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Expert Answers about Trailer Spindles

  • How to Fix a Pitted Spindle
  • Unfortunately, we do not sell spindle repair sleeves. However, the best way to repair a pitted spindle is to replace the whole spindle or axle. If you are interested in replacing your spindle, you can give me the spindle product number, or I will need to know a few measurements to recommend a new one. You will want to use a digital caliper like # PTW80157 to get the most accurate dimensions. The spindle measurements are labeled A through F, please view the diagram as a guide. A is the...
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  • How Many Sides Comes with the BT8 Spindle for 2,000-lb Trailer Axles
  • The BT8 Spindle for 2,000-lb Trailer Axles part # TRU94FR is for a single spindle, if you needed to replace both sides of an axle tube you'd need to order a quantity of two.
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  • Should The Drop Spindle On a Leaf Sprung Trailer Axle Be Angled Toward The Rear Of a Trailer?
  • On a axle like the Dexter Trailer Axle Beam with 4" Drop # 7685269 the spindle should be straight up and down off the leaf spring. If your leaf springs are at any kind of angle this would cause the axle to then be angled off the trailers frame. Also if the Spring Seat # TRSS238 was changed and not welded on properly with the axle at the correct angle this would cause the spindle to not be straight up and down.
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  • Modification of BT8 Spindle
  • You are welcome to modify the BT8 Spindle for 2,000-lb Trailer Axles, # TRU59FR or any other item as needed for your fabrication project.
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  • How to Measure a Spindle Prior to Installing Hubs
  • I have included a link to a page with a diagram showing where to measure on the spindle to determine the various diameters needed to match up bearings, and your current axle with the spindle. The spindle dimensions in the diagram are as follows: A is the mounting dimension, B will be your seal dimension, C is the inner bearing surface, D is the outer bearing surface and E is the diameter of the threaded portion of the spindle for spindle nut selection.
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  • Replacement EZ Lube Spindle For 3,500 LB Axle
  • The EZ Lube Trailer Spindle we carry for a 3,500 lb axle is the TruRyde Spindle, part # TRU74FR. This spindle includes the nut and washers. The overall length of this spindle is 9 inches. This spindle is compatible with # L44649 outer and # L68149 inner bearings, and has a The bearing kit that would work with this spindle is part # BK2-100. All of the spindles we carry are a weld-on application. Please keep in mind that installing the spindle requires welding it to the axle by a certified...
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  • Spindle & Hub For Agricultural Trailer With 3,000 lb Carrying Capacity
  • You didn't mention the total weight of the trailer, just the 3,000 lb carrying capacity so I can only assume the weight of the rest of the trailer will be quite a bit more. So go with Agricultural Spindle for 6,000-lb Trailer Axles # TRU67FR. The correct hub for this spindle is the Trailer Hub Assembly - 8 on 8" - 6,000 lb # AH60880FCOMP.
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  • How To Measure a Spindle On a 6x10 Wells Cargo Road Force Trailer For Replacement Hubs and Brakes
  • You will need to measure your spindle using a Digital Caliper # PTW80157(see image below). Once you have those measurements I will be able to help you determine the correct hub for your application on your 6x10 Wells Cargo Road Force trailer. You may need to also lift the trailer since your wheels and tires on your truck are most likely a larger diameter than what you have on your trailer. Please also send images along with the measurements for your spindle.
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  • Replacing Short Hubs On A 1996 EZ Loader Trailer With Straight Spindles
  • It does sound like your bearings are a # L44649 (1.063" inner diameter). If they are original to the trailer they may be pretty worn, which is why your measurements may be off by a few hundredths. Also the seal # 34823 that can be used with the hub # CE13311 is a 1.249" ID so I think we are on the same page there. The hub # CE13311 uses the correct bearings and seal, but it is is 4 1/8" from the outside of the inner bearing to the outside of the outer bearing. Virtually all of the hubs...
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  • Inspecting Trailer Hub And Spindle For Signs Of Damage
  • It sounds like you may have damaged the bearing and more than likely the spindle as well. If the spindle is scored or damaged I recommend replacing the axle. A bearing should just slide onto the spindle with little effort and should not be hammered as you were told. The race would be the part that would be tapped into place. I have attached a link to a helpful article that explains how to replace bearings and races on an axle. I recommend checking the spindle and inside of the hub to...
