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Expert Answers about Watersport Carriers

  • Roof Rack Carriers That Can Be Used For Multiple Watersport Equipment
  • Unfortunately, the sport carriers do not have interchangeable parts. They are designed for a specific purpose and do not come with any additional parts that would allow you to carry a different item. We do have some carriers that can carry surfboards and kayaks and canoes or paddle boards. They are carriers like part # RRRWP05. These are simply pads that wrap around the crossbars and then you use tie-downs like part # TH531 and # TH855XT to secure the gear to your roof rack and your vehicle. Depending...
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  • Lowest Profile Rhino Rack Roof Rack with Integrated Locks for 2011 Mazda 3
  • The Rhino Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars consisting of the crossbars and feet # RR54GR do have integrated locks to deter theft. The locks secure the crossbars to the roof and secure the channel-mounted carriers to the crossbars. The Aero-type crossbars are the lowest profile roof rack for your 2011 Mazda 3 as each crossbar is only 1-1/16" tall which will cut down on wind noise from this rack. I attached help articles on roof mounted cargo carriers, watersport carriers and ski carriers you...
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  • Can Roof Rack Be Installed on 2019 Ford F150 With Collapsible Bed Cover to Carry a Canoe
  • You wouldn't be able to add a roof rack to a collapsible bed cover like the # B76309 but you could add a rack to the cab of the truck, depending on which cab you have, but you'd likely need to remove the bed cover because the end of the canoe could damage the top of the cover. None of our vendors currently offer a rack fit for a regular cab, but if you have the extended cab (SuperCab as Ford calls it) or the SuperCrew cab, you can assemble a Rhino Rack roof rack using the following parts: -Vortex...
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