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Expert Answers about Pintle Hitch

  • Is Buyers Products Combination Pintle Hitch Made in the USA
  • Buyer's Products staff were recently here to show us new products, most of which are made in their Ohio facility. Their Combination Pintle Hitch # 33710052 is indeed made here in the USA. We were very impressed with the overall quality of the many products we saw and I can recommend this item with confidence.
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  • Quality of Brophy Pintle Hook for 2-1/2 Inch Hitches
  • The Brophy Pintle Hook for 2-1/2" Hitches - 36,000 lbs # BR27FR is a very sturdy hitch with a nice powder coat finish. It is definitely heavy duty weighing about 20 lbs and designed for large vehicles with a 2-1/2 inch hitch receiver. It is rated for 36K towing and a tongue weight of 3K lbs. I've attached a video to help.
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  • Why Does B&W Not Include More Pins For Their Pintle/Ball Combo?
  • On the B&W Tow & Stow Pintle Hook with 2-5/16" Ball - 2" Hitches - 10,000 lbs/16,000 lbs # BWTS10056, the 4 holes in the unit on the adjustable face give you the most secure options when adjusting. They could include 5 pins and give you that added security, but the 2 pins on the shank and one on the pintle hook portion is enough for the weight capacity and function of the ball mount/pintle. You can get additional pins if you like. They are Replacement Stainless Steel Pin and Clip for...
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  • Where is the Buyers Products PM84 Pintle Hook Mount Made
  • I may have a solution for you if you're looking for a Pintle mount that is Made in the USA, but the Buyers Products 2" Pintle Hook Mount - 1 Position - 9" Shank # 337PM84 is manufactured overseas. However, B&W makes all of their products in the USA so you may want to have a look at the B&W Pintle Hook Mounting Plate for 2" Hitches - 9" Shank - 6 Hole - 16,000 lbs # BWPMHD14001, which is similar to the # 337PM84. I've also linked our entire selection of B&W Pintle hook mounts that you...
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  • Where Is The Brophy Pintle Hook # BR27FR Produced?
  • The Brophy Pintle Hook for 2-1/2" Hitches # BR27FR is made in Taiwan. It does carry a 1-year limited warranty from Brophy.
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  • Are Buyers Products Parts Made in the USA
  • I'm happy to inform you that all Buyers Products engineering, manufacturing and assembly operations take place in the USA. This 15 Ton Swivel Type Pintle Hook, part # 337BP100A, is the only one with this specific bolt pattern. However, I've linked to a list of our pintle hooks for you to look at. I've also linked to a video review of the Buyers Product hook from above for you to reference.
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  • Where is Buyers Products Combination Ball and Pintle Hitch Made
  • The Buyers Products 10 Ton Combination Hitch with Mounting Kit # 33710057 is made in the USA. This hitch comes with a 2-5/16" hitch ball as well as the mounting hardware. It has a 20,000 lb towing capacity and a 4,000 lb tongue weight capacity. I have added a link below to a video review for you to check out as well of the Buyers Products 10 Ton Combination Hitch with Mounting Kit # 33710057.
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  • Why is Buyers # PH50 Rated Higher than a Holland PH 200?
  • All hitches and towing equipment are given a weight rating, not just based on their construction, but on the weakest part of the assembly. So while the Buyers Products 50 Ton Pintle Hooks # 337PH50 does have a semi-hollow construction, it is rated as an assembly for up to 100,000 lbs gross trailer weight. The Holland hitch you were using might have a seemingly more solid construction, but if one of the components is rated for less, the whole assembly will be rated to that limit. The DOT...
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