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Expert Answers about Trailer Spindles

  • Spindles for a Trailer Hub Assembly for 3500 lb Axle
  • The following spindles will fit hub 84545BX 1. Square #84 Spindle for 3,500-lb Trailer Axles - 1-1/2" Wide (8-1/4" OAL) # TRU47FR 2. #84 Spindle for 3,500-lb Trailer Axles - 1-3/4" Diameter (8-1/4" OAL) # TRU64FR 3. #84 Spindle for 3,500-lb Trailer Axles - 1-3/4" Diameter (11-1/4" OAL) # TRU84FR
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  • Potential Problems From Damaged Trailer Spindle
  • Trailer spindle and bearing tolerances are pretty tight, usually down to a thousandth of an inch. Use of emery cloth on a spindle to remove scoring damage might remove enough material to affect the fit of the replacement bearing. You can be off the original dimension by perhaps 1/1000th of an inch but not much more than that. If you have a precision caliper that can read to 1/1000th of an inch you can check that repaired spindle's diameter where the bearings ride (and use another undamaged...
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  • How To Determine The Correct Hub/Drum Assembly Based on Spindle Size
  • To determine your spindle size, you can either pull one hub off your trailer and look at the bearing numbers on the face of the inner and the outer bearing, or you can measure the spindle itself. I've attached an article and a photo to assist. If you measure the spindle, you will want to use a digital caliper like # PTW80157 because the precise measurement in the locations where the bearings sit and where the seal sits will determine the correct spindle size. Once you have the spindle...
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  • Spindle Dimensions of the Dexter Trailer Idler Axle w/ Idler Hubs # 20440I-EZ-60
  • The spindle that is on the Dexter Trailer Idler Axle w/ Idler Hubs # 20440I-EZ-60 is a BTR spindle like part # TRU44FR. . The stub diameter (A) on the TruRyde spindle is 1-1/4 inches, The part where the grease seal rides (B) is 1.5 inches. It uses 1-1/16" bearings (C and D), and has a 1 inch threaded portion at the end (E). The stub length (F) is approximately 4 inches and the overall length of this spindle is 9.5 inches. I also attached a video with these measurements.
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  • Amount of Drop on Timbren Axle-Less Suspension Systems for 3500 Pound Trailers
  • When I search the Timbren site for # ASR3500S06 the description states the following: 3500lbs Axle-Less trailer suspension with 4? lift and regular spindle arms with brake flange. This matches what we have. The issue is not the spindle location relative to the trailer frame. It is the amount of drop in the spindle. When I search for # ASR3500S05 on the Timbren site the description reads: 3500lbs Axle-Less trailer suspension with regular spindle arms with brake flange. No measurement given...
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  • Where is Drop Measured From for Trailer Axle With Drop Spindle?
  • The Dexter Trailer Axle w/ Electric Brakes - 4" Drop - E-Z Lube # 8327812-EB has spindles that drop 4 inches from the center of the trailer axle beam. What this means is that you get an additional 4 inches of clearance from the center of the beam to the spindle.
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  • What are the Dimensions of a #99 Spindle
  • The #99 trailer spindle is typically found on 9,000 lb and 10,000 lb axles. This is not a spindle that we carry at this time, but I did find some of the measurements. I have attached a diagram showing the dimensions of a #99 spindle for you to check out. If you are looking for bearings and a grease seal, you can use part # 28580 for the inner bearing, # 25580 for the outer bearing, part # T51153 for the grease seal, and part # 6-96 for the spindle nut.
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  • What are Trailer Spindles Made Of
  • The Spindle part # TRU94FR is made of steel.
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  • What Is The Tread Size For The # 42 Spindle?
  • The #42 E-Z Lube Spindle w/ Flange # TRU37FR has a 1"-14 thread size. A replacement Trailer Spindle Nut # 165686 is available if the treads are damaged on the castle nut.
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  • What Are The Dimensions Of The # 42 E-Z Lube Spindle TRU37FR?
  • There is not a Cad drawing of the #42 E-Z Lube Spindle w/ Flange for 5.2K to 7K Trailer Axles - 2-1/4" Diameter # TRU37FR available, but I did include a diagram showing all of the dimensions. It is recommended to have a an axle shop weld the spindle on as they will have all of the required tools and fixtures to square the spindle perfectly to the trailer.
