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Expert Answers about Lance Lance TC Truck Camper RV and Camper Steps

  • Could Torklift GlowStep Scissor Step Fit 2018 Lance Truck Camper 825
  • What's the entry height of your Lance? I am sure we have a set of the Torklift Glowsteps that will work but we need to know for sure the entry height to pick out right size. For example, the part # TLA7844 fits the height range of 31-42 inches. And the part # TLA7845 fits the height range of 38-1/2" - 50".
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  • Recommended 4 Step Upgrade for 2018 Lance 825 Truck Camper
  • I recommend using the TorkLift GlowStep Camper Scissor Steps w/ Landing Gear - 4 Steps - 20" Wide - 375 lbs # TLA7804-8000. These are a 4 step system that has glow tape on the steps to help with visibility at night, and the adjustable landing gear help stabilize the steps on un-even ground and they'll work for entry heights between 31" and 42" tall. These aluminum steps are light weight and easy to move up and down, as well as remove during travel, so they're perfect for truck campers....
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