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  • Tang Style Washer for Trailer Spindle with Castle Nut
  • It sounds like you are looking for the Replacement Spindle Washer - Tang Type for E-Z Lube # 5-101 if you have the D shaped spindle. If you don't then you will want the Tang Replacement Spindle Washer # 5-71 which has a 1-1/2 inch inner diameter or the Dexter Tang Washer - Type B # 5-59 which has a 1-3/4 inch inner diameter.
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  • Option For 3,500 lb Dexter Axle Replacement
  • The hub you have is the Dexter Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly # 84557UC3, which is for 3,500 lb axles. The closest option we have to the measurements you mentioned is a 3,500 lb axle that is 74 inches from spring center to spring center, 82-5/8 inches from brake flange to brake flange, and 89 inches from hub face to hub face. This axle - which your hub does fit - is available with either standard or EZ Lube spindles: - Standard Spindle: Dexter Trailer Axle Beam with Standard Spindles -...
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  • How Does EZ-Lube Spindle Grease Hub Components
  • The EZ-Lube spindles have a hole in the spindle so that it fills the hub components from the back of the inner bearing. This forces air out of the hub area and will disburse the grease toward the outside of the hub on the grease fitting side. I have attached a photo of an EZ-Lube spindle that shows the hole where the grease exits.
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  • Is Brown Discoloration on 3,500 lb Trailer Spindle OK
  • Definitely smart to check, and you're right that the brownish discoloration on your 3,500 lb trailer spindle like # TRU24FR is perfectly normal. Just the discoloration won't be an issue, and you can leave it be as that is just caused by heat and grease. The only issue would be if it was grooved or nicked somehow, but since it's perfectly smooth like you said, then the spindle is fine.
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  • What Spindle Length is Required for Kenda 4.80/4.00-8 Bias Trailer Tire
  • The Kenda 4.80/4.00-8 Bias Trailer Tire with 8-inch White Wheel, part # AM30000, works with 4-on-4-inch bolt pattern hubs. The link provided will show you the spindles associated with those hubs. All four of the spindles are 4 inches long and all are rated for 2000-lb axles. Both round and square stubs are available in various diameters.
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  • Can Fifth Wheel Trailer With 15 Inch Hubs Be Changed To 16 Inch Hubs
  • Changing the hubs on your trailer would depend on the spindle size. You can remove your hub and look for the bearing and race numbers. That will let us know if we have a 16-inch hub available that will fit your spindle. If you cannot find the numbers you can use a digital caliper like part # PTW80157 and measure your spindles in the places noted in the drawing I have attached. I have attached a link to our product page for the hubs and drums we offer. You can use the filters on the...
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  • How Does Grease Reach The Bearings On The CE Smith Trailer Axle Beam # CE33201GA?
  • Yes, the grease will reach the inner bearing through a hole on the spindle on the CE Smith Trailer Axle Beam # CE33201GA. I have included an image below that shows the hole in the spindle.
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  • How To Determine A Replacement Hub Assembly For a Galvanized Boat Trailer
  • To verify the correct trailer hub for your boat trailer I will need some additional information on your current hub/spindle. With your trailer being manufactured in 2008 there is a chance there is an axle tag on it that will allow me to identify exactly what size spindle. This tag is typically on the center of the axle on the rear side of the axle tag. If you can send me an image of this tag I can reach out to the axle manufacturer to verify the correct size parts. If you do not have...
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  • Is It Ok To Use A Scratched Spindle On A Trailer Axle
  • It will depend on how deep and long the scratch is. You want to make sure the bearing will still get a good purchase on the spindle, but you will also need to make sure the seal will not have a gap that will allow grease or oil to leak out. If the bearing is sitting weird or if there is a gap with the seal, you will need to replace the spindle. We do have a bunch of different options for this and I included a link to our spindle page, just in case.
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  • Where Does Flat Washer Go
  • I was unable to find an order number so I'm not certain exactly what you are referring to, but in general a flat washer such as Washer For 1" Spindle # SW1000 will go between the outer bearing of your hub and the nut that holds it on, which essentially works to protect the bearing. These washers are used on spindles with a spindle nut such as Spindle Nut 1" # 165686 and Cotter Pin # 165649.
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