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Expert Answers about A-Frame Trailer Coupler

  • Installation Information for Redline A-Frame Trailer Coupler # CA5100B
  • When installing a trailer coupler like the Etrailer A-Frame Trailer Coupler, part # CA5100B, you want the coupler right up against the edge of the trailer frame. This coupler is a weld-on coupler for A-frame trailers. I would recommend having a qualified welder or trailer professional install the coupler. I have linked an FAQ on trailer couplers and all of the A-Frame trailer couplers we have available.
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  • Are There Replacement Parts for the A-Frame Trailer Coupler w/ Round Jack Hole CA-5280-RB
  • I do have weld-on, a-frame trailer couplers in which replacement parts are available but the A-Frame Trailer Coupler w/ Round Jack Hole part # CA-5280-RB is not one of them. The Demco 50-Degree A-Frame Trailer Coupler part # 12660-97SP and Bulldog Heavy-Duty Cast Head Coupler part # BD44150W0317 both have replacement coupler repair kits, the Demco Composite eZ-Latch Repair Kit part # DM6008 and the Repair Kit Fulton Wedge-Latch Cast Head Coupler part # F670801. I recommend the Demco 50-Degree...
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  • Can a Weld-On A-Frame Trailer Coupler be Bolted On Instead of Welded
  • The A-frame couplers we carry, like # 12660-97SP, are weld-on applications and cannot be bolted on to a trailer frame. Any welding should be done by a qualified welder in a shop that works on trailers. The coupler you have reference accepts a 2-5/16 inch diameter ball. I have included a link to all of the A-frame coupler options for you to view.
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  • Replacement for Shelby 5107 A-Frame Trailer Coupler
  • Based on my research the Shelby 5107 coupler looks to be an A-frame coupler that accepts a 2" ball, though I was unable to find the weight capacity as this seems to be an older coupler. For a replacement coupler there are a couple different options, depending on the weight capacity you require. These are bolt-on A-frame couplers that accept a 2" ball: - 5,000 lbs: A-Frame Coupler with Black Paint Finish # CA5100B - 7,000 lbs: Sleeve-Lock A-Frame Trailer Coupler - Flip Latch # CA-5196-B
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  • Is Sleeve-Lock A-Frame Trailer Coupler # CA-5196-B Designed for Weld On 50 Degree A-Frames
  • Yes, the Sleeve-Lock A-Frame Trailer Coupler # CA-5196-B that you referenced is a weld-on coupler designed to fit 50 degree A-frame trailers like you mentioned. Nearly all A-frame trailers are 50 degree so it's hard to find A-frame couplers that are designed for a different angle.
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  • A-Frame Trailer Coupler w/ Round Jack Hole That is Made in the USA
  • This A-Frame Trailer Coupler w/ Round Jack Hole # CA-5280-RB is manufactured in China. We do have similar options like the Buyers Products A-Frame Trailer Coupler w Jack Hole # 3370091595 and Demco 50-Degree A-Frame Trailer Coupler w/ Jack Hole # 12660-97SP that are both made in the USA if that is what you are looking for.
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  • Recplement for the Shelby A-Frame Coupler 5104
  • The best replacement for your Shelby A-Frame Coupler 5104 is the A-Frame Trailer Coupler part # CA-5400-B. The Shelby 5104 fits a standard 50-degree a-frame, has a 13,000 lb weight capacity, and uses a 2-5/16" hitch ball. The A-Frame Trailer Coupler also fits a standard 50-degree a-frame and uses a 2-5/16" hitch ball but has a 14,000 lb weight capacity. In order to install this trailer coupler you will need to cut the old one off and weld the new one on. In order to protect your trailer...
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  • What is Angle of Redline A-Frame Coupler, part # CA5400
  • Most A-Frame Trailer Couplers have a standard of 50 degrees. I produced a short video for you showing the angle of the etrailer A-Frame Coupler, part # CA5400. I have also linked an FAQ on trailer couplers.
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  • Replacement A-Frame Trailer Coupler For 1978 Airstream With 50 Degree A-Frame
  • It would appear that that your 1978 Airstream had the standard 50 degree a-frame style coupler. You can verify this to ensure that the etrailer A-Frame Trailer Coupler # CA-5280-RB will fit correctly on your Airstream. I personally prefer the auto latching style couplers like the Demco 50-Degree A-Frame Trailer Coupler # 12660-97SP. This coupler for me is cleaner and works simpler with the latching system. The connection for the jack has nuts welded on to the bottom of the plate making...
