000 lbs # C48200.
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  • Dimensions of Brophy Pintle Hook For 2-1/2" Hitches
  • The Brophy Pintle Hook for 2-1/2" Hitches part # BR27FR measures 9" from the center of the pin hole to the center of the U-shape pintle hook. It measures 12" from the center of the hitch pin hole to outer most portion of the pintle hook.
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  • Will the Pintle Hook/Hitch Ball Combo Fit on a Standard B&W Tow & Stow 3-Ball Mount
  • I am glad to hear how much you love your B&W Tow & Stow 3-Ball Mount part # BWTS10049B. I would be happy to get you a similar pintle hook and hitch ball combo as well but unfortunately it is not as easy as just using an adapter on the one you have now. The reason that this cannot be done is that the shank on the ball mount you have now is different than the one on the B&W Tow & Stow Pintle Hook with 2-5/16" Ball part # BWTS10056, therefore the pintle hook/hitch ball position of this ball...
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