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Expert Answers about Watersport Carriers

  • Kayak Carrier for Track Mounting
  • Inno offers a kayak carrier that mounts into the T-slots in rack bars, their Locker Watersport Carrier # INXA445. If you refer to the linked diagram you can see the slot dimensions this carrier will fit into. The carrier also needs a bar spread of no less than 24-inches, also noted on the diagram.
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  • Fixed and Adjustable Roof Racks and Kayak Carrier for 2015 Ram 2500 Crew Cab
  • Most aftermarket roof racks are meant to remain in place once installed. There are track-based rack systems that do allow for flexible placement of the rack's foot assemblies but these tracks require you to drill into your roof to install them permanently. The feet and crossbars can be removed once installed but not the tracks. On the linked page you can see all standard aftermarket roof racks (that do not require drilling) that will fit your 2015 Ram 2500 crew cab. These include racks...
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  • Rhino-Rack Watersport Carrier Crossbar Pads for Vortex Aero Style Roof Rack Crossbars
  • For your elliptical-shape Vortex Aero bars a good choice is one of their carriers like # RRRWP03, which is a set of two 21-1/2-inch-long pads that fit just about any crossbar profile. This is also offered in other lengths: part # RRRWP04 is 27-1/2-inches long and part # RRRWP05 is 33-1/2-inches long.
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  • Rooftop Carriers for SUP and Skis
  • Yakima's SUPDawg Stand-Up Paddleboard Carrier # Y04075 does resemble a rooftop ski carrier but it is designed specifically for use with SUPs which can be 4 to 5-inches thick, a good bit thicker than many skis are when stacked together. Ski carriers like the Rhino-Rack # RR576 can be used with skis or with snowboards (or even fishing poles) but they will not be able to fit a much thicker item like a SUP. What might work for you is a cost-effective combination of a ski carrier, such as the...
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  • Availability of Replacement Strap Similar to # 853-5467 from Thule
  • If you are looking for a replacement strap part for a Thule or other product you can find the correct item most easily by referencing the original product. The strap # 853-5467 you referenced fits specific watersports carriers like their Kayak Stacker # TH830. We also offer a 1-inch x 172-inch strap # 753-2030-02 that works for many carriers. This item includes a buckle. We do offer many cargo control tie-down products which can be viewed on the linked page.
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  • Adapter for Mounting Thule Hull-A-Port to Aeroblade Edge Crossbars
  • There is an adapter that will allow you to use your Thule Hull-A-Port Kayak Carrier # TH834 with your new crossbars. What you need is the Watersports Adapter for Aeroblade/Aeroblade Edge Bars # THXADAPT11. This adapter will fix your problem and let you to mount the kayak carrier on your vehicle again.
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  • Yakima Roof Rack Adapter to Allow Installation of Accessory Carriers on Thule Crossbars
  • There is only one Yakima adapter, their Universal Mighty Mounts kit # Y03590, which fits onto round, square or factory roof rack bars that do not exceed 4 x 1-1/2-inches in size. This allows installation of most Yakima bike mounts, ski mounts and watersport accessories. You can use Yakima SKS Lock Core kit # Y07204 to install 4 locks into the Mighty Mounts. An install video is linked for you.
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  • Roof Racks for 2004 Honda Civic 2-Door Coupe for Transporting Surf Boards
  • We can help you with a roof rack and surf board carriers for your 2004 Honda Civic 2-door coupe. Roof rack options for your Civic come from Yakima and SeaSucker and are displayed on the page I linked for you. Yakima offers both standard round bar racks and also their quieter Jetstream rack systems. The round bar rack is the lowest-cost setup and is made of parts # Y00408, # Y28TR, # Y03536, # Y06162 and # Y06159. But for only a few more dollars you can get the black Jetstream rack, which...
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  • Roof Carrier Options for a 120 lb. Fishing Kayak on a Tesla Model Y
  • I do have a couple options for you. We do not have any roof racks that are confirmed to fit the Tesla Model Y's, but I see that Tesla does offer a roof rack themselves. The size and weight of your kayak also limit your options, but I have an option for both if you have a roof rack or do not. If you have the Tesla roof rack, your best option is going to be the Lockrack Adjustable XL Watersport Carrier # LR54FR. This rack can support a kayak weighing up to 175 lbs. and a width between 28"...
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  • Can I Pair The TruXedo Elevate Rack System With A RetraxPRO XR On My 2022 GMC Canyon
  • You can get the Telescoping Rack for TruXedo Elevate Rack System - 18" to 28" - Aluminum, part # TX24NV, without the rails. You will be able to pair this rack with the RetraxPRO XR Hard Tonneau Cover - Retractable - Aluminum - Matte Black - Accessory T-Slots, part # RTT-80453, that is compatible with your 2022 GMC Canyon. The crossbars on a ladder rack are wider than a typical roof rack crossbar, but I do have a solution for you. You can carry your kayak on the Lockrack Adjustable XL Watersport...
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  • Recommended Ladder Rack For My 2021 Ram 1500 Warlock
  • I do have a ladder rack that will fit your 2021 Ram 1500 Warlock, but it will not be the Thule TracRac SR Sliding Truck Bed Ladder Rack - 1,250 lbs, part # TH43002XT-501, because it is not compatible with your truck. The ladder rack I recommend is the Thule TracRac TracONE Truck Bed Ladder Rack - Fixed Mount - 800 lbs - Silver, part # TH27000XT, because it has the same crossbars as the sliding TracRac. If you want to carry a canoe, you might like the Thule Portage Canoe Carrier w/ Tie-Downs...
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