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  • What are the Inner and Outer Diameters of the TruRyde Trailer Spindle Nut
  • I pulled the TruRyde Spindle Nut, # 165686, and took some measurements for you. This nut has an inner diameter of .93 inches and and outer diameter of 1.45 inches. This spindle nut is designed to fit all spindles that accept a 1 inch nut. I have attached a photo of the measurements I took for you and a photo of where to measure on your spindle to see if this nut will fit.
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  • Trailer Axle Weight Rating for 2 Inch Square Axle
  • The 2x2 inch square axle is likely 3,500 lbs or less capacity. I would need more spindle dimensions or bearing numbers to assist. If you pull a hub and measure at the spindle where the bearings and seal ride using the digital caliper like # PTW80157 I may be able to give you a more specific capacity based on the spindle measurements.
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  • How to Find Replacement Hub for a Trailer Based on Spindle Dimensions
  • The bearing numbers you have do not cross reference with anything we offer, but I do have solution for you. You will need to use a micrometer to get exact dimensions of the spindle on your trailer so that I can see if we have a hub that will fit your spindles. Normally with bearing numbers we can find the correct hub, but since you have bearings that we have no info on we have to resort to spindle measuring. Check out the picture I attached that shows where to measure on the spindle.
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  • What Is The Distance From The Brake Mounting Flange To Tip Of Spindle On # 84 Spindle TRU74FR?
  • I had our warehouse measure the #84 E-Z Lube Spindle w/ Brake Flange for 3,500-lb Trailer Axle - 1-3/4" Diameter # TRU74FR you were looking at and from the front of the brake mounting flange to the tip of the spindle measures 5-3/8", and from the back of the brake mounting flange to the end of the spindle measures 3-3/8". I included a diagram showing these measurements and a video of the # TRU74FR for you to take a look at.
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  • Depth Measurement For Hubs That Fit A 1" Straight Spindle
  • We do have hubs available for a 1" straight spindle in part # AKIHUB-440-2-EZ-1K. This hub measures 4-1/4" deep so it will run a bit longer than the hub you are looking for. There are a total of 4 hubs that we carry for a 1" straight spindle and all 4 would be identical as far as depth. A lot of these older boat trailers use hubs that are trailer specific, and it may prove very difficult to find. We do carry replacement spindles like part # TRU59FR, if you want to change it out for a more...
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  • Frame Height Of Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System With 4" Lift Spindle # TASR5200S03
  • The Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System With 4" Lift Spindle # TASR5200S03 will have the frame height of 7-5/16" that you found on that product page. The similar 5,200LB Timbren Axle-Less Suspension # ASR5200S01 that has the standard straight spindle has a frame height of 3-1/2".
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  • How Far Apart Do the Races Need To Be On a BT8 Spindle
  • There is not really an exact required distance between the inner and outer race on a spindle as the trailer hub will dictate this distance and there can very well be some variances between different trailer hubs. However, I went out to our warehouse and pulled a trailer hub that is fit for the BT8 Spindle part # TRU59FR and measured the distance between the inner and outer races (inside to inside). I found this to be right at 2-1/16" so your trailer hub will need to be very close to this...
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  • Distance From End of TruRyde #84 Spindle Stub to the Back of an Installed Hub
  • When installing a hub like the # AKIHUB-545-35-K on the # TRU84FR the hub is going to stop where the grease seal sits. If you look at the attached picture below, you will see the measurement marked F which is 6-1/2". This would be the stub length, which is the same as the distance from the end to the back of the hub. If you are talking about the other end, the distance would be the overall spindle length of 11-1/4" minus F, which would be 4-3/4".
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  • Distance From the End of Spindle to Hub Face On Trailer Idler Hub Assembly 52655IEU
  • In regards to the Trailer Idler Hub Assembly part # 52655IEU, the distance from the back of spindle to the hub face is 8-1/8".
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  • Spindle Measurements Help Determine Axle Capacity on 3500 Pound Dexter Trailer Axles
  • The 1-1/16 measurement is the diameter of where the outer bearing rides on the spindle. There are different capacity spindles that have this same measurement. Ones with a thicker stem, the part welded to the axle, have a higher capacity and that is what is on axle # T3584F-EZ-8974. Each of the spindles is rated for 1,750 pounds for a total of 3500 pounds for the whole axle.
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