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Expert Answers about Chevrolet C/K Series Pickup RV and Camper Steps

  • Replacement Parts For A Kwikee Step 40 Series
  • If your Kwikee Series 40 Steps # LC3726891 are stuck in the closed position you could either have a bad motor or control board. You can replace the motor with the Replacement Motor with Mounting Plate for Kwikee Electric RV Steps # LC379608 and the control board with the Replacement Control Unit for Kwikee 40 Series Electric RV Steps # LC363985.
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  • Replacing 3 Step with 4 Step Assembly on 2013 Palomino Puma 5th Wheel Trailer
  • We do have a large selection of 4-Step RV assemblies available. In order to choose a replacement unit that will fit into the same space designed for your existing 3-Step assembly, you will just want to take a few measurements. You will first want to measure the width of your current assembly. This will be the width of the step housing that is mounted to your trailer. I also recommend measuring the step height of the unit along with how far the steps hang down when extended. The...
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