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  • Can Demco A-Frame Coupler Replace Ram 5,000 lb A-Frame Coupler
  • The great thing about a-frame couplers is that they basically all can fit and interchange with each other. You could easily remove the Ram 5000 jack you have on your trailer to replace it with the Demco A-Frame Trailer Coupler # DM14793-81 that you referenced.
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  • Recommended 2-5/16 Coupler To Replace 2 Coupler On 2019 Winnebago Minnie 170K Travel Trailer
  • I found a few pictures of the coupler on your 2019 Winnebago Minnie 170k Travel Trailer and you currently have an A-frame coupler. The most likely replacement option is the Demco 50-Degree A-Frame Trailer Coupler w/ Jack Hole # DM13205-95 which is for trailer frames that have the standard 50 degree frame and requires a 2-5/16" hitch ball. The 50 degree A-Frame is the standard but it wouldn't hurt to confirm that the 50-Degree A-Frame is in fact what your trailer uses. The Demco # DM13205-95...
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  • Recommended Replacement Pro Series A-Frame Trailer Coupler with 2 Inch Ball
  • For your Pro Series A-Frame Coupler for 2 inch ball, I recommend the Pro Series A-Frame Trailer Coupler with Trigger Latch - 2" Ball - 5,000 lbs # PSE338050303 as a replacement. There is not a latch repair kit for this coupler, so you will need to replace the entire coupler. I've attached a video to assist you.
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  • Will the Demco 50-Degree A-Frame Trailer Coupler Fit an ATC Trailer
  • The Demco 50-Degree A-Frame Trailer Coupler part # DM16680-52 will fit any trailer with a standard 50 degree a-frame which is almost all a-frame trailers on the market today. Therefore, yes, the Demco 50-Degree A-Frame Trailer Coupler will fit an ATC trailer. You'll simply need to mount the coupler, use the holes as a template to drill your own, and then you can continue bolting on as normal.
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  • A-Frame Coupler That Accepts 2 Inch Hitch Ball
  • Thanks for the photos, and I can confirm that you do have an A-frame style of coupler. We do not have a latch repair kit by that manufacturer for an A-frame coupler for a 2 inch hitch ball, so the best we can offer is a new A-frame coupler. There are both bolt-on and weld-on options available. - Bolt-On: Demco A-Frame Trailer Coupler with Jack Hole - eZ-Latch # DM14793-81 - Weld-On: A-Frame Trailer Coupler - Yoke Latch # CA-5210-B I have added links below to some video reviews to check...
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  • Wide A-Frame Coupler Recommendation for a Trailer
  • I did some checking and the a-frame coupler with the most distance at the widest point is the Bulldog Collar-Lok coupler part # BD028384. This coupler has a 11 inches at the widest point. Is there a reason you need one that wide? All that really matters is the angle of the coupler as it matches your frame. Nearly all A-frame trailer have a 50 degree angle where the coupler installs. The # BD028463 would install on a 50 degree angled A-frame trailer.
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  • Can A-Frame Coupler Fit Old Airstream Trailer
  • So long as your Airstream trailer has an A-frame, then yes, you can use the A-Frame Trailer Coupler - Underslung # CA-5335-B. There is no way for us to know what couplers fit any specific trailer, but so long as you have an A-frame then there won't be an issue with this one.
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  • Replacement for Weld-On A-Frame Coupler with 14,000 lb Capacity
  • The coupler you referenced does not have replacement parts or a latch repair kit so if the thumb latch is busted you will need to replace the unit with the A-Frame Coupler # CA5400. You can replace it with the same unit, the A-Frame Coupler # CA5400 which has has an oily finish but the same one is available without the oily finish and a black coat of paint, the A-Frame Trailer Coupler # CA-5400-B. There is another option if you want to go with a different manufacturer, the Fulton A-Frame...
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  • What Is The Mounting Dimension For Demco A-Frame Trailer Coupler # DM14793-95
  • The Demco A-Frame Trailer Coupler # DM14793-95 is designed for standard A-frame trailers which is 50 degrees as you mentioned. I confirmed this with my contact at Demco. This is a 10,000-lb coupler and it is designed for a 2-inch hitch ball.
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  • Does Trimax Trailer Coupler Lock Work on A-Frame Coupler
  • Yes, the Trimax Universal Trailer Coupler Lock for 1-7/8", 2", and 2-5/16" Couplers # TMX47FR does indeed work on an A-Frame coupler.
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  • Angle of the A-Frame Trailer Coupler CA-5100-Z
  • Nearly all A-frame trailer have a 50 degree angle frame so when it comes time to replace the coupler it's actually not that hard to pick out a replacement since basically any A-frame coupler will fit. The coupler part # CA-5100-Z that you referenced is also 50 degrees.
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