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Jeep Windows
Jeep Windows

Expert Answers about Toyota Jeep Windows

  • Will the Bestop Supertop # B7632435 Work with the # B76308 on My 2021 Toyota Tacoma?
  • Yes! The Bestop Supertop for Truck Collapsible Bed Cover # B7632435 will work with the Tinted Window Kit for Bestop Supertop for Truck # B76308 on your 2021 Toyota Tacoma (5-foot bed). As far as the tints, you will still be able to see out of them, but it will be considerably darker during the day and at night. I went ahead and attached a photo of the tinted windows used on a Jeep. Note the difference between the front non-tinted windows and the tints on the rear window kit.
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