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Expert Answers about Ram RV and Camper Steps

  • Can You Add a Step to the TorkLift Glow Step Scissor Steps
  • Yes; there is a way to do this. In order to add a step to your TorkLift Glow Step # TLA7803 you can use the Single Add-On Step for TorkLift GlowStep Kits - 20" Long x 8" Deep # TLA7801. This adds a step in the middle and leaves the rest of the step in tact.
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  • Recommended Side Entry Step for 2019 Ram Promaster 2500 High Top
  • We do have one solution that would work for your 2019 Ram Promaster 2500 Van, and that is the Carr Hide Away Step for Work Trucks - Side Mount - Grated Steel Platform - 24" Long # CARR501090. The step releases when you push it from the outer edge with your foot, so if you want it in during travel you would need to push it back in for storage while inside the vehicle and then press it again before exiting the vehicle to utilize it. The big advantage to this particular step is the ability...
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