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Expert Answers about Pintle Hitch

  • What is a Pintle Hitch
  • A pintle hitch is primarily used in heavy duty towing situations. The hitch itself resembles a hook that can be closed around the lunette ring that is mounted on the trailer. Part # C48210 is a good example of a pintle hook. If you look at part # 63022, you can see what the lunette ring looks like. Combination pintles are available, like part # TR63042. This item can accommodate either a standard coupler or a lunette ring. The pintle/lunette combination is typically used on construction...
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  • How to Remove Ball from Pintle Hitch
  • It will depend on which pintle hitch you have. Some like the Curt # C45908 have removable trailer balls, some do not. If the trailer ball has a nut on the underside of the pintle, the ball should be removable. It it does not, the ball isn't removable. If the ball on your pintle is held on with a nut and lock washer, once you remove the nut you should be able to rap the end of the shank a few times with a dead blow hammer at which time the ball should come loose.
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  • Is Pintle Hook of B&W Tow & Stow BWTS10055 Available Separately
  • The pintle hook attachment is not available for separate purchase. So while I know this was not the news you were wanting to hear, to get the pintle hook attachment you would need to get the pintle hook and shank, the B&W Tow & Stow Pintle Hook with 2" Ball - 2" Hitches - 10,000 lbs/16,000 lbs # BWTS10055.
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  • Can Curt Pintle Hook Mounting Plate be Used Only in Drop Position
  • Yes I can; the Curt Pintle Hook Mounting Plate for 2-1/2" Hitches # C48239 can only be used in the drop position. For something that can be used with a rise (up to 4-1/2 inches) you'd need the B&W Tow & Stow Pintle Hook with 2" Ball # BWTS20055 or B&W Tow & Stow Pintle Hook with 2-5/16" Ball # BWTS20056. Both the Curt and B&W options do need to be secured to your hitch with either Pin & Clip # C21582 or Hitch Lock # 34061072-D.
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  • Can Roadmaster High-Low Adapter be Used With Curt Pintle Hook For 2 Inch Hitch
  • The Roadmaster High-Low Adapter for Tow Bars # RM-076 (or any similar adapter) cannot be used with the Curt Pintle Hook with 2-5/16" Ball - 2" Hitches # C45910-15-20. These cannot be used with trailer towing they are only designed and rated for flat towing vehicles. If you need more rise or drop than the Curt offers you can go with the Gen-Y Adjustable 2-Ball Mount w/ Stacked Receivers # 325-GH-526. If you take a look at the photo below you can see how this works as a pintle hitch application.
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  • Thread Pitch of Pintle Hitch Ball with 2" Diameter
  • The Pintle Hitch Ball with 2" Diameter part # 63018 has a 1-1/4" x 12 thread pitch.
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  • Can B&W Tow & Stow Pintle Hook/Hitch Ball # BWTS10056 Be Used as Weight Distribution Hitch
  • The shank portion of the B&W Tow & Stow Pintle Hook/Hitch Ball # BWTS10056 cannot be used as a component of a weight distribution system. B&W designed this adjustable pintle/ball combo hitch to offer the flexibility to tow as both a pintle hook/lunette ring and as a hitch ball, but not to serve as a basis for a weight distribution system. My contact at B&W confirmed. We do offer a complete range of weight distribution/sway control hitch systems from Blue Ox and other manufacturers. The...
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  • Does Curt Pintle Hook Mounting Plate for 2-1/2 Hitches Have Hollow or Solid Shank
  • The Curt Pintle Hook Mounting Plate for 2-1/2" Hitches # C48239 has a solid shank, which helps provide for its robust 18,000 lb capacity. To secure it to your 2-1/2" hitch you will need either the Hitch Pin and Clip # 325-GH-099 or Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock # FA86-00-3160.
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  • Can Pins on Curt C45008 Adjustable Clevis/Pintle Combo Be Replaced with Bolts
  • According to Curt, it would technically be possible to use 5/8 inch diameter bolts in place of the pins used on their # C45008 Adjustable Clevis and Pintle Hook, but they do not recommend doing so. The weight capacity was confirmed in testing using the pins included with the clevis/pintle and if bolts were substituted, the weight capacity would be completely unknown. If you were concerned about theft, you could replace two of the pins using locking hitch pins such as part # e98881 which...
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