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Best 2013 Dodge Ram Pickup Tow Bars

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Blue Ox Tow Bar Installation - 2013 Dodge Ram Pickup

Today on our 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 we'll be installing the Blue Ox Aventa LX Tow Bar, part number BX7445. To begin our install the Aventa Tow Bar has a 2-inch shank so it will go into a 2-inch receiver tube. You'll see here there are 2 sets of holes. We're going to go ahead and move it all the way to the inside set. Once we line it up with the holes in the hitch, we'll install the pin and clip. Next go ahead and show you how to hook it up to the towed vehicle. In this position our Tow Bar is in the stored position. TO take it out of the stored position, we'll go ahead and swing it up, rotating it so the pin lines up with the cut out here.

2013 Dodge Ram Pickup Tow Bar Questions