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Expert Answers about Watersport Carriers

  • What is the Difference Between the Lockrack Adjustable Watersport Carrier LR88FR/LR24VR/LR54FR?
  • The main difference between the Lockrack Adjustable XL Watersport Carrier # LR54FR & the Lockrack Adjustable Watersport Carrier # LR24VR is going to be the adjustable base range. The # LR24VR has an adjustable base range of 19-11/16" to 25-9/16" wide while it's XL counterpart # LR54FR can adjust from 28" to 48". You are correct, the # LR24VR and # LR88FR are identical apart from the fact that the # LR24VR is meant to work with any crossbars by using the included universal clamping system...
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  • Comparing Lockrack Adjustable XL Watersport Carrier to Older Standard Non-XL Model
  • The only difference between the Lockrack Adjustable XL Watersport Carrier part # LR54FR and older standard model is the length of the arms, these were designed for specific kayas like the Hobie to offer more security because of their height. If you have a taller kayak then the XL will be a good upgrade for you otherwise it would not provide any new features.
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  • Comparing Thule Replacement Straps # 753-2030-04 and # 753-2030-02
  • The Thule straps, # 753-2030-04 and # 753-2030-02 both are 1 inch wide but like you said # 753-2030-04 is 5 inches longer. Both are designed as replacements for Thule watersport carriers.
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  • What is the Difference Between the Inno # INA446 and the # INA744?
  • In addition to the SUP foam pad difference, the Inno Board Locker Watersport Carrier # INA446 is geared more for carrying a kayak or 2 boards whereas the Inno Board Locker Surfboard Carrier # INA744 is geared more for carrying boards. It can carry up to 3 short boards or 2 long boards. With the # INA744, there are rubber pads (instead of foam) in between the clamps. Since the rubber is attached to the clamps, there will be no manual placement required. I went ahead and attached a demonstration...
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  • How Well Does the Lockrack Adjustable Kayak Carrier Hold Up during Interstate Travel
  • I spoke with our contact at Lockrack, and I have good news for you. The Adjustable Watersport Carrier, part # 339-LRUNISETX, has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it can handle your trips. They took this carrier loaded with a kayak and traveled from L.A. to Salt Lake City, with average speeds of 75 mph, and there were no problems. As long as the kayak is secured in place before leaving, the wind will not move it or jeopardize its security. I've linked to a video review of this kayak...
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  • Recommended Carrier For Two Long Or Short Surf Boards
  • Between the Inno Locker Watersport Carrier - Locking - Clamp On - 1 Boat or 2 Boards # INA446 and Yakima SUPDawg Stand-Up Paddleboard Carrier w/ Tie-Downs - 2 Boards # Y04075 I recommend the Inno # INA446. The reason for this is I find the ratcheting system on the Inno # INA445 to be superior to the cam buckle style strap used on the SUPDawg # Y04075. In addition the Inno # INA446 will fit two long boards, or 3 short boards, but also can be used to carry one kayak or one canoe allowing...
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  • Is Aero Y02-490B Rhino-Rack Roof Rack Better Than Square Y01-130B For Camper Shell
  • The Rhino-Rack is a great choice to add a rack system to your camper, and while the square Rhino-Rack Heavy-Duty Bar Roof Rack for Camper Shells # Y01-130B has its uses, when it comes to using the rack for accessories and/or a tent, the best option is definitely the rack with aero-shaped bars: - Rhino-Rack Aero Bar Roof Rack for Camper Shells # Y02-490B Both racks have the same 220 lb capacity so you aren't losing anything in that regard by going with aero bars, and aero bars are going...
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  • How Tall is the Thule Xsporter Ladder Rack and Will I Have Enough Cab Clearance to Haul my Kayaks
  • The Thule Xsporter Pro Adjustable Height Truck Bed Ladder Rack # TH500XT is adjustable up to 27 inches. This is an overall height adjustable measurement. I measured one that we had on hand, and this measurement is from the top of the base assembly (that attaches the rack to the bed rails of your truck) to the bottom of the load bars. Additionally, the load bar is 1-5/8 inches wide, so the total measurement from the bed rail to the top of the load bar would be 28-5/8 inches. I have included...
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