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Expert Answers about Watersport Carriers

  • Can I Transport Kayak Hull-Side Down with the Lockrack Adjustable XL Watersport Carrier?
  • Yes! I confirmed with my contact at Lockrack that the Lockrack Adjustable XL Watersport Carrier - Canoe, Kayak, or 2 SUPs # LR54FR that you can transport your Wilderness Tarpon 120 with your hull-side down (top-side up). Since your hull width is 31 inches on your kayak, it is compatible with the Adjustable XL Carrier.
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  • Can Wider SUP be on Top of Stack Using Lockrack Adjustable Watersport Carrier
  • If you load the thinner but longer board on the bottom while using the Lockrack Adjustable XL Watersport Carrier # LR54FR I recommend securing it with straps as well like the Thule Express Surf Strap - Stretchable Tie-Down # TH531. If you don't secure it with a strap then the larger board will have roughly 1" of space on either side and it won't be secured like it needs to be. If you tie it down with straps though you'll be just fine.
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  • Can Inno Locker Watersport Carrier Be Used To Transport Long Board In Sock Cover?
  • The instructions for Inno Locker Watersport Carrier w/ Crossbar Pads # INA446 do state that you should not transport a longboard in a bag. This is mainly due to the fact that the longer boards will have more wind drag than a short board, and a bag could allow the board to potentially slide out of the bag or carrier when the vehicle is traveling at high speeds. Since your sock is thin and it is not a thick bag, it may be fine, but it is hard to say for sure. I still would recommend transporting...
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  • Are the Bow and Stern Required for Use with the Thule Hull-A-Port
  • Yes, you are supposed to use the bow and stern tiedowns of the Thule Hull-A-Port, part # TH849000. This is necessary to prevent lift in the kayak, and many states have laws that require these tiedowns because of how necessary they are for safety. I've linked to a video of this carrier that shows how to use these.
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  • Will any of the Thule T-Bolts Fit Thule Tracks?
  • I have a solution for you. Thule does not make T-bolts that will fit into Thule Tracks like the Thule Top Track Roof Mount System # THTP42. However, Thule does make T-bolts that are designed to fit Thule AeroBlade, AeroBlade Edge, or WingBar Evo crossbars. The T-bolt kit that fits these models of crossbars is the Thule Xadapt12 Watersports Adapter for AeroBlade, AeroBlade Edge or WingBar Evo Crossbars # THXADAPT12. With that being said, the T-bolt hardware in the Xadapt12 is only designed...
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  • Will I Need an Adapter to Use the Thule Hull-A-Port with Thule Evo Raised Rail Feet?
  • You will only need an adapter for the Thule Hull-a-Port # TH834 if you have the Thule WingBar Evo crossbars or the Thule Aeroblade crossbars. If you have those models of crossbars mounted on your Evo raised rail feet, you will need the Watersports Adapter for Aeroblade/Aeroblade Edge Bars # THXADAPT11. If you need a recommendation for a complete roof-rack system, I would be happy to assist you if you provide the year/make/model of your vehicle.
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  • Tips for Installing XADAPT11 Adapter Kit Into Thule WingBar Evo Crossbars
  • Thank you so much for the pictures! I do have a few suggestions that you can try so that loading your Thule Hull-A-Port 834 with the Watersports Adapter # THXADAPT11 is less of a chore. When I've installed accessories in the newer-style rubber strip on the WingBar Evo crossbars I've noticed that it helps to make sure that the middle pieces where the T-Bolt goes through need to be pushed down. If the ends are sticking up like it looks like is happening then that adds some extra material...
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  • Will the Rhino-Rack 2500 Roof Rack # DS1375B Bolt Into My Fixed Mounting Points on My 2018 Kia Soul?
  • We carry a great roof rack system that will allow you to use your fixed mounting points on your 2018 Kia Soul. However, unfortunately, the Rhino-Rack 2500 Roof Rack DS1375B does not bolt into your fixed mounting points. The way they attach is by tightening down on the clamps that extend down and tighten into your door jamb. If you have flush rails with your fixed mounting points, I recommend the following setup: - Thule WingBar Evo Crossbars - Aluminum - Black - 47" Long # TH711220 -...
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