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Expert Answers about Outdoors RV Blackstone Veneto Travel Trailer RV and Camper Steps

  • How to Determine the Correct RV Steps for My Doorway
  • If you are measuring at the lip that the screen door rests on, you are likely shorting yourself a little bit. You want to measure from the inside of the door flange to inside of the door flange. I have included a couple pictures that show the measurements you want to take. If you take those and have at least 25", then you can use the SolidStep Manual Fold-Down Steps # LC791574. If you take those measurements and do not have at least 25" then we do not have a set of Lippert SolidStep's...
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  • Recommended Steps For 24-1/4 Door Frame And 31 Entry Height
  • I spoke with the manufacturer, MORryde, and their tech stated that you'll need 4" of clearance for the strut assist. Due to the cabinet you'll have to go with steps that do not have the strut assist like the MORryde StepAbove RV Steps for 23-3/4" to 26-1/4" Wide Doorways - 3 Steps Item # MR98RR. The strut assists are nice but these steps really are not hard to lift or lower down due to the lightweight construction so you'll be fine without them.
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