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Expert Answers about Portable Bathroom

  • Can The Dometic Portable Toilet Be Dumped At Campground Septic Dump Area
  • Yes, the Dometic Portable Camping Toilet part # DOM44FR can be used at the campgrounds dump station as long as you use the Dometic RV Toilet Essentials Kit part # DOM32FR which includes a holding tank treatment to break down the waste. There is a handy indicator that shows when the tank is full. When it shows full, simply pull up on a rear latch to separate the upper tank from the lower tank. Then you can take the tank to the authorized dumping station.
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  • How To Use The Mounting Lock Handle On The Dometic Portable Camping Toilet
  • The part you have pictured goes in at the very bottom of the front of the # DOM44FR and is labeled as part number 9 - Locking Handle in the owner's manual. There are brackets that yo can get separately to screw into the floor to secure the toilet so it doesn't move around during use or travel and this locking handle slides into the front bracket to lock it in place.
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