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Expert Answers about Watersport Carriers

  • Does Inno Locker Watersport Carrier Include Crossbar
  • I can see how one might think that, but no type of crossbar is included with the Inno carrier you asked about, which is the following part: - Inno Locker Watersport Carrier with Crossbar Pads # INA446 As the title says, it does include pads that you can put on your crossbars, but other than those pads, the Inno Locker # INA446 is just the strap mechanism that attaches to the crossbars you currently have. This is a really nice choice for a carrier because the pads will help keep your boat...
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  • Replacement 3-Wing Nut For Thule M8 Bolts
  • The Replacement 3-Wing, High M8 Hand Knob for Thule Roof Mounted Watersport Carriers # 753-0776 will be the nut that fits over a M8 Carriage bolt.
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  • Replacement Wing Nut for Staionary Roof Kayak Cradles
  • If you have a Thule watersport carrier like the Thule DockGlide Kayak Carrier # TH896 and you are looking for replacement wingnut for the clamp part, then the Thule M6 knob # 753-0783 is a fit. If your saddles have a larger M8 bolt then the replacement part # 753-0776 is the one for you. If you can tell me what kayak saddles you have exactly, I help you get the correct wing nuts if they're available.
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  • Replacement Wing Knob for SportRack SkyLine XL Roof Mount Cargo Box
  • For an exact replacement knob for your SportRack SkyLine XL Cargo Box SR7095, you will want to use part # TH04877. I confirmed with my contact at Thule/SportRack that this is the knob that originally came with the cargo box. The # 753-0783 knob that you referenced will fit the M6 bolt that came in the SkyLine, but the knob is shorter than the # TH04877. The # 753-0783 knob is designed to fit Thule roof-mounted watersport carriers.
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