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Expert Answers about Cargo Van Mats

  • Is the VanTred Custom Floor Mat # VTRF92 Waterproof
  • The 1/2 inch thick backing on the BedRug mat, # VTRF92, is made of closed-cell foam polypropylene that is waterproof so it will not pick up moisture. It will not make the rusting that has already started worse because it does not hold moisture. However, since moisture will not get held in the mat you will want to make sure that if there are liquid spills that get under the mat that you dry them up. I included a video review video link from the manufacturer talking about their products.
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  • Can the BedRug VanTred Mat Stand Up to Carpet Cleaning Chemicals
  • The top part of the BedRug van mat # VTRG96X is made of Poly(p-phenylene oxide) which can take a beating and the soap should not be a problem. But the other chemicals, I suppose it depends on what they are. Heavy acidic chemicals could wear it down. But all you would have to do is hose off the mat since the back is waterproof. If you wash the chemicals away at the end of the day it should last the life of the van. From what I found the material is good with diluted acids, alkalis, fair...
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  • Does the VanRug Custom Floor Mat Smell Cheap and Plasticky?
  • I went out to the warehouse and opened the box that the VanRug Custom Floor Mat for Cargo Vans - Charcoal Gray - Carpet item # VRG96 comes in. I can confirm that it does not smell like cheap rubber and plastic from China. I consider myself to have a very strong sense of smell and got a very neutral fragrance from inside the box. I could only smell the cardboard the rug comes packaged in. This product was also made in the USA which might also explain the absence of any cheap plasticky odors.
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  • Available CoverCraft Floor Mats for 2005 Honda Element
  • The Hopkins Semi-Custom Auto Floor Mats - PVC - Front - Black Item # HM79140 for the 2005 Honda Element, is made of a strong durable waterproof PVC construction that is easily cleaned but we do not have any with carpet on them. We also offer rear (second row) floor mats, WeatherTech All-Weather Rear Floor Mats - Black Item # WTW20 and then for the cargo area mat, WeatherTech Universal Cargo Mat - Black Item # WT11AVMCB.
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  • Is WeatherTech Universal Cargo Mat # WT11AVMCB Made in USA
  • Yes, the WeatherTech Universal Cargo Mat # WT11AVMCB that you referenced is made right here in the USA (Chicago, Illinois to be exact). This durable black mat is confirmed to fit in your 2019 Hyundai Ioniq as well.
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  • Of What Material is Weathertech Cargo Liner # WT40317 Made
  • According to my contact at WeatherTech their Cargo Liner # WT40317 is composed of a proprietary custom-blended thermoplastic elastomer they call TPE, which is impact-resistant and weatherproof. My contact advised that this TPE is indeed non-toxic but it does not include any recycled materials, only new. This cargo mat fits all models of the Hyundai Santa Fe for years 2007 through 2012. I found nothing on the WeatherTech website indicating that their products are made using recycled materials.
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  • Picture Request for Thule HideAway Awning Adapter for Dodge ProMaster Cargo Van # TH308960
  • I attached a picture that shows the Thule HideAway Awning Adapter for Dodge ProMaster Cargo Van # TH308960.
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  • What Material are the WeatherTech Cargo Liners for the 2008 Suzuki Gran Vitara Made Of
  • I checked with WeatherTech and this WeatherTech Cargo Liner # WT40370 is made from a proprietary custom blended TPO (thermopolyolefin) that is not only wear resistant, but also remains flexible under temperature extremes.
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  • What Are the Thule HideAway Awning Adapter for Dodge ProMaster Cargo Van Brackets Made Of
  • The Thule HideAway Awning Adapter for Dodge ProMaster Cargo Van part # TH308960 comes with both aluminium and powered coated steel brackets which I have attached a photo of for you. The photo you see on Thule's page is a generic one.
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  • What is the Material of the WeatherTech Customed Molded Floor Liners
  • The WeatherTech Custom Molded Floor Liners have a rough texture on the surfaces to keep them from sliding on the carpet and to keep muddy shoes from sliding on the liner. They are made of a semi-rigid compound, a softer plastic. These liners are not like the generic rubber floor mats that are very flexible and flimsy rubber. They are soft and flexible enough that they can be folded and placed in their shipping boxes, but once they are laid out, they flatten to tightly fit the vehicle they...
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